Transcripts - Adventures in Rufus Sitting
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Transcripts - Adventures in Rufus Sitting


Episode Adventures in Rufus Sitting
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 992


% Computer beeps.
Ron: That brings us to item 432 in my Care Of Rufus Guide.
Kim: He sings?

Ron: No, you sing.
Kim: Sing what?
Ron: Rock-a-bye baby. Well, actually, he prefers Rock-a-bye
Rufus. Here, watch.
Ron: ( singing )
Rock-a-bye Rufus
In the tree top
When the wind blows,
the cradle will rock.

Rufus: ( Snores )

Kim: Ron, I know we agreed to take care of Rufus while you and the
family tour France but there is zero chance of me serenading a
naked mole rat.
Ron: But, Kim, lullabies are a cornerstone of mole rat care. It's
the only thing guaranteed to put Rufus instantly to sleep.
Ron: Monkey Fist! Duff Killigan! Shego!
Ron: Alright, we're out of here.

Ron: Let's move on to item 433, shall we?
Kim: ( Groans )

Kim: We can cross recovering one ultra-secret secret X14 microchip
off our to-do list.
Wade: I'll arrange for you to return it to Greetinex Corporation
first thing tomorrow.
Kim: Please and thank you.

Kim: I...
Ron: OK. All set here, Kim. I've left your itinerary and
contact numbers. Oh, Rufus buddy, if it weren't for that
zero-rodent policy you'd be coming with us.
Rufus: ( Whimpers ) Bye.
Ron: I'll call to check up on him.

Rufus: Hmm.
Rufus: ( Slurps hungrily )
Rufus: ( Swallows hard / burps )
Kim: Rufus, how am I supposed to get to my bed?

Rufus: Uh-huh?
% Device beeps.

Monkey Fist: The microchip, it's been located.
% Device beeps.

% Device beeps.

Rufus: ( Nibbles / pants hungrily )

Kim: More?! Rufus, you've already eaten through two months of my
Rufus: More!
Kim: Alright! Alright! Another Caso Serito Nacho platter
coming right up.
% Pager beeps.
Wade: Kim, we got a problem. I'm picking up a signal from the

Kim: The chip is in my room.
Wade: Not anymore. Satellite thermo-enhancement shows the signal
is coming from Bueno Nacho.
Kim: Where?
Wade: Inside Rufus.
Kim: Rufus?

% Rufus chews food greedily.
Wade: You better get him to a secure location before...

Monkey Fist: Monkey ninjas, attack!
% Monkeys chatter.
Monkey Fist: Hello, rodent!
% Squeals.
Monkey Fist: Come, my monkey minions. ( Snarls evilly )

Kim: Do you have a lock on the microchip signal?
Wade: I'm running a flight projection based on current air speed
and jet stream variations.
Kim: Fine, but whatever you do, don't tell Ron that...
Ron: Yo! Yo, Kim! Les Ron here. How's everything going? You
know, according my schedule, Rufus should be on his way to
Kim: Erm, actually, it's quiet time right now.

Ron: Wake the little guy up!
Kim: I can't do that, Ron. I can't do that because of item 297
in your Care Of Rufus Guide. "It is essential for mole rats
to get at least 20 hours of sleep a day."
Ron: That's exactly what I wanted to hear you say, KP. See, that
was a test. Obviously I put my trust in the right person.
Les Ron out.

Kim: Wade, talk to me and please make it good news.

Wade: Monkey Fist's plane is headed for a landing strip in the
French Alps. If I call a favour, I can have you there half
an hour after he lands.

Monkey Fist: It appears you have bitten off more than you can
chew,... my little friend.
Rufus: ( Whimpers )

Monkey Fist: Come on, say aagh...
Kim: Aagh!
Rufus: Aagh!
Monkey Fist: Monkey ninjas, attack!

Duff: Thank you, lassie.

Rufus: ( Squeals )
% Bagpipes play.

Duff: Fore!

Duff: Welcome aboard!
Rufus: ( Gasps )

Duff: Sorry, missy, but this is where I get off.
Kim: ( Grunts )
Duff: Enjoy your flight! It's only gonna last a wee 22 seconds.
( Laughs evilly )

% Bomb ticks.
Kim: Huh?!
% Continues to beep.
% Beeps rhythmically.

Rufus: Aagghh!

Ron: Hey, Kim, you there?
Kim: Er,... yeah. Hi, Ron. How's Paris?

Ron: C'est est tres magnifiquie! How's everything there? Rufus
giving you any trouble?
Kim: Course not!
Ron: Well, put the little guy on.
Kim: Er, sure. Let me get him.

Duff: What in the...? ( Muffled ) Mmmm...

Kim: Here, Rufus, say hi to Ron.
Rufus: ( Whimpers frantically )
Ron: Heym Kim, is everything OK? He sounds kinda freaked.
Kim: He misses you, that's all. ( Rapidly ) OK, gotta go.

% Dialling tone beeps.

% Duff mumbles madly.

Woman: Say fromage.
Ron's Dad: Merci, tres bien.

Rufus: ( Whimpers / squeals )

Rufus: Aagghh!

Shego: Gotcha!
Rufus: ( Squeals )

Duff: Fore!
Shego: ( Gasps ) Oh! Oh! Aagghh!

Duff: Gotcha!

% Monkeys chatter.
Rufus: ( Chuckles ) Aagh!

Monkey Fist: ( Gasps )

Monkey Fist: Hiya!

Shego: Thanks!

Rufus: ( Squeals ) Aagh!
Shego: Aagh!

Monkey Fist: Find him!

Rufus: ( Whimpers )
Rufus: ( Squeals )

Ron's Mom: Paris is just so, so peaceful.

Monkkey Fist: Hiya!

Rufus: ( Screams )
Kim: Rufus!
Rufus: ( Screams / whimpers )

Villains: Aaaggghhh!

% All gasp / scream.

Kim: Rufus, jump down to me.
Rufus: Nuh-uh!
Kim: Rufus, jump now!
Rufus: No way!

Kim: ( Singing )
Rock-a-bye Rufus in the tree top
When the wind blows,
The cradle will rock
When the bough breaks,
The cradle will fall
And down will come Rufus
Cradle and all
Rufus: Ah!

Rufus: ( Snores gently )

% Lift pings.

Ron's Dad: Who's up for the Louvres?

Ron: Then we hit the Arc de Triumph and Notre Dame. Surprisingly,
French fries and French toast are in short supply here. So,
what's up with you guys?
Kim: Oh, you know. Same old, same old.
Rufus: Same old, same old.
Kim: Oh. Gotta go, Ron.

Ron: Later, KP.

Lab worker: We can't thank you enough, Kim Possible. Our rivals in
the greeting card industry would pay any price to acquire
this chip.
Kim: Oh, no big... Wait. Wait. I'm sorry, did you say the
"greeting card industry"?
Lab worker: Oh, yes. It's quite competitive. I'm sure the thief
who acquire this chip would be paid a fortune.
% Rock-a-bye baby plays.

Rufus: Ah!
Kim: "Congratations. It's a girl."