Transcripts - Tick-Tick-Tick
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Transcripts - Tick-Tick-Tick


Episode Tick-Tick-Tick
Language English
Type Unknown
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2772


Kim: Excuse me! In a hurry! Sorry!
Boy: Agh!

Kim: Come on! Come on! Print for Kim! Good! Good!

Ron: What is this?! I downloaded cheat codes for steel-toe
cyberslam! Today Ron Stoppable defeats the boss of level six!
Kim: Ron, I have 30 seconds to print my history paper!
% Printer rattles.
Ron: Uh-oh! Paper jam.
Kim: Term-paper jam, Ron!

Ron: Nothing a naked-mole-rat service call can't fix. Rufus!
Rufus: Ahh! ( Splutters )
Kim: Ron!
Ron: Rufus can programme a VCR, Kim. I think he can handle this.

Rufus: Yeah! ( Squeaks ) ( Clattering ) Aaagh!
Ron: Oh, Kim of little faith.
Kim: No, way! The hairless freak did it?

Rufus: Agh!
Kim: This is fantastic! It's all here. The paper, footnotes,
bibliography, Rufus... Rufus?! I cannot be late!
% Bell rings.

Kim: Oof!
Barkin: Going somewhere, Miss Possible?

Kim: Mr. Barkin. I-I-I'm, er...
Barkin: A party. Third time this month, yes?
Kim: Maybe. I'm not sure.
Barkin: I am. Looks like I'll be seeing you after school.
Kim: At cheerleading practice?

Barkin: At detention, Possible!
Kim: Detention?!

% Twang!
Kim's Dad: Jim, Tim, no airborne vegetables at the table. Use the
launch pad in the yard.

Kim's Mom: Kimmy, you haven't eaten a nibble. Something wrong?
Kim: ( Sighs ) Mom, you're a brain surgeon, Dad's a rocket
scientist. What am I? Detention girl!
Kim's Mom: Detention?!
Kim's Dad: A Possible has never had detention. Except your
brothers, but they're little monkeys.
% Whoosh!

Kim's Mom: Do you wanna tell us what happened, Kimmy?
Kim: I was a little late to class. It was no big,... unless
you're Mr. Three Strikes Barkin!
Kim's Dad: Sounds like your Mr. Barkin is tough but fair.
Kim: Dad, I'm a cheerleader. We don't do detention!
Kim's Mom: Really? Who does do detention?

Kim: I don't know. Other kids. Ones who break the rules.
Kim's Dad: Like you did.
Kim: Do I have the right to remain silent?
% Bleeping.
Kim's Mom: The hospital!
Kim's Dad: The lab!

Kim: It's the Kimmunicator. What up, Wade?

Wade: Kim, Got a hit on your website from the Amazon.
Kim: The Amazon?!
Wade: I set you up with Gustavo for a ride.
Kim: Gustavo? From the flood. Oh, I remember him.

Wade: Pack your insect repellent.

Kim's Mom: South America?!
Kim's Dad: On a school night?!
Kim's Mom: OK. But finish your peas first.
Kim: You're tough but fair.

% South-american panpipes music.

Kim: Thanks for the lift, Gustavo.
Gustavo: After you rescued my village from the flood last year, Kim
Possible, I only wish could do more.
Kim: No big! It was just like swim practice.
Ron: Except the Middleton high pool doesn't have piranhas.

% Bleeping.

Wade: OK, Kim. I can stream you the tape from the security camera
Kim: Please and thank you.
Wade: This is the lab of Professor Acari.
Kim: Freeze, Wade!
Kim: Who is she? She's good.

Ron: ( Slurps )
Kim: Is that necessary?!
Ron: Oh, yeah. Every drop counts when you're 1,000 miles away
from free refills.

Ron: Wait up, Kim! ( Groans ) Agh!

Rufus: Oof!
Ron: What's that sound?! Bugs or birds. Something's on my leg.
Something is on my leg!!
Rufus: Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Oof!
Ron: Rufus!
Rufus: Huh? ( Shrieks )

Rufus: ( Groans )
Kim: We're here. Professor Acari's lab.

Acari: Kim Possible, thank goodness!
Ron: I'd get someone out to spray your yard. Got a real
insect... problem.

Ron: A little help?
Acari: Oh, don't be frightened, Legs. Kim Possible has come to
help us.
Kim: What exactly was stolen, Professor?
Acari: That's why I called you. I don't know. The gang's all

Ron: Ah-hm. Ah-hm. Apropos screensaver. Wh-Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Kim: Screensaver. No screensaver. What's on your computer?
Acari: Oh, well, it's a very experimental... ( Gasps ) My project!
No! They took my tick!
Ron: Aaaaagh!
Ron: Bad summer-camp memories.

