Transcripts - Monkey Ninjas in Space
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Transcripts - Monkey Ninjas in Space


Episode Monkey Ninjas in Space
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2614


Monkey Fist: You are ready,... my monkey Ninjas.
Monkey Fist: And so am I.
Monkey Fist: The Monkey Prophesy states that a team of monkey
ninjas stands ready and the Golden Banana has been
returned to its golden stand. The Ultimate Monkey
Master will receive a sign. I shall await that sign.

Monkey Fist: Ahh!
Monk: Good day, disciple. Thanks to your efforts. It is
time to anoint the Ultimate Monkey Master.
Monkey Fist: Yes!
Monk: You must search out the brightes monkey. Follow him
to the stars.
Monkey Fist: There the Ultimate Monkey Master will be...

Monk: ( Gasps ) May your journey be a smooth one.

Monkey Fist: You heard him. I will be unstoppable! I, the
Ultimate Monkey Master will rule the world! Woooyah!

% Sighs.

Kim's Mom: What's the matter Kimmy, school or villains?
Kim: It's Dad. He's making me go to the rocket booster's
open house at the space centre today.
Kim's Mom: Honey, I'm sure if you talked to him...
Kim: I can't. Just mention of me growing up and he gets
all goofy.
Kim's Dad: Look what I found Kimbo, our matching rocket booser

Kim: Dad, you got this for me when I was eight!
Kim's Dad: Our very first Rocket Booster Day.
Kim: ( Groans )
Kim's Dad: Slip it on!

Kim: ( To Kim's Mom ) Help me!
Kim's Mom: Dear, do you think maybe Kim's getting too old for the
little Rocket Boosters?
Kim's Dad: There's rocket-shaped cookies!

% Door bell rings.
Ron: Fellow Rocket Booster, are you ready?

Kim: So not. I'm actually trying to bail.
Ron: And miss the rocket-shaped cookies?
Rufus: Ummm!

Monkey Fist: Even if we must search the entire globe we will find
the brightest monkey. The one who is smarter than any
Monkey Fist: Oooh, this looks promising... the Blandsfield Zoo,
home of the notorious Digger McDermott. Hmmm, seventeen
escape attempts. Most impressive. Captured by the
authorities every time. Not so smart at all really.

Monkey Fist: Ah, a most intelligent fellow.

Guy: ( On TV ) Mr. Jiggy, you just gotta wear the dress.
I told my boss I'd fix him up with my sister, only I don't
have a sister.
% Laughter.
Narrator: Life with Mr. Jiggy. We'll be right back!

Monkey Fist: Ah, to waste such simian talent on a sitcom. It
sickens me.

Monkey Fist: What is this? ( Gasps ) My search is over. The
monkey who will lead us to the stars is him!

Frank: Morning, Dr. Possible, hiya, Kim. What brings you out
our way?
Kim's Dad: Today's the annual Rocket Booster's open house, Frank.
Frank: Isn't that just for the, er, ...little kids?

Kim: Thank you.
Kim's Dad: Frank, Kimmy-Cub is my little girl.
Kim: ( Sighs )
Frank: Look's like someone's got letting-go issues.

Girl#1: Are you the teacher?
Kim: No.
Girl#2: I think she's my baby-sitter.
Girl#1: Are you going to baby-sit us?
Kim: No, I'm just a big girl who real has no business being

Kim's Dad: That's my Kimmy. Good morning, Rocket Boosters, I'm
Dr. Possible.
All kids: Good Morning, Dr. Possible!
Kim's Dad: I started the Rocket Boosters as a way to show Kim that
we do some pretty exciting work here at the space centre.
Kim: When I was eight.
Ron: Booster rocket, ...check. Retro rocket, check. Command
module, check.

Kim's Dad: Once a year since then, we've had Rocket Booster open
house to show just how cool science can be, plus it's
still a great way to spend the day with my Kimmy-Cub.
So, why don't we start with a tour of the space centre?
You can meet our new astronaut?

