Transcripts - A Sitch in Time
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Transcripts - A Sitch in Time


Episode A Sitch in Time
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 9689


[ fweet ]
[ music playing ]

Nothin' to it,
You follow
I tell you something
You don't know
Take a look at me now
Got plenty goin' on
My own
You have got to,
You have got to
You have got to
Work it out
[ drums playing ]
You work it out
You work it out

Ron: Ow-ow-oww! Wow-wow-wow-wow-wow!
Bonnie: Who invited him back this year?
Kim: Bonnie, Ron is a member of the squad, like it or not.
Ron: You got it goin' on, Bon-Bon.
Bonnie: I choose not.

Ron: Yeah. I think she's warming up to me.

[ music playing ]
Ron: First practice of the new school year, and I was in the
Rufus: Boo-yah!
Ron: K.P., our future is bright. I predict this is going to be
the best school year ever.

Kim: I guess it's off to a good start.
Ron: Good start? Kim, it hurricane rocks. I mean, we have all
our classes together, all day together. It's like a Pre-K
Kim: Without nap time.
Ron: Ah, nap time... You don't know what you got until it's
Kim: I have a feeling the nap time void will be filled by Latin
class. Which reminds me... We're taking Latin class why?

Ron: Are you kidding me? I can't wait for Latin class. The
salsa dancing, the salsa eating.
Rufus: ( slurps ) Ahh.
Ron: I already know my research project at The Down Low on J. Lo.
Kim: Ron, this is Latin, as in the language, the dead language.

Ron: No salsa?
Kim: No J. Lo.
Ron: No big. We're in it together, and that's what counts. Oh,
did I tell you Mary Giereanu actually said "Hi" to me? To me!
Do you know how this bodes?
Kim: Well?

Ron: Yes. Well boding all around. Finally, for once in my life,
all signs are good.
Kim: Uh, Ron, what's with this?
Ron: "For sale"?
Man: So sorry. There's been a terrible mistake here.

Ron: Oh, whew. Because I thought that maybe...
Kim: "Sold"?
Ron: "Sold"?
Man: Sold.

Rufus: Sold?
Ron: I'm moving?

Ron: Why didn't you tell me?
Ron's Mom: Actually, sweetie, the sign was our way of telling you.
Ron's Dad: We thought it'd be easier this way... for us.

Ron's Mom: You see, out of the blue, I was offered a fabulous new
Ron: But wait. Oh, what about Dad?
Ron's Dad: I'm an actuary. I can work anywhere people attach a
dollar value to human life.
Ron: But why do we have to move?
Ron's Mom: My new boss Ms. Ogehs said she wants me right there with
her at the home office.

Ron's Dad: It'll be an adventure.
Ron: Wait. Where is the home office?
Both: Norway.
Ron: Norway?
Rufus: ( yelps ) Ohh.

Kim: It's not the end of the world.
Ron: Are you kidding? This will alter the course of life as we
know it.
Kim: Exaggerate much?
Ron: OK, fine, it's the end of MY world. The perfect school year
just went down the tubes, and the Possible-Stoppable team is
right behind it.
Rufus: ( whoosh )

Ron: Nice.
Kim: What are you talking about?
Ron: Rufus. He just sounded like a toilet.
Kim: No, no, the end of the Possible-Stoppable team.
Ron: Think, Kim. How are we going to make that work from
different continents?

Kim: Uhh... well, it... it'll be tricky, but doable.
Ron: You really think so?
Kim: Ron, I couldn't save the world without you.
Rufus: ( whoosh )

Ron: OK, now, see, you're just overdoing it.
Rufus: Mmm. Sorry.

Ron's Dad: You can't pack bric-a-brac in the knickknack box.
Ron's Mom: Sorry, hon.
Ron's Dad: Well, we'll just have to cross our fingers and hope for
the best. Ronald, let's move!

Ron: ( choked up ) Well, Kim, I guess, uh... I guess this is

Kim: ( choked up ) Yeah. Yeah, I... I guess.
Rufus: ( sobs, blows nose )
Kim: Uh, here. I... I had Wade whip this up for you.

Ron: My own Kimmunicator.
Kim: Correction. Ron-nunicator. You can call me or beep me,
you know, if you wanna reach me.
Ron: I'm not going to cry.
Rufus: ( sobbing )

Ron: Courage, little man.
[ truck horn honks ]
Ron's Dad: Let's go, Ronald. Four hours early for international
[ dramatic music playing ]
Ron: ( sniffles ) Have fun in Latin class.
[ engine starts ]

Kim: ( sighs ) Good-bye, Ron.

Kim's Mom: Are you taking Latin?
Kim: Ron's idea. I wish he were here to suffer with me.
Kim's Mom: You miss him a lot, huh?

Kim: We've been tight for so long.
Kim's Dad: How can you miss him? He calls every 5 minutes.
[ beeps ]
Kim's Dad: Heh. Right on schedule.

Kim: How's the flight, Ron?

Ron: Nine hours to Norway. Ow!
Kim: Uh, focus on the movie. You'll get through this.

Kim's Mom: I know it's going to be tough, honey, but a little
something like distance won't come between you.
Jim: Come between who?
Kim: Me and Ron. He moved to Norway.

Tim: What?
Jim: No way! This stinks.
Tim: We wanted Rufus to test pilot...
Jim: The Jiminator.
Tim: You mean Timinator, don't you?

Kim's Mom: Boys, you know what I've said about rocket fuel in the
Tim: Aw, Mom.
Jim: This is totally safe.
[ crash ]
Both: Whoops.

Tim: Uh... Hicka bicka boo?
Jim: Hooshah!

[ beeps ]
Kim: 'Sup, Ron?
Ron: The movie's in Norwegian... or French or something. I'm
not sure. Ew. Ew! Ohh.

Kim's Mom: I get the feeling that keeping in touch with Ron isn't
going to be a problem.

[ beeps ]
Kim: Ron? It's the middle of the night.
Ron: Sorry, K.P. Am I nine hours ahead or behind you?
Kim: ( yawns ) I'll let you know when I'm conscious.

Ron: Kim, I gotta know. Has Mary Giereanu said, you know, like,
"Hi" to anybody else?
Kim: Ron, night time... Sleep.
Ron: Oh, OK. Sleep tight, K.P.
[ beeps ]

Wade: Kim, I... oh, hey, Ron.
Ron: Hey, hey, right back at you, Wade.
Wade: How's Norway?
Ron: Icy.
Kim: Wade, what's the sitch? And can it wait until morning?

Wade: Sorry, Kim, robbery in progress. Someone's breaking into the
Tri-City Museum.
Kim: I'm on it.
Ron: Me, too. I'll be right there.
Kim: Ron, you're halfway around the world.
Ron: Kim, you said we'd still be a team, so no matter what it
takes, I'll be there.

[ dramatic music playing ]

Kim: Back off, Monkey Fist.
Monkey Fist: Oh, super. The cheerleader.
Kim: Hey, at least I have human hands and feet.
Monkey Fist: Right. Too bad. I'd rather fancy a real challenge.
[ both grunting ]

Monkey Fist: Huh?
[ cackling ]
[ groaning ]
Kim: Say "uncle," monkey... or "monkey's uncle." I'll
accept either.

Monkey Fist: Not likely.
Kim: Golf ball.
[ beeping ]
[ gasps ]
[ boom ]
Kim: Unh!

