Transcripts - The Golden Years
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Transcripts - The Golden Years


Episode The Golden Years
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2723


Kim's Dad+Mom: ( Singing )
Camptown ladies sing this song
Doo-dah, doo-dah
Camptown racetrack's two miles long
Oh, de, doo-dah, dey...
Kim's Dad: Everybody now!

Ron: ( Joins )
Gonna run all night,
Gonna run all day!
I'll bet my money on the bobtail nag,
Somebody bet on the grey

Kim's Mom: And here we are. Not such a bad ride.
Kim: No. Those last 16 hours just flew by.
% pop! pop!
Kim's Dad: Well, that's what happens when you're travelling at the
speed of fun.

Kim's Dad: Ronald, thanks for coming all the way down here to help
us move Kim's grandma into her new home.
Ron: Agh! No, prob, Dr. P. Rufus and I are happy to be here
in the sunshine state.
Kim: Only because you've never actually met my nana.
Kim's Mom: Kim, nana loves you.
Kim: I know, I know. She's just got this weird
overprotective thing.

Ron: Overprotective? Kim, that's, like, standard
grandmothering procedure.
Rufus: Ah-hm.
Kim: But myana has a way of taking to a truly critical level.
Ron: Critical? Critical like how?
Nana: Kimberley Anne Possible, you can't walk around with your
bellybutton picking out like that. This is Florida, dear,
not Las Vegas.

Ron: OK. Critical like that.

Rufus: hmm.

Nana: Oh, Mr. Simmons, this is my boy and his family.
Simmons: No time! I'm in training.

Nana: Mr. Stanley is the king of shuffleboard.
Stanley: How do?
Nana: And Mrs. Greenfield is the queen of knitting.
Greenfield: I made this sweater.
Kim: Thank you. Wool is so comfy... when it's 98 degrees.

Nana: Now, who wants nana's famous lemon squares?
Tim: I do!
Jim: I do!

% scratching.
Kim: OK. I'm gonna get a heat rash! Aaaagh!

Ron: Kim, I have a confession to make. I didn't come do here...
Kim: ...just to help my nana unpack.
Ron: Hey!
Kim: So what's the real agenda? A little sun? A little surf?
Ron: No, a lot of spring break, baby!

Ron: Hello, ladies.
Rufus: Oh, yeah!
Kim: Reality paging Ron. Spring break is all college students.
Ron: Exactly! College students don't know me. I can start
fresh! A clean slate. Besides, I've always found
high-school girls to be a bit immature. No offence.

Kim: Begin eye rolling now.
Nana: ( o.s. ) Present time, kids!

Nana: For Jim and Tim, the gift of music.
Jim: Wow, vinyl!

Tim: I've heard about these but I've never actually seen one
Jim: Let's rip 'em into MP3 files.
Nana: Such clever boys. And for you, Kimberly Anne, some
lovely sundresses.
Kim: Nana, I'm not really a sun-dresser when I'm on a
Nana: Oh, Kimberly Anne, you haven't gotten through this phase

Kim: Phase?
Nana: Oh, these missions of yours. Hip-hopping all over the
world on school nights in those baggy boy's pants.
Kim: So not! Just last week I foiled this superfreak that
tried to flood Canada with a weather machine.
% hearing aid squeaks .
Nana: That's nice, dear.

Kim: Nice? The population of Saskatchewan thought it was a
little better than nice.
Kim's Dad: She didn't even hear you, Kimmy. I think she turned
down her hearing aid. She does that.

% Kimmunicator bleep.
Kim: ( Sighs ) Go, Wade.
Wade: I'm picking up a strange high-frequency broadcast over the
florida coastline. But I can't pinpoint an origin or purpose
for the signal.

Kim: Ron and I are checking it out.

% Ice-cream van tune tinkles.
Shego: You realize this is a waste of my many talents, right?
Drakken: Patience, Shego. Once I beam my obedien signal into the
MP3 players of these unsuspecting spring breakers...
Shego: will transform them into your own mind-controlled
private army, I know, I know. You know, it always sounds
so foolproof for this stage and yet...

Drakken: You know, I never realized the single truck operation like
this could be so profitable.
Drakken: Yes, children, enjoy! ( chuckles )
Drakken: Remind me to order more snowbank bars. On a steamy day
like this, those things really move.

