Transcripts - Bueno Nacho
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Transcripts - Bueno Nacho


Episode Bueno NAcho
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2717


Kim: It's criminal! Someone at Club Banana is in major style
denial! Now this is me! Come to...
Wade: Kim, I have bad news!
Kim: No kidding. I can not afford this jacket.

Wade: I know. I pulled up your bank account. You are broke! But
that's not the bad news.
Kim: Apparently the bad news is that my friend who runs my website
is hacking into my account! ( Gasps ) Have you picked up my
Wade: Of course not! Anyway, the bad news is that your arch foe,
Dr. Drakkan, has escaped from prison!
Kim: That's major bad!

Wade: Almost as bad as last week at school when you used the boys'
room by accident!
Kim: Wade, nobody saw that! ( Gasps ) You have been reading my
Wade: Good luck on the mission! Bye!

Man: 1,000 feet. Lasers steady. Easy! Easy!
Man: Mother of pearl, man! You scared me half to death!
Drakken: Only half?

Kim: Thanks for the lift, Akut.
Akut: No problem, Kim Possible. You saved my life. It's the
least I can do to thank you.

Kim: It was just an itty bitty iceberg. So not the drama!
Ron: I'm snow-blind!
Kim: Ron, you're supposed to be looking for signs of Drakken!
Ron: Oh!
Ron: OK, that looks suspicious to me.

Kim: Thank you, Captain Obvious. Keep your eyes open for any...
Ron: Shego! The mad scientist's mad assistant.
Shego: Bye-bye!

Ron: Whoa! Oh!
Ron: Don't eat it, Rufus! It could be... Mmmm. Bacony!

Kim: Nice jacket! Club Banana?
Shego: The very latest!
Kim: Get a lifestyle, Shego! Green is the new black.
Shego: And this advice comes to us from a fashion-don't in fleece!
Shego: ( Cackles evilly )

Shego: It's gonna blow the pipeline, Kimmy, and you're skin
definitely doesn't need more oil. ( Cackles )

Drakken: Pity on you, Kim Possible! ( Cackles ) Well done, Shego.
Phase one is complete.

Ron: Here I come, KP! Aaah!
Rufus: ( Squeals )

Kim's Dad: Mmm, that won't do.
Kim: Morning, Dad.
Kim's Dad: Good morning! How's my teen hero.
Kim: Moderately bummed. Drakken got away.
Kim's Dad: Well, I'm sure you'll get him next time. These launch
vectors are all wrong!

Kim: So, Daddy, what do you think of this jacket? For me?
Just because.
Kim's Dad: Cost value ratio aside, Kimmy, don't you already have
a functional coat?
Kim: It's a good thing fashion sense isn't genetic! My
jacket from last season! It's red!
Kim's Dad: Didn't you say red was the new black.
Kim: Red's dead, Dad. Green is the new black.

Tweebs: Dad!
Kim: Jim, Tim, I'm working here.
Jim: So are we!
Tim: Dad, what's the combustion temperature of the fuel you

Kim's Dad: 47 degrees Celsius, Tim. Why?
Jim: Er, no special reason.
% Boom.
Tweebs: Er, gotta go!

Kim's Dad: You know, Kim. Your predicament reminds me of the time
I applied for funding of a new propulsion system. The
university told me money doesn't grow on trees! Well,
I told them money's made of paper and paper comes from
trees so in point of fact money does grow on trees.
Kim: And this relates to me how?

Kim's Dad: Not sure exactly. But no new jacket.
Kim's Mom: Morning, Kimmy. Cute jacket!
Kim: Thank you! Can you explain that to Dad who incorrectly
believes that I don't need it.
Kim's Mom: Sorry, baby I'm due at the hospital. But if you need
it... I have a suggestion.
Kim: A job?! At Bueno Nacho?!

Kim's Dad: That's the way forward!
Kim: Between a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon, the
best idea you people can come up with minimum wage?
Kim's Mom: You practically live there anyway.

Kim: Come on, Ron! We practically live here anyway.
Ron: Kim, never work with your food.

