Transcripts - Animal Attraction
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Transcripts - Animal Attraction


Episode Animal Attraction
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2527


% Mechanical whirring.
Sr.: Ah, the life of villany is most exciting, is it not, my son?
Jr.: If I want flashing lights, I go to the discotheque.

Sr.: In moments, the experimental prototype inside will be ours.
% Beeping.
Jr.: ( Sighs ) Could you not simply buy this fancy prototype
Sr.: You and your internet! Some things are best done the old-
fashioned way, Junior!

Kim: Senor Senior, Sr.

Sr.: Ah, Kim Possible, my feisty teen nemesis. You complete me.
% Footsteps.
Ron: Don't forget me.
Sr.: Yes, of course. Ron Stoppable.
Jr.: Yeah, I'm not so good with the faces.

Kim: Surrender, Senor Senior... Sr.

Sr.: I must respectfully decline, but well played, Kim Possible.
Well played. But the next time, you will not be so lucky.
% Beeping, explosion.
Ron: ( Gasping )

Sr.: Until then... be well!

Ron: Bad man. Good manners.

Boy#1: I came out a green guppy.
Girl#1: Like, a total red ferret.
Amelia: Okay, at a fork in the road, you stop.

Ron: Kim, I need some advice. "You're embarking on a journey that
will change your life. What snacks would you bring along?"

Kim: Don't tell me you got sucked in by this Animology craze.
Ron: "Craze"? I think not. Animology is a window into your
innermost self.
Kim: Ron, it's a lame cross between astrology and a personality
Ron: Not even close. Animology assigns you a color and an animal.
It's science, Kim.
Kim: Thanks, but I have a life.
Ron: It predicts your perfect mate. Tell me you don't wanna know
your perfect mate.

Kim: Not if he's some... blue baboon!
Ron: Don't even joke, Kim. A blue baboon would be disastrous for
Kim: ( Sighs ) I pass on the fad, Ron.

Kim: Okay, let's get started.
Bonnie: Do you mind? Some of us are trying to concentrate.

Jr.: I cannot wait to unlock my innermost self!
Sr.: I would prefer to unlock that vault in the weapons
research facility. Oh, dear, here comes that pompous...
Philippe! Philippe Boullion! Won't you join us for some
Philippe: My pleasure, Senor Senior, Sr. You so rarely make it to
the club these days.
Sr.: I have an active retirement.
Philippe: Indeed. I understand your latest "hobby" is quite unique.

Jr.: Father wants to conquer the world.
Philippe: Well, who doesn't? But the Billionaire's Club prizes...
discretion and obscenely large personal fortunes.
Sr.: I assure you, Philippe, though my pastime is pricey,
I still possess the requisite billions for club
Philippe: Of course... We checked.
Sr.: Then, how can I help you?

Philippe: Senor... A member in a melee with an American
cheerleader? It reflects, how shall I say? Poorly on the
Sr.: What are you saying, Phillipe?
Philippe: That I am revoking your club membership.

Philippe: I'll take that.

% Bell ringing.
Bonnie: Amelia! Over here!

Amelia: I heard you're a lavendar mouse. I'm a red otter. Major

Kim: ( Slurping )
Ron: I finished the Animology test.
Kim: Lemme guess. Blue baboon?

Ron: Worse. I'm a pink sloth, Kim.
Kim: A pink sloth?
Ron: Sloth! The lowest of the low. "The pink sloth is an
outcast, a follower, socially inept and smellsof overripe
fruit!" I do not smell of overripe fruit!
Rufus: ( Choking )

Ron: I wonder if they have a pink naked mole rat.

Kim: ( Gasps ) Ron, your stupid book! Hmm... "You arrive at the
multiplex, only to find that the movie you've come to see is
sold out." Hmm.

Jr.: Father, if I was a tree, which tree do you think I would be?
Sr.: One that would be banned from the billionaire club, Junior.
This insult gives me no choice but revenge!

