Transcripts - The Ron Factor
Global Justice Alliance

Transcripts - The Ron Factor


Episode The Ron Factor
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2268


% Alarm blares.
% Cat meows.
% Cat hisses. / meows.

Kim: Noisy for a ninja, aren't you?
Ron: Got it, KP!

% Cat meows.

% Cat meows loudly.
% Rufus chatters.

Ron: Right behind you, Kim!
Ron: Whoa!
Ron: Nah!

Ron: Whoa! ( Screams )

Kim: Hi, I'm Kim, and you are? A ninja-bot?

Kim: Dr. Director?
Dr Director: Kimberly, welcome back to Global Justice.
Kim: Oh, man, this was all a test?
Dr Director: In a sense.

Ron: I got you! G.J. needs Kim for some top-secret, save-
the-world action.
Dr Director: Actually, G.J. needs you, Ron Stoppable.
Kim: For what?

Kim: No, no, seriously, you need Ron?

Kim: You need Ron, why?
Dr Director: Global Justice scientists have been conducting an
exhaustive analysis of your, shall we say, adventures.

Ron: Oooh, shiny.

Dr Director: An exciting theory has emerged to explain your
fantastic success right.

Kim: My mom's a brain surgeon and my dad's a rocket
scientist. I guess my genetics rocks.
Dr Director: That was what I said, but no. Our scientists believe
somethg else is at work here... something less logic-

Ron: Ah ha! Oh!

Dr Director: Him.
Kim: G.J. thinks Ron is the key to my success?

Dr Director: Quite. We call the intangibles you brin to Kim's
endeavours, the Ron Factor.
Ron: Right on!
Kim: I'm sorry. Did you say Ron Factor?
Dr Director: Precisy.
Kim: As in Ron?

Ron: A-booya!
Dr Director: This vecto-graphic image breaks down the walk, the
talk, the Ronatude.
Kim: How many scientists did you say working on this?
Dr Director: Our entire staff.
Kim: Really? And they double-checked their finding?

Ron: KP, science don't lie.

Dr Director: We want to harness the Ron Factor for our agents. In
fact, we're making it our top priority.

Gemini: Report, Agent Beta.
Beta: It's Global Justice, sir.
% Dog yaps.
Gemini: Hush, puppy. Agent Beta said those most hated words.

Beta: Global Justice?
% Dog yaps loudly.
Gemini: Agent Beta, show some judgement around the dog! Oh, pretty
little Pepe. Agent Be doesn't know what upsets you... or me.
Well, go on, man!
Beta: Well, sir, Glo... ( Coughs ) the enemy has a new secret
project, code name "Ron Factor".

Gemini: Explain this Ron Factor.
Beta: Unfortunately our fly-on-the-wall cam was destroyed before
I could find out more.
Gemini: Destroyed?
Beta: Swatted. People see a fly, they swat. Fly-on-the-wall cam
is a kind of dumb idea. What do you think about it?
Gemini: My dumb idea.

Beta: Oh.
Gemini: Agent Beta, have a seat.
Beta: ( Gulps )
Gemini: You've failed me for the last time.

Beta: But I just started on Tuesday!
Gemini: Silence!
Beta: ( Screams )
Gemini: Agent Gamma, a word, please.

Scientist: Raise arms and lower arms. Good. Now, reflexes.
Ron: Oww!

Dr Director: Micro monitoring instruments wired into your clothing
will help us for the analyse the Ron Factor. This could
be a historic turning point in the cause for Global
Kim: They could study me, too. Might help.
Dr Director: No thanks.

Kim: Ron, what are you doing?
Ron: Giving G.J. the essence of Ron.
Kim: Ugh! I'm having a naco-flashback.
Ron: KP, my naco idea was grand-slam.
Kim: And your head got so big you could have worn that!
Ron: Kimala, face it. Without the Ron Factor, you're just another
freak-fighting cheerleader with a web site, no offence.

Kim: See?! That's what I mean. You are so prone to big-headiness.
Ron: Eh, Ron Factor.

Gamma: Subject, Ron Stoppable. This so-called high school student
is, in fact, the source of the Ron Factor.
Gemini: Well done, Agent Gamma.
Gamma: Thank you, sir.

% Dog whines.
Gemini: So, where is he?
Gamma: He who?
Gemini: Ron Stoppable. You did capture him, didn't you?
Gamma: Um, my assignment was intelligence gathering, sir.
Gemini: Agent Gamma, have a seat.

Gamma: That's OK.
Gemini: Come on, come on. Take a load off.
Gamma: No, really, I've been sitting all day.
Gemini: Do you think they're sitting at Global Justice?
% Dog yaps.
Gemini: Sorry, Pepe. Daddy will put a quarter in the G.J. jar.
Agant Gamma! If we are to beat them at their own game, it
will take some get-up-and-go.

