Transcripts - Attack of the Killer Bebes
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Transcripts - Attack of the Killer Bebes


Episode Attack of the Killer Bebes
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2699


[ music playing ]
Ron: No, no problem. No, thank you.
[ slam ]

Ron: My life is so over.

Kim: Ron, turn down the drama and eat.
Ron: Not hungry.
Rufus: ( squeaking )

Ron: What am I gonna do, K.P.?
Kim: Well, let's see. The guidance counselor told you that you
need an extra-curricular activity.
Ron: 'Cause it'll look good on my college applications. That's
years away!
Kim: There's plenty of teams and clubs out there. You could join
the mathletes.
Ron: Yeah, right! I can't get in that kind of shape!

Rufus: ( munching )
Kim: How about the debate team?
Ron: Look, I'm not gonna argue with you, Kim!
Kim: Afterschool activities are great... like cheer squad for me.

Ron: Cheer squad!
Kim: For me. Not you.
Ron: That's it! I'm upbeat. I can do that.
Kim: Do what?
Ron: Cheerleader! Yeah! Go Mad Dogs! Whoo-hoo!

Rufus: Hi! Uh... ( urp )

Kim: My life is so over!
Kim's Mom: I think it's cute that Ron wants to be a cheerleader.
Kim: Mother, boy bands are cute. Brown bear backpacks are
cute. Ron as a cheerleader... not cute.

Kim's Mom: He'll wear a different outfit, won't he?
Kim: Knowing Ron...

Kim's Mom: Hi, hon. Pizza for dinner. What do you want on yours?
Kim's Dad: Hmm...toppings. Well, you know I love bacon on pretty
much everything.
[ beeping ]
[ alarm sounds ]
[ rumbling ]

Kim's Dad: OK. See you in 30 minutes or less.
[ chuckles ]
Kim's Dad: Ooh.
[ sizzles ]
Kim's Dad: Gotta go.
[ beep ]

[ typing ]

Kim's Dad: Hello?
Chen: Hey, Possible. Bob Chen. Listen, did you launch
something over there?
Kim's Dad: On the Q.T., Bob, prototype G-6 rocket. Went up like a
dream. Too bad it wasn't supposed to launch until next
week, though.
Chen: Lean on a button again?
Kim's Dad: Roger on that, Bob.

Chen: So, we'll see you at the class reunion this weekend?
Kim's Dad: Wouldn't miss it. Ouch! Looks like the military is
scrambling around my rocket. Better hop off, Bob.
Chen: See you at the reunion, buddy.

Chen: Ha ha! Same old Possible.
[ gasps ]
[ whirring ]
[ beeps ]
[ gasps ]

Bonnie: You cannot allow this, Kim.
Kim: Bonnie, I'm as freaked out about this as you are, but there
is no rule that says that Ron can't try out.
Bonnie: Check your calendar! This is not "Befriend-A-Loser" Week!
Kim: Ron is not a loser. He's just... different.

Ron: Hey, ladies, let's boogie!
Rufus: Oh, yeah! Unh!

Ron: Ladies?
Rufus: Aah! Oof!
Ron: They take a long time to get dressed.

Kim: Hey.
Ron: Where's the squad? I'm pumped!
Kim: They, um, they take a long time to get dressed. Are you
totally sure you want to be a cheerleader, Ron?
Ron: Oh, I'm not gonna be a cheerleader, K.P.
Kim: You're not? Great! I mean, why not?

Ron: Because I'm going to be the mascot! Middleton Mad Dogs!
Fight! Ruff! Ruff!
Kim: Where did you get that mask?
Ron: I made it with my Movie Makeup Magic kit.
Rufus: What's the sitch? ( giggles )

Kim: I'm impressed... and disturbed.
Ron: Does it not rock hard? Check this out! Mad Dog foams at
the mouth!
Bonnie: Kim!
Kim: Ron!
Ron: The crowd will eat it up! Taste it. It's banana cream.

Kim: Yum.
Rufus: Banana! ( slurp ) Hey!
Bonnie: This idea is idiotic. The entire student body will laugh
at you.
Ron: But...

Bonnie: Not with, at.
Rufus: Oof!
Ron: Look...
Bonnie: Loudly and cruelly, they will laugh.
Ron: You don't deserve to be kissed by a naked mole rat.

Rufus: Yeah!
Kim: Ron...
Ron: I know, Kim. I know. You believe in me and you'll work on
Kim: Um, I... I kind of agree with Bonnie.
Ron: Oh. Oh, I see.

