Transcripts - Royal Pain
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Transcripts - Royal Pain

Episode Information
Episode Number 10
First Aired August 16, 2002
Production Code 107
Writer Madellaine Paxson
Director Chris Bailey
Guest Stars: Rob Paulsen (as Prince Wally) John O'Hurley (as King Wallace II, Ancient King) Patrick Warburton (as Mr. Steve Barkin) Rider Strong (as voice of Brick Flagg) Grey Delisle (as TV Reporter?) Corey Burton (as Officer Hobble) Brian George (as )

Kim is charged with protecting a spoiled prince from a prophecy that predicts his doom.

  • Villains: The Knights of Rodeghan
  • Animation Production by: Rough Draft Korea Co. Ltd.

  •   Quotes
    Wally (in snooty accent): Wassap, homey-homes? I'm your main dude brother-man, and such.

    Ron: Can I wear these?
    Wally: A commoner... wearing my racing togs?!
    Ron: Eugh, no! Not your togs, just your clothes.
    Wally: Mmm hmm. I suppose I can just have them burned later....

    Kim: You rock in stereo, Wade.

    Wally: (gasps) Is your crib in a hood!? Ah! That could be quite exhilarating!

    Reporter: Are you saying you would be a better class president than Kim Possible?
    Wally: No, no, no, no, I'm not saying that...
    [Kim breathes a sigh of relief]
    Wally: ...because it goes without saying! [laughs haughtily]

    Kim: Thanks for letting me use your lab, Dad.
    Dad: Hey, what's federal funding for?

    Customs: Is this a country? I never heard of it.
    Knight: You will.

    Wally: By royal decree, I demand a do-over!

    Ron: Ahhh! A pointy-ball-stick!
    [Destructive beams shoot from knight's mace]
    Ron: Laser pointy-ball-stick!

    Wally: Kim Possible, you saved my life.
    Kim: No big. Just doing the "teen hero" thing.
    Wally: No. You are a true leader. You have my vote.
    Kim: Well, that's at least two votes....
    Barkin: All right, that's two votes for Kim Possible. Zero votes for Brick Flagg. 998 votes for Prince Wally!
    [Crowd cheers]
    Brick (to Wally): You had my vote, dude. Way to go!

    Ron: It's good to be royalty. You get go-karts!

    Prince Wally: *Where* is that caddy?
    (Rufus comes over a hill dragging two golf clubs)
    Rufus: (grumbles) degraded to this (grumbles).

    Ron: I think maybe we're pushing the royalty thing too far.
    Wally (shocked): AH! Bite your tongue!
    Ron: All I'm saying is that's how you grabbed the voters' attention. Now, it seems that they actually *like* you.
    Wally: Like me? As a- person?
    (They reflect on this for a moment, then break out laughing hysterically.)

    Barkin: This is democracy, people! Now do as I say!

    Wally: (pleading) Gold! Jewels! Just say the word and I will grant you--
    (Mini-golf Titanic plows into knights, knocking them off-camera)
    Wally: Nothing! On second thought, I will grant you nothing!
    (Reggie strains to lift the model, then tosses it aside)
    Wally: (screams) Please! I'll give you anything! (sobs)

    King Wallace: Excuse me, Don, but I really need to talk to Miss Possible... alone.
    Ron: That's RON! R-O-N.

    Wade: (of King Wallace) He rules a tiny European nation.
    Ron: How tiny?
    Wade: The Middleton mall is more crowded.

    (School cafeteria)
    Wally: (rises from table) Farewell, all! I'm off to biology class!
    Students: (in unison) Later, Wally! Ta-ta!

    Kim: Ron, I wanted to run for class president, not class clown.
    Ron: Suit yourself, clowns have more fun.

    Kim: Wally won't be here long, just till he's out of danger.
    Mom: I'll show him danger if he doesn't get a clue!

    Wally: (In sing-song voice) Oh, Mrs. Possible?
    Mrs Dr Possible: (In same tone of voice) Ye-es?

    MHS Sign: PICK BRICK! Paid for by Bonnie Rockwaller.

