Transcripts - Rufus in Show
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Transcripts - Rufus in Show


Episode Rufus in Show
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 1222


% Warning siren beeps.
Guard#1: The Kimber Diamond,...
Guard#2: It's gone!

Ron: How much does a piece of ice like that go for?
Curator: The Kimber Diamond is the most flawless gem in the world!
Its value is beyond any estimation.
Ron: I'm gonna throw out a number... 250 bucks!
Curator: Sir, I really don't think...
Ron: 275? Am I getting warmer?

Kim: Cool!
Curator: What is it?

Wade: Hair. Canine hair. But not just any dog. This follicle
comes from a Lithuanian wolfhound, one of the rarest breeds on
Ron: And what would these dog want with a diamond?
Kim: Why don't we focus on the person who owns the dog, Ron?

Ron: That's just what the dog burglar wants you to do!
Wade: Got it! Falsetto Jones. The only breeder of Lithuanian
wolfhounds in the world. He's rich, refined and possibly the
world's greatest thief. Falsetto is the number one suspect in
a lot of big time robberies but they can't pin anything on it.
Kim: So, he no ordinary cat burglar.
Ron: Dog burglar! Come on, Kim, get your head in the game.
Wade: Bad news, his estate is crawling with security. No weak
spots. Good news, tomorrow night Falsetto hosts his annual
open dog show.

Ron: So, all we need to get inside...
Kim: Is a show dog.

Francois: Yes! My Gigi has a tres sensitive tummy, mais non? You
must remember to feed her only two-part champion gourmet
wet food, one-part champion gourmet dry food avec a
sprinkle of truffle, yes?
Kim: Two parts wet, one part dry, sprinkle of truffles. Got

Kim: Two parts wet, one part dry. Two parts wet, one part dry.
A sprinkle of... ( Gasps ) Ron!

Kim: No!
Kim: No, Gigi, bad!
Ron: Relax, KP. There's plenty of mucho cayentcheeseese.
Kim: ( Groans )

Kim: Ron, what were you thinking? Feeding Bueno Nacho to a
campion show dog!

% Dog burps loudly.
Ron: Ah! Rufus downs this stuff all the time, he's cool.
% Dog vomits.
Rufus: Eugh!
Kim: Newsflash, Ron! Rufus is a rat, not a champion show dog.
Rufus: Puh!

Kim: Look, Gigi is in no condition to enter a dog show and we
land in 15. Any ideas?
Rufus: Huh?

% Dogs all bark at once.

Ron: Alright, we're gonna pull this off, you're gonna have to
look dog, act dog and think dog. Got it?
Rufus: Woof!

Ron: OK. Now, do as I do.

Ron: ( Pants )
Ron: OK,... sit.
Rufus: Thanks.

Ron: Ruff.
Rufus: Woof!
Ron: Ru-uu-ff!
Rufus: Ruff.
Ron: Ruff-ruff-ruff!

Rufus: ( Yelps )
% Dogs bark questionily.
Ron: Er...

Judge: I'm sorry, what breed did you say this was?
Kim: Erm, a Peruvian...

Ron: Hairless!
Rufus: ( Chuckles ) Huh?!
Judge: I'm still not seeing anything in official...
Ron: Maybe you should consult with my friend Mr. Lincoln, see if
he can improve your eyesight a bit, if you, you know, catch my

Kim: Ron, this is a prestigious international competition.
Ron: And I'm speaking the prestigious language of cold, hard cash.
Kim: Five dollars is hardrdly...
Judge: Ah! Yes! Here it is. A Hairless Peruvian. Very good.
Kim: ( Sighs )

Kim: There he is. Falsetto Jones.
Ron: Why do you think he's called Falsetto?
Falsetto: ( High pitched tone ) Welcome, humans and canines alike,
to my annual dog show!
Kim: Freak helium accident!

Ron: Ouch!
Kim: I need time to infiltrate the main house. Try to keep a
low profile.
Ron: You got it. Low pro.
Rufus: Check!
Ron: Good dog!

Kim: I'm liking the stealth suit, Wade.
Wade: Knew you would, Kim.