Jr.: There are other clubs for the obscenly wealthy.
Sr.: Not the point. World-class villains are defined by
disproportionate revenge. Perhaps I engineer a crash of
financial markets that freezes the club's assets.
Jr.: ( Chuckles ) That would require a large freezer.
Sr.: I was not speaking literally, my son. ( Sipping ) Or was I?

Jim: Let's eat!
Kim's Mom: What is taking Kim so long?
Kim's Dad: She's working on some big test. Didn't catch the

Kim: This should not be this hard. If the movie I want to
see is sold out, I leave. But that makes me seem
stubborn. I'll see something else. That's flexible.
Or, it could mean I'm weak.
Kim's Mom: Kimmy, aren't you coming down to dinner?

Kim: Just start without me, Mom. I'm totally swamped!
Kim's Mom: What exactly is swamping you?
Kim: Animology. It says what kind of person you are. Not
that I believe it. It's just for laughs.
Kim's Mom: Sounds like fun. I'll put your plate in the microwave.
Kim: Thanks, Mom. I'll just be a few.

Kim's Mom: Go to bed, Kim.
Kim: Night, Mom. Love you.

Kim: "A mysterious stranger calls your name. You're most likely

Kim: I'm a blue fox, Dad.
Kim's Dad: Uh... super.

Kim's Dad: Did you know that the blue fox is a born leader? "Can't
resist a challenge, driven to excel... a perfectionist."
Kim's Mom: That explains the all-nighter.
Kim's Dad: Hold the phone! "The perfect soulmate of the blue fox
is the yellow trout." Soulmate. I think Kimmy's a bit
young to be looking for a "soulmate," or any kind of mate.

Kim's Mom: In a few days, Kimmy will have forgotten all about
yellow trouts. This whole Animology business is just a
silly teen fad.
Kim's Dad: Hmm... If you say so. So, uh... What are you?
Kim's Mom: Teal cat. You?
Kim's Dad: Beige raccoon.
Both: Soulmates!

Boy#1: I'm a yellow... bear, which is cool.

Amelia: Guess what? That hottie in english is a yellow... rabbit!

Ron: You were right, K.P. Animology is completely bogus.
Rufus: Pah! Bogus!
Kim: I don't know if I'd go that...
Ron: Because there is no way Ron Stoppable is a pink sloth.

Wade: Kim. I got that info you wanted.
Kim: Oh, no big. Just give it to me later.
Wade: But you said it was the highest priority. "Utmost rush"?
Kim: Whenever's fine.

Ron: No, no, no. Go ahead, Wade. Important news will be a
welcome break from this Animology garbage.
Wade: Okay, I checked all school databases, Kim, but there's no
way to tell who's a yellow trout.
Ron: You took the test?
Kim: I'm a blue fox. I can't resist a challenge.

Ron: I can't believe you are into Animology.
Kim: I am not "into" it, Ron. I took the test for laughs. No
% Kimmunicator beeps.

Kim: Who's the yellow trout?
Ron: So into it.
Wade: Still looking, but you did get an interesting hit on the
site. From Pop Pop Porter.
Kim: Who?
Ron: Shame on you, K.P. Pop Pop is the genius revolutionized the
heat-and-eat snack industry.

Wade: Pop Pop's Mini Corn Dogs?
Ron: Nature's perfect food.
Kim: Have you ever read what's in them?
Ron: That would be stupid.
Kim: I avoid fried foods.

Ron: Never fried! Flash-frozen.
Wade: Streaming the video.

Pop Pop: I need your help, little lady. Someone stole my state-
of-the-art flash-freezing cryovator.
Ron: No flash-freezer? That means no mini corn dogs!
Wade: No bite-sized goodness?

Boys: No!!
Kim: Pull yourself together and get me the downlow on this
Wade: I have this commercial.

Commercial: ( Singing )
Are you hungry? Then dive right in
Our mini corn dogs are a man's best friend
These bite-sized doggies are sure to please
Made from Pop Pop'scorny secret recipe
We flash-freeze the flavor
That's why they're guaranteed
Pop Pop Porter's mini corn dogs

Pop Pop: Flash-frozen flavor, folks.

