Transcripts - Queen Bebe
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Transcripts - Queen Bebe


Episode Queen Bebe
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2821


Kim: Good morning.
Kim: Excuse me. Sorry.

Ron: Kimbo!
Kim: Hey, Ron, can't stop. Busy.
Bonnie: Kim, you do have the new routine readady forpractice this
Kim: Oh, it'll be ready. Will you?
Bonnie: Hmph!

Rufus: ( squeaks )
Girl#1: Miss Possible, the environmental action club thanks you for
organising the clean-up of Middleton Park.
Kim: No big. It will be beyond spotless.
Girl#2: Kim! A word, please, Kim. As chair of the committee for
the Mad Dog ball, are we on track?

Kim: Tell the student council that the chair promises this dance
will rock out!
Bonnie: Oh, really. Maybe Kim's not right for the job. Maybe
there's someone better. Someone who just met Smash Mouth's
personal trainer.
Girl#2: You know someone who met Smash Mouth's persal trainer?
Bonnie: Me!
Kim: Nice try, Bonnie, but everything's under control.

% Phone rings.
Kim: Whoa!
Students: Whoa!
Watch out!
% Thud!

Kim: What's the sitch, Wade?
Wade: Bad time?

Kim: Ferociously.

Bonnie: Oh, yes, this it what I call totally under control.

Kim: If Bonnie thinks she can boss her way into my job, she needs
to re-think.
Ron: Kim, Kim, Kim.

Rufus: Kim, Kim, Kim.
Ron: Maybe it's time to cut back on extra-currics.
Kim: Don't have to. I can do it all.
Ron: Why not be more like me... relaxed, laid-back.
Kim: An unevolved sloth?

Ron: Don't slam the sloth. Did you know the sloth only goes to
the bathroom once a week.
Kim: Any more fun sloth facts?
Ron: Um, nope. No, that's pretty much it. No, wait! They sleep
upside down.
Kim: Moving on.
Ron: You're stressed, KP. What's the big bad about Bonnie
chairing the dance?

Kim: Bonnie in charge? She wouldn't settle for chair. She'd want
throne. No. If I stick to my schedule and no mission comes
up, I'll be golden.

Guide: It's going to be a little loud now. Here on the production
floor, we make our best-selling Britina dolls. Each one
mass-produced with love thanks to the most powerful engine.
Guide: I see we have some stragglers.

Guide: The engine! Where's the engine?!
Man: Shhh.

Guide: Oh, sorry.

Kim's Mom: Kimmy, breakfast.
Kim: Morning, Mom, gotta go.
Kim's Mom: Oh, no. You're not running out without eating fast.
Kim: No time.

Kim's Mom: I'm sure whatever villain you plan to vanquish can wait
until you've had breakfast.
Kim: Not a bad-guy thing, Mom. I've just got another
way-busy day schedge.
Kim's Dad: If you ask me, kids today are way overschedged.
Kim: Dad, didn't we agree on no life lessons at breakfast?
Kim's Dad: Back in my day, we had time to just be kids. Oh, those
lazy afternoons pretending to be prize winning scientists,
mixing up batches of rocket fuel, launching the family
station wagon into orbit.

Kim's Mom: ( Wispering ) Let's not talk about that around Jim and

% Phone rings.
Kim: What up, Wade?
Wade: Hit on your website. A little girl name Middge has been
saving up for a Britina doll, but the store ran out.
Kim: Don't mean to sound Scroogie, Wade, but one girl, one doll.
Can it wait?

Wade: Try thousands of girls and no dolls. There's a nation-wide
Kim: OK. I'm on it.

Girls: ( Chant ) We want Britina! We want Britina!
Man: Try to be understanding you cute, cute little girls.

Girls: ( Chant ) We want Britina!
Man: I don't have any!

Man: Whooo!
Kim: I think you missed one.

Girl: You're holding out.