Rufus: ( slurps )

Kim: The signal is scrambled.
Rufus: Ahhh!
Kim: I'm having trouble locking it down.
Ron: Clean slate. Where to begin, where to begin.
Kim: Ron, you're such a froob!

Ron: Perhaps, but they don't know it.

DJ: Yo, yo, yo, it's a party!

Ron: Hey, I'm Ron. Ron right, as in Mr. Right.
Girl: Froob.
Ron: 1 down, 5,000 to go.

DJ: The next belly-flopper is representing for my state, y'all.
% Drumroll .
DJ: Whoo-whee! Check out the splash!

Ron: Do you have a map? Cos I think I'm lost in your eye.
Girl#1: Er, missy, I think I'm hallucinating that this total loser
is trying to hit on us.
Girl#2: Must be sunstroke. I see him, too.

Ron: Wait! You're not hallucinating! I'm a real loser!

DJ: Put your hands together for the next contestant on the high
dive! Rufus!
Ron: Huh?!
Rufus: Yah! Bye-bye!
% splash!

All: ( chant ) Rufus! Rufus! Rufus!
Rufus: Oh!

Kim: Hmm. Gotta lock.
% Ice-cream van music tinkles.
Kim: Huh?

Drakken: Three polar-ice missiles coming right up.
Shego: ( Gasps ) Kim Possible!
% Tyres screech.
Drakken: Waah-hah!

Kim: Ugh!

Man: Oh, bless you!
Kim: No big.

Drakken: Pedal to the metal, Shego!
Drakken: She's gaining!
% tyres screech.

Shego: Come and get it!

Drakken: Wait! Not the fruity lickies! That's our number one
% chiren cheer excitedly.
Kim: ( gasps )

Srakken: I think we shook her.

Kim: Gotcha!

Nana: Kimberly Anne...
Kim: ( gasps ) Who-o-oa!
Kim: Oof!
Nana: Stop this whooshing around this instant before you get hurt.

% tyres screech.
Kim: ( Gasps ) Nana, you let them get away.

Nana: I was only making certain that you weren't hurt, dear.
Aren't there people who are train to handle those hooligans?
Kim: Yes, me! I handle hooligans all the time. It's what I do.
Nana: I know, dear, you're a teen. It's natural to want to rebel.

Kim: I am not rebelling. I'm the opposite of rebelling.
Nana: Well, I'm off to bed. Night, Kimberly Anne.
Kim: Night, nana. ( sighs )

Kim's Dad: I know how nana can be, Kimmy, but she means well.

Kim: She's just so, so... old. It's like she's from another
planet or something.
Kim's Dad: You know I'd might take your mind off things. A good
game of strategories!
Tweebs: Strategories! Score!
Kim: I call the race car.

Drakken: Now that my signal has infected every MP3 player within
100 miles. I shall activate the mind control and summon my
army of spring-breaking teens!

Shego: Let me guess, that's just the beginning. You will then...
Drakken: Shut! I will then launch a satellite that will create a
worldwide population of teen zombies! And with them I shall
take over the world! ( cackles insanely ) Shego, remind me
to order more fruity lickies, as well.

Shego: You're workin' with high confident here, Dr D.

Drakken: Trust me, Shego, this plan is totally off the heasy.
Shego: Beg pardon?
Drakken: Off the hook, it's raw, token, chilly, poppin', tight,
Drakken: It's very, very good, alright?! Look, I need to beef up
on my teen-language skills if I'm going to kick it with my
new army.
Shego: You are so hip.

Drakken: Now let's get this party started old school, yo!

% High-pitched whirring.

Kim: I'll take science and nature for the block.
Nana: ( emotionlessly ) I'm going out for some air.

Kim's Dad: Ok, Mom.

Shego: Huh! Shouldn't generation Y be here by now?
Drakken: What's taking them so long?!
Shego: Maybe your plan wasn't quite as "off the heasy" as you

Drakken: Shut...!
% signal taps rapidly.
Drakken: I'm picking up movent. They're coming.