% Bugle sounds.
Young Ron: Aaaaagh!

Ron: Camp Wannaweep. My scalp was a 24-hour bloodsucker buffet.
Rufus: Urgh!
Acari: This tick was not alive.
Ron: Don't blame me, Prof!

Acari: On the disc was a digital blueprint for a cyber-genetic tick
would be virtually identical to the real thing.
Kim: So you designed a robot tick?
Acari: Precisely.
Ron: Question. Why?
Acari: I have a lot of time on my hands.

Kim: Who would need a robot tick?

Shego: Aaagh!
Shego: Oof! Ever considered a normal door?
Drakken: Did you get it?
Shego: I got it! Don't know why you'd want it but I got it.

Drakken: My plan will reveal itself in due course, Shego.
( Chants )
Who wants to build a robot tick.
I do! I do!
Shego: Er,... Doctor Drakken, you know you said that out loud,
don't you?
Drakken: Blast!

% Bleeping.
Kim: Go, Wade. I don't have much time.

Wade: Oh, Cheerleading practice?
Kim: Detention.
Wade: Cheerleaders don't get detention.
Kim: Can we just get back to the case?!
Wade: OK. Look. I took that freeze-frame from the security
camera. Her name is Shego. She is wanted in 11 countries.

Ron: Make that 12. Grrr.
Rufus: Grrr.
Kim: So not your type. Urgh!

Barkin: Possible! Snap to! It's 1500 hours!
Ron: She has to do 1,500 hours?! Let the time fit the crime,
Mr. B!

Barkin: You want a piece of this, Stoppable?!
Ron: Pass. Remember, Kim, chocolate's as good as cash in there.
And don't look anyone in the eyes.

Barkin: Possible, meet Vinnie and Big Mike.
Vinnie: So, cheerleader!
Big Mike: Hey.

Junior: Is this the assembly?
Barkin: Detention, Junior! Sit down!
Junior: Whoa! What's a cheerleader doing in detention?!
Kim: Waiting for it to be over.

Barkin: Stupid clock's busted again!

Kim: Oh, I'm doomed!

Kim: What?!
Junior: Never been this close to a cheerleeder. Your skin is so
smooth and zit-free, like a baby's bottom.

Kim: Eww!
Big Mike: ( Growls )
Kim: Oops, sorry, Big Mike.
Barkin: Quiet, people! This is detention not a pep rally!

Rufus: ( Squeaking )
Barkin: What's that?! Vermin, mole, creepy.
Junior: Urgh! That ain't right.
Big Mike: Aaaaaaagh!

Barkin: Want some of this?! Hyah! Come on, freak! Let's dance!
Ron: KP!
Barkin: Hyah!
Kim: What could it be, Mr. Barkin?
Barkin: Probably busted out of the science lab. Genetic
mutation. When will they stop?! When!?

Kim: Maybe we better get out of here.
Barkin: Alright. Evacuate mutant-infested location.
Kim: Yes!
Barkin: Go! Go! Go!

Kim: Thank you, Ron! Much needed bail-out.

Ron: Credit where credit is due.
Rufus: Hee-hee-he Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
Kim: You don't know what it's like there. It's the meeting of
lifetime losers' club.
Ron: Yeah. Hey, I've been in detention!
Kim: Oh.

% Bleeping.
Kim: Wade, got anything on our mystery thief?
Wade: I scanned air-traffic records in the area. There was this
small jet.
Kim: Destination?
Wade: Just a little private island in the Caribbean.

Kim: So villains'-lair country.
Wade: And local legend says... the island is haunted.
Rufus: Oh, haunted! ( Splos ) Uh-oh!
Kim: Haunted island? Keep out "meddling kids"? Please!

Wade: Oh, I almost forgot. Check your backpack.
Ron: New toys?! Gravy!
Kim: It's my backpack!
Ron: I need to familiarising myself with the equipment. Like
this high-tech... lipstick?
Wade: Actually that's not ordinary lipstick.

Ron: Is it fruit-flavoured?
% Splat!
Ron: Agh!
Wade: Elastic-constricting agent.
Rufus: ( Giggles )

Kim: My compact! I've been looking for it!
Ron: What does that do?!
Kim: It's small a mirror, that arouse me to check my face. Come
on, Ron. Let's jet!

% Siren wails.
Shego: Intruder alert!

Drakken: Can't hear you!
Shego: Intruder alert too loud!

% Thud!
Rufus: ( Mumbles )
Ron: Aaaaaaaaagh!

Drakken: I have heard of you. The world famous teen hero, Kim
Shego: And her... chum.
Ron: Did she have to say chum?
Drakken: And surely you know of my work.
Kim: Sorry.