Kim: How long has this been going on?
Man: Since someone stole the assembly line. They shut down the
factory. ( Sobs )
Ron: Um, is that your car out there?

Kim: Wade, about the Britina dolls, there was...
Wade: Engine theft at the factory. I see. Hmmm, it gets weird.
Kim: Oh, great. I don't have time for weird.
Wade: The thieves literally disappeared from the factory with the
Ron: They're writing something in finger paint. Is that how that

Kim: Just like last week's conveyor belt heist.
Wade: Could be somebody's building thier own assembly line.
Ron: Are you sure you don't have one Britina left? You know,
maybe in back somewhere?
Kim: Ron!

Ron: It's for little Midge!
Kim: Come on. I've got the park clean-up. You rally the
decorating troops at the gym.
Girls: ( Chant ) We want Britina!

Bonnie: Look like the dance is on the bottom of Kim's low-pri
list. Luckily, I've got the whole thing worked out.

Ron: Kim will be here soon. I'm sure. And she has a very good
plan, I'll just bet.
Ron: I'm not sure that look working for you, KP.
Kim: I didn't have time to find people for the park clean-up.
Ron: Just one more benefit of not volunteering, you stay clean
and fresh-smelling.
Bonnie: Your decorations? I didn't know recycling was the theme.

Kim: Hilarious, Bonnie. I come up with a design that will make
the gym look perfect. Well, I haven't actually had time to
put it on paper yet, but it's all up here.

% Phone rings.
Kim: Oh, hold that thought. Wade, can't the sitch sit?
Wade: You got a hit from a brand new mannequin factory in Sweden.
It boasts a state of the art central control unit that can
process a dummy a minute.
Kim: Sounds like a sweet target for the disappearing thieves, but
this is a delicate time.

Wade: Your call.
Kim: OK, we're on our way.

Kim: Um, sorry you guys, but I have to go.
Bonnie: So you made no plan, and now you're leaving? Remind us
again? You're the chair why?
Kim: Trust me. I'll be back in a flash.

Bonnie: Great. I might fill the time running down my plan.
Bye-bye, Kim, you go right ahead with your important business
at the dummy factory.
Kim: Let's go.

Kim: Oh, that Bonnie! She is the bossiest person on the planet.
Ron: Bold statement, KP. It's a big planet.
Kim: And I've been all around it, but I've never found a more
controlling, devious, bossy...

Man: Miss Possible, thank you for coming so quickly.
Kim: No big, it was a half-day. Is it just me or are these
mannequins good-looking?
Rufus: Nice.
Man: With all of these mysterious thefts, we cannot afford to
take chances with the central control unit. It runs the
entire factory.
Kim: Don't worry, sir. If the thieves show, we'll get 'em.

Ron: They can't defeat the Stoppable knot manoeuvre.
Man: The what manoeuvre?
Ron: This baby's not going anywhere!
Rufus: Huh-uh!

Kim: That didn't take long.

Kim: Where'd they go?

Ron+Rufus: Hey!
Ron: Did I miss something?
Kim: We all missed something.

% Thump!
% Electrical currents zap.
Ron: Foiled in a dummy factory. This doesn't look good.

Ron: Kim! This just isn't working!
Rufus: ( Grunts ) Gross!
Kim: Try, you guys, that Sweden trip torched my schedule.

Ron: And what about the dance? Maybe just leave it to...
Kim: Don't even say the "B" word. If I could cover more ground
Ron: Or you could just learn to say "no".

Kim: I'm not programmed that way, Ron.
Ron: Really, it's not that hard. Try it with me now. OK, ready?
Rufus: Nooo!

% Phone rings.
Kim: Go, Wade.

Wade: Kim, those Swedish security tapes were revealing. Take a
look. See? The thieves appear, seem to vanish, and then the
CCU is gone.
Kim: Don't need the instant replay, lived it.
Wade: Right, but she lived at normal speed. Watch in extra super
Kim: Wade, freeze it there.
Ron: Do we know them?