Kim's Dad: I'd like you all to meet the special new addition to our
crew, Frederick.

Frederick: ( Computerised voice ) Welcome, friends.
Girl#1: Hey, how come he uses that box thingy to talk?
Kim's Dad: I think you'll like this, boys and girls. You see,
Frederick isn't a human astronaut. He's a...

Ron: Monkey! Aaaaargh!
Frederick: Come play.
Ron: No monkey touch, no monkey touch!
Girl#1: What's his problem?
Kim: Long story short, Ron had a bad summer-camp experience.
He didn't get along with the monkey mascot.

[ Flashback ]

% Screaming.
% Screeches.
Ron: ( Screams )

[ Back in reality ]
Ron: Hmmmm.
Frederick: Frederick. Friend.

Ron: Aaarghhh
All kids: ( laugh ) Ah!
Ron: Rufus!
Rufus: Hmm. Oh-oh.

Kim: I think he likes you.
Ron: Well, I don't like him back. I'm out of here. Are you coming?
Kim: Hey, hang on. I'm gonna tell my dad straight up that I'm too
old for this.

Kim: Dad.
Kim's Dad: There's my girl. You know, it doesn't get any better
than this. Me, you, a deep connection. So, what's up?
Kim: Um, I have to... show Ron something.

Kim's Dad: This spacecraft is being prepared for a special
mission. Frederick is going to spend a year at our
space station monitoring experiments from elementary
school students around the country.
% All gasp.
% Monkeys screech.
Kim's Dad: What's going on here?
Monkey Fist: A prophesy... is being fulfilled. ( Laughs evilly )

Kim: I really should have said something to Dad, just flaking on
him is so flawed.
Ron: Some things are better left on, KP. Especially when there's
a monkey in the vicinity.
Kim: Forget about the monkey.
Ron: I'm trying but it's hard to do as long as we stay here.

Kim: Look, I've got to go back. I'll suck it up and tell him I'm
too old for the Rocket Boosters.
Ron: Or, you could write him a letter. Everybody loves to get mail.
Kim: C'mon, Ron.

Frank: Mmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmm!

Kim: That's weird.
Rufus: Locked.

Ron: It's a sign! Someone's trying to tell us to stick with my
plan. Put distance between us and the monkey.
Kim: Interesting theory, but doubt it. Let's try the side door.

Kim: Where is everybody? Something's definite not right. Wade,
we're outside the space centre and the doors are locked. Can
you see if anything is going on?
Wade: I'm on it.

Monkey Fist: There is no need for alarm. I have come for

Kim's Dad: But he can't leave. Frederick is a highly trained
astronaut. He's due for a mission!
Monkey Fist: Oh, I know, Doctor, and I shall accompany him.

Wade: The space centre's computer systems is being jammed, Kim.
I think something's up.
Kim: C'mon, Ron. We've gotta get look inside.

Boy#1: Whoa!

Monkey Fist: Take a picture, it'll last longer.
Boy#1: You've got hairy hands!
Monkey Fist: And the feet to match.
Boy#1: Cool!
Kim's Dad: There's nothing cool about stealing a spacecraft.

Monkey Fist: Oh, really?
Kim's Dad: That's right, in fact I'd say it's quite wack...
Monkey Fist: Doctor, I am guided by the ancient prophecy of the
mystical Monkey Monk. I am not wack.
Monkey Fist: My dear, Frederick, it has been foretold that you
would lead us to the stars. Destiny awaits us.
Frederick: Frederick stay.

Monkey Fist: Frederick, you cannot fight destiny. It's just not
done. Otherwise things here could get very ugly.
Frederick: Frederick go, friends safe.
Monkey Fist: Well done.

Kim: It's Monkey Fist. What's he doing in Middleton?
Ron: He's working with that traitor Frederick. I told you, KP,
never trust a monkey.

