Transcripts - Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles
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Transcripts - Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles


Episode Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 1175


% Growls.
Ron: Cut! Rufus, you can't keep breaking character like that.
Rufus: Sorry.

Ron: Gonna have to recast you, buddy.
Ron: You just don't have that monster instinct!
Kim: Ron, don't you think you're being a bit severe? "Ron's Big
Day"? What's this?
Ron: Nothing! Look, Kim, the Tri-City Film Festival opens in
three days, I'm trying redefining the monster movie genre and
we're way behind schedule here!

% Beeping.
Wade: Kim, I've got a lead on Drakken. He ordered a shrink ray
online, and had delivered to the address in the Mohave Desert.
Ron: You know, I was wondering when he'd get around a shrink ray.

Drakken: Simple, Shego! Once I've shrunk to microscopic size,
I will be able to infiltrate the most secretive military
installation in the world, Area 51.
Shego: And what's in Area 51 that's so special?
Drakken: You know, flying saucers, alien technology, yada, yada,
yada. Let's see. Connect the drop bar under the shrink

Drakken: Commodore Puddles, not now. Can't you see? Daddy's
trying to put the finishing touches on his shrink ray.
Shego: He needs to go out.
Drakken: He was just out ten minutes ago!
Shego: Now, what did we agree on?
Drakken: ( Sighs ) "If I wanted a dog I had to promise to take care
of him." Which I will,... later!

Kim: Thanks for the lift, Special Agent Smith and Special Agent
Smith#1: Don't mention it. The way you helped us with that
security breach.
Kim: No big! I just...
Smith#2: No, seriously, don't mention it! It' highly classified.
Kim: Mum's the word.

Kim: This is the address.
Kim: You guys walking or riding?

Drakken: I will soon be the size of a microscopic particle! So
watch where you step, OK? Bad dog! Not now! Daddy's about
to gain access to a high-security installation.
Kim: Like federal prison?
Drakken: Kim Possible?! What's say we dispence with the banter and
skip right to the kung-fu fighting? Shego!

Ron: OK, hold on a sec! One second, people!

Ron: Thanks, buddy. OK, action!

% Whimpers.
Drakken: My shrink ray! Something's wrong!
Drakken: Agh! Commodore Paddles, you didn't! Not there! Bad
doggy! Bad!

Shego: Ah!

Ron: Arrrgh!

% Growls.
Rufus: Arrrgh!
Rufus: Hey!

% Beeping.

Ron: Whoa!
Drakken: It's not supposed to do that, it suppose to shrink stuff!

Shego: Told you he had to go out.

Drakken: New plan. Come, Shego!

Ron: That would be the coolest shot ever if it weren't for the two
thousand tons poodle that has been unleashed into an
unsuspecting world.

% Crash!
% Crash!
Girl: Mummy! Mummy! There's a doggy outside! Can we keep him,
% Panting.
% Screams.

Drakken: Commodore Puddles! ( Whistles ) Come on, boy! Area 51 is
that way.

Kim: We've gotta find them.
Ron: Otherwise my film is gonna have serious act-two issues.
Kim: Ron, focus. Wait! I know where they're headed.

Kim: OK, I know this is going to sound weird, but you've got
to let us in. There's this monster poodle...

Soldier#1: Name?
Kim: Commodore Puddles.
Soldier#1: Your name.
Kim: Oh, er, Kim Possible.

Soldier#1: Sound the alarm! Battle stations!

% Siren wails.
Soldier#2: This way. General Sims is gonna wanna talk to you.

Sims: Don't worry, we've got a rock-solid defence strategy ready.
Kim: For this? Really?
Sims: Yes ma'am, full-frontal assault by a giant canine. That's a
41/5S-type scenario.

% Crash!
% Growls.
% Crunch!

Puddles: Pffttt!
Soldiers: Aarrrgh!

Drakken: Fools! My Puddles doesn't settle for ordinary dry treats!

Soldier: It's not working, sir.
Sims: Bring out the big guns!

Kim: Guns? You're not actually gonna shoot him, are you?
Sims: Just an expression, ma'am. Get my good side!

Sims: You may commence blowing the giant canine whistles!

Soldier: Urgh!

% High-pitched whistle.

Puddles: ( Howls )
Soldier: It's working, sir.
Sims: Outstanding work, Miss Possible. I...

% Barking.
Soldier: We've got a situation.

Sims: Pull back, man! Move to the underground fortification!

Drakken: Good puppy! Attack! Attack!

Kim: General Sims, if you don't mind me asking, sir, what's the big
secret? You know. Area 51 and all that?
Ron: We know the rumours, flying saucers, alien technology, yada,
yada. But what's the real deal? What are you hiding here?
Sims: I'll show you.

Kim: It's flying saucers.
Ron: Alien technology.
Sims: Yada, yada.
Kim: But that means all the rumours are true.
Sims: Every last one of them. We've implemented a double-negative
cover story. We make sure only to leak out information that is
100% accurate.

Ron: But, then, it's not really secret.
Sims: That's exactly what we want you to believe.
Ron: Yeah, but then... Never mind.

Soldier: General Sims, you'd better come here.

% Rumbling.
Sims: I am afraid we're out of options. I'm initiating the base's
self-destruct system. The secrets contained in Area 51 must
never be exposed.

Ron: What's secret? Everybody knows already!
Kim: Sir, we still have one last line of defence.
Sims: And what might that be?
Kim: Me.
Sims: You've got ten minutes.

Drakken: Yes! Dig, Commodore Puddles.
Kim: Not so fast, Drakken, there's a leash law in this state.
Ron: Kim, can you deliver that line again? You were out of
frame. Thanks, babe!
Kim: Ron!

Drakken: Commodore Puddles, attack!

Puddles: ( Growls )

Drakken: No, Puddles, whoa! Heel!

% Cheering.

Drakken: Puddles, roll over!
Ron: Arrrgh!

Drakken: ( Laughs ) I taught him that. Now, finish them, Puddles!

Puddles: ( Growls )
Kim: Oooh!
Ron: OK, great! Don't be afraid to show some fear, I wanna try
to capture...

Ron: Eww! Who's this?! Eww! Eww!

Rufus: Huh?

Kim+Ron: Arrgh!

Rufus: Oh!
Rufus: Yeah!

Drakken: That oughta hold you.

Kim: You so won't get away with this, Drakken.
Drakken: I so will! ( Laughs ) A toast to my victory! I have
conquered Area 51 and defeated Kim Possible.
% Crash!
Drakken: What was that?
% Crashing.

Rufus: ( Shouts )

Sims: That looks like a 49/EZ scenario, rescue by giant subterranean

% Growling.

Drakken: No fair! I call cheatsies!
Ron: Nice move, Rufus!

Rufus: Yeah.

% Both growl.

Ron: Whoo-hoo-hoo! Yeah! There's that monster instinct I was
looking for, Rufus!

Drakken: ( Whistles )

Shego: Get off!

% Cheering.
Soldiers: Good job, boys!

Drakken: Mine! It's all mine! It...
Drakken: Oh, I'm sorry, is this yours? I was just borrowing it,
you know, really.
Drakken: Arrgh!

% Car horns beep.
Ron: This is it. The redefining of the monster-movie genre!

% Laughter.
Kim: I hear laughter. Is that a good sign?

Ron: Agent smith!
Kim: And agent smith. What're you guys doing here?
Smith#1: National security. We couldn't allow the public see the
Area 51 footages.
Smith#2: So we switched it with one of your home movies.

Ron: Home movies? which one?

Baby Ron: I make a potty!
% Laughter.

Kim: Ron's Big Day?
Ron: Ron's Big Day.