Kim: It's the only way! The rents' for totally neg on just
buying me the jacket.
Ron: Did you try the puppy-dog pout?
Kim: No affect. If I want the jacket I have to earn it.
Ron: Harsh!
Kim: What are you eating?

Ron: Taco meets nacho. I call it the naco!
Kim: I call it gross beyond reason.
Ron: ( Muffled ) Do you want some?
Rufus: ( Chackles ) Naco!

Kim: You know, Ron, restaurants don't exactly welcome pets.
Ron: Rufus isn't a pet! He's family!
Kim: The rodent family!
Ron: Sorry, buddy.
Kim: I did a math. Two weeks of drudge work and I'm in green

Ned: Miss Possible? I'm Ned, assistant manager here, Bueno Nacho,
number 582.
Kim: Hola, amigo!
Ned: Your bilingual wiles will hold no sway with me, Miss Possible.
I am management.
Ron: Is that a clip-on tie, Ned?
Ned: For quick removal in case of a grease fire. When can you
Kim: Born ready, sir!

Ned: And you?
Ron: Me what?
Ned: Isn't it your application, Mr... Stoppable?
Ron: What?! I didn't... You didn't!
Kim: It'll be more fun if we both work here!
Ron: Oh, no! No! No, not the puppy-dog pout!

Ned: Bueno Nacho SOP.
Kim: Excuse me?
Ned: Standard operating procedures. Learn them, know them and live
Ron: I'm gonna get you for this!
Kim: ( Chants ) Two weeks to jacket!
Two weeks to jacket!

Ned: Not enough lettuce. Too much salsa. And don't get me started
on those beans! Notice how he sculpts it, evoking the majesty
of a Mayan temple!
Ron: Really? You think?
Ned: You are ready for burrito folding.
Ron: Right on!

Ned: Possible, I'm putting you on cheese duty! Even you can push
a button!
Ned: Think you can handle that?

Kim: Mission Possible.

Kim: I can get through this!
Two weeks to jacket.
Two weeks to jacket.
% Cell phone rings.
Kim: What up, Wade?
Wade: I've scanned all recent satellite photos. But there's no
sign of the stolen laser drill.

Kim: It must be hidden.
Ned: Playing video games on the job is not SOP. I'm docking
your pay an hour!
Kim: Two weeks and one hour to jacket!
Ron: Hmmm-hmmm, the beef goes over here, chicken over...
Ned: Multi tasking? Excellent, Stoppable!

Ron: Just doing my job, Ned.
Kim: Hello? Kim to Ron! You didn't even want this job!
Ron: I didn't know what I wanted, Kim! I was lost, adrift in the
wilderness. But that was then. Now I belong. I belong to
Bueno Nacho! Yo amo este lugar!
Rufus: Si!

Ron: 58, your order's great! 59, looking fine! 60,... your food's

% Cell phone rings.
Kim: Go, Wade.
Wade: Check this out. Highly unusual.
Kim: What are you doing?

Ron: Kimbo, the nacho cheese needs some love.
Kim: Ron, we might have a lead on Drakken. Drakken, nachos! I'm
gonna have to go with Drakken.
Ron: Well, that kind of tude is narrowing the race from employee
of the month!
Kim: The race is between you and you.

Both: Sometime I feel like I don't know you anymore.

Kim: Rufus! Cheese!
Rufus: ( Sniffs ) Cheese!
Kim: Want more?

Rufus: Mmmm-mmmm!
Kim: Even you can push a button, right?
Kim: Good little naked mole rat!

Kim: Sorry, Wade. The employee of the month cut us off.
Wade: Seismic activity in Wisconsin.

Kim: Quake in the Midwest?! Major red flag!
Wade: It gets weirder. The epicentre is the world's biggest Cheese
Kim: Let me try something. A police report from the Cheese Wheel
Mall shows a break-in at the Club Bana store.
Wade: I don't get the connection.
Kim: Only one thing was stolen. A leather jacket. Green leather.

