Transcripts - October 31st
Global Justice Alliance

Transcripts - October 31st


Episode October 31st
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 3083


Drakken: Is it true, Duff Killagan, that you recently stole the
top-secret Centuon project?
Killagan: Mmm, maybe! Is it true, Dr. Drakken, you're looking to
purchase the recently stolen top-secret Centurion project?
Drakken: Maybe.

Shego: Here's the money now hand over the Centurion project!
Drakken: Shego, we were about to haggle!
Killagan: And I do love to haggle.
Shego: Just get the Centurion project and get out of here.
Killagan: Och, yer a harsh one, lassie.

Drakken: This trinket is the Centurion project?
Killagan: Aye. Don't blame me if it's wee. Blame the scientist
who built it.
Kim: And guess what? I think those scientists would like it
Drakken+Killagan: Kim Possible!
Ron: Yeah, and... I've got nothing to add to that.

Killagan: Ye know her?
Drakken: Know her! Hate her! Shego, attack!

Ron: I don't have anything to add here either.
Rufus: ( Chatters )

Ron: An exploding golf ball!
Killagan: Fore!
Ron: Freestyle!

Killagan: The roof! She's coming down.
Drakken: That can't be good. ( Gasps / Sniggers )

Rufus: ( Squeaks )
Drakken: Hairless vermin! Give that back!

Kim: Nice work, Rufus. Guess it's going with me. Bye!
Shego: No!

Killagan: Do I still get me money?
Drakken: ( Snarls )

Kim: ( Groans ) Come on.
[ Beeping ]

Kim: Wade, tell me you talk to somebody at the top-secret lab.
Wade: Sorry. They're closed for the weekend. You're stuck till
Kim: Did you at least find out what this thing is?
Wade: Their data base the Centurion project is hacker-proof.
Kim: Oh, man!

[ Phone rings ]

Kim: Well, thanks for trying, Wade.
Wade: Later.

Kim: Hello?
Monique: Kim, I have unbelievable news!
Kim: You know what the Centurion project is?

Monique: The what?
Kim: Never mind. So, what's up?
Monique: I got the party green light!
Kim: That is ferociously cool. When?
Monique: Tonight!

Kim: As in Halloween?
Monique: It'll be a costume party. Everybody will be there.
Kim: Everybody except me.
Monique: But you gotta come!

Ron: Monique, get real. We're talking Halloween!

Kim: He loves Halloween.
Ron: I live for Halloween!
Monique: Then, celebrate at my party?
Ron: It interferes with the T or T action.

Kim: Trick or treat.
Monique: As in, "Smell my feet, give me something to eat"?
Ron: You gotta do, "Smell my feet."

Rufus: ( Squeals )
Ron: Whoops! Wrong pocket! OK. Here's what I'm thinking, KP
Joint costume, huh? You like it?
Monique: Girl, go with the half with the horn.
Kim: Um, Ron, do you think we're a little old for T or T?
Last year some kid called me ma'am.

Ron: So, you command respect.
Kim: I was dressed as a clown.
Ron: I believe you were a hobo.
Monique: OK, trick or treating is a Ron-Kim tradition. Come to
my place after.
Ron: Monique, when Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible trick or
treat, there is no after. We hit Middleton, Upperton and
Lowerton. It's tradition! It dates back to the beggining
of our friendship.

Kim: Since preschool.
Ron: Ah, preschool. The year of the ballerina and the cowboy.
[ Horse whinnies ]
Kim: How could I forget?

Drakken: For the last time, I will not pay you!

Killigan: I want my money!
Drakken: Look, I say I will pay you when the Centurion project is
in my possession. It is not in my possession. Therefore,
I'm not paying.
Killigan: Y-Y-Yer a criminal!
Drakken: My dear fellow, I repeatedly try to take over the world.
Of course I'm criminal!
Killigan: Well, I'll tell yer this much, laddie. The next time
I steal it, I'm selling it to someone else!

Drakken: The nerve of that man! Shego!
Shego: Indoor voice, please.
Drakken: What did you find out?

Wade: Hey, this is Wade. We've got a kind of problem. The
Centurion project is stuck on Kim's wrist. I know you're
closed for the weekends, but if anybody checks messages, please
help us out on this.

Drakken: Our poor little Kimmy. Perhaps we can help!

Kim's Dad: Fascinating.

Kim: You-can-get-it-off fascinating or I'm-stuck-till-Monday
Kim's Dad: You're stuck till Monday.
Kim: ( Gasps )
Jim: Bet Mom could get it off.