Monkey Fist: I practically gift-wrapped her for you. How could you
Duff: Oh, the lassie will not stand still.
Kim: Duff Killigan and Monkey Fist? Working together?
Monkey Fist: Grr!
Duff: Oh!
[ grunting ]
[ snarling ]
[ clank ]

Kim: Two against one... how exciting.
Duff: Oh, it's not just the two of us.
Kim: Oh, and I'm supposed to be surprised that Drakken's
behind me?
Drakken: Oh, how does she do that?
Kim: A ninja you're not.

Kim: Unh! Uhh.
Drakken: Aha! But she is.
Kim: Hey!
Drakken: Ha ha! High five. Shego, high five. Uhh! Why you
got to leave me hanging like that, yo?
Shego: I thought it would be nice if somebody here looked

Drakken: Don't get lippy, Shego.
Shego: Can we just get the monkey thing before her goofy
sidekick shows?
Monkey Fist: Right.
Drakken: Where is the buffoon anyway?
Shego: Who knows?

Duff: Who cares?
[ music swells ]

[ pants ]
Ron: I'm here, Kim! Kim?

Kim: ( banging on lid ) Get me out of here!
Ron: R-R-Rufus.
Rufus: Uhh! Unh! Unh! Huh?
Ron: Mummy, in there... Alive.

Kim: Ron.
Ron: It knows my name. I'm cursed! I'm cursed!
[ beeps ]
Ron: Huh? Hello?
Kim: Ron, open the sarcophagus.

Ron: Heh!

Ron: Sorry about that, K.P.
Kim: Yeah. Better late than never.
Curator: ( gasping ) The idol! The Tempus Simia idol!

Kim: Yeah. Bad news on the headless monkey front, sir.
Ron: Headless monkey? Man, what did I miss?
Curator: The Tempus Simia idol, purported to have dark, mystical
powers. Centuries ago, the head was taken to a far corner
of the globe and hidden away forever.
Ron: Must've been one ugly monkey.
Curator: Many believe that if the Tempus Simia were ever made
whole, it could be used for unspeakable...

Ron: Monkeyshines?
Curator: Evil.
Kim: Evil. Naturally.
Ron: And Monkey Fist has it.
Kim: And Drakken and Killigan.

Ron: No way! The villains teamed up, and I missed the whole
deal? So much for the bright future.
Kim: So not the drama, Ron. We can make this work. I'll see
what I can dig up on this Tempus Simia thing, and you'll,
well, um...
Ron: Be in Norway.

[ school bell rings ]
Kim: OK, quiz time. Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan are
working together to...

Ron: It's a "rule the world" thing.
Wade: Gotta be.
Kim: So, what's the power of the monkey?
Ron: Easy. Everybody fears monkeys.

Kim: No, that's just you, Ron.
Ron: I'll stick to my theory.
Kim: OK, they've got to be looking for the head, right? Wade, can
you hack into the Global Justice spy satellites?
Wade: In my sleep.
Kim: Then take a nap and scan for Drakken.

Wade: On it.

Kim: So, Ron, how's it going? I'm kind of worried about you.
Ron: Uh-uh. Worry not, K.P. Ron Stoppable can adapt.
Kim: Yeah. Heh heh. What's that you're eating?
Ron: Lamb and cabbage stew.

Rufus: Mm-mmm. Yum.
Kim: Lamb and cabbage stew?
Ron: Yep. Norway's second most popular dish, right behind
Kim: Right. Everybody loves meatcakes. Heh heh.
Ron: Oh, yeah. I got the mad love for the meatcakes.

Kim: Sounds like you're adjusting.
Ron: Oh,ja. That's Norwegian... or French.
Kim: Great. OK, I got to run. Latin class. I... oh, sorry.
I know how much you wanted to take that.
Ron: OK. Latin, schmatin. I've got lamb and cabbage.
[ both slurp ]
[ beep ]
[ both gagging ]

Ron: I need Bueno Nacho.
Ron's Mom: More meatcakes, honey?
Ron: No! No meatcakes! No meatcakes!

[ dramatic music playing ]
Drakken: Nothing's happening. Why is nothing happening?
Something should be happening, shouldn't it?

Monkey Fist: Patience. When the idol is near its head, the Tempus
Simia will clap.
Drakken: There's no such thing as mystical monkey power.
Monkey Fist: You wouldn't know mystical monkey power if you held it
in your tiny little hands.
Duff: Aye, they are wee small digits.

[ cymbals clink ]

Shego: Uh, guys...

Drakken: I'll let my wee fingers do the talking, Mr. Skirty
Shego: Guys.
Monkey Fist: Can you two buffoons take this outside?
Duff: At 30,000 feet?

Monkey Fist: Precisely.

[ clink ]
Shego: Guys!
Guys: What?
Shego: The monkey clapped.

[ clinking ]
[ all gasp ]

Monkey Fist: We're getting close.
Drakken: Monkey power rules.

[ dramatic music plays ]
Kim: ( sighs )

Monique: You, me, and Bueno Nacho, and we're gonna grande-size it,

[ eating noisily ]
[ belches ]
Monique: So, Ron enough for you?
Kim: Thanks, Monique, but there's no substitute.

[ beeps ]

Kim: What's the sitch, Wade?
Wade: I've tracked down team Drakken.
Kim: Where to?
Wade: Deep in the australian outback.
Kim: Better tell Ron. What time is it there?

Ron Uh...
Wade: Bedtime, apparently.
Ron: You know, as cold as Norway is, it's even colder at 2:00 A.M.
Rufus: ( teeth chattering )

Kim: It's summer in Australia.
Ron: I'm there, Kim. Next stop, Austria.
Kim: No, no, australia.
Ron: Right. Save me some strudel.

Kim: ( sighs ) He'll never make it. ( gasps ) Maybe I need
a plan "B."

Monique: Me? I'm plan "B"? Kim, I don't think I can.
Monique: You're puppy dog pouting now, aren't you?
Kim: No, not at all.
Monique: Ah, you got me.
Kim: Boo-yah!

[ music playing ]

Guy: Right, sheilas. You're on your own from here.
Kim: That's cool.

Kim: Wade set us up.
[ metal scraping ]

Monique: Hey, mine isn't... aah!
Kim: Maybe a little less Ron-ish.

[ rock music playing ]

Monique: Uh, ok.
[ screaming ]

[ clinking ]
Drakken: Warmer, warmer.
Monkey Fist: Ooh, colder.
Duff: Warmer, warmer!
[ clinking faster ]

Drakken: Ha! I'm white hot! Hmm. The head must be under here.

Duff: All right, on three. One, two, three! Ohh! Aah! Uhh!

Duff: I cannae do it alone!

Monkey Fist: Hmm. Ahh. There. A mystical monkey doorknob.
Drakken: Hoist me up, Killigan. I'll turn it.

Duff: With those wee bairny hands? Ha! Dream on, blue boy.

Drakken: Hmm. Mutant show-off.

[ energy surges ]
[ rumbles ]
Duff: Hmm.

Drakken: Why do you get to go first?
Duff: Ach. Why do you?
Monkey Fist: Waffle away, gents. I'll be getting a head.

Kim: Excellent formation, boys.
All: Aah! Ohh! Uhh!

Kim: Your landing needs a little work.
Drakken: Kim Possible?
Monkey Fist: Why do you always act so surprised?
Drakken: Hmm. I don't know.

Monique: Whoa! Watch out! Uhh!

Drakken: Who's she? Where's the buffoon?
Monique: I'm... I'm Monique. I... I'm really just filling in.
Shego: Nice to beat you.
Monique: My face needs space! Ow!
Kim: Uh, uh, maybe I should handle Shego.

Duff: I'll play through, then. Fore!
Monique: You hit golf balls? ( scoffs ) That's your big villain
schtick? My dad does that.
Kim: Unh!
Monique: Golf balls that explode?