Gamma: I'll go, sir!
Gemini: Well put.
Gamma: ( Screams )
Gemini: Agent Delta, bring me Ron Stoppable.

% Dog yaps.
Gemini: Hoochie-coochie, Pepe, Pepe.

Scientist: Ron Factor surveillance project, day four. Aural.
Ron: No monkey touch, no.

Scientist: Thermal. Note naked mole rat.
Dr Director: We are on the naked mole rat acquisition?
Scientist: Our team in Africa is on it.

% Both snore.
% Alarm rings.

Scientist: Snooze button, repeated use.

Scientist: Two-way mirror cam.
Dr Director: What's that?
Scientist: Possibly whisker or blackhead.
Dr Director: Magnify.
Scientist: Inconclusive.

Ron: Goatee!

% Cell phone rings.
Kim: Hey, Wade! What's the sitch?
Wade: Kim, it's about the Ron Factor.
Kim: I know. Is it the most ridiculous thing in history ever or
Wade: Actually, I think the Global Justice might be onto something.

Kim: Wade, you're supposed to be a super-genius.
Wade: No, no, no. It all hooks into chaos theory. This is next-
level stuff.
Kim: Swell, keep me posted.

Ron: Rufus, everything I do is part of the Ron Factor. Isn't
that cool or what?
Rufus: That's cool!

Dr Director: Where are we?
Scientist: Middleton Mall. We've tapped into security cameras.

Ron: This is the Ron Factor. Ron Fact. Ron Factor. Ron Factor.
Put that right there. Ron Factor.

Dr Director: Hold it! What's in that plant? Is he one of ours?
Scientist: Negative.

Ron: X-ray glasses! Me like! Rufus, you look naked.
Ron: Uh-huh! Finger cuff, eh? Not a problem.
Rufus: ( Laughs )
Ron: Oh! No, no, no! Help! The snakes are jumping!

Girl: Hey!
Ron: I'm on it! It's alright! Ron Factor!

Ron: Dude, any damage?
Delta: No, fine.
Ron: Is that a Greek letter?

Delta: You know of...
Ron: Fraterni, boy, huh? Toga! Toga! Toga!

Scientist: Classic Ron Factor scenario. It's almost is it the
whole things was an accident.
Dr Director: There are no accidents in our bussiness.

Gemini: Major Delta! Which aspect of stealth eludes you?

Delta: Sorry, sir. I'll switch to brute-force approach.
Gemini: Why don't you have a seat instead.
Delta: I will sit down on that bench over there. ( Whistles.

Scientist: Holy... Did you see that?

Dr Director: Gemini! Time to take over this operation personally.

Gemini: Oh, yes, Pepe,... time to take over this operation

Kim: I don't know, Monique, Ron's my best, best friend.
I wouldn't freak fight without him. But is that make him
the secret to my success?
Monique: What do you think?
Kim: I don't know what to think anymore.

Monique: The top!
Kim: Oh, it's really cute on you.
Monique: Kim, you got it all going on. OK, if Factor Boy gets
little confidence from this, no foul, right?
Ron: Kimbo! The Ron Factor's moving on to Bueno Nacho.
Girlfriend! Nice top! For my grandma! Ba-dum, bum!
Monique: Kim, do what you gotta do, girl.

Ron: Chim-a-rito combo, Ned. Grande size.
Dr Director: Seventeen chim-a-rito combos, please. Grande size.
What Ron eats, G.J. eats.
Ron: Dig it!
Gemini: I'll take him, to go!
Ron: Hey! Hands off the merchandise.

Dr Director: Gemini, it's been so long.
Gemini: Not long enough.
Ron: You two know each other?
Gemini: Oh,... we go way back.
Rufus: Hmm? ( Whines )

Ron: Nice try, buddy.
Dr Director: You're surrounded, Gemini!
Gemini: Talk to the hand.

Ron: Let me go!
Kim: Ron? Borrowing! This, too, sorry!

Gemini: That will deactivate the tracking sensors.
Ron: You obvisly don't know who you dealing with, pal!
Rufus: Yeah.
Gemini: Ron Stoppable...
Ron: OK, one for you.

Gemini: ...aka, the Ron Factor, the latest top-secret project of
Global Justice.
% Dog yaps.
Gemini: Sorry, Pepe.

Gemini: Who's that?!
Ron: Kim Possible. This is where she saves me, and we beat you
bad. It's a Ron-Factor thing.

Ron: Kim!

Gemini: That's a bad-guy thing.
Kim: ( Screams )

Kim: Ewww!
Dr Director: Grande sized.

Kim: You grande sized?
Dr Director: Well, I didn't foresee this, obviously.
Kim: Right. Sorry.

Kim: They're gone.
Dr Director: On their way to WEE Headquarters no doubt.

Kim: WEE?

Gemini: The Worldwide Evil Empire. Also known as WEE. It's an
Ron: Acronym... Yeah, that's a school word. I should know this.
Gemini: I am Gemini!
Ron: Dude, I am Virgo, but what's your name?

