Transcripts - Exchange
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Transcripts - Exchange


Episode Exchange
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2495


Barkin: Alright, people, listen up! In the spirit of
international touchy-feeliness, Middleton High is taking
part in a student exchange with our sister school in
Yamanouchi, Japan. Please extend a warm Mad-Dog welcome to
% Motorbike revs.
% Applause.
Hirotaka: Hi!

% Girls coo.
Monique: Imports are nice!
Ron: Sure, he's got looks, attitude and a bon-diggidy ride but
can he do this?
Kim: Why would he want to?

Barkin: And now the name of the Middleton student who will journey
to the home of sumo and anime, Ron Stoppable!
Ron: Huh, me?!

Bonnie: Let me guess this straight, we get motorcycle hotness and
they get Stoppable? Any way we can make this trade
Barkin: Stoppable, for the next seven days, you are a caltual
embassador. You represent this school, this city, and this
Ron: Don't worry, Mr. B, I am a master at the delicate art of
diplomacy. But if they push any raw fish on me, I swear I'll
Kim+Monique: Oh-oh!

Ron: OK, Rufus, looks like we've got the essentials packed.
Kim: You're taking a duffle full of nacos to Japan?
Ron: Just for the plane. I'll restock at the Bueno Nacho
express in Tokyo airport.
Monique: You're really gonna soak up the local culture, aren't you?
Ron: Within reason.

Girls: ( screaming )
Ron: Ladies, ladies, please. You'll only be Ron-less for one
week. Be brave.
Girls: ( Screaming ) Hirotaka!
Ron: Oh, come on, show me some love!

Kim: Look at them fight over Hirotaka guy. It's pathetic.
Monique: So, the dude's got a smooth ride. Big whoop.

Yori: Stoppable san? Konnichi wa. I'm Yori from the Yamanouchi
school. It is my honour to guide you this week.
Ron: Believe me, the honour is, like, totally mine.

Ron: This is where you go to school?

Yori: The campus is located on the peak of Mount Yamanouchi.
Ron: So, we just wait here for a helicopter or what?
Yori: Oh, you are funny, Stoppable san. Of course, it will be our
honour to walk.

% Panting / groaning.
Ron: The nacos are safe. Go on without me.
Yori: But we are almost there, Stoppable san.

Ron: It will be my honour to pass out.
Ron: Check it out!

All: Yaaaaah!

Ron: Is this a public school?
Sensei: Ron Stoppable, we have awaited your arrival. I am Sensei.

Sensei: Yamanouchi is no ordinary school. We are a secret training
ground for the ancient art of ninjutsu.
Ron: A secret ninja school! Now, wait, is it a public secret
ninja school?

Monique: Oh, check out the sheep.
Kim: Are we the only two girls in Middleton not crushing on

Brick: You think you're pretty slick stuff, don't you chief?

Hirotaka: Excuse me.
Brick: Maybe I need to teach you some manners.
Monique: What's rude about "excuse me"?
Hirotaka: To fight you would prove nothing.
Kim: That's very Zen. Brick won't get it.

Brick: I don't get it.
Hirotaka: It is my wish to spare you the embarrassment of a
humiliating defeat.
Brick: ( Pants )

Kim: You know, that Hirotaka does have really cool hair.

Monique: I am so digging his hair right now!

Sensei: Our school has a long and honoured history. It was
founded in the year 338 AD by the great worrior
Toshimiru, who carved this monastery from the mountain
using only this sword, the Lotus Blade.
Fukushima: No!
Ron: What?!
Fukushima: You say too much, master Sensei. He is an outsider!

Ron: No, it's cool. I'm way good at keeping secrets unless,
you know, it's something really juicy.
Sensei: Fukushima, Your rudeness dishonours us all.
Fukushima: But, master...
Sensei: I warn you. Do not further shame yourself.
Fukushima: Honour guest. I must beg your forgiveness.

Ron: Dude, please, nothing but love.

Yori: This will be your room.
Ron: So does the bed flip out from the wall or something?
Yori: That is the bed, Stopble san.
Ron: Call me Ron san.

Yori: You should sleep. Wake up is at four o'clock sharp.
Ron: Four in the afternoon? Yeah, OK, that sounds doable.
Yori: You are so funny with your American style jokes, Stoppable
san. Good night.

% Crash!
Ron: Agh! Ooh! Snooze button?

Sensei: Today we begin with the dragon course. Be quick. Be
silent. Go!

Ron: Hey, wait up!
Ron: Agh!
Fukushima: Welcome to Yamanouchi, outsider! ( laughs )

Ron: Oh, man, even in Japan!

Yori: ( Giggles )

Kim: Hirotaka, hi. I'm Kim...
Hirotaka: Kim Possible. I know.
Kim: You do?! Oh! Hey, I saw you play Brick back there. It
was spanking! Mantis Kung Fu rocks!

Hirotaka: You know the mantis style?
Kim: Well, I wouldn't say know. I might say dabbled in.
Hirotaka: Show me.
Kim: What, right here?! Oh, I don't...

Hirotaka: I will see you, Kim Possible.