Kim: Welcome to my world.
Shego: Yeah. Can we focus here, Kimmie?
[ grunting ]
[ dramatic music playing ]
Monkey Fist: Ooh!

Monique: I think I need to train some more..., 20 years

Monkey Fist: Aah! Uhh!

Shego: Grr!
Monique: Um, Kim, her hands are glowing.
Kim: Yeah. Avoid those.

Shego: Raah!
[ whimpers ]

[ beeping ]
[ gasps ]
[ boom ]
Duff: All par for the course, lassie.
[ boom boom ]

Monique: Aah! Uhh!
Drakken: Boo.
Monique: Aah!

Shego: Heh heh heh!

Monkey Fist: Triumph!
[ airplane engine roaring ]

Monique: OK, I liked the land surfing part, but the fighting the
freaks part, yeah, I could live without.
Ron: K.P.!

Ron: I made it!
Rufus: Huh? Uhh. Ohh. Uh-oh.
Ron: Did we miss them again?

Kim: Yeah.
Ron: But this time...
Kim: Bad guys, two, good guys, zero.

Ron: Guten tagy, Birgit. Today, I'd like to order off the menu.
Are you familiar with the "naco"?
Birgit: Lamb and cabbage stew. Next.

Rufus: Huhh! Yuck!
[ beeps ]
Ron: Ooh, saved by the bell. What's the sitch? Ha ha ha! That
felt kinda cool.

Kim: Wade turned up some dirt on the Tempus Simia idol.
Ron: Great. So, what's it do?
Kim: Still a mystery, but we do know there's a temple of the
Tempus Simia in Central Africa.
Ron: You think we'll find Evil Incorporated there?
Kim: Mmm. That's where they have to put the head on the monkey.

Ron: Yeah, this ancient magic stuff, it's always so complicated.
Kim: I'm sure the mystic monkey monks had their reasons.
Ron: Uh, excuse me. Private talkie. Do you mind?
Kim: Rude enough?
Ron: I am so over blondes, Kim. No novelty value whatsoever here.

Kim: OK. Meet me in Africa?
Ron: This time, I swear I won't be late.

Rufus: Go! Ha ha!
Ron: I am flooring it!

Both: Waah!

Both: Yaah!

[ camel grunts ]
Ron: Giddy-up already!

Ron: Oh, come on. You're slower than the camel!
Ron: Aah!

Ron: Uhh! Ow.

Kim: Ron?
Ron: Sorry I'm late. This elephant totally copped a'tude with me.
Kim: Ron, it's cool. You're right on time.
Ron: Wow.
Kim: The Tempus Simia temple is just over that ridge.
[ dramatic music playing ]

Drakken: One, Two, Three. Ha! Rock beats paper.
Duff: Are you daft, man? Paper beats rock. Everyone knows
Drakken: Oh, come now. That doesn't even make sense. How can
flimsy paper possibly beat the raw density of stone?
Monkey Fist: It is time! Our moment is at hand.
Duff: Finally.

Monkey Fist: Pardon me for making you wait a few minutes to
dominate the world, but the magic won't work unless
the head is reattached precisely at noon.
Drakken: Why is this ancient magic stuff always so complicated?
Duff: Toss me the monkey noggin.
Monkey Fist: What? No! Using mystical monkey power was my idea.
The honor should be mine.
Drakken: No, mine!

Shego: I am stuck with the freak stooges. Hey, guys, why
don't you work as a team and put the stupid head on
Drakken: But I hate sharing.
Duff: No sharing.
Monkey Fist: Then we shall not share... together.
Drakken: Yes.
[ all grunting ]
[ sighs ]

Monkey Fist: Less than a minute now.
Kim: Sorry. Can't wait that long. I've got a Latin test,
and, wow, I'd hate to miss that.
Drakken: You don't stand a chance, Possible. It's three
against one.
Shego: Excuse me?
Drakken: OK, two against four, if you count the sidekicks.

Shego: Honestly, why do I bother?

Get up on ya feet now
Gonna rock the place
Can't you see the smile
On my face?
Give it to me high,
Give it to me low
Give it to me,
Here we go
Get up on ya feet now
Gonna raise the roof

Ron: Boo-yah!

Can't stop now,
We're crawlin' on through

Kim: Nice toss.

Give it to me high,
Give it to me low

Kim: Unh!

Get up on ya feet now

Hyped up, psyched out,
Ready to go
Say you gotta believe,
You gotta put on a show
Everybody's on the floor,
Takin' it to the max
Face to face,
Now we're comin' back
Hear the noise
And feel the heat
From block to block
And down every street
Don't have to run when
You get the call
Beat the buzz is through it all

Ron: You know, in this light, you're kinda cute.

So make some noise,
All you girls and boys
Come on

Monkey Fist: Hurry!

We're all fired up and ready to roll,
Fire it up, fire it up
Here we go

Kim: I'm open!
Ron: Gotcha, K.P.!

Get up on ya feet now
Gonna rock the place
Can't you see
The smile on my face?
Give it to me high,
Give it to me low
Give it to me,
Here we go
Get up on ya feet now

[ whoosh ]
[ dramatic music playing ]
Drakken: So long, Kim Possible. We'll meet again in time.
[ laughing ]

Kim: Oof! We... lost.
Ron: We seem to be doing that a lot lately.

Ron: Sorry, Kim. I thought you were going to zig when you zagged.
Kim: Zig? I always zag in that sitch.
Ron: Really? Oh, man. We are so out of sync.

Kim: Yeah, no doubt.
Ron: Well, I guess that's what happens when you live on opposite
sides of the globe.
Kim: ( sighs ) It's not working, is it? The save the world thing?
Ron: I don't think so, K.P. You, um, ahem, you better go it alone.
Kim: ( gulp ) Yeah. I guess I'd better. Still friends?

Ron: Always. Heh. I've got, um, I've got something in my eye, Kim.
I'm gonna talk to you later.
[ beep ]
Kim: Ohh!

Kim: "Tempus...time?" ( gasps ) "Simia...monkey." Tempus

Drakken: We'll meet again in time.
Kim: Time monkey?!

[ whoosh ]
[ dramatic music playing ]
Kim: Rufus?!

Rufus 3000: I am Rufus 3000. I have come for you from the future.
Kim: This just got so much weirder.
Rufus 3000: Hicka bicka boo.
Kim: Huh?
Rufus 3000: Hicka bicka boo.

[ beep ]

Kim: Wade, Rufus just zapped into my bedroom and he's talking like
the tweebs.
Wade: Kim, Rufus is in Norway with Ron. Did you say, "Rufus is
Kim: Yeah. Check this out.

[ whirs ]
[ beeping ]

Wade: Uh, Kim, I don't think that's Rufus.
Kim: He's totally Rufus! Except for the, you know, talking
Rufus 3000: I am known as Rufus 3000. I come from the future.
Wade: OK...
Kim: You're from the year 3000?

Rufus 3000: No, but I am one of 3,000 hyper-evolved descendants of
Rufus Prime.
Kim: Wade, give me the super genius take on this.
Wade: I'm definitely picking up time cooties.
Kim: Really?
Wade: No! There's no such thing as time cooties.

Rufus 3000: Actually, there are, and they really itch, but we must
focus on a more important issue... the fate of the world.
Kim: Um, could you be more specific?
Rufus 3000: It will be clearer if I show you.
[ whoosh ]
[ gasps ]
[ gasps ]

Rufus 3000: Step forward.
[ humming ]

Kim: Who-o-oaa! Oof!

[ ships buzzing ]
Kim: No way! Drakken did it? He took over the world?!