Kim's Dad: No, Jim. The bracelets appears to be constructed of
a super-strong alloy.
Tim: Who's talking about the bracelet?
Jim: Yeah, Mom's a doctor. She could take off the hand and
sew right back on again.
Kim's Mom: Jim, Tim, There will be no surgery at the dinner table.

Kim's Mom: Look what I've got, boys.

Tim+Jim: Cool!
Kim's Mom: It's Mr. Cadaver. The med. student practise on him.
Lifelike latex.
Tim: You're the best, Mom!
Kim's Mom: The boys are helping with the "scare for care", haunted
house at the hospital.
Kim: Wait, you two aren't trick or treating this year?

Tim: We're so over candy begging.
Jim: We're ten!

[ Phone rings ]
Kim: ( Groans )

Kim's Dad: Kimmy, it's for you!

Monique: Guess who's garage band is playing at my party.
Kim: If you say Josh Manky I swear I'll scream.
Monique: Scream, girl!
[ Beeping ]
Kim: Hold on. Wade. Cool costume. Wait a second! You're
gonna leave your room?

Wade: No way. I do it all on line.

Drakken: I'm getting something.

Kim: Have you got an update on this bracelet?
Wade: The update is... no update. I left a message at the lab.

Shego: We know that already.

Drakken: Shh!

Kim: OK. I've got Monique on the phone. Page me if anything develops.

[ Crackling ]
Drakken: Stupid thing! Never works when I'm roaming.

Killigan: Foul machine! Never works when I'm roaming!

Kim: So, Josh Manky is seriously gonna be at your party?

Monique: Would I lie to you?
[ Beeping ]
Kim: Incoming.
Ron: Kim, we're gonna fall behind schedule here. Where are you?
Kim: Hold on. ( to Monique ) You're sure that Josh will show?

Monique: Yeah. Deal with it.
Kim: I am. ( to Ron ) Erm... Er, bad news, Ron. My mom is
making me help with the hospital haunted house thing,

Drakken: Hah! We strike tonight at the hospital's haunted house!

Kim: Yeah, I, erm,... I can't get out of it. It's a family deal.
You know how it is, right?
[ Buzzing ]

Ron: Oh, sure, KP. Yeah. I just can't believe it. A Halloween
without us as a team. It feels weird, huh?
Kim: Yeah. Yeah, it does feel weird.
Ron: Try to have fun, anyway.
Kim: OK. Bye.

Kim's Mom: Kimmy, did I hear you tell Ron you're coming with us?
The boys are so excited to dying to drench you fake blood.
I hope it's fake.
Kim: No! I can't!

Kim's Mom: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought I heard you tell Ron..
Kim: That I could not go with you because I, er,...
I promised to go with him. That's what I said.
Kim's Mom: I must have misunderstood. Have fun trick or treating.

Killigan: Trick or treating? Isn't the lass a wee bit old for that?

Monique: Why didn't you tell your mom?
Kim: I don't know. I just panicked. Look, I'll see you
tonight, OK?

Monique: OK, I guess.
Kim: Oh, my gosh!

Kim: Wade, what is this thing?
Wade: Cutting edge nano technology. The cybertronic circuitry is
controlled by some biometric parameters.
[ Phone rings ]

Wade: Better get this. May be it's the top-secret lab.

Alien: Greetings. I'm from a distant star seeking chocolate.
Wade: Hey, Eugene.
Eugene: How did you know it was me?
Wade: Cross-reffed your ISP address. I put the candy credits in
your mailbox.

Eugene: Thanks, Wade. Go in peace.

Kim: OK. Back to me. Wade, I've got to get thing off before
Monique's party.
Wade: You're not trick or treating with Ron this year?
Kim: Nope.
Kim's Mom: Kimmy, we're going.

Kim: Bye.
Kim's Dad: Have fun with Ronald.
Kim: I will. ( Gasps ) Wade!
Wade: You just lied to your parents.

Kim: I know. They think I'm going with Ron. He thinks I'm
going with them. But I'm really going to Monique's. It's
all very bad. I feel awful, OK?
Wade: No, Kim. That's what triggered it. When you lied, it
Kim: What?
Wade: It looks like some kind of armour.
Kim: Armour that grows by itself?

Wade: Yeah. The biometric parameters must have to do with
stress. In battle, when a soldier is in danger stressed
out, the armour kicks in.
Kim: Wade, I wore this thing during the fight with Shego,
Drakken and Duff Killagan and nothing happened.
Wade: You must be more stressed out when you're lying than
when you're fighting. Way to go, Pinocchio.

[ Knock on door ]

Ron: Kim, You still home?
Kim: Oh, it's Ron.