Gemini: Gemini.
Ron: Oh, it's an acronym. OK.
Gemini: You are fascinating.
Ron: Guilty as charged, G.

Rufus: ( Gasps )

% Dog growls.
Rufus: ( Growls )

Ron: So, er, what's the deal with you and Dr Director?
Gemini: I am her evil twin.
Ron: But-But... But she's a she.

Gemini: Fraternal twins.
Ron: School word.
Gemini: I am her dark reflection, her evil opposite in every way.
Ron: So, if she wants the Ron Factor, you must be totally not
into it.
Gemini: Oh, you're good.

Ron: That's why G.J.'s in the Ron business.
Gemini: Ah, but it is I who have you.
Ron: Maybe that's part of my plan.
Gemini: Really? Is this also part of your plan?
Ron: Um,... yes.

Gemini: Know this, I will stop at nothing to possess the Ron Factor.
Ron: Nothing?
Gemini: Nothing.

Dr Director: Status report?!

Scientist: No sign. Our satellites are searching the entire
Kim: Who are these people?
Dr Director: The Worldwide Evil Empire is a shadow organisation
working to foment chaos around the globe. This is
their leader, Gemini, my evil twin.
Kim: Get out! Fraternal?

Dr Director: Exactly. Gemini's always resented the fact that
I didn't treat him like an older brother.
Kim: But you're twins.
Dr Director: He's older, by four minutes.

Gemini: Four minutes, four years, the point is, I'm the older
brother and she never respected that.
Ron: Don't know that I agree, but I admire your passion.

Scientist: Dr. Director, we found this on the floor.
Dr Director: A fly-on-the-wall cam. That is so Gemini.
Kim: Wade, is it still sending any kind of signal?
Wade: Let me see it.
Kim: Anything?

Wade: I'm getting something. It's faint. Got it! The
North Atlantic.

Gemini: I want to know exactly what the Factor is, and I want to
know now!
Ron: Amp down! It ain't no secret. The Ron Factor is me.
It's all about the intangibles.
Gemini: Hmm. Then you must join me. That will show my little
sister. I've been saving Alpha for someone special.
Ron: And I feel special right now, but I, I...

Gemini: Join me, or be obliterated. That is your choice.

Gemini: Pepe! Watchdog! I will return with something that I think
you will find quite persuasive.
% Dog growls.
Rufus: ( Growls )

Kim: According to Wade's co-ordinates, WEE headquarters
should be right here.

Dr Director: Good co-ordinates!

Tau: Chim-a-rito combo!
Delta: Grande?

Gemini: Choose evil, Ron Stoppable, and can have all the chim-a-
ritos you like... grande sized.
Ron: You'd put that in writing, of course?

Gemini: Plus you won't be obliterated.

% Explosions.
% Screams.

Ron: It's Kim!
Gemini: And my little sister.

% Groans.

Gemini: Let me give you a hand.

Kim: How many times have you used that line?
Gemini: And it's still fresh.

Dr Director: You get Ron. I'll deal with him. You just can't let
me be, can you, Sheldon?
Ron: Sheldon?!
Gemini: The name is Gemini, and this has nothing to do with
you,... Betty.

Kim: Betty?

Dr Director: Oh, yeah, right. Don't give me that. Why do you want
the Ron Factor so badly?
Gemini: Because,... because It's none of your bee's wax.
Dr Director: You want it because I have it. You always wanted my
Gemini: Oh, right! You got better toys than I did.

Dr Director: Oh! Liar, liar! What about babycurly-locks? Huh?
What about that? You cut off all her hair! Remember
Gemini: Well, baby sister, let's see what Mom recalls.
Dr Director: You're the baby dragging Mom into this.
Gemini: Fine! Fine! We'll settle this like grown-ups.

Kim: Oh, that's immature.

% Both scream.

Ron: KP!

% Alarm sounds.
Delta: The place is gonna blow!

Gemini: Pepe! Come with me, Ron Stoppable. You will be my Agent
Alpha. Together we will crush Global Justice. Oops. Sorry,
Pepe. Pepe?
Gemini: Where is my Pepe?

% Dog whines.

Ron: Finger-cuff attack! Let's see you get out of that, big bro.
Gemini: You think you can stop Gemini?
Ron: Booya!

Dr Director: The Ron Factor... amazing.

Ron: Correction, Dr D, the Kim Factor with just a little
splash of Ron
Kim: Oh, Ron, that's so sweet.

% Explosion.
% Screams.
Dr Director: Let's move!
Kim: Right, going.

Dr Director: Status report?
Scientist: Project analysis is complete. The Ron Factor is a
Dr Director: Well, there's a whole bunch of research doll down the
Scientist: Not exactly. The data revealed a powerful untapped
force. We call it the Rufus Factor.

Rufus: Haiya! ( Laughs )