Transcripts - Vir-Tu-Ron
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Transcripts - Vir-Tu-Ron


Episode Vir-Tu-Ron
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2369


Knight: Ethelred's high manor. Right on!
Knight: I shall claim this manor as my own. Total score.

% Rumbling noise.
% Deep laughter.
Knight: 'Tis dark magic most foul.
Wraithmaster: I am the Wraithmaster. And you? You are my
prisoner. Spread the word, the Wraithmaser is destined
to rule Everlot.
Knight: No way, dude. A champion will come. And you will be
Wraithmaster: Who could be so powerful?

Rufus: ( Chatters )

Ron: Oh, yeah?

Monique: I thought you said you had dinner with the family tonight.
Kim: I do. Thus the pre-dinner dinner is crucial.
Monique: Say what?

Kim: My dad's bringing home experimental astronaut food.
Monique: Oh, that's nasty.
Kim: Oh, yeah. But this time, I'm wearing safety goggles.
Ron: It is time.
Monique: What's with Ron?

Kim: Zita Flores.
Ron: Time for my next move.
Monique: Ron, what move? You and Zita are in the game.
Ron: We gotta take it to the next level.
Kim: Really? What ya gonna do?

Ron: Just be my totally excellent self. Oh, yeah.

Girl: Who is this Wraithmaster guy?
Jake: No one knows, but he's sticking up Everlot.
Ron: Everlot?
Ron: Online,...

Ron: ...sword and sorcery...
Ron: Right on, I'm all about the virtual worlds!

Zita: At least, you got to see some action. I'm trapped in the
Magnosian Thorn Bog.
Girl: How can you be trapped? You're a she-warrior, the ice
Jake: And you've got the Sword of Elsinor.

Zita: I know, I'd slam the Wraithmaster, if I could just get out
of the bog.
Malcolm: Is that a damsel in distress?
All: Malcolm.
Zita: Oh, hey. Have you been zapped by Wraithmaster yet?
Malcolm: I have not, but what a player. Some say the best ever.

Jake: He's just out to ruin everybody's game.
Malcolm: Perhaps, Jake, or perhaps he is destined to rule Everlot.
They say he is both a mighty warrior and a powerful
Ron: Zita's a she-thing from whatever with the sword of
whatsit, she could take on the Wraithsist.
Malcolm: Wraithmaster.
Ron: Is that what she's calling herself now?

Zita: If I just had that aspen wand of New Forest...
Ron: Which is so much better than the aspen wand of Old Forest.
Zita: You actually have one?
Ron: Well, you know, virtually speaking.
Zita: That rocks! You can meet me on the bog tonight.

Ron: Yes, I could. I can meet you in the bog with my... what
was that again?
Malcolm: Do you even play Everlot?
Ron: I dabble.

Kim: How's the game?
Ron: Ferociously tough. How was the astronaut food?

Kim: Same. I thought you were the king of video games.
Ron: When it's blasting something or racing something. Everlot is
like this whole complicated world.
Kim: Which Rufus is in.
Ron: Thanks, buddy. I'll take it from here.
Ron: Buckle up, Everlot! Ron Stoppable has arrived.
Kim: Peasant chic. Stylee.

Ron: I'm a knave. It's where you start. I just need some magic
stuff. You see that chest? Watch.
Ron: Just a glitch.

Wade: Hey, Kim. What's up?
Kim: Know anything about Everlot?
Wade: Currently the fastest-growing online multi-player game around!
Uses a fuzzy-logic, hierarchy-modelled...
Kim: Nerd alert! Let's try that again. Do you know how to play

Wade: Affirmative.
Kim: Ron said he'd meet Zita in Everlot but he's having trouble...

Wade: Don't open it, trade it with dwarf.
Ron: For the fireball?
Wade: No, he's got a watering can!

Wade: That, my friend, is the aspen power wand of New Forest.
Ron: Boo-yah!

Ron: Hey, Z!
Zita: Hey!

Ron: Wait, what do I do now?

Wade: Cross the sword of Elsinor with the aspen power wand of...

Ron: ...New Forrest, and say the magic words.
Zita: And what are the magic words?
Ron: Treguna macoides!

Zita: We did it!

Ron: Coolio.
Zita: The Wraithmaster.
Ron: Sorry, dude. Gotta go.
Wraithmaster: Wait. How did you escape?
Ron: Maybe I haven't heard, Zita and me, we're sort of a

Wraithmaster: Knave, you'll pay for your impudence!
Ron: Wait! Wait!

Ron: Wade!
Wade: Hit the ground with the power wand, saying, "bog open"!
Ron: Bog open! Open, open, open!

Wraithmaster: No!
Ron: Wraithmaster, no big.
Zita: A knave can't do that.
Ron: I'm no ordinary knave.
Wraithmaster: Thou shalt pay for thy treachery, knave!