Drakken: Behold my army of youth!
Drakken: Hmm? ( groans )

Drakken: who are you?
Nana: Your army, reporting for duty.
Shego: ( chuckles ) This? This is your army of youth? I think
you missed by about 50 years, doc.
Drakken: The signals must not have been probably tuned into the MP3
frequency! But, then, what am I tapping into?

% signal whirrs down.
Stanly: What?
Shego: Well done. Tapped into the hearing-aid frequency, Dr. D.
Drakken: What am I supposed to do with an army of retired people?!
Ooh, lemon squares!
Shego: You could have them buy you discount tickets for the
movies. ( sniggers )

Drakken: Mmm! Ahh! These lemon squares are scrumpily-iscious!
You know what? They're here, they're zombies, er, we might
as well see what we can do with them. ( Mumbles ) OK,
follow me!

Drakken: Impressive. I wonder if they can sell ice cream.

Kim's Mom: Kim, go wake nana, so we can go out to breakfast.
Kim: Can do.

Kim: ( yawns ) Hmm?

Kim: Nana, we'rgoing to breakfast. It's a buffet.
Kim: Nana? What...?
Nana: Oh, is that the remote for the TV. Silly me.

Ron: Thanks for bringin' us here, doctors P. squared. This place
rules so hard. It almost makes up for yesterday spring-break
Kim: Not having much luck with the whole fresh start?

Ron: You know, it's amazing, in one short day I managed to earn
the socially-challenged rep that took me a lifetime to get
back home! Rufus, on the other hand, was named honorary
mascot of five different sororities.
Rufus: Ah-hm!

% Kimmunicator bleeps.
Kim: What you got, Wade?
Wade: A bunch of high-tech robberies last night. All in your area.

Kim: High-tech robberies? Nah, can't be. Not nana.
Kim: Ron and I are on it, Wade.

Ron: What are those?
Kim: Knitting needles?
Kim: ( Gasps ) Hmm?

Rufus: ( Squeaks )
Ron: Hmm?
Kim: I don't know what it is, but we'll take some and get it
analysed. Bag it, Rufus.
Rufus: OK!

Shego: You're still planning to go through with your plan?
Drakken: Why not?! Anyone could use an army of teen to take over
the world. It takes a true visionary to do with an army of
senior citizens. I dare say my plan is more off the heasy
an ever before!
Shego: If you say so.
Drakken: ( chuckles ) It works! It works! Now we just need to
complete the launch pad.

Drakken: Shego, my mature-zombie army still has much to offer, and
there's no substitute for wisdom and experience. Life
begins at 65, you know?
Shego: Where are you getting this stuff anyway?
Drakken: Read these brochures, Shego. They'll rock your world.

Ron: Rufus, since you're, you know, chillin' down here, if I hang
out with you, that makes me chill, too, right?
Rufus: Nope!

Ron: But you're still gonna help me with the ladies, won't you?!
I need to chill!
Rufus: Hmm.
Ron: Perhaps a gigante naco might help make up your mind?
Rufus: Mmm! Naco! OK.

Kim: Wade, see if you can analyse this evidence.

Nana: Kimberly Anne, I'm very disappointed that you haven't taken
my advice if you're looking for excitement why not ballroom
% high-pitched whirring.
Kim: Huh?
Nana: ( Emotionlessly ) I'm going out for some air.

Kim: ( gasps )

Wade: Hey, the scan wasn't complete!
Kim: Never mind, Wade. I know what it is. This is so wrong.

Kim: Wade, got anything on an old deserted 'gator farm?
Wade: Checking.
Kim: Drakken? My nana and Drakken? OK, we're over the weird limit

Kim: ( gasps ) Hey! Wait!
Kim: Way over the weird limit.

% Kimmunicator bleeps.

Wade: Kim?
% Kimmunicator bleeps.
Wade: Kim?
% Kimmunicator bleeps.
Wade: Kim?! I'm switching to remote manual control.
Wade: Gotcha!

Drakken: Well done, oldsters. Feeding time, Kim Possible.

% all snarl.
% roars.
Drakken: They came with the lair. Isn't that great?

Wade: Oh, my gosh!

% plays electric guitar.
% all cheer.
Ron: Hi, I'm Ron. That's R to the O to the hizz-N! Yup, yup!
Girl: Gross!