Kim: I'm a sheep, a crushing sheep.

Ron: Ow! Ow! Owwwww! Not so fast. Listen, maybe I'm not cut
out for this ninja school stuff, Yori.
Yori: It has been harder for you than Rufus san.

Yori: You must not give up. Even a mighty river was once a stream.
Ron: But I'm a trickle!

Yori: I believe in you, Stoppable san. Good night.
Ron: Ahhhh, call me Ron san!
Ron: Yeah! I love this place!

Ron: Ron san is gonna sleep like a baby tonight!
Rufus: Huh?

Ron: No, I don't mean waking up every two hours crying for my

% Bell chimes.
Ron: I'm up. I'm up. First to dragon course. I'm there.
Ron: Where is everyone?
Rufus: ( Squeaks urgently )

Yori: It is the alarm. The Lotus Blade has been stolen!

Sensei: Stoppable san, sit.
Ron: Look, if this is about the damages to the school...
Sensei: I wish your help in recovering the Lotus Blade.

Ron: My help? Master, I don't know if you notice, I've been
flunking every class since I got here.
Sensei: The Lotus Blade is no ordinary sword. In the wrong hands,
it could be very dangerous.
Rufus: ( Sniffs ) Monkey!
Ron: Monkey! Lord Monkey Fist, my arch-foe. Hey, I just
realised, I have my own personal arch-foe. That's pretty

Sensei: This Monkey Fist is now more powerful than ever before.
The sword in the wrong hand I fear for us all.
Ron: You fear? Oh, man, due respect, I have some very deep-
rooted monkey issues.
Sensei: I know. You were not chosen to come to Yamanouchi by
accident. Toshimiru, the warrior who founded our school,
was the origal master of Tai Shing Pekwar.
Ron: Monkey Kung Fu, I knew there was something about this
Sensei: Since then there have been only two individuals who have
been exposed to the mystical monkey power... Monkey Fist
and... you. You and the Lotus Blade are connected by

Ron: This is gotta be a mistake. I can't even get a grain of
rice from the master lunch lady. Look, I wish I could
Sensei: Do as your heart tells you.
Ron: Can you hear it, too?

Hirotaka: Monique, thank you for letting me use your Club Banana
discount. I will see you around.
Monique: Yeah!

Kim: Making Hirotaka feel right at home?
Monique: OK, I admit it. I am now officially crushing.
Kim: I know, how can you not?
Monique: Well, you two would make a totally cute couple.
Kim: Come on, you two are truly-madly!

Monique: Kim, best friend says, go for it.
Kim: Monique, I insist.

Ron: Nacos are history and so am I. Come on, Rufus.

Ron: Yori?
Sensei: I am saddened to say that Yori is missing.

Ron: Missing?! Missing, how?
Sensei: Since you refused to the task of recovering the Lotus
Blade, she seized the honour.

Sensei: Her footprints. The ground here tells the story... a great
struggle, many warriors.
Ron: And one Yori.
Sensei: The hour grows late, Stoppable san. You have a plane to

Ron: I'm gonna miss that plane.

Ron: Come on, Rufus. Time to kick some monkey tail!
Ron: Aw!

Fukushima: Outsider, wait!
Ron: Look, dude san, I don't have time for your attitude
right now.

Fukushima: Allow me the honour of going with you.
Ron: Well, I'm suppose we could need someone who knows the
area. But let's get one thing straight. When it comes
to saving the beautiful girl and winning her affections,
that's my honour. Got it?
Fukushima: Fair enough, outsider. Fair enough.

Fukushima: The trail leads this way.
Ron: Man, it's like an ice sauna up here!

Fukushima: Volcanic hot springs. Many seek their healing powers.
Rufus: ( Squeaks ) Ooh! Ahhhh!
Fukushima: I will see how far this trail leads. Watch my back.
Ron: Consider it watched.

Ron: Rufus! Ru...
Ron: Oh, Fuji! Why is it always monkeys? Why can't I be
attacked by crazed supermodels?!
Rufus: Ya!
Ron: Hey, not too shabby! Check me out! ( Gasps )

% Monkeys shriek menacingly.

Fukushima: Outsider, this way.

Kim: Talk to me, Wade. I need coordinates on the target.
Wade: I don't know about this, Kim.
Kim: Wade! This is serious.

Wade: OK, target directly below at fivo'clock.
Wade: Kim, are you sure you wanna go there?
Kim: Cut the chatter, Wade. I'm working.

Kim: Oh, Hirotaka, what a coincidence running into you here!
Hirotaka: Konnichi wa, Kim.

Kim: Listen, The Bravos are playing tonight and guess who
scored some tickets? I was thinking that maybe...
Monique: Hey, Kim! Actually, I swung tickets, too.
Hirotaka: This is great, we'll all three go together. It will be
my honour.

Kim: What are you doing here?
Monique: What am I doing here you insisted.

Kim: Who said, "go for it"?
Monique: Who was "Truly madly"?
Kim: I don't even know what that means!
Monique: You said it!

Kim: I know, I didn't mean it.

