Transcripts - Naked Genius
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Transcripts - Naked Genius


Episode Naked Genius
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2999


% Bell rings.
Whisp: Overall, I found the results of yesterday's pop quiz to
be... well, less disappointing than usual. Kimberly.
Ron: A-minus! Nice work, KP!

Kim: Yeah. I crammed on that boat ride down the Congo.
Ron: Cramming? I don't remember cramming.
Kim: That's because I crammed! You spent nine hours playing
bingo on the communicator.
Ron: Oh, right!

Whisp: And, as for you, Ronald...
Ron: Not another F! Not another F!
Whisp: Another F. ( Sniggers ) ( Laughs evilly )

Ron: Wha...?

Ron: Yes! Yes! It was just a dream! A horrible, horrible
Ron: Hey, KP, you never gonna believe a nightmare I had. Miss
Whisp was passing back tests. I got...
Whisp: Another F.
Ron: Right! ...Oh, man!

% Bell rings.
Ron: Three algebra test. Three F's in a row. I got nothing but
air beneath the hair.
Rufus: Aah!
Kim: Come on, Ron. You just have to, you know, work harder to
Ron: ...Realise my potential? Heard it, lived it, bought the
movie rights. Ron Stoppable is Potential Boy; coming soon
at a theatre near you.

Kim: Buck up, potential boy. What's say we do something fun to
take your mind off math.
Ron: What do you have a mind?
Wade: Kim, we got trouble. There's been a breach at a highly
classified underground defence lab outside Demoine, Iowa.
Kim: How's Iowa grab you?

% Beeps.

Drakken: Oh! My back is killing me. Shego, why did I let you talk
me out of buying the model with heated seats?
Shego: Because it also had a sun roof which, on a subterranean
vehicle seemed a little, I don't know,.. pointless!
Drakken: Oh! There it is! Project Phoebus. Once I manipulate my
own brilliant cerebral cortex with that experimental beam
I'll become even more brilliant. Perhaps ridiculously
brilliant, certainly brilliant enough to design my own
doomsday weapon.
Shego: Let's charge her up.
Drakken: Ah-ah! Patience, Shego. First we must document this
historic moment in my quest for world domination. Here,
use this. It came free with the test drive.

Drakken: Oh! Wait! I wasn't ready. Try again.

Franklin: Kim Possible? Lt. Franklin.
Kim: What's the sitch?
Franklin: At 0800 hours someone broke into the main lab and locked
us out.
Franklin: It appears the intended target is Project Phoebus.
Kim: Which is...?

Franklin: A top secret goverment experiment.
Kim: Which does...?
Franklin: Project Phoebus is a level five security classification.
Kim: Which means...?
Franklin: Look, it means I don't know what the darn thing does.
None of us do.

Ron: You're joking, right?
Franklin: Is this the face of a joker, son?
Ron: Not so much.
Kim: Guys, hello, the monitor.

Drakken: Wait. My eyes were shut. Once more, Shego.

Kim: We need a way to get in that lab.
Franklin: The only way is through that tiny ventilation duct.
Kim: I think we can handle that.

Kim: Once you're in, open the door but keep it quiet.
Rufus: Uh-huh.

% Whirring.
Rufus: Uh-oh. Whoa!
Rufus: ( Screeches )

% Buzzes.
Rufus: ( Gibbering )

Kim: Sorry, Drakken. Looks like your bad hair day just got
Drakken: Kim Possible! Every time you barge in, I just... Arrgh!
The anger!
Ron: Keep talking. Your tongue isn't the only thing that's
gonna be tied.
Ron: Whoa!

Shego: Going somewher Kimmy?

Rufus: Hello.
Drakken: Argh!

Drakken: Well, well. I believe it's time for a little mole removal.
Drakken: Argh!

Drakken: Yes! I can feel it working.
Rufus: ( Squeaks )

Kim: At least Project Phoebus is safe.
Ron: Yeah. Whatever it is. Come on, Rufus! We're home bound,
Rufus: ( Gibbers )

Kim's Mom: Kimmy, you sure is everything under control?

Tweebs: Three. Two. One.
Kim: Mission scrubbed, tweebs. Take it outside.

Kim: Now you two have fun country line dancing.
Kim's Dad: Will do. Thanks for supporting our new hobby.
Kim: And If anybody asks, what are your name again?

Kim's Mom: ( Sighs ) Wanda and Eugene Crumholtz. No relation to
Kim Possible, Middleton High.
Kim: You guys rock.