[ portal whooshes ]

Kim: Huh? Uhh! Unh! How does that happen?
Rufus 3000: The Supreme One took power with cruel swiftness. No
one knows exactly what happened. We believe that time
travel is the key. Somehow the Supreme One tampered with
your past.
Kim: Time travel? The Time Monkey!
Rufus 3000: Exactly. Tempus Simia.
Kim: But what can I do?

Rufus 3000: History tells us that you are the only one to have
defeated the Supreme One in the pre-Tempus Simia era.
Kim: But if the Supreme One has the Time Monkey in the
future, or the past... or... wow. Aah! Brain pain.
Rufus 3000: Time travel does that.
Kim: All I know is I'm stuck in the now and I'm fresh out
of Time Monkey.
Rufus 3000: This is a chrono-manipulator.

Kim: Big enough?
Rufus 3000: Beats strapping a monkey to your wrist.
Kim: True.
Rufus 3000: This is your ticket to time travel. Use it in victory.
Wade: Cool! Mind if I scan the specs?

Rufus 3000: No! The time stream has been polluted enough! In
fact, I must return to my own time before I corrupt the
past even further. Also, I'm making cookies.
Kim: Cookies?
Rufus 3000: Fighting an evil overlord works up a fierce appetite.
Wade: I hear that!
Rufus 3000: Kim Possible, the fate of the future, humanity, and the
planet earth itself rests in your hands.

Kim: But no pressure.
Rufus 3000: Hooshah!
[ whoosh ]

Shego: Guys, guys, guys, OK, yeah, we got the Time Monkey.
Whoo-hoo! Yay for us. But we need a plan. A smart

Drakken: Sidekicks are to be seen and not heard, Shego. We
need a plan. A smart plan.
Monkey Fist: We're listening.
Drakken: I have run a computer analysis of Kim Possible's life
and have calculated the exact day when she will be most
Shego: Sounds smart.
Drakken: We must go undercover... using this juvenator.

Shego: Juvenator? What's a...
[ gasps ]
[ squeak ]
Drakken: Cool!
Shego: OK, just got dumb.

[ squeak ]
[ squeak ]

Duff: ( gasps ) I'm a wee laddie!
Monkey Fist: Drakken, why on earth are we toddlers?
Drakken: Because our target is Kim Possible's first day of
pre-school! Ha ha ha ha!

Kim: Ooh! I felt my baby sister kick!

Kim's Mom: Kim, remember, it might be a baby brother.
Kim's Dad: Might be two!
Kim's Mom: Don't even joke.
Kim: Mommy, I want to stay with you and daddy and my baby
Kim's Dad: Now, Kimmie-cub, if you did that, you'd miss out on your
first day of pre-school.
Kim: Maybe I don't want to go.

Kim's Mom: Kimmie, we know your first day might seem a little
Kim's Dad: But as soon as you make a friend, you'll see what a
super time you're in for!
Kim: What if I can't make a friend?
Kim's Dad: Kimmie-cub, there's something you must never forget.
Kim: Always say please and thank you?

Kim's Dad: Yes, that, but I also want you to remember that anything
is possible for a Possible.
Kim: OK.
Kim's Dad: That's my girl.

Ron: Remember when I became the Middleton Mad-Dog?
Rufus: Ohh, yeah.

Ron: All the other cheerleaders thought it was stupid but Kim...
my friend Kim... well, actually, she thought it was stupid,
Rufus: Mmm. Uh-huh.
Ron: But Kim came around eventually. I think. Perhaps the
greatest day of my life... the Bueno Nacho grand opening.
Kim gave me a ride.
Rufus: Huh?
Ron: I didn't know how to ride a two-wheeler yet, and you can't
take your trike to a restaurant opening. It's just not done.

Rufus: Ohh, yeah. Mm-hmm.
Ron: Ah, Pre-K. That's where K.P. and I first met. Right after
nap time. Hmm, there I am. There's Kim.

[ rumbling ]
[ gasps ]
[ blblblbb ]
[ chattering ]

Ron: ( gasps ) What the heck?

Teacher: OK, say "cheese!"
Class: Cheese!
Kim: Cut it out!

Gang: Ha ha!
Teacher: What do we have here? Three bad little boys. You
are a boy, right?
Duff: Aye!
Teacher: Young man, where are your shoes?
Monkey Fist: I, oh, uh, lost them.

Drakken: I'd check around the monkey bars. Ha ha ha!

[ snoring ]
Monkey Fist: That was a most productive morning.
Drakken: Indeed! Pigtail pulling, dolly stealing...
[ laughing ]
[ snoring ]

Monkey Fist: Killigan!
Teacher: Does somebody here need a time out?
Drakken: Oh, no, Teacher. We'll be little angels. Until we
hit the playground. Then we will crush Kim Possible's
[ snickers ]

Shego: Ugh! How long can it take to crush the spirit of a four
year old?

Kim: This is low, even for you, Shego.
Shego: Not my idea. I'd go lower.
Kim: You like time travel? Allow me to knock you into the next
century. Unh!
Shego: Allow me to make you history.

[ laughing ]

Kim: Huh? Hey! Give it! It was my turn!
Drakken: Oh, it was your turn. We had no idea. Here.
Kim: Thanks.
Drakken: Psych!
Ron: Leave her alone! It's her turn! Taking turns is the
basic foundation of pre-school! The jungle law of daycare
is behind us! We have structure! We have rules!

Drakken: Get him.
Kim: Aah!

[ villains laughing ]
Ron: I'm warning you! I have an imaginary friend. He's huge.
Kim: Hey, bullies!
Kim: Hi...yah!

[ gasps ]

Shego: Yaah! yaah!
[ crash ]

[ squeak ]
Drakken: Shego, help!
Duff: The wee lassie's a savage! Oof!

Monkey Fist: Oh, no, she's here!

Drakken: The little brat?
Monkey Fist: The big brat!
Kim: Hey, guess what? Free swim in the time stream is over.
Shego: Mission not accomplished, I presume.
Duff: I had a lovely nap.

Drakken: Mmm, we're regrouping.
Monkey Fist: Fear not, gentlemen. Time is on our side.
Kim: Drop it!
[ crackling ]
Kim: Unh! Ow!

[ whoosh ]

Rufus 3000: Kim Possible, have you stopped the Supreme One?
Kim: Not. And they escaped with the Time Monkey.
Rufus 3000: Well, have a cookie. They're peanut butter.
Kim: Thanks.
Rufus 3000: I will return to the future and scan the time stream.
We must determine where the Supreme One will strike next.
Where can I drop you off in the early 21st century?

Kim: No, thanks. I'll just wait here in the good old days.

Ron: Did that one kid have opposable toes?
Kim: You're weird, but I like you.

[ crackling ]

Monkey Fist: Where are we, Drakken?
Duff: ( sniffs ) It reeks of Middleton.
Drakken: Indeed! The Middleton of the not-too-distant past.
To be precise, the day went online.
Duff: Aye. Back before the bubble burst.

Kim: It's so cool that we both got new computers.
Ron: Yours is new? Man! I got stuck with my dad's old one.
Kim: Ooh, sorry. Hey, can you get online?
Ron: Uh-huh. I'm researching hairless pets.
Kim: Your dad's allergies, huh?
Ron: My parents finally said I could get a pet... but no fur...
and you'd be surprised how many mammals have fur.

Kim: I'm making my own website.
Ron: What for?
Kim: Baby-sitting jobs and stuff. You know, helping people out?
Ron: How about a hairless cat?
Kim: Way too freaky. OK, type in ""

[ modem squealing ]
Ron: Loading... loading... "Kim Possible. She can do anything."
Yeah, you know, it sounds a little braggy.
Kim: It's like a commercial, Ron. It's supposed to be braggy.