Drakken: Think for a minute. It'll come to you. I'm a genius.
Kim: I really don't know...
Drakken: Doctor... Doctor D... Doctor Dra... Drak... Doctor
Drakken! Drakken!
Kim: Doctor Drakken.
Drakken: Ah-ha! ( Cackles ) I see my reputation precedes me!

Kim: You have something that doesn't belong to you, Doctor...
er... What was it again?
Ron: Doctor, he said it was, er, duh, something.
Drakken: Enough chitchat! My pets are famished. Perhaps you two
could stay...
Kim: For lunch?
Drakken: I wasn't going to say that.

Ron: Oh dude, you were so for lunch!
Drakken: Argh, yes! Then, stay for lunch!
Kim+Ron: Aaaaagh!
Drakken: ( Cackles )

Ron: Why not otters?! I wouldn't mind dropping into a tank of
otters! They're fun.

Ron+Rufus: Waaaaaaaah!

Rufus: Agh! Oof!
% Plop!
Ron: Rufus!
Rufus: Aaagh!

Drakken: ( Hums ) I'll wager that you are wondering how I can use
a robot tick in my evil scheme, aren't you, Shego?

Shego: I'm sorry, what?
Drakken: When I join the robot tick to a nano-explosive of my own
brilliant design...
Shego: Nano? ( Laughs ) What's nano?
Drakken: Nano. Tiny. Mini.

Shego: Why didn't you just say mini, then?
Drakken: Because nano sounds about 100 times better. That's why.
Drakken: Once the nano-tick attaches to a victim, he or she will be
at my mercy.
Shego: And they'll bow to your will or...?
Drakken: Kaboom! Yes. Imagine the possibilities. It is my time
at last, for the kids used to tease me in gym! Little...!

Kim: OK, so we're definitely putting this guy in the mad-
scientist category.
Ron: Mad angry or mad crazy?
Shego: What do you think?!
Drakken: Look at this! Why do I even bother with the sharks?!
Ron: Remote-controlled lasers. I'll handle this. ...I got
nothing. Kim?

Drakken: ( Groans ) No! No, no, no!
Shego: Chain reaction! Aaaaargh!
Drakken: Argh!

Kim: Run! Move!

% Boom!

Ron: Aaaaaaaaagh!
% Splosh!
% Gasps.
% Boom!

Big Mike: ( Growls )
Kim: Oh, erm, er... Hi, there, Big Mike.
Big Mike: Cheerleader.

Ron: Yo, Big Mike!
Big Mike: ( Growls )
Ron: I just can't connect with Big Mike the way you do.
Kim: I do not connect with him, or any of those detention

Ron: Sure, you're an only short-timer but you're one of them
Kim: So not!
Ron: So so!
Kim: I am not one of them! I am a cheerleader. They mean
nothing to me, I mean nothing to them! See you after
Ron: Kim, it's a good thing! Nobody messes with them! You
got street cred! Man, gotta get me some of that.

% Bleeping.
Kim: Hey, Wade, what's the sitch?
Wade: I've got Professor Acari on line for you.
Kim: Oh, put him through.
Acari: Oh, thank you, Kim Possible.

Kim: You're welcome, Professor. I've got practice, so I better
zoom. Later.
Kim: Ready? OK! Bring it on!
Bonnie: Erm, Kim...
Barkin: I know about the naked mole rat. Cute. Very cute.
Junior, Vinnie and Big Mike are looking forward to seeing
you again, Possible. That's detention! Right now!
Bonnie: Detention?! Kim, maybe no-one's informed you, but we don't
get detention.

Drakken: ( Cries ) My one-and-only nano-tick,... destroyed!
Shego: Grow up! Your nano-tick's OK.
Drakken: Don't kid a kidder, Shego.
Shego: I've got a lock on the signal but... this is the wired
part, the nano-tick is at a high school.

Drakken: Oh! Kim Possible!

Kim: Junior, Vinnie, Big Mike,... what are you staring at?!
Junior: Cheerleader, you got a zit.
Vinnie: Cheerleaders don't get zits!
Junior: Oh, well then, maybe it's a tiny explosive device.
Kim: ( Gasps ) Huh?! Drakkens nano-tick! Oh, great.
Mr. Barkin, I gotta go!

Barkin: Not this time, Possible! No excuses, no exit!
Kim: Sorry, emergency!
Vinnie: Check it out! Cheerleader's got some moves.
Barkin: Nobody escapes my detention! Possible, you're going down!

Ron: I talked to Wade! He figures Drakken can track that
exploding robot tick thing.
Kim: For once let Wade be wrong!
Drakken: ( Roaring ) I want my nano-tick!
Kim: ( Sighs ) Wade's never wrong.