Ron: Hey, I figured out problem three. X equals all of the above.
Kim: Hey, Wade. Looks like the tutoring is really coming along.

Wade: Ow! Ow! Ow! Let's just say problem three isn't even
multiple choice. Sorry, Kim. I'm a super-genius, not a
miracle worker.
Kim: I hear you. I'll take it from here.
Kim: OK, Ron. Ready to try a word problem?
Ron: Sure, if you're ready to watch my head explode.
% Explosion.

Ron: Too late! It's happening!

Tweebs: We have liftoff!
Kim: You guys are so busted.
Tweebs: ( gasp ) Yelps.

Ron: It's useless, Rufus. I have as much chance of understanding
algebra as you do.
Rufus: ( Squeaks / gibbers )
Ron: FYI, I was being sarcastic.
Ron: Wait a second, how did you...?

Rufus: Hmm.
Ron: Who cares about the "how", Rufus. You just finished four
hours of homework in five seconds. You know what this
Rufus: ( shrugs ) Uh-huh.
Ron: Me neither but it's gotta be good!

Whisp: Hello, Ronald. Since I found your homework sitting on my
desk first thing this morning. I took liberty of grading it
Ron: Yeah? Is there a grade higher than A-plus or are you just
gonna make one up for me?
Whisp: We'll got with the traditional F.
Rufus: Huh?
Ron: What? But I did it longhand showing my work and everything.

Whisp: Your assignment demonstrations a comprehension of not only
algebra but also with advanced calculus and chaos theory
Kim: It does?
Whisp: Yes. Which means it was clearly completed by someone else!
Ron: I swear, Miss Whisp. No other... person did this assignment
for me.
Whisp: Very well. Based on the proficiency demonstrated in your
homework, this PhD level equation should be easy-peasy for

Ron: ( Gulps ) Er, ye-eah. Sure! Here I go. Walking right up
to the board.
Rufus: Hmm. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Rufus: ( Chirps )

Whisp: Ronald, that's correct.

Ron: Cool! So, who's up for snacks? How about some pie? Math
pun. Get it? With pie? Cos I,... I'm good.
Whisp: The world has a new prodigy. There's Aristotle, Newton,
Einstein, and now, Stoppable.
Ron: Wait! Hold up! I...
Rufus: ( Squeak )

Ron: Oh-oh.

Ron: And, as you can see, the rest is mathematical
history. Can I go now?
Mathematician: Mr. Stoppable, please explain your procedure for
finding exponents in polynomials.
Ron: Yeah, I could tell you but let me just show you.

Ron: Keep it up, pal. I think they're gonna let us go soon.

Kim: Wade! I just don't get it. It's like Ron's been abducted
and replaced by someone... smart.
Wade: Granted. Ron's sudden genius is a little odd. But some
students blossom late in academic career.
Kim: Come on, Wade. This is Ron. Last night he had to take off
his shoes to count to 12 and today he's taking some genius
aptitude test.

Wade: Really? How'd he do?
Kim: 186.
Wade: ( Chokes ) 186?! That's 40 points higher than my score!
That's impossible!
Kim: Welcome to my disbelief.

Wade: Have Mr. Genius meet me online. I'll get to the bottom of
Kim: Something tells me getting close to Mr. Genius is not gonna
be easy.
Whisp: Sorry, but Ron's time is up. He's on a very tight schedule.
Ron: I am?
Whisp: Of course! Your genius is a gift. A gift you must share
with the world.

% Cameras click.

[ Middleton Evening News ]
Tricia: Good evening, Middleton. We begin tonight with the story
of a boy genius named Ron Stoppable. After coming out of
nowhere he's taken the country, and the world, by storm.
Tricia: ( v.o. ) He's designed a brand new internation space
station, created the world's first cold fusion reactor and
has even completed Schubert's Unfinished Symphony.
% Piano plays.

Tricia: And what does this whizz kid have to say about new found
Ron: Erm, I just wanna pass algebra.
% Laughter.
Tricia: Tricia Lapowski reporting.

[ Drakken's lair ]
Drakken: And now, Shego, I shall use my newly acquired brilliance
to begin the design of my doomsday device.

Drakken: ( Mutters ) Yes! I can feel my brilliance blossoming.
It's as if my hand is but a humble servant to the power of
my advanced mind. So what do you think?
Shego: Erm, nothing personal but it doesn't exactly scream
doomsday or brillice.
Drakken: ( Grunts ) Nonsense! It must be so advanced that your own
puny intellect cannot grasp it.
Drakken: Here! Take a look at this one!