Shego: She just set up her website.

Monkey Fist: So what is your plan, Drakken? Do enlighten us.
Drakken: When young Kim Possible goes on her first mission,
we'll make sure she fails. This time her spirit will be
Duff: Oh, we tried crushing her spirit. Can we nae simply
crush her?
Monkey Fist: I'm with the mad golfer on this one.
[ squeak ]

Drakken: No, no, listen! We'll infiltrate her life as fellow
Shego: Lame!
[ zap ]
Drakken: Shego! Have you forgotten the talk we had about
hurting with our words?
Shego: Listen, you're better off with their approach. If you
can figure out a way to crush Kimmie, her spirit won't
really be an issue.

Monkey Fist: The legends of a long-gone mystical sect speak of a
being that would be exactly what we need.
[ whoosh ]
Monkey Fist: If you need me, I'll be in the Third Century Satsuma
Drakken: Is this another monkey temple?
Monkey Fist: Not at all. Gorilla.

Duff: So, what was the lassie's first mission?

Drakken: Something about an eccentric billionaire collector.

McHenry: Mr. Paisley, I assure you, this security system is the best
money can buy. No thief could survive the laser web.
Paisley: So my Flamingoat will be safe?
McHenry: Yes, Mr. Paisley, your extensive and vaguely disturbing
collection of plush is 100% secure.
Paisley: Because the flamingoat is the rarest...
Both: ...of the cuddle buddies. Only 10 were made.

Paisley: Ooh, ooh, how does it work? Do I press the red button?
McHenry: No! Not the red button!
[ beep ]
Paisley: Aah!
McHenry: The laser web is lethal. Don't move a muscle. Don't even
[ moaning ]
[ zap ]

Paisley: Ow! Uh, Mr. McHenry, how do we turn it off?
McHenry: We would need the remote for that. Don't panic. Let me
think. I've got it! Team Impossible!
Paisley: Who?
McHenry: Team Impossible... super secret commando squad. This is
what they train for.
[ zapping ]
McHenry: Just have to access their website...
[ beeping ]

Bonnie: Try-outs. Hate 'em! Who's next?
Girl: Kim Possible.
Bonnie: Tin teeth? I gave her a routine no girl can do.
[ ping ]
[ exhales ]

[ music starts ]
E is for everybody,
E is for everybody
Close your eyes
And count to 10
Let's do the alphabet again
Keep pushing up,
This night will never end

[ squeaks ]
[ panting ]

[ snap ]
[ clapping ]

Bonnie: Fine. You make the squad. Barely.
Kim: Yes!

Ron: Kim, you got a hit on the site! A major hit!
Kim: Ugh, baby-sitting the Turner twins again?
Ron: No, danger major!

Kim: Danger?
Ron: Somebody needs your help like now!
Bonnie: Ahem. Kim, you're just starting practice.
Kim: Oh, I know. I'm sorry. I'll never, ever ditch again.
I swear!

Kim: Thanks, Mrs. Mahoney, for driving us all the way to

Mahoney: It's the least I could do since you rescued Tabby from
that tree.
Kim: No big. See ya!

Kim: You're sure this is the right address, Ron?
Ron: Yep! Someone's trapped in there.
Kim: Hmm, I don't know. This seems like the kind of stuff the
police should handle.
Ron: Truth in advertising, Kim. Your website says you can do

Kim: Now it sounds braggy. ( sighs ) OK, first step. Getting
Ron: Hey, I've got a little something that might help.
Kim: What is that?
Ron: A naked mole rat! I just got him yesterday at Smarty Mart.
Kim: A naked mole rat?
[ yawns ]

Ron: I named him Rufus. It's cute, huh?

Duff: Where is Monkey Fist?
Shego: ( sighs ) I'm working with a man named Monkey Fist. My
evil career is so in the toilet.

Ron: Say, Rufus, buddy, you think maybe you could open these
gates for us?

Rufus: Uh-huh.
Ron: Naked mole rats... pets of the future.

[ clattering ]
Rufus: Ta-dah!
Kim: A naked mole rat... gross but handy.

Ron: Want to hold him?
Kim: I'll pass.

Ron: What are those red things?
Kim: Lasers.
Paisley: Yes, we would like to have those shut off, please.

McHenry: Paisley, you can relax. Team Impossible can handle this.
Ron: Uh, yes, that's us! Good name. We could use that.
Kim: Just tell me what I need to do!
McHenry: Get that remote, but avoid the beams at all costs!
Kim: Um, ok.
[ exhales ]

[ music playing ]
You're untoppable

Kim: Unh!

Kim, Kim, Kim Possible
It's just you
Doing the impossible
It's you
You're practically unstoppable
It's you totally untoppable
It's you, it's you, it's you
You're Kim Possible

Paisley: oh!
McHenry: Unh!
Ron: Boo-yah, Kim!
McHenry: A cheerleader?!
Ron: That'd be Kim Possible! She can do anything! Look us up
online. We're world-wide, baby!

Shego: It's over. Hairy hands blew it.
Duff: He has the power of time travel and he's late!

[ whoosh ]
Monkey Fist: Calm yourself, Killigan. I have returned... and I've
brought a little piece of the past with me.
[ clang ]

Kim: Is that a Flamingoat? But that's the rarest Cuddle Buddy!
They only made...

Both: ...ten!
Kim: This so blows my Pandaroo out of the water. I never thought
I'd even see one of these. Now my life is complete.

Drakken: Perfect. So you won't mind if we end it!
[ roaring ]

Ron: Giant monkey! Aah!

Ron: That is sick and wrong!

McHenry: Mr. Paisley, I suggest we hide.

Monkey Fist: Kim Possible, meet the Stone Guardian of Satsuma...
or should I say, meet your doom! Ah ha ha ha ha!

Ron: Aah! Giant monkey!

Kim: What did I ever do to you?
Drakken: Nothing yet, but you will.

Monkey Fist: Yes, in time, you shall hand each of us humiliating
Duff: Aye, and it's a deep hurt.

Kim: Buckle up, boys. The hurt is on.
Drakken: Kim Possible?!
Duff: Times two!

Ron: Aah! Giant monkey!

Kims: Uhh!
Young Kim: Anybody want to explain any of this to me?
Kim: I'm you, from the future.
Young Kim: OK, this is a 9.7 on the weirdness scale.

Kim: Oh, you'll get used to it. Trust me. Look out.

Drakken: Well, Monkey Fist, I must admit, I had my doubts.
Duff: Aye. Me, too.
Shego: This actually seems to be working. No...

Future Shego: Listen closely.

Shego: I can't believe it. I've told Drakken a thousand
times... no clones!
Future Shego: I am not a clone.
Shego: You're not?
Future Shego: I'm you, from the future.
Shego: Uhh. I hate time travel.

[ dramatic music playing ]
[ roars ]

Ron: Am I the only one who sees the giant monkey?!

Future Shego: Listen, we don't have a lot of time. OK, actually,
we do. Well... we will.
Shego: When you want to make sense, just let me know.
Future Shego: Grab the Time Monkey.
Shego: Why?

Future Shego: You need the Time Monkey.
Shego: Can't I just use yours?
Future Shego: No, this is mine! OK, well, actually, it's yours,
too. It's the one you're gonna steal, so,
Shego: If you need me, I'll be in there, watching Kim
Possible lose.
Future Shego: Trust me. This whole rock gorilla deal is gonna go
south. So when it does, make sure you get that Time

Shego: Run through this again for me.

