Transcripts - Grudge Match
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Transcripts - Grudge Match


Episode Grudge Match
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2759


Ron: Come on! Come on! Come on! Ugh! Could this line move
any slower?
Kim: Relax, Ron, we'll make it.

Ron: Doubtful, KP. There are snacks to buy, seats to pick,
it's a multifaceted operation. I just hope we're not
dealing with Lamar.
Rufus: Lamar!
Monique: Who's Lamar?
Kim: The guy in the ticket booth. He's fine.
Ron: Except for his freakishly moist hands.

Rufus: Ew!
Monique: Gross!
Ron: Gross and slow, a potent combination. Pick up the pace,

Ron: Oh! That is very much not Lamar.
Zita: Can help you?

Ron: Er...
Zita: I'm sorry, could you speak up?
Ron: Me is ticket. Er...

Monique: Mr. Smooth makes his move.

Ron: Kim, truth, I totally choked, didn't I?
Kim: I wouldn't call it choking,... exactly.
Monique: More like a slight case of,...
% Rufus imitates choking.
Ron: What kind of chance do I have a girl like that anyway?

Kim: ( Whispering to Monique ) Honesty or best-friend fudge?
Monique: ( Whispering to Kim ) Fudge it, girl!
Kim: It doesn't hurt to ask.

Ron: You know, don't play me, Kim. There are rules about these
kind of things.
Kim: Rules?
Ron: You know, "the rules".
Kim: And, exactly where do you find these "rules"?

Ron: They're unwritten.
Monique: Oh, like, "Don't call a guy the same day you get his phone
Ron: That's one. And "I don't stand a chance with that girl."
That's another.

Kim: Ron! Are you going to live in fear because some rules that
exist only in your head?
Ron: Yeah!
Rufus: Uh-huh, uh-huh.

% Pager beeps.
Kim: Wade, what's the sitch?

Wade: You've got an urgent message from your dad.
Kim: Dad? What about?
Wade: Trouble at the space centre.

Kim's Dad: Easy now. Steady.
Kim: Hey, Dad!

Kim's Dad: Oh, Kimmy, Ronald.
Ron: Hey, Dr. P! What's the new toy?
Kim's Dad: Not a toy, Ronald, the most powerful electromagnet in
North America. Full spectrum, synchrotronic flux-denser.
Isn't it cool?
Ron: Maybe science has gone too far.

Kim: So, Dad, what's up?

Kim's Dad: Shhh! ( Whispering ) Top secret.

Computer: Place palm on biometric scanner.
Computer: Confirmed.

Kim's Dad: We've been working on a robotics surfaces explore for an
unmanned Jupiter mission.
Ron: What Jupiter mission?

Kim: The top secret one.
Kim's Dad: How did you know?
Kim: Lucky guess.

Computer: Retina scan.
Computer: Confirmed.

Computer: Retina scan.
Computer: Who are you?

Kim's Dad: Because it'll be too far away for real-time
communication, we need a robot that can think itself.
Kim: Artificial intelligence?
Kim's Dad: Are you sure you haven't been briefed on this?
Kim: I'll stop.

Computer: Prepare for full-body scan.
Ron: Ooh! ( Chuckles )

Kim's Dad: We've got a robotics whizz working on a thining
prototype. The prototype that was stolen last night.
Ron: Boo-ee-yah!

Kim: How could an outsider break in here?
Finn: Good question. Be right down.
Kim's Dad: Ah, Kimmy, this is doctor...
Finn: Agh! Agh! Agh!
% Crash!

Finn: Agh!
% Boom!
% Crash!
Finn: Please, call me Finn. Nice to meet you, Kim.
Kim: Same here, Doctor...
Finn: Agh!..

Kim: Finn.
Finn: AghhHHH! AghhHHH! AghhHHH!
% Crash!

Finn: I'm OK.
Ron: I know how it is, I'm terrible with machines, too.

Finn: What do you mean by that? I'm a robotics expert.
Kim's Dad: Speaking of which, Kimmy is going to help recover the
Finn: Quietly, please.
Kim's Dad: If the theft gets out, it doesn' look good for the space

Rufus: ( Whistle )

Ron: Ahh! Looking clue-ish.
Kim: Wade, I'm scanning something that looks like...
Wade: Hair. Human, blonde, female.

Ron: Who is this?
Finn: Vivien, my ex-lab partner.