Kim: And the pond is filled with... Don't tell me, sharks, crocs?
Wade: Electric eels, actually.
Kim: The bad villain puns just write themselves. Shocking, isn't

Commentator#1: And now the toy group is been led on to the floor
by their handlers.
Commentator#2: Eugh! What is that entering that looks like a bald
Commentator#1: I'm told that's a Peruvian Hairless. Very rare.
It's quite exciting to have one in the show.
Commentator#2: Well, let's see how the judges like him.
Rufus: ( Squeals )

Rufus: ( Groans / grunts ) Hey!
Ron: Ha...! You gotta admire that kind of spirit in such
a small dog. Of course, there's a time for spirit and
a time for laying low!
Rufus: ( Gurgle )

% electricity crackles.

Kim: I'm in.

Commentator#1: Let's see who it will be. This judge is taking his
time, clearly a tough decision.
Commentator#1: And it's the Peruvian Hairless taking the toy group.
Ron: Hey!
% Crowd cheer wildly.

Commentator#2: And in his first show ever, huh? It's quite an
upset. And he'll move on to the finals.
Ron: Who's the dog?!
Rufus: Who-hoo!

Kim: If I were a flawless diamond, where would I hide?!
Wade: Blueprint shows some kind of vault deep under the house.

Kim: On my way. I... ( Gasps )

Falsetto: Ooh, thas quite an animal you have there, Mr...
Ron: The name's Van Foker Dumple ( Coughs ) ...stein. Doctor
Van Foker Dumple ( Coughs ) ...stein, actually.

Falsetto: In all my years of hosting this show I've never seen
anything quite like him.
Ron: As I'm sure you know, the groovy Hairless...
Falsetto: Peruvian Hairless.
Ron: Yes, he's practically one of a kind.
Falsetto: I feel compelled to ask you a question, Doctor Foker
Dumple ( All cough ) ...stein.

Ron: Fire away.
Falsetto: Can I have an autograph?
Ron: Hey, sure, anything for a fan.
Falsetto: Not your autograph. His.
Rufus: Ha! Mine!

Kim: And Bingo was his name-o!

Kim: Hello, beautiful!

Ron: Sorry, KP. The low-profile thing didn't exactly work
Falsetto: He's a naked mole rat, purchased at the Middleton Smarty
Mart by Mr. Ron Stoppable, sidekick to teen hero Kim
Possible. I ran a check on his autograph.
Falsetto: Feed that useless rat to my beloved wolfhounds.

Falsetto: I have a special treat planned for you two. I think
you'll find this shocking.

Kim: Called that one.
% Electricity crackles.

Rufus: ( yelps in fear )
Rufus: ( Whimpers )

Rufus: ( Squeals )

Bodyguard: He's getting away!

Commentator#1: The finalists are on the floor, except for the
Peruvian Hairless.
Commentator#2: Wait! There he is now!

Rufus: ( Whistles ) Come and get it!

% All yelp hungrily.
% Screams.
Commentator#1: And it appears we have pandemonium on the floor.
% Dogs yelp at once.

Kim: Erm, aren't you going to leave now?
Falsetto: Leave? What do you mean?
Ron: Usually the bad guy says his lame pun and walks out. You
know, leaving us to our doom.

Falsetto: But then I'd miss the whole thing. Where's the fun in
that? I'm not going anywhere.
Kim: OK. But I feel I must warn you that you really breaking
a supervillain tradition here.

Rufus: ( Squeals in horror ) Whoa!
Kim+Ron: Aaaggghhh!

Falsetto: Hey!
Falsetto: Ooh! Hoo! Stop! That really ...really tickles!
Falsetto: Get them!

Rufus: Hi.

Falsetto: Show's over, Kim Possible.
Kim: It's so not. Jump!

Ron: OK, you can hit the button for the parachute anytime now!
Kim: Sorry, no parachute.
Ron: No parachute?!

Kim: Hit it, Sam.
% Engine whirs.

Ron: The Peruvian Hairless saves the day.

Kim: Rufus is definitely best in show.
Rufus: ( Sighs with pride )