Fukushima: We will cover more ground if we split up.

% Laughing insanely.
Monkey Fist: At last... the ultimate weapon is where it belongs!

Yori: Stoppable san!
Ron: Call me Ron san!

Ron: Come on, we have to find Fukushima and get off monkey
Yori: Fukushima? No! He told Monkey Fist the location of
the Lotus Blade. He has betrayed us.
Ron: But he is the one who led us down here. That means
this whole thing is...
Monkey Fist: A trap!
Fukushima: Sorry, outsider.

% Shrieks.
Monkey Fist: You and I are the only people on earth capable of
unleashing the power of the Lotus Blade. Once I have
destroyed you, ...there will be only me. ( Laughs

Monkey Fist: I say things are about to... heat up!

Ron: This could be a bad career move for you, Fukushima.

Fukushima: How so, oursider?
Ron: I mean how's this gonna look on your trans?
You know, this will keep you out of good ninja college
for sure.
Fukushima: But I was hoping the gain early admission.
Monkey Fist: Don't worry. I'll write you a letter of
recommendation. By then I'll have led an army of
ninja monkeys into battle under the power of the
Lotus Blade! The world will fall, making me supreme
monkey ruler! ( Laughs evilly )

% Monkeys hoot excitedly.

Ron: He thinks he's such a smart monkey!
Yori: I'm sorry it ends like this, Stoppable san.
Ron: It's not over yet, Yori. I'm like a cat with nine lives.
I... Owwww! Owwwwww! Hot! Hot! Ow! Hot! Hot!
Ron: Monkey Fist thinks he and I are the only ones exposed to
mystical monkey power. He's forgetting there's one other!

Monkey Fist: The Lotus Blade!
Monkey Fist: That rodent has mystical monkey power! Ninjas,
% Monkeys shriek wickedly.

Ron: Er, Rufus when you get a chance...

Ron: Thanks, monkey-ninja buddy! Ha! Who'the smart
monkey now?
Monkey Fist: They must not escape!

% Monkeys shriek.

Yori: Hurry, Stoppable san!

Music: And if there's selfish eyes around you
Let me just say this
I don't like to lose

Hirotaka: Here are the seats.
Kim: Look, Monique, this is ridiculous. We can't feud over
the same guy. We're friends.
Monique: Kim, I am so relieved you say that. I was thinking the
same thing.

Kim: Cool. Because I think Hirotaka really likes me. So if
Monique: Likes you? You better wake up from that dream, girl!
Kim: Monique!
Monique: What ya gonna do, burst out with some of that teen-hero
kung fu? Bring it here!
% Both groan.

Yori: They will be coming for us.
Ron: Let's see what this thing can do.
Ron: No! Too pointy. Don't know that is. Hey, I could use that
camping cos... Yes! Hop on, everybody!
Ron: AghHHH!

Yori: The ice bridge will take us to safety.

Ron: Agh!

Monkey Fist: I grow impatient! Hand over the sword!
Ron: Never! Not in a hundred million billion years... Oh!

Monkey Fist: The Lotus Blade! Noooooooo!
Ron: OK, real quickly, I wanna point out that it wasn't my
fault. He did it!

Monkey Fist: Attack!

% Bugle toots.
Yori: Master Sensei!
Ron: ( Chants ) Oh, yeah! A-ha! ( Taunts ) They're bad!
You're sad! They're bad! You're sad!

Monkey Fist: Let's just bring it, shall we?

% Shrieking.
Fukushima: Outsider, without the Lotus Blade, you are nothing.
Ron: Want some more?
Ron: Ha, it is my honour to defeat you!

Monkey Fist: Retreat!

Ron: Sensei, I am really sorry about losing the Lotus Blade.
Sensei: So long as your heart remains pure, the blade will always
know the way home. Call it back to you.
Ron: Call it? But, I mean, how...? Magic sword, here, boy!
Ron: My bad! I can pay for that, really. Go ahead, put that
on my tab.

Sensei: Our gratitude, Ron Stoppable. At Yamanouchi, you will
always be remembered as a warrior hero.

Ron: Boo-yah! A warrior hero! Score!
Sensei: But the true nature of the ninja school must be kept
Ron: Huh?!
Yori: You must never tell anyone of your adventure here, not
Ron: Man!

Yori: I will miss you. Goodbye, Ron san.
Rufus: ( Blows raspberry )
Ron: ( Whistles merrily ) Er, any chance of a warrior hero
getting a lift to the airport?

Yori: Always with the American-style jokes! Naturally, it will be
your great honour to walk!
Ron: Yeah, I knew that.

Kim: Take care, Hirotaka.
Monique: Stay in touch.
Hirotaka: Thank you. But I must say goodbye to my number one

Bonnie: Bye, Hiro, darling! Ha!

Kim+Monique: ( Together ) I'm sorry. I mean,...
Kim: We were ferociously whacked to risk our friendship like
that for a crush!
Monique: Even one with hair that cool!

Ron: The boys are back in town!
Kim: So, spill! How was Japan? Tell all.
Rufus: Huh?
Ron: Oh, you know, same old, same old!