Kim: Why ex?
Finn: She couldn't keep up. I had to let her go.
Kim's Dad: Didn't I hear that she quit?
Finn: Trust me. She was pushed.
Kim: Maybe she holds a grudge.

Ron: Girls are big on grudges.
Kim: Says who?
Ron: The rules.
Kim: ( Groans ) Finn, do you know where we can find Vivien?

Finn: Last I heard, she was spending all her time at the robot
Kim: What is a robot rumble?

Larry: The robot rumble is a community. A gathering where
enthusiasts exchange information and test their robots
competitive capabilities. It's for members only.
Kim: So, a bunch of tech-geeks gets together to watch robots fight?
Larry: It's glorious!

Ron: It sounds like the factory revolt in Beyond Omega VII.
Rufus: Ooh, yeah!
Larry: It's all that and more, my friends.
Rufus: Agh!
Larry: Tread lightly with Vivien. Her boyfriend, Albert, founded
the rumble. He's wild, man!
Ron: Blonde with wild man... so by the rules!

Kim: Ron, enough rules!

% Brakes screech.

Computer: Member identification.
Larry: Imperial Senator Burnaliss. My code name.
Kim: Hmmm!

Computer: Identification confirmed.
Larry: Now, stay close and don't embarrass me.

Kim: Thanks for getting us in, Larry.
Larry: That's what cousins are for, cousin.

% Shouting / Cheering.

Ron: Radical!

Vivien: Whoo! Buzza! Go, go, Buzza!
Kim: Vivien? My name is Kim Possible.
Vivien: Oh, there was a Dr. Possible at the space centre.
Kim: My dad.

Vivien: He's nice.
Kim: Yeah. He asked me to help Finn.
Vivien: Not nice. I don't wanna help Finn. Oliver!

Ron: That's her boyfriend? How against-the-rules is that?
Oliver: Are you here to talk... or are you prepared to rumble?

Ron: Don't hurt me, Robot.
Rufus: ( Whimpers )
Vivien: Don't cry, he's challenging your robot.
Ron: I knew that! I wasn't crying.

Vivien: Whimpering.
Ron: Well put.

Larry: Nice bot, Oliver! What are you runnin'?
Oliver: 4.2 zig MPU, for maximum self-preservation and the custom
inclinometer. What have you got?
Kim: Excuse me for a sec?

Kim: Wade! We're at the robot rumble... place.
Wade: Lucky you!
Kim: So not. I don't have a robot with me.
Wade: That's where you're wrong.

% Crowd laughs.
Larry: I asked you not to embarrass me, cuz. I'm gonna be banned
for the club for life.

Ron: Larry, you're forgetting your cousin is The Kim Possible.
( to Kim ) We could run right now.
Kim: If we wanna find Finn's robot, we have to staying... rumble!

% Crowd laughs.
Ron: Run.
Kim: Rumble.

% Buzz!
Computer: Begin.

% Crowd laughs.
Kim: Come on, Wade!

Ron: Boo-ee-yah!

Rufus: ( Chuckles )

Ron: The robot is learning as it goes.
Kim: Artificial intelligence.
Wade: It's not responding. I can't...

Kim: Your robot thinks for itself. Where did you get it?
Vivien: Not at the space centre if that's what you're insinuating,
Miss Possible.
Oliver: You're calling Vivien a thief? Nobody insults my Vivien!
Kim: ( Gasps )

Oliver: Goodbye.
Crowd: Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out!

Ron: One question. How do you explain being with a guy like Nerd-
Dexter. It totally breaks the rules. Hey!
% Door slams.

Kim: Gee, Ron, maybe it's cos THERE ARE NO RULES!

Ron: Hi, one for Teen Town Trauma,... Annie.

Zita: My name's not Annie. They don't have my tag ready yet.
Enjoy the show.
Ron: Hey!

Rufus: ( Squeaks )
Ron: You are right, bud. I can do this. There are no rules to
stop me.

Ron: Change my mind. Thought I'd catch Meat And Cute instead. By
the way, what is your name?
Zita: Zita. Enjoy the show.
Ron: Agh!

Ron: Zita, it's a nice name?
Guy: You gonna buy a ticket or what?

Ron: My Little Puppy II, Puppies Pride.
Zita: Have you bought a ticket for, like, every movie?
Ron: Kinda.
Zita: Enjoy the show.

Rufus: ( Squeaks )

Ron: It's no use, Rufus. Kim's wrong, the rules rule.
Rufus: Ho!
Ron: Look, you seem really nice. I know that I'm just a guy like
me, but I can be OK It'd be cool if I could get to know you
better, maybe...
% Silence.
Zita: Sorry, mike wasn't on.