[ roaring ]
Monkey Fist: Kim Possible cannot win this battle. Ha ha ha!
Rufus 3000: Wrong, ape-man! Help has arrived.
Ron: What is going on?

Rufus 3000: Kim Possible needs you.
Drakken: Oh, please! The buffoon!
Monkey Fist: Oh, what possible help could the sidekick be?

[ snarling ]
Kim: Ron! What are you wearing?

Ron: My mom signed me up for a folk dancing class.

Young Kim: That's the future you.
Young Ron: What's with the stupid hat?!
Ron: It's, uh, it's a future hat!

[ roars ]

Ron: Dude, personal space.

[ roaring ]
Ron: Aah!

Young Ron: Future me isn't afraid of monkeys. I get brave!
Young Kim: You'd have to be to dress like that.

Ron: Aaaah ha ha!

Ron: Aah!

[ roars ]

Kim: Uhh!

Ron: Ooh, what's this?

Ron: Wonder what the red button does.

Kim: Uhh!

[ beep ]

Young'uns: No!

[ screaming ]

[ beep ]

Ron: Wow, cool.

Young Ron: Boo-yah! You rock!
Ron: No, my young friend, you rock!

Rufus: Hmm? Huh? Hmm?
Baby Rufus: Hi!
Rufus: Ooh...

Young Kim: Nice to know the braces work.
Kim: Yeah, as long as you don't try to kiss Walter Nelson.

Young Kim: Locked braces?
Kim: It was an embarrassing ride to the orthodontist.

Young Ron: So, what does the future hat do?
Ron: Nothing, it's just a hat. OK, listen to me. In the
future, you will change your hair and become a babe
magnet. Keep that look!
Young Ron: OK, but what about the hat?

Ron: Forget the hat!

Paisley: Officers, take them away.
Monkey Fist: But you can't leave us here in the past.
Duff: Aye, we'll face years of deja vu!
Drakken: This will throw the time stream into chaos!

Officer: Yeah, like I haven't heard that one before.
Shego: Hmm. Going to prison sure sounds like a waste of time.
Of course, with this, I can waste all the time I want.
Kim + Drakken: The Time Monkey!
Shego: Later, losers!
Kims: Oof!

Rufus 3000: Kim Possible, the Supreme One has once again escaped
into the time stream.
Kim: No, Shego did. The Supreme One's right here!
[ squeak, pop ]
Rufus 3000: Where? I don't see her.
Kim: "Her"? I thought the Supreme One was Drakken!

Rufus 3000: Certainly not. Behold the face of evil... The face of
the Supreme One.
Ron: Shego!
Shego: Oops.

Kim: Shego is the Supreme One? Well, you could've mentioned

Rufus 3000: I thought it was obvious.
Ron: Uh-huh, sure. But just run it down for Kim's sake.
Rufus 3000: Wasn't it clear that Shego was the only one smart
enough to take over the world?
Kim: Uh, well, I guess it always seemed more like a guy
Ron: So Shego has the Time Monkey, and she's all-powerful...
20 years from now. So, short-term, everything's hakuna,

Rufus 3000: Not necessarily. The time stream is in flux.
Kim: I'm tired of playing defense. I'm takin' the fight to
Ron: You're going to the future?
Kim: Yeah.
Ron: OK, OK. From here on out... ( cracks ) we're in this
together, K.P.

Rufus 3000: But the danger to the time stream... It's impossible!
Kim: Impossible? Check my name.
Ron: Eh, she's got you there, buddy.
Rufus 3000: ( sighs ) Very well. Proceed.

Ron: Hey, look. I've got one foot in the future. Ha ha ha...
Kim: Uhh! Let's warp... or whatever you call it.

Young Ron: Confused?
Young Kim: Oh, yeah.
Young Ron: Good. I thought it might just be me.

[ dramatic music playing ]
[ people gasp ]

Kim: So this is Middleton of the future.
Rufus 3000: Actually, it's now called Shegoton.
Ron: Dark, but with style.
Kim: Yeah. Bleak chic.
Rufus 3000: Quickly, the eyes of the Supreme One are everywhere.

Guy: You there! Why aren't you toiling for the glory of the
Supreme One?
Rufus 3000: Told you.
Ron: Oh, dude... I am so toiled out.
Guy: We've got a lippy norwegian and some gerbils. Code 5.
Rufus: Hey!

Rufus 3000: Naked mole rats, please.
Guy: Send security drones! Tag and bag!

[ drones approaching ]
Rufus 3000: I'll hold them off as long as I can.
[ boom ]

Ron: Aah! My folkehatt!

Ron: Uh, be honest. Does the costume work without the hat?
Kim: Ron, it didn't work WITH the hat.

Kim: Club Shego? Ugh! More like Club Ego. Oh, well, when in
Shegoton, blend in.
Ron: Kim, you put the "neat-o" in "incognito."

Ron: OK, which is the guys' side?

Kim: This is a fashion nightmare. At least it's not a bad fit.
Ron: Ah, really? 'cause mine's kinda riding up. I think
I picked from the girls' side.
Rufus: Ha ha ha ha!
Ron: OK, K.P., what's our next step?

Kim: We find Shego.

Kim: Somebody loves herself a little too much.
Rufus: Yuck!
Ron: I don't know, guys. You gotta give Shego her props. I mean,
this is one slick citadel of doom. Motion detectors, laser
cannons, and my favorite touch, a piranha-filled moat.
Kim: A moat? So retro.

Ron: Yeah, but, you know, I'm a sucker for the classics.

Ron: Aah!
Rufus: Ow.

Rufus: Aaaah!
Ron: No. It can't be.
[ whimpering ]

Ron: In her mad quest for power, she destroyed Bueno Nacho.
You'll pay for this, lady! Oh, yes... you will pay!

Kim: Ron, maybe now is not the time.
Both: Uhh!

Ron: Um, excuse me, scary orb thing, where are you taking us?
Drone: The Attitude Adjustment Center.

Kim: Isn't that the high school?
Drone: Prepare to be drained of all individuality and spirit.
Ron: Yep, high school.

Woman: Welcome to the Attitude Adjustment Center. That's right,
file in. Fill all the seats. I see some openings in the
front row. Hi... I'm Bonnie Rockwaller.
Ron: Bonnie? She's working for Shego?

Kim: That fits.
[ grunts ]

Ron: Kim, I think that's Brick Flagg.
Kim: Wow. It is.
Ron: Man, he let himself go.
Kim: Shh.

Bonnie: OK, let's start. Does anyone know why you're here? Yes,
you... soulless worker drone number 5889.
#5889: Well, uh, I think it's... Aaaah!
[ splash ]

Bonnie: Exactly. You're here because you think, and we all know
that's not allowed. The Supreme One thinks for you. Let's
watch an instructional video. Lights!

[ dramatic music playing ]
Drakken: The Supreme One started with a simple dream... to rule the
world. Of course, it was my dream first. ( bzzt ) Aah!

Shego: OK, eyes on me! You know, I started out as an
underestimated sidekick, trying to make the stupid schemes
of others succeed...
Drakken: My schemes were not stupid! ( bzzt ) Aah! The burning!
Shego: Ooh. But with the help of a time-traveling monkey idol,
I went solo with an evil scheme of my own, and it worked!
So, now it's my world. Ha ha! You're just living in it.
Back to work!
[ music ends ]

Ron: Not the feel-good film of the year.
[ chatters ]
Ron: That's true. The music was good.

Bonnie: So, who still questions the infallible leadership of the
Supreme One? Wait. Don't answer. We'll just mindscan you.

Ron: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! It tickles!