  • When Ron and Rufus are pulling up the Titanic, how can a little golf club and a naked mole-rat's hands pick up a big ship?
  • ^-- The ship-half was a -- very likely hollow -- mini-golf prop, Ron was using his club as a lever, and the two never actually "picked up" the half, but merely tipped it over onto a nearby slope. Note also that the -- admittedly muscular -- knight was able to lift the ship into the air, and toss it a short distance, unassisted.
  • The lasers fired at Ron, while riding the go-cart in Europe, came from a satellite in geosynchronous orbit. Geosynchronous orbit is only over the equator. No part of Europe is on the equator.
  • ^-- I'll admit to knowing nothing about this subject when your goof was submitted, but from what I've read since, it seems you *may* be confusing "geosynchronous" with "geostationary".
  • More a "Nitpick" than a "Goof": Does Wade *sleep* in that chair? He was in it pretty quickly to have been in bed.
  • I still can't call it a "Goof", but Barkin's hair is blonde again. Is Steve an indecisive hair-color junkie, is the blonde crew strictly an in-school 'do, or are we to assume that this episode falls somewhere in the series' continuity before "Downhill" and "Sink or Swim" (at the least)? And, if it's the lattermost, where's Wally been hiding himself?
  • When Ron gets up from the bleachers to nominate Kim, the blond girl behind him has either no shoes or tight, skin-colored shoes.
  • As Kim tells Wally and Ron what the tapestry said, Ron's sandwich is made of white bread. When Brick sits down, both his and Ron's sandwiches are made of brown bread. By the end of the scene, Brick's sandwich is on white bread, and Ron's is on brown.
  • When this aired on April 19, 2003, Disney accidentally put the credits for Lizzie McGuire.
  • Maybe Wade wears pajamas at night. He probably gets uncomfortable sitting in jeans and a t-shirt.
  • When Kim pastes up her own posters, her bottom lip is showing and both her lips are flesh-coloured. --KimPossibleRocks

  •   Analysis
      Sort of an immoral lesson, don't you think? Wally is rude, pompous and obnoxious and yet goes on to win almost all the votes. What does that teach us?
    _/, No quote
      When Ron pulls over the Titanic, a sort of Titanic-copy of the music plays in the background. _/
    Is Ron Evil? - 1
      Ron turns on Kim once Prince Wally enters the campaign - not behavior that you'd expect from your best friend. Have politics and the promise of power corrupted Ron?
    Re: Is Ron Evil? -1
      Most likely Ron joined Wally's campaign at the promise of popularity. Sure Kim is popular, but Wally was super-popular, almost of celebrity status. As we all know from the other episodes, Ron is often shunned and/or ignored by the other kids. It's only natural that Ron should think that, if he hung around Wally, his social status might improve.
    DYN? #1
      When Kim says "Scan higher, there's got to be something" Wade looks to a monitor that is located ABOVE him.
    Mrs. Possible mad
      This is the first time we see Mrs. P really mad at somebody.
    Never Again
      The first time Kim fights foes that never appear any time later in the series.
    DYN? #2
      Beginning this episode (the seventh, production code-wise), Kim's hair is given an outside outline, colored to match her hair's details.
    DYN? #3
      At least three members from the KP staff appear in this episode: The Knight of Rodeghan named "Reggie" is director Chris Bailey; The other Knight is character designer Steve Silver; and finally, the guy who greets the Knights at the Middleton airport is storyboard artist Nick Filippi.

      Cultural References
    Prince Wallace (of bubble bath liquid): Three drops. Not four, not two.
      This is a "spin" on the famous line of Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail. The actual scene is "The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch", in which the second brother speaks the following lines:

      'First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then, lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it.'

      [^-- That's more than a bit of a stretch, Coyote. But an enjoyable (though lengthy) quote, nonetheless.]

    The Ancient King: None
      The ancient king looks exactly like King Hubert from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. The outfit, the beard, the necklace...right down to the eating chicken on a bone thing.

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    Darth Vader: "All too easy"
      Towards the end, one of the Knights says "All too easy" as he is trying to defeat Kim. Darth Vader said this same line as he was trying to defeat Luke in Empire Strikes Back. He and Vader were fighting on Cloud City. Luke fell into the carbon freezing chamber as Vader used the force to activate the lever. (All too easy!) Luke escaped, as did Kim.
    none: none
      While doing a report together, my sister found that Prince Wallace was actually the last King/Prince of Scotland.
    RE: none: none
      I believe you are refering to William Wallace, the man who fought for Scotland's freedom against the British. A movie was made about this, entitled "Braveheart"