Kim: Dad, I have a problem.
Kim's Dad: Frankly, your mother has the good advice vis-a-vis boy
Kim: This isn't about a boy. It's about Ron.
Kim's Dad: Oh. Gotcha.
Kim: Everyone got down on Ron, and I don't know, maybe
I should have stuck up for him.

Kim's Dad: But you didn't...
Kim: He was foaming at the mouth. I'm only human.
Kim's Dad: Well, you know, Kimmy, back when I was in college,
I had a group of friends, my posse, if you will.

[ music playing ]
Kim's Dad: It was the night of the big science department mixer.
In those days, I wasn't exactly a ladies man.

Kim's Dad: Where's Drew? He was supposed to be here a half hour

Chen: I knew he wouldn't come through with dates for us.
Ramesh: Hmph. What did you expect? He cannot even come through
with a date for himself.
Chen: This was folly.
Kim's Dad: It was a nice dream, though.

Drew: The dream is real.

Chen: Drew! You found girls!
Drew: Found, ha! Gentlemen, tonight we make history. I give you
the future!

[ whirring ]
Bebe: My name is Bebe.
Drew: Bebe, would you like to dance?
Bebe: Affirmative. Bebe will dance.
[ groaning ]

Drew: Aaggh! Heh. As gentle as a summer shower, no?
All: No. Ha ha ha!
Drew: Ohh! All right. Go on, laugh away, but one day my genius
will be recognized! Bebe will be perfect ...and I will be the
one laughing.
Bebe: I am Bebe.
[ crackling ]

Kim's Dad: Drew dropped out and we never saw him again. I don't
think he ever forgave us, and in some small way, maybe
we never forgave ourselves.

Kim: For just a giggle fit?
Kim's Dad: No, no, Kimmy. We laughed for days. Long and loud,
with youthful abandon.
Kim: Oh. That was bad.
Kim's Dad: So, you'll reconsider Ronald's dream?
Kim: I don't think so. His mad dog routine is way stupid.

Ron: Well, that's one person's opinion.
Kim: One entire cheerleading squad's opinion.
Ron: Well, maybe you and your squad just don't get it.
Kim: You don't get it!
Ron: Oh, "I'm Kim Possible. I can do anything." Except believe
in my best friend!

Rufus: Pbbllt!

[ beeps ]
Kim: Go, Wade.
Wade: I've got a weird one.
Kim: Me, too.

Wade: Professor Ramesh from the Mount Middleton Observatory wants
your help.
Kim: That name sounds familiar. I think my dad knows him.
Wade: Ramesh's partner, Professor Chen, is missing.
Kim: Ok, Wade. Set up a ride. I'll bring the Man of a Thousand
Ron: No, thanks. I'll fly solo. Well, I won't be flying, but
I'll get there somehow.

Rufus: ( grunts )
Kim: Nice going, Possible.

Dallas: And that's the traffic update from your "Eye Over
Kim: Thanks for the lift, Dallas.

Dallas: Well, it's the least I could do after you brought that
interstate police chase to a happy end.
Kim: No big. The guy didn't even know he needed a new brake

Kim: Better check on the Mad Dog. Ron? Come in, Ron. Ron!
Ron: Sorry! Csshk! Can't hear you! Csshk! Bad--csshk--reception!
Heh heh heh! Cshhk!
Kim: Come off it, Ron. I know you're doing that yourself.
Ron: What? Cshk! I'm--only--hearing--every--other--word!

Kim: Ron! Don't be a--cssshkk--baby.
[ boom ]
[ gasps ]

Ramesh: Stay back!
Bebe: Professor Ramesh... we have come for you.

Ramesh: Who... who are you?
[ buzzing ]
Bebe #1: I am Bebe.
Bebe #2: I am Bebe.
Bebe #3: I am Bebe.

Kim: Is there an echo in here?

Bebe: Analysis subject... Kim Possible. Threat... minimal.
Kim: That hurts.

[ music playing ]
Kim: Unh... aah! Aah! Unh! Not bad.
Bebe: Bebe is perfect.
[ gasps ]

[ buzzing ]

Kim: What are they?
[ bicycle bell rings ]
[ screech ]

Ron: ( panting ) Kim, don't think I didn't hear that baby comment.
I heard it.

[ buzz ]

Ron: Oof.

Kim: Ron?
Ramesh: Aah!

Kim: Thanks a lot.
Ron: What did I do?