Kim: Wade, Monkey Fist is inside mission control. We need a way
in and fast. Can you access blueprints?
Wade: You're talking highly classified information, Kim. There's
layers upon layers of encryption, and... I'm in! Looks like
your best bet is through an air vent on the roof.
Kim: Isn't it always?

Monkey Fist: Any attempt to follow us will be dealt with severely.
From the space station we will rule the world.
Monkey Fist: All the weapons there must be incredible.

Kim's Dad: There are no weapons on the space station. It's
dedicated to peaceful reseach.
Monkey Fist: Now, that is wack. Oh, well, no matter. The prophesy
clearly states Frederick must lead us there. So it was
foretold, so it shall be.

Ron: Some tools would be nice.
Kim: Well, I've got smoke pellets, lip gloss and today's history
Ron: Ooh, I wouldn't mind a look at that!

Kim: Ron!
Ron: OK, OK.
Ron: Rufus, you're on.
Rufus: Boo-yah!

Ron: Which way?

Monkey Fist: ...I just can't wait to become the Ultimate Monkey
Monkey Fist: Kim Possible and her monkey-phobic friend. What are
you doing here?
Ron: It's the Rocket Boosters open house. They have these
rocket shaped cookies...
Kim: We came to stop you, Monkey Fist.
Monkey Fist: I'm afraid not, Monkey Ninjas, attack!

Ron: ( Screams )
Monkey Fist: After him!

Kim: You'll never make it out of the space centre.
Monkey Fist: On the contrary, my transportation is arranged. Now,
if you'll excuse me.

Monkey Fist: Farewell, Kim Possible. Come.

Ron: Aarghhhh! Monkeys! Monkeys! Aarghhhh! Monkeys!
Ron: Gotta hide, gotta hide, gotta hide!

Ron: Safe for now.
Ron: Must be some kind of science lab.

Rufus: Whoa!

Ron: What was that?

Ron: Why is the room moving?

Announcement: Initiation sequence complete.

Monkey Fist: Strap yourselves in. Frederick, you take the pilot's

Announcement: Launch in T minus 60 seconds.

Lab worker#1: We locked out.
Lab worker#2: That Monkey Man's overridden the main control system.
Kim's Dad: We can't halt the launch.

Announcement: Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six...
Monkey Fist: At last our time is at hand.

Monkey Fist: Frederick? Frederick!
Announcement: Ignition.
Monkey Fist: No! Come back!

Monkey Fist: This is not following the prophecy!

Ron: Man, that's loud! We must be close to the rocket.

Kim's Dad: Poor, Frederick.
Kim: Dot worry, Dad, he's right here.
Kim's Dad: Kimmy! What happened? Thank goodness you're alright.
Kim: Dad. Well, I was on my way to talk to you, when we ran
into Monkey Fist.

Lab Worker#2: Dr. Possible. We're getting something on the spider-
Kim: The what?
Lab Worker#2: The camera in the space centre monitoring the spider

Ron: Aarghhh! Spiders, get 'em off me, get 'em off me!

Kim: Ron? Dad, you have to turn that rocket around.

Lab Worker#2: It's OK, the spiders are harmless
Kim: Hello, Ron's hurtling into space with Lord Monkey
Fist! That's Harm City.
Lab Worker#2: Ah, yes, well, we can't turn it around.
Kim: This is mission control, right?
Kim's Dad: It was. That monkey man changed all systems to
manual control.

Kim: Then we have to go and get him.
Lab Worker#2: Impossible! Even if there were a trained crew, we
don't have a spacecft available.
Kim's Dad: Well, that's not completely accurate.

Kim: Sweet! Dad, you designed this ship yourself?
Kim's Dad: I had some free time.

Lab Worker#2: Of course, you realise it's completely experimental.
Kim's Dad: Trust me, this baby will move.
Kim: That's good enough for me.
Kim's Dad: Thanks, honey. I... Wait, good enough for what?
Kim: I'm going.