Shego: A puppy and a horsy. Cute.
Drakken: ( Mumbles )

[ Middleton High ]
Kim: Well, look who's back from his press tour.

Ron: Yeah. Tap to a little genius a suddenly everybody wants a
piece. Enough of me. What have you been up to?
Kim: Saw the sequel to Potential Boy. It was called Genius Boy.
Good acting but the plot seems a bit far-fetched.
Ron: Oh-oh!
Kim: What's with the whizz kid deal?

Ron: You know how it is. I'm just a late bloomer, you know. First
with the ladies and now this.
Kim: Did I miss the ladies bloom?
Wade: Hey, Ron, what would you say we compete in a little Internet
battle of the geniuses?
Ron: Oh... you know, as much as I'd love to, I should really...
Wade: There can be only one!

Ron: OK, I guess. How do we...
Wade: Begin! Calculate the area of this four dimensional
theoretical .
Wade: Break this DNA sequence down.
Wade: Explain Pythagorean's Theorem in relation to exponents, roots
and scientific notation formulas.
Wade: Write a 400 words essay examining the popularity of sailor
uniforms in Japanimation and cite examples.

Wade: Correct! Correct! Correct!
Wade: ( Sighs ) Once again, correct. Well, Kim, he's a genius.
More of a genius than I'll ever be.

Whisp: There you are, Ronald. You suppose to be in the auditorium,
rehearsing for your press conference tomorrow.
Ron: ( Sighs ) What's it for again?

Whisp: Your announcing cure for the common cold. I found it on your
desk the other day next to your little mole rat.
Rufus: ( Chirps )
Ron: Great.
Kim: Could this get any more wrong?

Wade: When did the boy genius miracle start to happen?
Kim: Come to think of it, it was right after we got back from that
lab in Iowa.

Kim: Thanks for the ride, Bernice.
Bernice: It's the least I could do after saved my artists colony
from that dam break last year.
Kim: No big. It was just like patching of a crack in a fish
tank back home only it took a lot more gum.

Zeruda: What are you? Land developer? Tax collector? Sales lady?
Kim: Dr. Zeruda, I need to talk to you about a device you
develope for the goverment. You may be the only person who
actually knows what it does. Project Phoebus?
Zeruda: Oh, well,... come in.

Drakken: OK, Shego. Feast your eyes on this vision of doomsday
Shego: Try again, Picasso.

Drakken: It doesn't make sense! I was in the chair. The beam
surge. We all saw it. Why am I not... more brilliant,
brillianter? More brillianter?
Shego: Dr. D, check this out!

Tricia: I'm in front the Middleton Mole where tomorrow morning
genius Ron Stoppable will unveil his cure for the common
cold. Could this boy be any more brilliant?

Drakken: Ron Stoppable? Help me out.
Shego: Kim Possible's dopey sidekick.

Drakken: Since when is he a genius? I'm the one that... Wait a
second. That boy has my brains and I want them back!

Kim: So, let me get this straight. Project Phoebus contains the
brainwave patterns of the world's most brilliant scientists?
Zeruda: We all used to be poker buddies. Gates, Nash, Salk. They
were all over one night I wanted to try out my new project
Bing-bang-boom, the rest is history.
Kim: So, if someone like, say, my friend Ron were to
accidentally get struck by the beam it could turn him into...
Zeruda: An unparalleled genius. But not permanently. The effects
of the Project Phoebus beam are only temporary. It'll be
two to four days before wears off. Sure I can't tempt you
some squirrel stew?

Kim: Oh gosh, I,... I had it for lunch.
Zeruda: Well, at least that Drakken fellow didn't get the brain
waves. That much brain power in the wrong hand could spell
Kim: Wait a sec. If Drakken needs those brainwaves he's gonna
need Ron!

Ron: Um, so this little doohicky here should reduce car
emissions by, well, a lot.
Reportor: Mr. Stoppable. That is your fuel cell equation. That's
your time-space theorem.

Ron: Right. Time-space. You can tell that by the sideways
eight thingy right over there.
Reportor: That's the symbol for infinity. Don't you know that?
Ron: Are there any other questions?
% Crashing.
Drakken: I have a question. Care for a lift?

Ron: ( Screaming )
Rufus: ( Chirps )
Ron: Rufus!

Rufus: Oh, no!

Kim: Still nothing? Wade, we have to find Drakken's new lair
before he forces Ron to builds a doomsday device.
Wade: I know. There are still a few more lead I'm checking out.
Stand by.