Bonnie: Our scan has picked up two troublemakers in the back row.

Ron: I wonder what they do with troublemakers. Hey, hey, hey!
High school never had to resort to this sort of thing!
Kim: Or that sort of thing.
Bonnie: Obedience collars. You'll learn to love them. Not that
you'll have a choice.
Ron: I'll pass. I'm not big on the bling-bling.
Kim: Ron, I don't think it's optional.

[ boom ]

Bonnie: What?!
Jim: Eat hot plasma, Supreme One stooges!
Tim: Vive la resistance!
Ron: Hey... Norwegian.
Rufus 3000: Naked mole rats, attack!
[ all shouting ]

Bonnie: Aah! Get them off of me! ( sobbing ) They're so gross!

Kim: Love your timing.

[ whirring ]
Ron: Wow. Those dudes are buff.
Kim: What's the dealy on them?

Rufus 3000: I do not recognize them.
Jim: Hicka bicka boo?
Tim: Hooshah!
Kim: ( gasps ) The tweebs?

Jim: Welcome to the future, big sis.
Tim: More like little sis.
Kim: Little brothers are now big brothers.
Ron: Time travel... it's a cornucopia of disturbing concepts.
Kim: Wait, I have some questions about this.

Tim: No time now. We've gotta jet. In the Kiminator Mark
Kim: Wow.
Rufus 3000: Hurry. The Supreme One will soon return with greater

Jim: Strap in...
Tim: 'cause the kiminator flies, baby!

Ron: Aah!

Kim: Kiminator?
Tim: Kiminator Mark XII.
Jim: We kept fighting about the name.
Tim: So we named it after you.
Kim: You guys are so sweet. Mature works on you. Wait, what about
Mom and Dad?

Jim: Up there.
Kim: On the moon?
Tim: Hooshah! Mom and dad led the great lunar migration after the
Supreme One turned earth into such a drag.

Kim's Dad: Hon, I'm home!
Kim's Mom: How was the Sea of Tranquility?
Kim's Dad: Traffic was terrible.

Kim: Didn't they even miss me?
Jim: Oh, yeah. But dad always said...

Kim's Dad: Well, at least Kimmie's just lost in the time stream and
not staying out late with some boy.

Ron: What about my parents?

Ron's Dad: I'm an actuary. I can work anywhere.

Kim: OK, so where are we going now?

Tim: Our secret headquarters. It's in a remote location where no
one ever goes.
Ron: Upperton?
Jim: Now it's called North Shegoton. But yeah, that's the place.
Tim: There you'll meet our leader.

Wade: Kim, Ron! Man, am I glad to see you guys.
Kim: Wade?

Ron: We finally get to see you in person! And you're a giant!
Wade: What can I say? I had a growth spurt.
Ron: Uhh! Why is everybody in the future so ripped?
Wade: Fighting an evil dictator will do that to you.
Ron: Fine, but just don't think I'm a puny man, OK? Waah! I got
mad fu skills!

Wade: ( laughs ) Ron, don't do that. You crack me up, man.
Ron: Heh heh. Ow.

Kim: So, Wade... what's the sitch?
Wade: Heh. It's been a long time since I heard that. The Tempus
Simia idol. Shego used it to play the time stream. We need it
to set everything right.

Kim: Take that away, Shego's future is history.
Ron: Can't we just break it?
Jim: The chaotic effect of unleashing the chronal energies might
snap the time stream back to normal.
Tim: Might...
Kim: Might?

Jim: Or it might unravel the fabric of time and space and destroy
the universe.
Tim: Even Mom and Dad on the moon.
Kim: OK, let's just start with getting it away from Shego.
Wade: We tried to get in, but every mission ended... badly.
Kim: Then we're due.

Wade: Heh heh. Same old Kim.
Ron: Anybody seen Rufus?

Rufus 3000: Rufus Prime, please... share your wisdom.
Rufus: Huh?
Rufus 3000: What is the meaning of life?

Rufus: Hmm... cheese!
[ applause ]
[ cheering ]
Rat: You owe me a buck.

Tim: We've run the scenarios. Aerial assault... equals major
[ boom ]

Jim: And a ground assault... worse.
Kim: Then we'll go lower.

Ron: The sewers? Aw, man! There's a whole rainbow of smells
down here.
Rufus: P.U.!
Ron: Wade, don't you have, like, a matter transporter or
something? Couldn't you just beam us into Shego's palace?

Wade: Sure, but your insides might wind up on the outside.
Jim: It would be a great chance to meet your spleen.
Ron: How would I even know it's my spleen?

[ dramatic music playing ]

[ clanks ]

Kim: So far, so good.
Ron: Oh, really? Tell that to my shoes. Aah!

[ beeping ]
Wade: According to my readings, the idol is in the center of
the palace.
Monkey Fist: Not that you'll ever see it.
Kim: Monkey fist! You're working for Shego, too?

Monkey Fist: Well, I don't get a paycheck, if that's what you mean,
but there are some benefits. I'll consider this one of
Ron: You're way out-numbered, dude!
Monkey Fist: Am I?
[ dramatic music plays ]

Rufus 3000: Rufus prime, will you lead us?
Rufus: Hyah!
[ yelling ]
[ shrieking ]

Ron: You will never see a stranger sight.
Jim: Move it or lose it, guys!

[ beeping ]
Wade: This way.
Kim: How close are we?
Wade: Real close. Just down this hall.

Duff: Sorry! You'll not be getting by me, laddies!
Kim: Duff?
Duff: Aye! But now they call me Robo-Duff, the world's deadliest
golfing cyborg!
Kim: Wow. Now, that's a mouthful.
Ron: And, really, how many other golfing cyborgs are there? That
cannot be a crowded field.

Duff: Ah, shut your yap, boy! Your doom is before ye! My cyber-
robotic enhancements have taken more than a few strokes off me
game. Fore!

Duff: Ha ha ha! Who's laughing now, lassie?
Ron: He's more robot than golfer now.
Jim: Get ready to bolt, Kim!
Tim: We'll handle Robo-Doof!

Duff: Robo-Duff, not Doof!
Jim: Says you!
Wade: Let's go, boys! Game time!
[ yelling ]
Duff: Ha ha...huh?
[ grunting ]

Kim: Unh!
[ doors hiss ]
[ gasps ]
Ron: Hey!
Kim: There it is... the Time Monkey.

Ron: Grab and go, K.P.!
Shego: Ah-ah-ah! I knew my past would come back to haunt me one
Kim: Shego... Ready when you are.
Shego: Sorry, Kimmie. The Supreme One always delegates. Dr. D,
you're on.
Kim: You're going to have Drakken fight me?

Ron: As a last line of defense, that's weak sauce.
Drakken: Who you calling weak?!
Ron: Now, see, everybody in the future is ripped!
Kim: What happened to you?

Drakken: Diet and exercise.
Shego: And some genetic manipulation. The future is a wonderful
Drakken: Out of my way, buffoon!
Ron: Unh! Ow!
[ rip ]

Ron: Hey!
[ thud ]

Kim: Unh! Unh!
[ Kim grunting ]

Shego: Fighting... you know, it's fun to watch.

[ shrieking ]

Monkey Fist: Advance, my monkey minions! Show no mercy! Ooh!
[ grunting ]
Monkey Fist: All right, rodentia, let me show you what a true
master of monkey kung fu can do!

[ laughing maniacally ]
Tim: I'll give him this... he shoots a good game.
Jim: What do we do?
[ zap ]

Wade: Let's take him down.
[ zap ]

[ yelling ]
Drakken: You can't evade me forever, Kim Possible.
Drakken: Unh! Uh!
Drakken: I've got fab abs.