Ron: ( Whimpers )

Finn: ( Pants ) Hello, what news, Kim? Go ahead. I've just have a
few adjustments to make.
Kim: His name's Oliver. He was with Vivien at the robot rumble.

Finn: I've never seen him before but that's my robot. They stole
% Pager beeps.
Kim: Go, Wade.
Wade: Kim, I checked every robotics lab database. No history on
this Oliver guy. It's like he came out of thin air.
Kim: Thanks.
Finn: Please get my robot back, Kim. We're running out of time.

% Crash!
Finn: I'm OK.

Boy: Agh!
Girl: Oh!
Boy: Sorry.
Girl: I'm so sorry.

Boy: My bad, sorry.
Girl: No, it's...
Boy: I thought I'd never see you again.
Girl: Same here. Now I spill my decaf au lait all over you.
Boy: Decaf au lait... That's what I drink.

Ron: Oh! This doesn't happen.

Boy: I feel like I've known you all my life.
Girl: That's exactly what I was going to say that.

Ron: Hmmm...
Rufus: Awww! Awww! ( Chuckles )

Boy: I can't take my eyes off you.
Girl: You'll never have to.

Ron: Awwww!

Wade: Ron.
Ron: Wade?!

Boy: Hey, get off the screen!
Girl: We wanna see the movie.
Ron: Come on, life isn't anything like that!
Boy: What do you know about life?
Wade: Ron, Kim is waiting for you outside the theatre.

Girl#2: She is? That is so sweet!
Wade: She needs you.
Both: Awww!
Boy#2: Hurry, dude!
Girl#2: Kim's waiting for you!

% Audience cheer.

Kim: What did you do, buy ticket to every movie?
Ron: No, that would be stupid. So what's the urgency?
Kim: Gotta go back to the robot club.
Ron: There's not gonna be anybody there now. ( Jabbers )

Kim: What are you doing?
Ron: She almost saw us.
Kim: Who?
Ron: Zita.
Kim: So?
Ron: ( Sighs ) See it through her eyes, Kim. You, me... Boy, girl.

Kim: Yeah, so?
Ron: Seemingly coming out of a date movie together.
Kim: You and me... on a date?!
Ron: It could happen. I mean, you knoow, not that we would, you
know. But if someone didn't know we were just friends then,
they saw us together at the feel-good film of the year,
conclusions may be drawn.
Kim: Yeah, ah-huh, I've never said this to you before.
Ron: What?

Kim: You're thinking too much!

Ron: Ooh! ( Giggles nervously )
Kim: Come on, Casano-duh!

Ron: Unless... If Zita saw us together, it would make me
unavailable... unobtainable thus desirable.
Kim: Thinking too much!

Ron: It's all in the rules, KP. Look it up! Agh!

Kim: Wade, we're at the robot club. The door's got a major alarm
Wade: Look in your pack.
Ron: Acid to melt the lock?
Kim: Chapped lips. ( Blows kiss ) You want me to comb it open?

Wade: Press the handle to activate. The latest of the fibre-optic
security-breeching technology. It can penetrate any alarm
Ron: Neat!

Kim: Be careful, there might be...
% Alarm wails.
Kim: ...traps.


Ron: Aghhh! AghhHHH! ( Sighs ) Oh!
Rufus: Hee!
% Buzz!
Computer: Begin.
Rufus: ( Screams )

Robot: Attack! Attack!
Ron: Agh! Agh!
% Both scream.
Ron: Agh!

Kim: Come on, I've got it.

Robot: Attack!
Ron: Agh!
Robot: Attack!
% Both scream.
Ron: Faster!

Ron: I think we lost him.

Robot: Surprise attack!
Kim: ( Gasps )
Ron: Agh!

Ron: Hey!

Robot: Attack!
Ron: Aghhh!

Kim: Wade!

Ron: Got it, KP!
Kim: ( Gasps )

Ron: Agh!
Kim: Oh, Ron! Agh!
Kim: This is getting so old.
% Horn blares.
Kim: AghhHH!

Kim: ( Gasps )
Robot: Retreat! Retreat!"
% Horn blares.

Kim: Self-preservation programming. How did you...?

Ron: I analysed the situation carefully and I...
Rufus: Hey!
Ron: Wade figured it out.
Kim: Come on, let's get this back to Finn.