Zita: So tonight meet me in the Glade of Destiny?
Ron: Or, you know, I know of this quaint little cafe.
Zita: In Everlot?
Ron: In reality.
Zita: Bueno Nacho?

Ron: A-boo-yah!
Zita: Hi, Malcolm.
Ron: Dude.
Malcolm: Knave...

Ron: That's cool when it's just us guys but, you know, clean
up your act, entertaining a lady!

Kim: Hey, you don't tell him to cut that out the gross stuff
when I'm around.
Ron: What's your point?
Kim: Never mind.
Kim's Dad: Ronald! Look! We got little sombreros!
Kim: I'll never complain about space food again. Save me,

Ron: Can't, meeting Zita.
Kim: Excellent. For you.
Kim's Dad: Check it out! They grande-sized our beans.
Jim: We're gonna make bean launchers.
Tim: Out of sporks and bendy straws.

Tweebs: Hoosha!

Ron: Zita!
Zita: Ron, I just got a text page. There's this Everlot thing
downtown. All the local power players is gonna be there.
Ron: Really? Yeah? Power players? Hey, what are we waiting for?

Zita: You can learn a ton from other players. Well, not you. You
already rock.

Ron: I don't know if I go so far, you know, rock!

Ron: Who sent you this page?
Zita: Yeah, this is freaky.
Ron: Good thing nobody else showed up. There's only two chairs.
% Buzzing.

Zita: Er, what's that sound?
Ron: NG.
Zita: What's NG?
Ron: Not good.
Zita: Hey! Stop it!

Ron: Hey, let go of... ( Mechanically )

Zita: What happened?
Ron: Let's see, we were downtown...
Zita: Not any more. We're in Everlot.

Wraithmaster: Welcome to the game.

Wraithmaster: Fair Zita, she-warrior of the ice mountain! Be my
queen. We'll rule Everlot together.
Ron: There you go. I hope you two'll be happy together.
Zita: Very funny.

Ron: Sure, yeah. I'm a funny, funny knave.
Zita: Zephyrus escape!
Wraithmaster: Curses!

Rufus: ( Chattering )

Kim: Wade, we've got a problem.
Wade: Kim, you must be psychic. I was just going to call. We got
a hit on the site.
Kim: Tell him to take a number, something happen to Ron.
Wade: How do you know?
Kim: Rufus told me.

Kim: At least I think that's what he's saying.
Wade: OK, I'll call back that guy at Everlot Inc.
Kim: Everlot Inc? Wait, isn't that...
Wade: I think Rufus sees a connection.
Kim: Apparently.

Nevius: The missing project was next generation gaming technology,
a way to plug the five senses directly into the game world.
Kim: Ouch.
Nevius: Not literally. The player would just wear what we call...
an immersion cap. Slip it on, and zap! You're in Everlot!
Kim: So it's like virtual reality?
Nevius: More like actual reality, really. It's not quite as real
as reality but we're really, really close.

Kim: Really?
Nevius: We'd be shipping worldwide, if it weren't for the...
Kim: What kind of problems?
Nevius: Well, it seems that once you're in the game, you can't get
out till you win.
Kim: Can't you slip the cap off?

Nevius: We tried that with him.
Kim: The little guy looks fine.
% Barks furiously.
Kim: OK. Thanks, Mr. Nevius. ...Nevius. Any relation to
Malcolm Nevius?
Nevius: My son, and Everlot's number one fan.
Kim: Wade? I know where to find Ron.

Kim: OK, Wade. Ready?
Wade: Ready. See you in cyberspace!
Kim: Well, here we go.

Kim: Wade? You're a giant!
Wade: Actually, I'm normal size.

Kim: Oh, great.
Wade: You're a spritekin. You gotta start small.
Kim: Stupid game.

Ron: He's taking prisoners.
Zita: What's his damage?

Ron: I think he's trying to impress you.
Zita: By being good at Everlot? Like I'm that shallow? It's just
a game. Can you imagine?
Ron: No, I can't. Hey, Zita?
Zita: Come on, we gotta free the other players.
Ron: Are all girls like this, or just the ones I know?

Jake: Finally. Tell me you're going to get us out of here.
Zita: Jake? Is that you?
Jake: What's with you guys be in normal clothes?
Ron: Don't know. Would like to know. Don't.
Zita: Let me guess, the Wraithmaster captured you.

Jake: He won't let us out to relinquish our power.
Boy: I'm not worried. We're gonna be saved by the Tunnel
Ron: Tunnnnel Lord?
Zita: I thought he was just a legend.
Jake: He might as well be. That dude hasn't logged on for
like forever.

Boy: He'll show. He'll save us.
Zita: Better idea. We'll save you.
Ron: It's locked. Maybe I can pick it. Do you have a
bobby pin?
Zita: I don't know. Let me ask my grandmother.
Wraithmaster: Looking for this?

Ron: You gotta get that thing checked.
Zita: Fenestra dimensia!
Wraithmaster: What?
Wraithmaster: You are powerful. You would make a most fitting
Zita: I will be queen when I vanquish you.