Rufus: Yeah!
Kim: Those robots took Professor Ramesh. Are you happy now?
Ron: Yes.
Rufus: Mm-hmm.
Ron: I mean, no!

Rufus: Uh-uh!
Kim: Whatever. All I know is that now we've got two missing
scientists and three killer Bebes.

[ crunch ]
Ron: Huh?

Ron: Professor Ramesh. Back in the old college days. Check it
out, huh?

Rufus: Hmm. ( squeak )

Rufus: ( chattering )
Ron: Oh, yeah. That guy must be Professor Chen.
Rufus: ( chattering )

Ron: What? No way, that is not... wow, it is! It's Kim's dad!
Oh, this is terrible.
Rufus: Mm-hmm. Duh.
Ron: I mean, can you believe he actually wore his jacket that way
with the sleeves pushed up? Totally eighties.
Rufus: Rrr! ( poink poink )

Rufus: ( chattering )
Ron: Kim's dad could be the next target.
Rufus: Whew.
Ron: Gotta tell Kim!

Rufus: Oof!
Ron: No, wait. We don't need Kim.
Rufus: Huh? Ohh...
Ron: I know exactly what to do!
[ bicycle bell rings ]

[ crickets chirping ]
[ alarm chirps ]

Bebe: Subject... Dr.Possible. Directive... capture.
[ crunch ]
Bebe: Doctor... We have come for you.

[ techno music playing ]
Music: Check it out
Check it out
Ch-ch-check it out

Kim's Dad: Kimberly Ann Possible!

Kim: Dad? Here?
Bonnie: Oh, great. Kim found another new recruit for the squad.

Kim: Daddy, hi! What are you doing here?
Kim's Dad: Where's ronald?
Kim: Not here.

[ tapping ]

Kim's Dad: Well, that hole in the roof of my car really grinds my
Kim: I'll be sure that Ron gets the message... Wait a
second. He put a hole in your car roof?
Kim's Dad: He came over to the house, said something about a
Kim: What mission?

[ eerie music playing ]

Ramesh: Who is behind this?
Chen: It's obvious. Some villain needs our genius to help
take over the world. What else could it be?
Drakken: Gentlemen, don't flatter yourselves. There is only one
genius in this room and it is I, Dr.Drakken!
Chen: Drew?
Ramesh: Drew Lipsky? Is that you?

Kim's Dad: No!
[ pop ]
Ron: He's Dr.Drakken, and he's in for a world of hurt!
Drakken: So, Kim Possible is near.
Ron: Oh, yes! ...Actually, no.

[ music playing ]

Kim: Wade, Ron's missing. Can you find him?
Wade: Do you think I have him micro-chipped or something?
Kim: Well, do you?
Wade: Yeah. Hang on.
[ beeping ]

Kim: And, um, could you maybe go a little faster?
Kim's Dad: Kim, it's a school zone!
Kim: ( sighs )

Drakken: You know, I purposely programmed you with a pinch of human
emotion just so you would be ashamed of failures like this.
It's slipshod is what it is!

Bebe: Slipshod?
Drakken: That's right, missy! And I demand better from my lackeys!
Especially the robotic ones!
Bebes: Lackeys?
Drakken: Let's not get testy. I am a patient man. You will get
another chance. Go forth and find Dr.Possible!
[ whoosh ]

Ron: Why are you after Kim's dad and his friends anyway?
Drakken: Payback! For you see... Wait, you mean Dr.Possible and
Kim Possible are related?
Ron: Duh.
Drakken: Don't "duh" me. Possible is a very common last name.

Ron: So not.
Drakken: So... so, yes, it is.
Ron: It's pretty unique.
Drakken: Enough! I shall prove it! Where's the phone book?

[ brakes squeak ]

[ snores ]

Kim's Dad: Park it close. We shouldn't be long.
Kim: Keep your keys, dad. This guy's been hit with knockout
[ alarm chirps ]
Kim's Dad: Pbbllt!

[ all snoring ]

Kim: This is bad.

Kim's Dad: I'll say. They'd better get this ironed out before our
big college reunion this weekend.

[ rustling ]

[ click ]
Ron: Kim, it was Drakken!
Kim: Drakken's behind this?

Drakken: OK, fine, so in Middleton, there's only one "Possible"

Kim: D'oy!
[ thump ]
Drakken: Kim Possible! And... and...
Ron: Her father, Dr.Possible.
Drakken: Yes, well, there's no way I can be expected to conclude
that my arch-nemesis is the daughter of a guy I went to
college with!