Kim's Dad: Good work, Kimmy. Thanks to you, the Jupiter project is
back on track.

Kim: Hmmm? Oh, yeah, great.
Kim's Dad: What's bothering you, hon?
Kim: Nothing, it's just...

Jim: Stop, come back.
Kim's Dad: What is this?

Tim: We built it, Dad.
Jim: To take to the robot rumble.
Tim: Watch this!
Kim's Dad: Well, you're not going to any rumble... without me.
Nice craftsmanship, boys!

Kim: What? Oh! Oh! ( Gasps ) Grrr! Keep it ay from me, you

Jim: It responds to movement.
Tim: So don't move.
Kim: Right, look at the way it got that fast-moving chair
Jim: Hmmm, weird.
Tim: Whoa! Turn it off!

Jim: It won't go off!
Tim: It's unstoppable!
Both: Cool!
Both: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Kim's Dad: Honestly, you boys are no better with robot than Finn.

Kim: ( Gasps ) What did you say?
Kim's Dad: Well, the man's utterly clueless. Sometimes I wonder
how he can be such an expert.
Kim: That's it, Dad!

% Pager beeps.

Kim: Go, Wade.
Wade: Kim, I did that search you ask for on Finn's scholarly
Kim: But there are none.
Wade: Right. None. All the recent robotics aicles are by
Kim: Doctor V. F. Porter.

Wade: If you knew, why did you have me look it up?
Kim: I didn't figure it out till just now. Thanks, Dad.
Kim's Dad: Glad to help.

Kim's Dad: Boys, your mother won't be happy about this one.

Ron: I don't get it, KP. If Finn didn't build that robot, who

Oliver: I constructed that robot and you stole it!
Finn: That's a dangerous accusation.
Oliver: I'm all about danger. Watch!
Vivien: Oliver, calm down!
Finn: Hello, Vivien.

Vivien: Finn.

Finn: Kim Possible, thank goodness you're here! Call security.
Kim: I will and you'll give back the robot you stole. You staged
the whole theft to hide the fact you never developed a
thinking robot. You're not good enough scientist.
Finn: So, what? I've got the reputation. I've got the robot. You
stay away.

Kim: We can cut him off!

Kim: There's nowhere to run, Finn. I'm not running.

Finn: You're gonna let me go. I've got the precious robot.
Kim: Wait, don't do anything drastic.

Kim: Looks like your bargaining chip just flew away.

Kim: Lockdown, Finn. Game over!

Ron: So, Oliver, you've sure got it going on with the
femininous. What's your secret?

Oliver: ( Groans ) Erm, I can't really... talk... right... now.
Ron: I don't get it, this guy's beyond weird and he still has
babe appeal.
Oliver: Aghhh!
Ron: Ok, I'm confused.

Kim: A robot!
Ron: Ah-ha! I knew a guy like that had no chance with a girl
like that. Wait, OK, I'm still confused. If Oliver's a
robot, who built Oliver?
Kim: Dr. V. F. Porter.
Ron: Who's he?
Kim: She is right here... Dr. Vivien Frances Porter, noted
robotics authority.

Vivien: How did you know?
Kim: A little digging. Why the secrecy?
Vivien: My colleagues wouldn't take someone who looks like me
Ron: OK. Wait. Time out. Time out. So, you're telling me she
looks like that, and is a genius! The rules aren't gonna
like this.

Finn: Back off or I'll destroy them both!

Finn: No! Put me down!

Kim's Dad: Kimmy! Is everything alright?
Kim: Fine. The robots programmed for self-preservation.
Kim's Dad: You have to walk me through this one, honny.
Kim: Long story short. Vivien, genius. Finn, fraud. She
built the robots.

Kim's Dad: Well, Doctor, we seem to have a vacancy in our robotics
lab. Would you be interested in the job?

Ron: This time I will talk to her, Rufus.
Rufus: Go!
Ron: No need to stress, just be myself

Ron: Hi!

Lamar: ( Slurps ) Can I help you?
Ron+Rufus: AghhHHH! Lamar!
Lamar: What film would you like?
Ron: ( Sighs ) Whatever.

Lamar: Enjoy the show.

Girl: So, when did you first decide to kiss me?
Boy: Before I even saw you.

Ron: I was ready to dazzle her. I was so there!
Zita: So, where? Popcorn?

Ron: Love some. Thanks. Boo-e-yah!
Rufus: Yeah!
Ron: Ooh!
Rufus: ( Chuckles jubilantly ) Awww!