Wraithmaster: Enough!
Ron: You should really stop doing that, this guy's a
total... Malcolm.
Zita: Malcolm?
Wraithmaster: Ha ha ha ha ha!
Ron: OK, now that I know it's him, I've got an idea.

Zita: What?
Ron: Run!

Ron: The bugs in Everlot are really annoying.
Kim: Ron!
Ron: What?

Zita: What what?
Ron: You said Ron.
Zita: No, I didn't
Kim: ( clear throat )

Ron: KP? You're a...
Zita: A spritekin.
Ron: Ah, that's so cute.
Kim: Watch it, knave.

Wade: There you are.

Kim: Yo! Cyber Wade!
Wade: Hey, Ron.
Ron: So, guys, here's the deal. Zita and I are trapped in a
warehouse downtown wearing some kind of...
Kim: Immersion caps.
Ron: OK, let's call them "immersion caps". Just get them off us
and get us out of this game!

Kim: We can't, Ron. The system's whacked.
Ron: It is a game, right? I mean bytes and bits. I mean, If
I don't wanna be here, I can just leave.
Wade: The only way out is to win the game.
Ron: And if we lose?
Kim: So, the weather here, it's nice.

Zita: So we win! You're the Everlot master. Feel up to it?
Ron: Bring it on!

Malcolm: Zita? Hi! What's going on? Me? Oh, nothing, really.
You know, just hanging out, being omnipowerful.
Jake: What a loser.

% Door creaks.
% All whisper.
Boy: It's the Tunnel Lord. He's here!
All: It's...
All: ...just them.
Wade: You guys are popular.

Malcolm: Huh?
Malcolm: Ready to give up?
Kim: I was about to ask you the same question!
Malcolm: Begone, Possible!
Wade: Nice distraction, Kim.

Kim: Ow! Right,... distraction.

Zita: Let's do it!

Malcolm: Prepare to... Aarrrgh!

Wade: Quit hitting yourself with your sword. Quit hitting
yourself with your sword.
Wade: Uh-oh!

Malcolm: Enough!

Wade: Hey!
Malcolm: A wizard in chains and a cage spritekin. I'm invincible

Ron: There's something you should know. Before last night I never
played Everlot.
Zita: But you had the power wand of aspen, you knew the magic words!

Ron: I had help.
Zita: What kind of help?
Ron: The cheating kind of help.
Zita: You're a newb?!

Kim: We need an amulet, or some spelly thing.

Wade: I've tried every dungeon claim I know. We're stuck!
Kim: Rufus!
Rufus: ( Chatters )
Kim: I know you wanna help, but we know what we're gonna do to
save them.

Rufus: ( Chatters )
Kim: Wade, what are we going to do to save them?
Wade: I don't know.

Jim: There's no way you can change th weather.

Tim: Yeah-huh! Bet me!
Jim: You're on.
Jim: Hey!
Jim: Hikka-bikka-boo.
Tim: Hoo-sha.

Zita: Hey!

Ron: Let go of her, dude!
Malcolm: Join me, and be Queen of Everlot.
Zita: Never.
Malcolm: How about gone with me to the Spring Fling Dance?
Zita: Also a never, in a million years

Malcolm: Too tight?
Zita: Yes.
Malcolm: Good.

% Loud knocking.
Boy: Told ya!
Jake: I can't believe it! The Tunnel Lord!

Ron: No way!
Ron: Rufus?

Malcolm: Prepare to meet your doom, Tunnel Lord.

Kim: Zita! Let me out!
Zita: What are you gonna do?
Kim: Get some help.

Kim: Ron, help!
Ron: I'm on it, KP.

Ron: Hey, KP, let me get that for ya.
Kim: Thanks.

Ron: Everybody! Everybody! Look the rule say you can pass your
powers to another player. That's what we have to do!
Jake: Should we give them to you?

Ron: No, no way! I'm just a newb knave. Give 'em to a real
player, give 'em to Zita.

Malcolm: Aaaahhhhh!
Zita: Game over, Malcolm.
Malcolm: The Wraithmaster admits defeat.

Zita: Um, hi.

Ron: Well, the goal was to impress her.
Kim: It just turned out to be Rufus.
Ron: Yeah, Rufus. Not me.
Kim: What now?

Ron: What else? Bueno Nacho in ten.
Kim: See you there. Hey, Zita! You hungry?
Zita: Yeah, let's jet.

Zita: Ron!

Malcolm: Sorry about the whole trapping you in cyber-reality.

Ron: These things happen. To me.
Malcolm: I was gonna be the Supreme Overlord of this magical realm.
Now what do I do?
Ron: Hey, try out for the drama club?
Malcolm: Drama club?
Ron: You've already got the shirts.

Malcolm: You're so right, I do have the shirts! Thanks, knave.

Zita: Ron! Are you coming out or what?
Ron: In a minute.

Ron: Boo-yah!