Kim: Don't worry, Rufus. We'll find Ron. In the meantime, keep
yourself busy it'll help to take your mind off things.
Wade: Kim, I got a newsflash. Ron's no genius.
Kim: What do you mean?
Wade: I re-examined the main security cam for clues. Check this
Kim: Wade, what's the big? That just Ron writing an equation.

Wade: Sure, that's what it looks like. But watch when I zoom in.
Kim: It's Rufus?
Rufus: Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!
Wade: If Rufus is the genius then how Ron can build Drakken a
doomsday device?
Kim: He's not.

Drakken: So, Kim Possible's sidekick thinks he can stick his nose
into my business and steal my precious brainwave.
Ron: OK, believe it or not that's not how went down.
Drakken: Shush, boy! Now is not the time for words. Now is the
time for action. Well, actually thought, yes. Now is the
time for thought follow soon after by action.
Ron: Whoo! Having a garage sale?
Drakken: You boy will use these supplies and your stolen genius
to build me a horrific doomsday device that will allow me to
conquer the world!

Ron: Yeah. Sorry to throw a wrench in the works but it's just
not gonna happen cos I...
Drakken: Oh, it's going to happen because if it doesn't...
% Beeps.
Ron: ( Screams ) OK! So, who's up for a little doomsday device?

Kim: Don't worry, Wade. Drakken may have Ron but we have the
real genius.

Wade: ( Clears throat )
Kim: I mean, the other real genius.
Rufus: ( Gibbers )

Kim: Wade, we got a listing. A recently purchased ten-bedroomed,
six-and-a-half acid-bathed lair. Here's the address.

Drakken: Is it ready yet, boy?!
Ron: Er, it may be in another two or three,... or 16 weeks.
Say, now might be a great time to take that super freak
singles cruise you've been thinking about?
Drakken: That doomsday device better work. Otherwise, you'll be
swimming with the fish!
Drakken: Fish, right? Or is it fishes?

Shego: Fish or fishes.
Drakken: Which is it?
Shego: Both are correct plural forms of singular word, "fish".
Drakken: You're very smug, right now, aren't you?
Shego: A little bit.

Ron: OK, then. Here it is. My doomsday device. Right here
under the sheet or, as they say in France, "mon device day
doom". French.
Drakken: Show it to me!
Ron: Drakken, Shego, I give you... The Mangler.
Drakken: Argh! Well, Mr. Stoppable, have fun with the fish! Or

% Beeps.

Kim: Can't there ever be a one storey ranch-style lair?
Rufus: ( Gibbers )

Ron: ( Screams )

Kim: We're too late.

Kim: How did that...? Did you outfit my cloth with gadgets when
I wasn't looking?
Rufus: Uh-huh. Yup.
Kim: Rufus, you are one rocking mole rat!

Ron: KP!

Drakken: KP? Don't try and trick me, boy! I know Kim Possible
when I see her.
Shego: Yeah. The lame outfit is always a dead giveaway.

Rufus: Uh? Uh?
Kim: Falling bookcases. You'll have to do better than that.
Drakken: Suits me! Suits of armour, that is.

Drakken: Armours! Advance!
Ron: Armour? What happened to your regular henchmen?
Drakken: They're at a wedding.

Kim: Jump!
Ron: ( Screams )

Drakken: Don't just stand there! Finish them!

Ron: Look! It works! My doomsday device works!

Drakken: No!

Ron: Look out!

Ron: Whoa! Urgh!
Kim: Nice move, genius.

Ron: I am what I is.
Rufus: Hey!

Drakken: This isn't over, Kim Possible! You capture us, we'll just
come back more evil than before. And eviller! More
eviller? Less not-gooder?
Shego: Please stop talking.
Drakken: ...K.

Ron: X equals, let's see... Eight?
Kim: You know something, Potential Boy, that's actually right.
Ron: Hey, come on. Algebra's cake for a guy who can build a
doomsday machine.
Kim: Speaking of doomsday, how much detention time did Miss Whisp
give you?
Ron: On my detention slip she just wrote one of those sideways
eight infinity symbols things.
Kim: And what about the rodent genius? Has the Phoebus effect wore
off yet?

Ron: I'm not sure. Where is Rufus, anyway?

Wade: ( o.s. ) OK, little smart guy. There can be only one. Shall
we begin?
Rufus: Bring it on!
Wade: Plot the elliptical orbit of Jupiter's third moon.
...Correct. Name the four capitals of the ancient Mayan
empires. ...Correct.

Ron: ( Grunts ) I don't miss it.