Ron: You gotta love little corn doggie.
Kim: Yeah... Okay. We'll need a ride.
Wade: Pop Pop's on it.

% Engine approaching.

Ron: Dang! That's a big little corn doggie.

Pop Pop: Here we are, little lady. The scene of the crime.
Kim: ( Sniffling )
Ron: ( Sobbing )

Rufus: ( Wailing )
Kim: Do you smell that?
Ron: ( Sniffling )

Pop Pop: Are you feeling right, son?
Ron: It's too heinous for words. I just love your product!
Pop Pop: Don't do that.

Kim: It smells so... ( Sniffs ) familiar. Wade, I need an air
quality analysis.

Wade: Activating olfactory sensors.
% Snorting.

Pop Pop: The real shame is that these little doggies'll go to
waste, unless somebody eats 'em, and soon.

% Ron, Rufus groan.

% Kimmunicator beeps.
Kim: Go, Wade.
Wade: That smell? Cologne. Very expensive. Custom-blended for an
exclusive clientele. Guess who's on the list.

Kim: Senor Senior, Jr.
Wade: Right.

Ron: The Senor's plan is pure evil. Wait until the world is in a
mini corn dog famine, then make us pay, pay big.
Kim: Senor Senior's after something bigger than mini corn dogs.
Ron: What could be biggerthan mimi corn dogs?
Kim: You are such a pink sloth.

Ron: One: Animology is bogus, and two: Senior's after corn dogs.
Kim: Is not, is not.

Kim: Look at this lair. He's all about big crimes.
Ron: Mini corn dogs.

Kim: Crime.
Ron: Corn dog.

Kim: Crime. Ron! Look!

Kim: The cryovator.
Ron: Snack thief!
Kim: Shh!

Kim: ( Sniffing ) The cologne!

Ron: ( Screaming )

Both: ( Yelling )
Rufus: ( Squealing )

Both: ( Struggling )

Sr.: Ah, Kim Possible. And so our little game of cat and mouse
goes on, eh?
Ron: Are we the cat or the mouse?
Jr.: ( Laughing ) Mouse.

Ron: But we were stalking you. That's cattish, my friend.
Jr.: This is a good point.
Kim: No, it's not.
Ron: Let the corn dogs go, Senor Senior!
Sr.: Dear boy, this is not about tiny breaded sausages.
Kim: Mmm-hmm.

Ron: You blue foxes think you know everything.
Jr.: Blue fox? You study the Animology?
Sr.: Oh, please, Junior. Do not start. The time has come to prove
my villainous mettle. First, I will flash-freeze you.
Ron: You don't need to prove anything.
Sr.: Well, that is very kind, but... it is part of my plan. You
% Beeping.
% Mechanical whirring.
% Screaming.

Sr.: Next, I will freeze the billionaire's club from which I was so
rudely ejected.
Ron: You're doing all this just to tweak some other rich guys?
Sr.: Yes. Wonderful, isn't it?
Kim: You can freeze us, but there is no way Pop Pop Poter's little
cryovator can freeze an entire building.
Sr.: Actually, it's more of an island. Which is why we studied Pop
Pop's cryovation technology to create... this.

Kim: That oughta do it.

Ron: Do you realize the jumbo mini corn dogs you could flash-freeze
with that... Ow!

Sr.: ( Sighs ) I will miss our fearsome rivalry, Kim Possible.
Come, Junior. Junior!
Jr.: Father! I am the yellow trout!
Kim: ( Shuddering ) No!! Junior's a yellow trout?! Gross!

Ron: K.P., don't you think we have bigger problems?

Kim: My perfect match cannot be Senor Senior, Jr.
Ron: I'm sure you'll be happy together... if he can defrost you!
Kim: Rufus! Push the red button!

Rufus: ( Straining )
Kim: He's too light!
Ron: Rufus! Look in my pocket.

Ron: Scarf 'em!