Kim: Hey.
Ron: I just saw your parents leave. You're not going with them?
You're going with me?
Kim: Erm, yeah. I mean, no. I, er, I'm meeting then later,
[ Buzzing ]

Kim: I, er,... I gotta go.
Ron: Here's you half of the costume I thought you should have it.
Kim: Oh, thanks.
Ron: But...
Kim: Have fan.
Ron: We just...

Kim: Bye.
Ron: OK. Bye.

Kim: Stop staring at me like that. I feel bad enough as it is.

[ Phone ring ]
Kim: Er, whoops. Hello?
Monique: Kim? Josh is here. Hurry!

Kim: I'm on my way.

Kim's Mom: Thank you. Enjoy. Thank you. Enjoy...
Kim's Dad: Do you dare face the Scare for Care House of Horror?
[ All cheer ]
Kim's Dad: Then enter at your own risk.
Kim's Mom: Thank you. Enjoy. Thank you. Enjoy...

Drakken: Alright. Try to blend in.
Shego: No problem.
Drakken: You're just trying to annoy me, aren't you?

[ Doorbell rings ]
Monique: Kim, you're just in time.

Kim: Avast you scurvy knave!

Josh: What?
Kim: That was pirate talk. Cos, you know, you're a pirate and
I'm a total dork.
Josh: No, I got it. I'm just playing you.
Kim: Good one.
Josh: What are you supposed to be anyway?

Kim: Er, the Princess...inator.
Josh: Oh, right on. Your folks are doing the Scare for Care Haunted
Kim: You know about that?
Josh: Yeah, I stop every year. Good cause, good time, you know.
Kim: Totally.

Josh: Probably drop by after our set. Wanna go?
Kim: Yes! But I can't. I told them I, er...
Josh: Told them what?
Kim: Doesn't matter.
[ Buzzing ]

Josh: Whoa!
Kim: State-of-the-art costume, huh? Be right back.

Kim: Must hide.
Monique: Bathroom?
Kim: Uh-uh.

Monique: Closet.
Kim: Bathroom would be better.
Monique: Thataway, partner.

Ron: Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!
Rufus: ( Chatters )

Man: Happy Halloween.

Kid: Mister, could you not do smell your feet? It's really
Ron: Hey, unicorn came to play.
Kid: You're no unicorn, you're just a horse's...
Killigan: I've come to claim what's mine!

Kid: ( Giggles ) He's dreed like a girl.
Killigan: I'm not!
Kid: You're wearing a skirt!
Killigan: It's a kilt!

Kid: Whatever.

Ron: Poor Duff. Kids can be cruel.
Killigan: Not as cruel as I can be, Mr. Stoppable. So tell me,
where is the Centurion project.
Ron: That thing stuck on Kim's wrist?
Killigan: She's still got it, then? Bonny good. Where is she?

Ron: Not with me.
Killigan: She told her momma she was going with you.
Ron: No, you got it all wrong. She's with her parents.
Killigan: What?
Man: Oh, another trick or treater. Happy Halloween. Piece of
advice. The girl costum works better without the beard.

Killigan: I'm no a girl!

Tim: Whoo!
Jim: Raaagh!
Mob: Oh, aren't they cute? Look at those darling costumeses.
[ Screams ]

Tweebs: Hoo-sha!

Drakken: They're good.
Shego: I've seen every Possible except Kim.
Drakken: This calls for the direct approach.

Drakken: Hah!

Kim's Mom: ( Gasps ) Dr. Drakken!
Killigan: Hah!
Kim's Dad: The bearded lady!
Killigan: I'm no a lady! I'm Duff Killagan!

Drakken: Killagan, here?
Killigan: I'm here to get the Centurion project back from Kim
Drakken: So am I.
Killigan: OK, boys, boys! Time out, please. So where is Kim
Kim's Dad: I suggest you people take your evil elsewhere.

Kim's Mom: Honey, we've got to warn Kim. She's out there with Ron
and have no idea trouble's brewing.

Ron: She's not with me! I'm here! I'm captured! Wait a
minute! She told me she'd be here with you!
Rufus: Yeah.
Kim's Mom: That's not what she told us.
Kim's Dad: She distinctly said she'd be with you.

Kim's Dad+Mom: She lied?
Kim's Dad: Kimberley Ann Possible! Wherever you are, you are in
big trouble!

Kim: Get it together. This is way out of hand. Those lies wee
tiny. Teeny tiny. Yeah.
[ Knock on door ]
Monique: Kim, you OK?
Kim: There's absolutely nothing wrong.

