Transcripts - Kimitation Nation
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Transcripts - Kimitation Nation


Episode Kimitation Nation
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2300


Ron: Pudding! Why is pudding in my entree compartment?
Kim: I think cafeteria lady said it's er, turkey and vegetable...

Ron: Pudding?
Rufus: Mmm! Pudding!
Ron: Look at the senior table. There's no turkey pudding over
there! They don't have to eat this slop!
Kim: True, cafeteria lady did not whip up that platter. That's
fruits of the sea.
Ron: Oh, man! I'm all about fruits of the sea!

Kim: You can't sit at senior table before you're a senior.
Certain things are sacred.

Monique: Kim, can I borrow your communicator?
Kim: Er, sure, Monique. OK.
Monique: You are clutch! Wade!
Wade: Hey, Monique! Just in time. Streaming the Clique report.

Ron: What are you doing?
Monique: Shh! This is crucial.

Elsa: Bonsoir, fashion victims!
Kim: Monique, tell me you don't heed Elsa Clique fashion
Monique: Her word is law, Kim.

Kim: Why can't people have their own style? What makes her so
Ron: Kim, she is on television!

Elsa: From Milan to Paris, poofy pink is making a stink.
Rufus: Pink, whoo-hoo!

Monique: Kim!

Kim: This is so weak! Nobody would wear anything that stupid
in the real world!
Ron: Do you consider high school the real world?
Kim: Bonnie?
Rufus: Hmm?!
Bonnie: If you need me, I'll be at the senior table. Fruits of
the sea.

Seniors: Bonnie!

Kim: Grrr!

Ron: Kim, it's not like it's a big mystery! Bonnie dressed for
Kim: Just because she wears some trendy outfit she gets to sit at
the most coveted table in the whole caf?

Ron: I believe that's how it went down, yes.
Kim: But the senior table is seniors only. It's unwritten rule.
You can't just buy your way in with pink poof! It doesn't...
Ron: Er, Kim...

Fenster: Thank you for coming, Kim Possible.
Kim: No big, Dr. Fenster. What's the sitch?
Fenster: This is a very sensitive security issue. My company has
created a satellite with a laser powerful enough and
accurate enough to destroy a target as small as this, from

Fenster: Goggles!
Ron: Uh, I didn't get...
Ron: I don't have goggles, I don't have gog... Aaaargh!
Fenster: Oh, yeah! On the money!
Ron: Aww! Missed it.

Fenster: Anyway, we called you because we have reason to believe
someone is planning to steal our technology.
Ron: Good tip!
Drakken: I want that laser control! Shego!
Shego: Thank you.
Fenster: Hey, stop!

Shego: Later, Kimmy.
Kim: Let's jet!

Kim: Sorry, Shego. It's not that easy Might as well just...
Shego: I'm gonna cut you off there.
Ron: Kim!!

Rufus: Oh, no!
Shego: Bye-bye, Kim Possible.
Shego: So, splat, already!

Kim: Thank you.

Ron: Oof!
Kim: Nice!

Shego: This... This isn't good!
Drakken: Arggh! Shego!

Ron: Looooo...sers!
Kim: Ron! Focus.
Ron: I am. I'm focusing on Drakken taking a major dive.

Rufus: ( Splutters ) Whoo!
% Kim and Ron gasp.

Rock star#1: The Downloaded Awards rock! Yeah!
Rock star#2: Damien rock.
% Applause.

Rock star#1: Downloading is about the fans, yeah.
Rock star#2: Fans rock.
Rock star#1: Even though we don't get any money when you download.
Rock star#2: No money... rocks!
Rock star#1: No, mate, no money does not rock.

Ron: Sorry!

Ron: Out of control here.
Kim: Hang on, I've got it.
Ron: Aargh!
% Applause.
Ron: Hey, you're the fashion lady.

All: Oh, yeah!
Elsa: What a look! Who is that girl?
Ron: Oh, that's Kim. Kim Possible.

Kim: You know, the senior table isn't that great.
Ron: Except that it is bathed in the golden glow of ultimate

Monique: It does actually glow!
Kim: Yeah, well, thanks to Lenny from the stage crew.
Ron: Still it's impressive.
Kim: Whatever. It's just a table. Sitting there doesn't make
you a better person.
Monique: You saved the world, frequently! You are obviously a
better person than Bonnie.

Kim: Oh, stop, Monique. I'm no better than anybody else.
Ron: Except Bonnie.
Monique: Kim, get real. You saved the Downloaded Music Awards.
That gotta mean something here.
Ron: Yet it doesn't and it vexes me so.

Drakken: Kim Possible always defeats me... and it vexes me so.

Shego: You?! I'm the one fighting her.
Drakken: That's true. It is you she always defeats.
Shego: What your point?
Drakken: We simply need to tip the odds in your favour.
Shego: How?