Barkin: Possible!
Junior+Vinnie: Oh, busted!
Kim: This helps.
Ron: Don't worry, KP, we are out of here!
% Engine roars.
% Engine splutters.

Kim: I'm doomed.

Drakken: Thnano-tick is my evil technology and I want it back!
Shego: Hey, Doctor D, you gotta get a grip.
% Beeping.
Drakken: That beep, is it a good beep?!
Shego: The tracker's locked on your bug.

Drakken: Oooh, beep on, sweet machine, beep on...
Shego: Can you not be weird, please?

% Cackles.
Kim: Looks bad. He's got some ray-thingy.
Ron: What kind of ray-thingy?!

Drakken: Gravatomic!
Rufus: ( Squeals )
Ron: Hang on!
Ron: Denied!

Drakken: Stupid gratomic ray!
Shego: OK, why don't you drive? I'll do the gravatomic.
Drakken: It's my weapon, I invented it, so I get to wield it!
Shego: Wield away.

Barkin: The subject is northbound on scooter, being pursued by an
aerial craft of unknown design and origin firing...

Junior: Who are you talking to?
Barkin: During a pursuit, never distract the driver!
Junior: Look out, dude! The flying guy's firing some kind of...
Barkin: Hang on!

Vinnie: Oh, man! That's gravatomic!

Kim: Ron, U-turn.

Ron: Huh? Oh! Gotta save your boys!
Shego: Ooh, we got her boys!
Kim: ( Groans ) They're not my boys!
Drakken: Huh?

Drakken: Agh!
Kim: Aaaaagh!
Kim: Oof!
Kim: Yah!
% Clang!

Junior: Oh, yeah, gravinatromic.
Drakken+Shego: Aaaaaagh!
Shego: You! Yeah, you don't touch anything!

Kim: What makes you think we're safe in here?
Ron: I don't think we're safe anywhere, but chases make me hungry.

Kim: No thanks. I'm trying to focus on the thing on my nose that's
gonna blow me up!

Drakken: If you just tell me what to do, I could do it!
Shego: What did we agree on?
Drakken: I don't touch anything?
Shego: Yeah!

% Rumbling.
% Both scream.
Drakken: I could have done that.
Shego: But can you do this?!

Shego: Kim Possible has something that belongs to us!
Kim: Guess what? I don't want it!

Shego: It's on you? What, like stuck?
Kim: Hello! It's not a nose ring!
Drakken: Take her whole nose if you have to!
Shego: Works for me!
Shego: Yah!

Shego: Hyah!
Kim: Get Wade on the Kimmunicator! There's got to be a way to
get this thing off!
Shego: Allow me!

Wade: Ron, how's Kim?
Shego: Aaargh!

Ron: Wade wants to know how are you doing, Kim!
Kim: Fair!
Ron: Fair.

Shego: Hyah!
Barkin: Hey!

Junior: See, this is why I never come here, dude.

% Barkin and Shego groans.
Drakken: Shego has failed! But she never fails! No!
Machine: Detonation-sequence activated.
Drakken: Uh-oh!

% Beeps.
Kim: Oh, no!

Drakken: Aaagh! Get me out of here!
Vinnie: Cheerleader's noses gonna blow!
Junior: That's weird.
Big Mike: ( Chuckles )

Wade: You can't disarm it that small. We gotta get the nano-tick
to let go. Ooh, there must be some way to blow the circuits.
Ron: This calls for the most dangerous chemical known to modern
man. Diablo Sauce, stat!

Rufus: Huh? Yikes!

Shego: Drop the hot sauce and step away from the nose!
Shego: Aaagh!

Kim: Er,... wow.
Big Mike: Nobody messes with us,... right, Kim?
Kim: Er,... yeah. R-Right, Big Mike.
Ron: Make nice later. Right now let's flick this tick.

Ron: Easy... Easy... That's right, you squeal all you want.
I gotcha. Almost... there.

Drakken: E-E-Er, how do you...?! Waaah!
% Crash!
% Muffled screaming.

% Slurps.
Ron: The tick... is in the straw. The tick is in the straw! The
tick is in the straw! What do I do?! What do I do?!

Drakken: Aaaaaaagh!
Drakken: Aaargh!
% Boom!

Drakken: You think you're all that! But you're not!
% Sirens wail.
Ron: Situation...
Kim: Resolved.
Barkin: Not quite. Steve Barkin is...

Kim: Tough but fair. I know.

Barkin: Detention is supposed to be a punishment! A time of
quiet suffering!
Ron: You didn't count on the Kim-factor.
Big Mike: I like sparkles.
Junior: I'm next, dude!

Vinnie: Hey, man, I'm next!
Barkin: ( Sighs )
Kim: Guys, what do we do?
Both: Take turns.

Kim: Right!