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Episode Number n/a
First Released September 2, 2003

DVD hosted by a 3-D Rufus and featuring a never-before-seen episode ("Partners") in which Drakken attempts to woo DNAmy for her genetics expertise. Also included: "Attack of the Killer Bebes", "Downhill", and "Crush".

  • IMDb's webpage on this DVD.
  • Includes music video for "Say the Word", performed by Christy Carlson Romano (Kim).
  • The DVD is dedicated to the memory of Gary Sperling.
  • The DVD makes several minor changes to some of the episodes. In "Attack of the Killer Bebes" they add the sound of Mr. Dr. Possible blowing a rhaspberry at the sleeping valet, and the tone of the original Bebe's voice does not go down like it did in the original ep.
  • The VHS version doesn't include the videos or "Crush" (bummer).
  • Indirectly reveals that the series was produced in widescreen format; the DVD's letterboxing is not merely the result of black masking (as it was for Ron's spin kick in "Say the Word").
  • "Crush", included as a bonus on the DVD, retains its original soundtrack (i.e. no "I'm Ready" at the dance).
  • The Region 2 DVD contains the episodes 'Attack of the Killer Bebes', 'Downhill', 'Coach Possible' with the bonus episode of 'Crush'.
  • If you listen closely at the end of 'The Naked Mole Rap', Nancy Cartwright (Rufus) uses a little bit of her Bart Simpson voice.

3-D Rufus: Booyah!

Tom Kane is listed in the DVD credits, but doesn't have any lines.