Drakken: Suppose you outnumbered her... Suppose that was an army
of you against one of her.
Shego: Oh, no. Again with the cloning?!
Drakken: One little strand of hair should do it.
Shego: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Back up, Chief. Now, you can not have
my DNA. I have a no-cloning clause in my contract,
Drakken: That was then, this is now.

Shego: Yeah? Yeah? This is me saying I quit.
Drakken: Shego, wait. Don't go! Ooh, I think I got a paper cut.

Rock stars: Stadium rock!

Designer: Ugh! Not a single outfit worth stealing.
Elsa: There is only one thing worth looking at on this tape.

Designer: Oh! It speaks to me!
Elsa: It will speak to the world.

Kim: I got here as fast as I could. What's the sitch?
Monique: You should see for yourself.
Kim: Monique! Is this some stupid ploy to get me in at the
senior table?

Monique: Not even! It's Kim style. And it is bomb on bomb!
Kim: Kim style? You do mean my style.
Monique: You belong to the world now.
Kim: I'm the new pink poof?!

% School bell rings.
Ron: Hey, Kim. I... Oh, sorry. I thought you were...
Rufus: ( Whistles ) Over there.
Ron: Oh, there she is. She's wearing her mission clothe She must
need us. Kim, what's up?

Girl: Do I know you?
Rufus: Oooh!
Ron: I know... I'm scared, too.
Ron: Kim, is that really you?
Kim: Man!

Shego: Aargh!
Boy: Mummy!!
Waiter: Miss, telephe call.
Shego: Oh, thanks.
Shego: Forget it!

Drakken: But you don't know what I'm going to ask, dumpling.
Shego: Does it involve cloning?
Drakken: No! Not at all! Well, OK, maybe little.
Drakken: Shego!

Kim: No, guys, I don't know.

Ron: Kim, this time you are in! This is your look, you created
Monique: Everybody's wearing it. It's way beyond cheerleader cool.
Kim: That doesn't mean anything.
Ron: Oh, sure it does! This is save-the-world cool! And how
cool is that?!
Monique: It's your new froner!

Kim: Yeah... Yeah!

Kim: Hey, Bonnie, nice outfit.
Bonnie: Thanks... And nice try but you really can't pull this look
Kim: ( Growls )

Kim: But... it's my look!

Drakken: Who needs Shego and her DNA? I have options! I have
Drakken: To clone anyone of you would be a crime against humanity
that even I am incapable of.

Rock star#1: Do you wanna rock?!
Drakken: Get a haircut.

Drakken: Ooh, the Style File. Perhaps this season blue skin is in.
Elsa: As I predicted, the new look inspired by high-tech teen,
Kim Possible, is sweeping the world.
Drakken: Aargh! An army of Kim Possibles! ...Wait. An army of
Kim Possibles. Of course! Who better to defeat Kim
Possible than Kim Possible?!

Girl: Gimme an M!
Gimme an I!
Gimme a D!
Bonnie: You did that on purpose!

Drakken: Come on, come on. Stupid robodrone.
Henchman#1: Er,... how do you know that's the right locker?
Drakken: Who's the evil genius here, huh? Observe!

Drakken: See? Perfect match. Ah? First time's a charm.

Drakken: Just one, thin Kim Posble hair. At last, an unbeatable
fighting force will be at my command. I shall have an
army of Kim Possible clones!

Henchman#1: Er, Doctor D, if we can't handle one Kim Possible, how
we gonna handle a bunch of them?
Henchman#2: We're doomed!
Drakken: I hope you've been saving your money, dolt!
Drakken: My Kim clone will be engineered with the lightning fast
reflexes of a king cobra,... ( Laughs evilly ) ...the
invincible strength of a rogue elephant,... and the
killer instinct of... Commodore Puddles.

% Commodore Puddles Snarls.
% Drakken Laughs maniacally.
% Dog snarls / snaps.
Henchman#2: Not Commodore Puddles!
Henchman#1: So little, yet so evil.
Drakken: Rest assured, gentlemen, my Kim clone will be a wild
% Ting!.
Drakken: Ooh, she's done!

Drakken: Mmm... You brought me the wrong DNA!
Henchman#2: But... But we didn't...
% Clone Bonnie Snarls.
Drakken: Actually, I think we can work with her.

Kim: What you got over there?

Ron: Wh-What the..?
Kim: The one you're trying to hide.
Ron: No, you can't!
Kim: Yes, I can!
Kim: ( Gasps ) Oh, Ron, not you, too!

Ron: It's Kim-for-him.
Kim: My look is now boys' clothes?!
Monique: What's next? A line of clothes for pets?!
Ron: Actually, Rufus...
Kim: No! No! Please, no!

Rufus: Mmmn!
Kim: I liked you better naked. Urgh! I'm going home.
Ron: Sorry, KP. Just trying to ride the wave.
Kim: Which is fine, except it's my wave! And I'm the only one
not riding.
Kim: Sorry. Oh, as if I didn't have enough problems.