Kim's Dad: Absolutely not. An unproven ship is no place for my
Kim: Look, Dad. I've been up the Amazon, down a volcano.
I dog-sledded through the Arctic, swam the English
Channel, scaled Mount Everest. Not to mentioned aceing
the cheerleading regionals.
Kim's Dad: But you don't have the training to pilot the
Kim: He does.
Frederick: Frederick go, Frederick help.

Kim's Dad: But we haven't even began to calculate the launch
Lab Worker#2: Not to mentioned all the other variables on the
docking mission.
Kim: Did you get that, Wade?
Wade: Yeah. By the time you revved up, I'll have all
relevant vectors and flight trajectory downloading to
the space centre computers.
Kim: Ah, you continue to rock, Wade.

Kim: Dad, I haven't had the heart to tell you but news
flash! I'm a big girl! Just because I'm growing up,
doesn't mean you'll stop being my dad.
Kim's Dad: Prepare for launch!

Kim's Dad: All settled in there.
Kim: Roger, Dad.
Frederick: Systems go.

Kim: We're nearing the space station.
Kim's Dad: Frederick, reduce booster jets to match speed.
Frederick: Roger.
Kim: Docking complete.

Ron: C'mon, stupid door.

Ron: Alright, Rufus, you cracked the code!
Monkey Fist: Well, if it isn't the boy who detests monkeys.
Ron: Get your stinking paws off me, you filthy monkey.
Monkey Fist: Owww!
Monkey Fist: Now what?

Ron: Kim!
Ron: Why did you bring him? He's gotta be working with
Monty Freak!
Kim: Ron, Frederick risked his life to come. If it wasn't
for him, I wouldn't be here.
Ron: Really?
Frederick: Hello Ron.

Ron: You came to help me?!
Frederick: Frederick friend.

Monkey Fist: Ooh-hoo! Frederick has come back. Ooh, yes! The
prophesy is back on track. I will be the Ultimate
Monkey Master.
Kim: Monkey Fist, get a life.
Ron: Hee-yah! Yah! Hoo!

Frederick: Bring it on.
Monkey Fist: Monkey Ninjas, attack!

Rufus: Whoa!
Monkey Fist: What is happening?
Frederick: Artificial gravity off.

Ron: Frederick, you are the man!

Ron: Frederick, now!
Frederick: Roger.

Kim: Nice work, boys.
Ron: Let's go home, buddy.

Frederick: Ron go, Frederick stay.
Ron: What do you mean?
Frederick: Frederick have job.
Kim: He's been training for this mission for long time, Ron.
He should see it through.
Ron: But that means he'll stay up here for a year.

Frederick: Frederick miss Ron.
Ron: I'll e-mail you every day.

Ron: Since when do you know how to fly a spacecraft?
Kim: It's no big. I watched Frederick on the way up.

All kids: Yeah!

Kim's Dad: Welcome back, Kimmy. You were great!
Girl#1: Oh, Kim, I want to be just like you when I grow up.
Kim's Dad: OK, I admit it, she's grown up.
Kim: Not completely, Dad.
Kim's Dad: True, which means we've got some new rules to cover.
Number one, no boys, ever. Number two, driving, huh,
forget it! Number three,...

Monkey Fist: But I was to be the Ultimate Monkey Master! I was to
be unstoppable!
Ron: Dude, it's not happening, get used to it.
Monkey Fist: Monkey Ninjas, attack!
Frank: Monkey what?
Ron: His legion of monkey ninjas. We captured them too.

Frank: Sorry, pal. There are no monkey ninjas on board.
Monkey Fist: I taught them the way of the ninja and now they
abandon me. NO! ( Sobs )

Ron: So, the monkey ninjas just vanished?
Rufus: Coo-coo.

Monk: Um, hello, this is a little embarrassing, but I must correct
one thing in my last message. Apparently some of us don't
write very clearly. Anyway, when I said the leader of the
Monkey Ninjas would be unstoppable what I should have said was
that the leader will be Ron Stoppable. My bad. Hope that
didn't cause too much confusion.

Kim: OK. This is starting to get weird.
Ron: I know, but I can't get rid of them.