Monique: ( Gasps )
Kim: ( Giggles ) Oh-oh!
Monique: Good thing it's Halloween cos that look is scary.
Kim: This is just too weird.

Kim: This is bad. I've gotta talk to Wade.
Monique: Where's your communicator?
Kim: Somewhere under all this.
Josh: So, er, what are you again?

Kim: A stinking liar trapped in high-tech battle armour.
Josh: I wouldn't have guessed that.

[ Beeping ]
Kim: ( Gasps ) It's Wade.

Monique: Wade, it's Monique. Kim can't answer her communicator
right now but she really, really needs to talk to you.
Kim: Hi, Wade. Small problem with the Centurion project.
Wade: Yeah, well, there's a big problem at haunted house. It's
on the news.

Drakken: I am an infamous villain bent on global conquest and
I demand...
Killigan: Oh, stick a sock in it! It is I, Duff Killagan, the
world's most dangerous golfer...

Drakken: Do you mind? This is my crime scene.
Killigan: Guess again, blue boy!
Drakken: ( Snarls )

Shego: For the moment let's ignore those two and get back to
busine. You expect me to believe that Kim Possible,...
THE Kim Possible, lied?

Ron: I worry about what happens next. Sure, it starts with
a few lies.
Rufus: Uh-huh. Uh-huh...
Ron: But soon, our little Kimmy sinks deeper and deeper. How
low will she go? What kind of inhuman monster will she
[ Buzzing ]
Kim's Dad: Apparently, a cybertronic one.

Drakken: The Centurion project. It's amazing.
Killigan: All that came out of that wee bracelet?
Kim: Step away from the happy Halloweeners and surrender now.
Shego: Let's see how much punishment the Centurion project can
Killigan: I'm with you, lassie! Fore!

Kim: I don't know exactly how this armour works but I do know
that it's tough. I can tell you it's controlled by my
thoughts and emotions and, right now, I'm feeling pretty
Shego: So, count to ten or something.

Kim: This arumor's practically automatic. It knows I'm angry and
it's fighting back. Shego, you gotta stop!
Shego: Oh, it stops here.

Kim: ( Gasps )

Shego: This Centurion project is not so tough.

Shego: No way!
Kim: I warned you. Hey! Much more humane.

Killigan: Hmm. My drive let me down. But my putter never fails.

Ron: While I must admit that your new acquired super powers
are parhaps the coolest things I've ever seen in my life,
I can't believe you lied to me! Well, it's truth time.
If you weren't with your parents.

Kim: Ron, I am so sorry.
Kim's Mom: And you weren't with Ron!
Kim's Dad: Where exactly were you?
Kim: I, er,... I just had to go to Monique's party cos Josh
was gonna be there so I lied to Ron and Mom heard me lied
to Ron so I had to cover up the lie to and... ( Sighs )
Whoa! I'm regular me again.

Shego: Oh, regular you. I can handle.

Drakken: Get the bracelet!
Killigan: Good idea.
Drakken: I must have the Centurion projecct.
Kim's Dad: If you don't mind I'd like a word with my daughter.

Drakken: Oh, yes, sir.
Kim's Dad: Kimberley Ann Possible,... we need to talk.

Drakken: I, for one, am extremely disappointed in Kim.
Shego: I know. Lying to her parents and her best friend. Huh!
Killigan: Aye. She'll be working long and hard to regain my trust.

Kim: So, obviously mistakes were made. By me.
Ron: Kim, Duff Killagan captured me!
Kim: I know. I'm so sorry. I never imagine that my lies could put
anybody in danger.
Ron: Forget danger, woman! It put me behind schedule in my trick
or treating. I'm not getting that time back.
Kim: Sorry.

Kim's Mom: Kimmy, you know how important honesty is to us.

Kim's Dad: And this isn't just about us. Innocent people could
have been hurt with those villains carrying on here
Kim: I will never lie again. I promise.
Tim: And it was such a stupid thing to lie about. Ron's your
friend. He would have understood.
Jim: And like, Mom and Dad wouldn't have you go to Monique's
Kim: Oh! Even the tweebs are busting me?

Kim's Mom: You know what we'll have to do now, Kimmy.
Kim: I sense the word "grounded" coming my way.
Kim's Dad: Do you also sense the word one month and starting right
Kim: A whole month?!

Josh: Too bad you grounded. I thought we could go back the party
Kim: I'd love to. Can't.
Ron: Psst! Manky! I'm sitting on a list of every insomniac in
Josh: You're talking trick or treating?
Ron: But you gotta wear this.

Josh: Ha-ha! Sweet!
Ron: Boo-yah!
Kim: So, maybe next year I can go with you guys? Guys?