Kim: Ned, I've got to switch shifts. Something suddenly came up.
Ned: Whatever.
Kim: What's with you?
Ned: Go ask your new boss!
Kim: New boss?!
Ron: Corporate love the naco!

Kim: Oh, really?!
Ron: They see big things in my future.
Kim: Good for you. Now let's go. Drakken's in Wisconsin.
Ron: But your shift isn't over!
Kim: Ron, an evil whacko is in the Dairy State with a giant laser
drill! I'm going. And I was hoping you'd come with.
Ron: To be your sidekick? That's this is all about, isn't it? You
just can't stand that I'm better than you at something!

Kim: You wouldn't even have this stupid job if I didn't fill out
your application!
Ron: Kim, we could argue all day but it's not gonna get this floor
Kim: Mop it yourself, boss! And find a new nacho-drone! I quit!
Ron: Yeah? Well, find a new sidekick!
Ron: What are you looking at? I want that floor to sparkle!

Kim: Mom, reassure me. I just had a fight with Ron. He was
all high-horse cos I bailed on work and I really need to
stop Drakken. But Ron thinks I quit because I can't take
him being good at something which would be way pathetic.

Kim's Mom: I need a suture here.
Kim: Mom, do you have me on speaker?
Kim's Mom: Sorry honey, I got both hands in a 52-year-old male's
temporal lobe.
Kim: Mom!
Kim's Mom: Gotta go, honey. See you at dinner. Dad's picking up

Kim: I can't tell you how much I appreciate this, Mr. Parker.
Parker: After the way you saved my crop-dusting business, I'm only
too happy to help.
Kim: No big! Going organic was a total no-brainer.
Parker: Get ready! Now!

Kim: Funky! A cheese-covered building.

Guide: Many people assume that this is a cheese-covered building.
In fact, this marvel of dairy-product architecture is 100%
pure Wisconsin Swiss. Hey, look! Who cut the cheese?
% All laugh.
Guide: I know. I know.

Kim: OK, points for bizarre hiding place! Wade, get this! I'm
inside the Cheese Wheel!
Wade: Which surprisingly is not a cheese-covered building. It's
100% Wisconsin Swiss.
Kim: So I've heard. Drakken's got the whole mad-scientist lair
thing here. They love the high ceilings!

Wade: Kim, look in your pack.
Kim: A hairdryer? I'm more of a towel-off type.
Wade: It only looks like a hairdryer.
Kim: Hey! You rock, Wade!

Drakken: Increase the drill's power! I want to reach that magma!

Shego: Welcome, Kimmy. May I take your coat?
Kim: You already did!
Shego: Don't worry, it'll look better on me.

Shego: Face it, pumpkin. Fashion isn't the only thing in which
I'm a step ahead.

Shego: Comfy?
Kim: Not particularly.

Shego: Good.

Drakken: Well, well. Kim Possible! How nice to see you again.
Especially now that you're helpless to stop me!
( Cackles ) Shall I tell you my plan? It's quite
Kim: You're using the world's most powerful laser drill to tap
into the molten magma deep beneath the earth's crust.
Drakken: Hah! That's phase one. In phase two, which you did not
guess, my Mag-machine will melt the entire state of
Wisconsin. Which I will then rebuild and rename...
Kim: You're so conceited.

Drakken: I'll take that as a compliment. Shego, how long?
Shego: The alarm will go off when we hit magma.
Drakken: You see! Any second now I will strike swiftly and without
Shego: Actually, make it more like half hour.
Drakken: Fine! Whatever. In roughly 30 minutes Wisconsin will
surrender to me and the kingdom of Drakkenville will be
born! Say it with me. Drakkenville. Doesn't that have
a nice ring to it?

Ned: Step it up, Ned. These customers have been waiting for over
30 seconds. 33. 34. Andale!
Ned: Here, have a muy bueno day!
Wade: Ron!
Ron: Welcome to Bueno Nacho. May I take your order?