Ron: Whoa, harsh!
Girl: That's L to the O to the hizz-ER!
Ron: Oh, come on! What about my clean slete?!

Wade: Ron!
Ron: Wade? How did you find me? D...? Do you have me
microchipped or something?!

Wade: Ah... that's not important now. Drakken's got Kim at a
'gator farm just north of chez leisure.
Ron: I'm on it.

Drakken: Poor Kim Possible. Too bad you won't be around to see me
control the minds of the world's elderly population. Which,
by the way, is growing at 10% each year.
Kim: Well, mystery signal solved.
Drakken: Indeed. We had a rough patch but I'm quite pleased how
it's worked out. The rocket to carry my satellite into
orbit is ready. A little something I borrowed from The Cape.

Ron: Rufus, come on!
Rufus: Huh?
% cheering.
Rufus: My fans!

Ron: Ooh! An idea.

Ron: That's right! Party with Rufus! Here, take a map.

Drakken: Five minutes to launch!'
% all snarl.
Kim: Agh! Nana, it's me, Kim. Kimberly Anne. Er, don't you
wanna, you know, er, lecture me or something?
Drakken: Wait! That's Kim Possible's nana? ( laughs ) It's a
zip-a-dee-doo-dah day! You know, you should get that
lemon-square recipe from her.
Kim: Agh!

Drakken: They're to "die for". Anyhoo, Shego, feed the 'gators!

Drakken: No, Shego! This is a family matter. Nana, destroy little
Kimberly Anne Possible!
Kim: That's really low! You know I can't hit my own
Drakken: Oh, don't worry, she'll be hitting you.
Kim: As if.

Drakken: When your nana was your age, she trained with the Shaolin
monks to perfect the ancient art of Peng Lang Chuang kung
Kim: Hold up. Are you telling me that nana, my nana, is some
kind of... Oof!
% crash!
Kim: ( gasps )
Drakken: She then became a top aviatrix and was the first woman to
successfully complete the navy's underwater-demolition
training programme.

Kim: Nana?!
Drakken: You really don't know very much about her, do you?

Nana: Yah!

Drakken: Your nana is a bad grandmother...
Kim: Shut your mouth!

Drakken: I'm just talking about nana.
Kim: It runs in the family.

% signal whirrs down.
Drakken: No! The mind-control signal!

Nana: Oh. Where...? Where are we? What am I doing here?
Kim: I'll explain it all to you later, nana. We're in the evil
lair of Dr. Drakken.

Nana: Evil lair? You haven't gotten yourself in some kind of
danger, have you, dear?
Shego: Oh, she's in danger, alright.
Nana: You'll have to go through me first.
Simmons: You'll have to go through all of us, missy!
Shego: Yah!

% crunching.
Shego: Yaah!
% crash!
Shego: Oof!
Stanly: Hah! 200points!

Drakken: Can't we talk this over?

Drakken: Not in the face!
Drakken: Oof!
% crash!
Drakken: Oh!
% crunch! crunch! crunch!
Drakken: Urgh! Gross! Shego!
Shego: Yah!

Drakken: You're too late! Nothing can stop me now!

DJ: ( o.s. ) Party!
% all cheer.
Drakken: Oh, snap!

DJ: Let's get it jumpin' in here, ya! Oh, yeah! Ron stoppable in
the house!

Ron: Whoo! Ron stoppable off the heasy!
I'm it, I'm chillin'
Do the robot, do the robot, whoo, whoo!

% Summertime Guys performed by Nikki Cleary plays.

Kim: Nana, Drakken's getting away.

% tyres screech.
Drakken: Nana Possible, you think your lemon squares are all that,
but they're not!

Nana: Come on, Kimberly Anne, get your head in the game.

Kim: Huh! Nice moves, nana. How about two outta three?
Kim's Dad: Time to hit the highway, Kim.
Nana: Oh, thank you for rescuing us, dear. I am so proud of
Kim: Not as proud as I am of you, nana.
% Kimmunicator bleeps.

Kim: Wade?
Wade: A group of giant mutant spiders are threate a village in

Kim: Saddle up, boys, we're off.
Kim: Bye, I'll catch you guys back home.
Nana: If you're going to Guam, you need to wear extra sunscreen.
I was stationed there in '62...