Kim's Dad: Drew? Drew Lipsky?
Kim: Wait! He's the guy from college? My arch-foe?
Kim's Dad: Well, he didn't used to be blue, I can tell you that
Drakken: Oh, but I was blue on the inside. Scorned by my
so-called friends. My... my posse. But I vowed to
prove my genius to all of you and when I got the reunion
Kim's Dad: Since you dropped out, you're really not entitled to

Drakken: Indeed! Exactly why I planned my own little reunion!
Bebes, return to me at once!

[ buzzing ]
Drakken: Ha ha! Who's the genius now? These robots are perfect!
And their sole purpose is to obey me!
Bebe: Question... If we are perfect, why do we obey one who is
not perfect? Conclusion... Drakken is unfit to command.
[ gasps ]

Chen: It's college all over again. That man cannot build a robot.
Ramesh: He should take up cloning.

Drakken: Bebes, no! Bad Bebes! Bad!
Kim: This is just too weird.

[ clank ]

Ramesh: Where did your little Kimmy learn to kick bottom like
Kim's Dad: Cheerleading.

Kim: Yes!

Kim: Heh... Aah!
Kim's Dad: Kim!

[ clinking ]
[ crash ]

[ buzzing ]

[ whirring ]

Kim: Unh! Hunh!
Kim: ...Huh?

Kim: Aah!

Ron: We got a roomful of geniuses here! Can't somebody come up
with something?
Chen: Don't look at me. I'm an astronomer.

Ramesh: Ditto.
Ron: And you?
Drakken: Let the ladies work this out amongst themselves.

Kim's Dad: Wade!
Wade: Dr.Possible?

Kim's Dad: I need a sonic disturbance. Make it loud. Make it
ultra-high frequency.
Wade: Something that can jam a wireless network signal?
Kim's Dad: Please and thank you.

Kim: ( grunts ) Unh!

[ high-pitched squealing ]

Bebe: Analysis... subject... Dr.Possible's attack strategy.
Threat... substantial. Destroy electronic device.
[ rattling ]
Kim: Unh!

Kim's Dad: Huh? Ooh!

Ron: Dr.P! I'm open!

Kim's Dad: Unh!

[ clank ]

[ squealing ]

Kim: Unh!

Bebe: Hive mind command con-con-connection lo-lo-lost.
Kim: I'll take that as good news.

Kim's Dad: Now, Kim, you know I don't approve of violence, but they
are deadly robots. You go, girl!

[ crackling ]
Kim: Unh!

Kim's Dad: Ooh!

[ crackling ]
[ squealing echoing ]

Ron: Way to go, Kim! You, too, Dr.P.!
Kim's Dad: What was that, Ronald?
[ squealing stops ]
Kim: Way to go, dad.

[ clank ]

Drakken: Aah!

[ gasps ]
Kim: What about your college reunion, Drew?
Drakken: I'll come to the next one... when I'm even more
successful! Ha ha ha ha!
[ whoosh ]
[ clunk ]

Drakken: Ow. A little help.

Kim's Mom: I can't believe Drew Lipsky turned into a mad scientist.
Kim's Dad: Let alone our daughter's arch-nemesis.
Chen: But my man knew what to do!
Ramesh: Possible, you rock!

Kim's Dad: Oh, please. Drakken was so obvious. I mean, really.
The whole "Bebebe" thing. The hive mind behavior was
clearly the result of a cybertronic linkage through a
wireless control network.
Both: Uh, sure.
Kim's Dad: Poor Drew. Maybe if we hadn't laughed at him back then,
there would be one less mad scientist running around.

Kim: The fact that I was so rotten to you, that's not gonna drive
you to become some kind of mask wearing villain, is it?
Ron: If I said yes, would you let me do my Mad Dog routine?

Kim: That's not a good reason for me to say yes.
Ron: I know.
Kim: Because you're my best friend. That's a good reason.
Ron: Boo-yah! Mad Dog lives! Ar-ar-aroo!

[ crowd cheering ]

[ ding ]
[ cheering ]

[ music playing ]

Announcer: Please put your hands together for your Middleton Mad

Ron: ( howling ) Ya-hoo-hoo!
[ siren sounding ]
[ crowd cheering ]

Bonnie: They like him?!

Kim: Yeah. Kinda surprises me, too.

Ron: Pbbllpbllb!
[ growling ]
[ music ends ]