Kim: Oh, this is so wrong!
[ crunch ]
Drakken: Unh!
Kim: Aah!
Kim: Unh! Ohh! Aah!

Shego: Ahh!
Kim: Unh.
Drakken: Ha ha! Kim Possible, you think you're all that! Blah
blah blah-blah-blah.
Shego: See, you were born to be a sidekick.
Drakken: ( mutters )

Shego: What was that?
Drakken: Nothing, oh, Supreme One! Nothing at all! Now, what
should I do with this pest?
Shego: Nothing's on TV... oh, except me, so how about we watch
her suffer?
[ beep ]
Drakken: Ahh!

[ clanking ]

Kim: Unh! Ohh.
[ struggling ]

Ron: Hold on, Kim! I... unh!

[ boom ]
Shego: Aah!
Drakken: Aah!

[ buzz ]

Monique: I'm ready, Kim!
Kim: Uh, do I know you? ( gasps ) Monique!
Shego: Monique? Monique? Who's Monique?
Monique: I'm an old friend of Kim's.

Kim: Wow! Lookin' good.
Monique: Why, thanks, Kim. There were a few nasty years after Miss
Supreme here took over Club Banana. Girlfriend, there was
no way I was gonna style that look.
Shego: Oh!
Monique: So I joined the rebellion.
[ beep ]
[ crackling ]

Shego: A-hem. Mind if I cut you off?
[ boom ]
Monique: You know, I do mind.
Shego: Aah!
Kim: You've been busy since australia.

Monique: True. 20 years of practice does a body good.
Drakken: Oh, bring it!
Ron: Hey, I... oh! Unh! OK, I guess I'll stay here!

[ monkeys shrieking ]
Monkey Fist: What do you mean, "we're losing"? They're just horrid
mole rats!

Rufus 3000: Ahem. Naked mole rats.
Rufus: Charge!
[ yelling ]
Rufus 3000: That's right! Flee, cowards!
Rufus: Ha ha! High five! Whoa!

Rufus 3000: Sorry, Rufus Prime. Sorry!

[ boom ]
Duff: I got you now, sonny jim.
Tim: No, you don't.
Duff: Are ye daft?! Game over!

Tim: No, I'm Sonny Tim. He's Sonny Jim.
Jim: Keep your skirt on, doof!
[ crash ]
[ boom ]
Tim: Hicka bicka boo?

Jim: Hooshah!
Wade: Nice work, fellas.

Rufus 3000: You've routed the fiend. Excellent.
Wade: Nothin' to it but to do it.

Duff: How can I golf without me lower half? The swing's all in the

Jim: Sorry, dude.
Duff: No, you're not, but you will be.
[ boom ]
Duff: Ha ha ha ha! Never count out the world's deadliest golfing
cyborg! Aye, you're right. It is a mouthful.

Kim: Monique, I can't get over your wicked badage. Unh!
[ crunch ]

Kim: Unh!
Monique: Once she took away shopping, I needed a new hobby.
Drakken: Hyah!
Drakken: Huh? Will you two hold still?
Monique: Whoa!
Kim: Oof!

Monique: Oh, no, you didn't! Rude!
Ron: K.P.!

Duff: I got your rebels right here, oh, Supreme One! No
thanks to monkey boy.
Monkey Fist: There were so many mole rats. So naked.
Ron: Uh... uh...

Shego: Well, Kimmie, it's been real. Erase them from history.
Drakken: What?! No taunting? No "how did I do it" speech? Oh,
poor super-villain form, Shego.
Shego: You think?
Drakken: Most definitely! What's the point of ruling the world if
you don't stop to smell the roses?

Shego: Well, all I can say is... huh?

Shego: Hey!

Shego: Raah! No touchee my monkey!
Ron: Can't blame a guy for trying.
Shego: Actually, I can.

Ron: Aah!
Shego: See, I rule the world. I can do anything.
Kim: Hey, that's my line!
Shego: Maybe, but I've got the muscle to back it up.
Ron: Unh! Ohh!

Drakken: That's the spirit! Now gloat! Tell them how you did it!
Shego: ( sighs ) All right. Went back in time, went big into
dot coms, got out before the bubble burst, opened a bank,
transferred your sidekick's mother to Norway, started an
evil think tank...
Ron: Wait a minute! What?!
Shego: Evil think tank. You know, mind control, weird ray

Ron: No, before that.
Shego: Oh, yeah. I transferred your mama to Norway. You know,
break up the team.
Kim: You broke us up?
Shego: D'oy! See, traveling into your past I realized one
thing... as a team, you two are actually solid. Why?
Don't know, don't care. So I broke you up by sending the
clown as far away as possible. Anyhoo, once I had the
obedience collars...
Ron: You're the reason I moved? You're the reason I've been
eating meatcakes?!

Drakken: Sit back... ooh! Aah!

Monkey Fist: Huh? Aah!
[ crash ]
[ clank ]

Ron: And no one knocks down Bueno Nacho! Past, present, or future!
[ yelling ]

Ron: Hyah!

[ boom ]

[ crunch ]
Shego: You broke the Time Monkey? You broke the Time Monkey!
Monkey Fist: Fool! You might unravel the very fabric of time!
Ron: I can... I can fix it. Really!

Kim: Wait! Ron, I think it worked!

[ whoosh ]
Ron: What worked?
Kim: Your plan.
Ron: Ohh, yeah. My plan.
[ eerie humming ]

Rufus: Hmm?
Rufus 3000: Hooshah, Kim Possible. We salute you.

Shego: Hmm!
[ grunting ]
Shego: No way!
Kim: Unh!

Shego: Aah!
Kim: Way.

[ dramatic music playing ]
Rufus 3000: Behold the face of evil.
Kim: Time monkey?

Monkey fist: Fool! You might unravel the very fabric of time!
Rufus 3000: Kim Possible, can you stop the Supreme One?
Drakken: I must admit I had my doubts. Monkey power rules!
Rufus 3000: Have a cookie.
Drakken: Something should be happening!

Kim: Maybe I should handle Shego.
Monkey fist: Triumph!
Rufus 3000: Kim Possible needs you.
Ron: I need Bueno Nacho! K.P.!
Kim: Ron, I couldn't save the world without you.

Ron: First practice of the new school year and I was in the zone!
Rufus: Boo-yah!
Ron: K.P., our future is... is...
Ron: Who-oa. Brain freeze.
[ groans ]

Kim: The future?
Ron: What was that, K.P.?
Kim: Something... something about the future.
Ron: Yeah, right, right. I was saying the future is bright.
Kim: Yeah, Ron, yeah. It really is.
Ron: Yep, and I hate meatcakes!

Kim: Huh?
Ron: No idea why I said that!

Na na na na

This year
Is gonna be incredible
This year
Is gonna be the one
All the planets
Are lining up for me
This year
I'm gonna have fun
This year
I'll paint my masterpiece
This year
I'll be recognized
I can feel
I'll fall in love for real
This year
This year
January, I'll learn to fly
February, love's gonna find me
March, April, May
I'll get carried away
Oh, oh
This year
I'm gonna reach the pinnacle
This year
I'll get to the top
People will ask
"Where's she get that energy?"
This year
I'm never gonna stop

[ music playing ]

January, I'll learn to fly
February, love's gonna find me
March, April, May
I'll get carried away
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
This year
Is gonna be incredible
This year
Is gonna be the one
All the planets
Are lining up for me
This year
I'm gonna have fun
I'm gonna have fun
Just watch me this year
This year
This year
This year
This year
I'll be having fun
Just watch me having fun
This year