% Clone Bonnie Snarls.
Kim: ( Gasps )

Kim: Let's move!
% All gasp.
Bonnie: Kim Possible, you are such a loser. I mean, you wear that
same stupid outfit like, every day.

Kim: Bonnie, it's really you!
Bonnie: No one would insult me like that!
Bonnie: Er, what are you doing?
Kim: Er, er,... sorry! I just, er...
Rufus: Aagh!

Ron: How many Bonnies are there?!

% Clone Bonnies snarl.

Ron: This is intensely weird!
Kim: Yeah, one Bonnie is more than enough, thank you.

Ron: No, I mean we're standing in soda.
Kim: Oh!
Bonnie: I'm sticky!
Monique: Maybe I should take Bonnie home.
Kim: Yeah, good idea.

Ron: How can this be sticky and slippery at the same time?

Ron: What's going on in there?
Kim: I don't know. It sounds like she's... melting. Eew!
Ron: Oh, that is sick and wrong!

Ron: Eew, you touched it!

Kim: Ron, shut up!
Kim: Wade, I'm beaming you an analysis of what's inside this
Wade: Fun.
Wade: This is beyond freaky!
Kim: How far beyond?

Wade: Syntho-chemical-duplicate beyond.
Kim: A clone?
Wade: No, it's not a true clone.
Ron: An imitation clone? I hate it when the villains cut corners!
Kim: So we're talking Drakken here?

Wade: Definitely. I picked up a big energy signature just like one
of Drakken's lairs. But it's moving.
Kim: Then, so are we.

Drakken: How many places can there be for Kim Possible to hide in
this boring slice of suburbia.
Drakken: I wouldn't be here at all if everyone had done their jobs.
It's slipshod, is what it is!!
Drakken: Oh, How I miss Shego! I wonder if she misses me.

Drakken: What are you sitting here for? Find Kim Possible, now!

Drakken: Huh?!

Drakken: Isn't this precious? The prey has come to me. Hmm!
Drakken: Well, what are you waiting for? Get me Kim Possible's
Kim: My DNA? I think not!
Ron: If you want Kim style, pay retail.

Drakken: Hmm? I don't think so. Get them!
Kim: Ron, the cloning machine.
Ron: I'm all over it, KP.

Ron: Isn't there a self-destruct button somewhere? Any ideas,
Rufus: Uh-uh, got me.

Ron: ( Gasps )

Ron: We'll save you, Kim!
Rufus: Uh, how?

Rufus: Hi-yaa!

Ron: Whoa!
Rufus: Hi-yaa! Hi-yaa!

Drakken: Not them, you idiots, the redhead!
Kim: Ooh! Eek!
Kim: Come on, Ron.

Ron: Kim, we can't just let Drakken steal our DNA.
Kim: I think we just did.

Drakken: At last, I have Kim Possible's DNA. Er, which beaker
contains Kim's DNA, again?
Henchman#1: Er...
Drakken: Ah, this is it. Now an unbeatable fighting force will
be at my command.

Drakken: My Kim clone!
Clone Rufus: Rrr-rrr-rrr-rrr!
Drakken: Grrr...!

Drakken: Ah!

% Ron and Rufus gasp.
Ron: No one mass-produces Ron Stoppable!

Kim: Now you know how Kim style feels.
Ron: Yeah? How?
Kim: Oh! Just distract them so I can get back in there.
Ron: Oh! Can't those Rons be the distraction?

Kim: ( Gasps )

Drakken: Mmn! I like it!

Kim: Make it count, Wade.
Wade: An analysis of Drakken's clones show they're unstable.
Kim: Tell me something I don't know!
Wade: I mean chemically unstable. A mixture of hydrogen, oxygen a
carbon dioxide will melt them.

Kim: I'm a little short of a chem-lab the moment. Wait! The
dumpster! Hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxided. Soda!

Ron: ( Whimpers )
Ron: ( Gasps ) It's me, myself and I!
% All scream.

Ron: Aagh... Aagh!

Kim: Lemonade! Oh, boy!

Kim: Eew! What a mess.
Ron: Kim! Aagh...

Rufus: ( Coughs )

Drakken: No! This is not fair,... not fair at all!

% Car horn beeps.
Drakken: Shego! Shego! You've come back.
Shego: What have we learned?
Drakken: No cloning!
Shego: ( Sighs ) Get in.

Drakken: Who's he?!

Monique: Kim style is red-tagged to move.
Kim: Red-tagged?
Monique: 75% off.
Kim: Really?

Monique: Yeah, the fad has passed.
Kim: Guess I'll just have to wait to a senior to sit at the
senior table.
Monique: Yeah, but Ron's got it going on.
Kim: Our Ron?!

Elsa: We are all terribly excited about this new look for the new
season. Whether you're chomping on Chimeritos or just hanging
with your peeps, this ensemble says "Boo-yah!"

Rufus: Mmn-hmm!