% Gulping, panting.
% Gulping, panting.
% Gulping, panting.
Rufus: Ah!
% Sloshing.

Kim: Hurry, Rufus!
Rufus: ( Straining )

Ron: Now I'm cold.
% Machinery winding down.
Rufus: ( Sighing )

Kim: Good little hairless rodent.
Rufus: ( Groaning )

Ron: Corn dogs rock! Why can't I feel my feet?
Ron: I've got footsicles!
Ron: Maybe if I...whoa, whoa! Whoa!
% Crashing.

% Ron struggling.

Kim: We need to find something to get us to the Billionaire's club.

Ron: I think we'll manage.

Kim: If Animology says that Senor Senior, Jr.'s my soulmate,
I say, forget Animology.
Ron: Done and done.
Rufus: ( High-pitched raspberry )
Rufus: ( Shrieking )

Ron: Rufus!
Rufus: ( Screaming )
Rufus: Whoa!
Rufus: ( Yelling )

Ron: Buddy, are you all right?
Rufus: Whoo-hoo!

Philippe: Well, he knows he's not welcome here. Senor Senior, Sr.
won't darken our door again.
% Helicopter buzzing.

Sr.: Release the tether line, Junior. Junior!
Jr.: It says the yellow trout cares only about himself. They make
that sound like a bad thing.

Sr.: Activate the solar panels.
Sr.: Initiate freezer start-up.

% Panicked screams.
Philippe: My caviar! It's Beluga... ow!
Sr.: I am revoking your club, Bouillon!
Jr.: My perfect match is the blue fox. I'd like to know this
blue fox person.

% Kimmunicator beeps.
Kim: Wade, what have you got?
Wade: This giant cryovator's solar-powered. No plug to pull!
Kim: So what can we do?
Wade: Destroy it?
Ron: Follow the money?

Jr.: Did we not leave Kim Possible on a conveyor belt to her doom?
Sr.: Yes. A proper villain always leaves his foe when he's about
to expire.
Jr.: Why?
Sr.: Well, it would be bad form just to lull about, waiting for it.
Jr.: Why?
Sr.: Tradition!

Sr.: She's really testing my patience, this Kim Possible.

Philippe: Help! Anybody?
Kim: I'll get you! Okay, this is gonna get a little warm.
Philippe: ( Screaming ) Yeow!!
Philippe: You wouldn't want to dash in and fetch my caviar, would you?

Philippe: I thought not.

Kim: Look out!

Jr.: Why did you not just aim the laser at their bodies?
Sr.: Junior, if you do not understand the traditions of villainy,
I have failed as a father.

% Beeping.

Ron: You blue foxesthink you know everything.

Sr.: Farewell, Kim Possible. It's been, as you say, a blast!

Ron: You blue foxes... ( Echoing ) Blue foxes... Blue foxes...

Jr.: ( Shrieking ) No!! You must not harm my blue fox!

Kim: Get down!

Sr.: Do you understand why I am angry?
Jr.: Kim Possible, you are the blue fox. I am the yellow trout.
We are meant to be. We are... soulmates!
Sr.: Junior! Dating an arch foe is... spitting upon villain
Jr.: But, father!
Sr.: Back to the lair with you! Tradition dictates we must begin
to plot our revenge immediately!

Kim: Wow. I think my blue fox thing has just saved us.

Ron: That was weird.
Kim: I guess Animology isn't all bad.

Kim: Wade?
Wade: Morning, Kim. Did you get the flowers?
Kim: Uh, yeah.

Wade: There's an e-card. I'll stream it.

Jr.: My blue fox, I count the hours until my father's criminal
activities bring us near again. Mwah!

Wade: That is so beautiful! ( Laughing )
Kim: And so, yellow trout.

Ron: I don't want to hear another word about Animology! Ron
Stoppable is no pink sloth!
Amelia: Whew! That's a relief. A pink sloth is supposed to be my
Ron: Soul...?! Amelia! Wait! I'm a textbook sloth! Outcast,
follower, socially inept!
Ron: I smell like corn dogs! We're made for each other!