Wade: Ron! It's Wade!
Ron: Wade, where are you?
Wade: Not important. Kim's in trouble. She found Drakken at
inside giant Cheese Wheel but I lost contact. She needs help.
Your help.
Ned: Well, well, well. Looks like you've got a choice to make,
Stoppable! What's more important? Your safely duty as
assistant manager or your pathetic role as goofy sidekick?
% Tense spaghetti-western music.
Ron: Well, that's no choice at all. I guess it's time to say
buenos noches, Bueno Nacho.

Drakken: Don't bother. The Midwest is about to receive a molten
calling card from Dr. Drakken. Shego! I'm still waiting!
Shego: So read a magazine. I'm working!
Drakken: Excuse me. I have to make a scene.

Ron: Question, is this a kind of cheese-covered building?
Guide: You know you would be surprising how many people think that.

Drakken: Can't you drill any faster? I've built an entire army of
evil robots in the time it's taken you to penetrate the
earth's crust!

Kim: Ron!
Ron: Everything's OK, Kim.
Kim: I'm here to save the day!
Shego: Hi. Is that tie clip-on?

Ron: ( Giggles nervously )

Ron: That wasn't much of a plan.
Kim: Not as great as your Bueno Nacho bathroom-break chart.
Ron: I gooned on assistant-manager power. You were right.

Kim: I did resent your superior burrito technique. You're
entitled to excel. Forgive me?
Ron: Duh! Forgive me?
Kim: Totally.
Drakken: Aw! That's so sweet. Friends again just in time to be
fried in magma!
Ron: Remind me again why I rushed over.

Shego: The drill's into the magma!
Drakken: About time. Activate the Mag-machine!

Ron: That wou be so cool if it wasn't gonna hurt us.
Drakken: Show time! Deploy the barrel and activate the magma pump.
% All yell.

Kim: Rufus, push the button.
Rufus: Hmmm-hum.
Ron: ( Giggles )

Kim: Ron, get to the laser drill. I'll take care of Shego.

Ron: Great plan! What exactly is the plan again?
Kim: Ron, you're the genius who invented the naco! You've got a
building made of cheese here. Get creative.
Ron: It'll be my masterpiece.
Both: Be careful.
Kim: Jinx. You owe me soda.

Ron: Ooh!

Drakken: They've escaped!
Shego: No! Really?
Drakken: The buffoon is nothing. Find Kim Possible.

Shego: Lesson time, princess.

Kim: With that trendy coat weighing you down? I'm thinking not.

Drakken: Here comes the magma! ( cackles )

Ron: Rufus, this is a precision instrument. Incredibly
complex. Better mess with everything.
Drakken: Hmmm. Oh?

% Alarms blare.
Drakken: Stop him!
Ron: Angle adjustment. Hmmm.
Ron: Boo-yah!

Drakken: Ah-hah! It's magma, Milwaukee!

Drakken: Why isn't Milwaukee eating magma?

Drakken: Please do not tell me that this place is actually made of
cheese! I thought it was a cheese-covered building!
Guide: Oh golly, no! You'd be surprised blugh....

Ron: Ah!

Ron: Kim!

Shego: Aaaaarh!

Ron: KP! Huh!

Drakken: This... is not... over,... Kim Possible! ( Gurgles )

Drakken: ( Grunts )
Shego: ( Muffled shouts )

Kim: Drakken's plan is so foiled.
Ron: Oh, it's over. I call it bad-guy contesso.

Ron: What's wrong, KP? You won.
Kim: Very happy, really.
Ron: You don't sound happy.

Kim: OK, I know this is beyond shallow but I saved the world and
I'm no closer to owning that Club Banana jacket!
Ron: Maybe. Maybe not.
Kim: ( Gasps ) Ron!
Ron: It's no big deal. My naco bonus was way bueno.
Kim: You are too sweet! I love it! Thanks!

Kim: Ned?!
Ron: Dude, what are you wearing?!
Ned: Somebody left this picture over the cheese machine. And
I just had to have it. Viva me!
Ron: Exchange it?
Kim: Oh, yeah!