Kim: It's the Bebe Robots.
Ron: They disappeared.
Wade: It seemed like it. But in fact, they accelerated such
incredibly speed they couldn't be seen. In the time it took
to blink, they had you wrapped up tight. And not just fast,
they're strong, too. That CCU was heavy, but they picked it
up and walked off.
Ron: Wade, didn't you kick their cans?
Kim: So I thought.

Bebe: The Bebe assembly line is almost perfected.
Bebe: The Bebe's hive will grow.
Bebe: The only one to defeat Bebes is Kim Possible.

Kim: "Oh, that Bonnie! She is the bossiest person on the planet."

Bebe: A queen... Bebe's need queen.

Bebe: We must seek out this one called Bonnie.

Bonnie: Freddie, can you get Smash Mouth? No?!

TV: Hello. Welcome to an exciting inoduction to the world of honey

% Snoring.
Kim: Whatever they're planning, those Bebes got a serious speed
upgrade. I'm going to need help.

TV: A hive is city for bees. Bees reproduce in the hive.

% Phone rings.
Wade: I might have an idea. Can you meet me after school?
Ron: Meet Wade?!

TV: Enterprise is run by the queen who is selected by the workers.

Kim: Are you watching this?
Ron: Just barely. The production values are way below Ghost Car.

Ron: I can't believe it.
Kim: Believe it. The Bebes are building some kind of hive, and
they need a queen.
Ron: No! That we finally get to meet Wade in the flesh!
Kim: Don't hold your breath. Every time I suppose to see him, he
bails at the last minute.
Man: This one's Wade's

Ron: So, where is he?
Wade: Over here, Ron.
Ron: Oh, man! I thought this was gonna be historic!
Kim: It will happen some day.
Wade: Sorry, I'm grounded for hacking into Mom's recipes and
deleting references to broccoli.

Kim: What's up?
Wade: Follow me.

Wade: I've been doing some consulting work on movement dynamics.

% Rat squeaks.
Kim: Er, Wade, it's a rat in a maze.
Ron: Yeah, a slow rat.

Wade: Right. This is the control group without speed enhancement.
Rufus: Mmm, cheese.
Ron: Way to be, Rufus!
Wade: And now the experimental subject.
Ron: That is one speedy rodent!

Rufus: ( gasps )
% Ding!
Rufus: Oh...
Rufus: Hmm?
% Ding!
Rufus: ( Groans )

Wade: The Valkyrie 1,000 hyper accelerates the movements of living
Ron: Right, right. Obviously. ...What's that mean?
Kim: They make you go fast. I don't suppose you have those in a
size seven.
Wade: It's the only human pair. And we haven't finished testing
Kim: No time. They're my best hope of catching the speedy Bebes.

Wade: Maybe. But don't wear them any more than necessary. We
don't understand all the effects the shoes you have.
Kim: Got it.

Rufus: Hey, gimme!
Rufus: ( Sighs )

Kim's Dad: ( o.s. ) Kimmy!
Kim: Hang on.

Kim: Oh, yeah, this I could get used to.
Kim's Dad: Honey, you need a ride to school?

Kim: No thanks, Dad. Got it covered.

Ron: Kim!
Ron: Whooooa!
Kim: All done.
Ron: KP, you're wearing the super shoes.

Kim: You think I shouldn't be taking the risk. That's sweet.
Ron: Actually, I was thinking you could zip out to St. Louis for
Rufus: Mmm, and fries.
Kim: Come on. We've got a schedule.

Kim: You hang. I'll decorate.

Ron: Ugh! Huh?!
Kim: All done. No big.
% Phone rings.
Kim: ( Speaks quickly ) What up, Wade? Got the 411 on the Bebes?
If you know where, I am there.

Wade: You've been wearing the shoes?
Kim: Maybe a little.
Wade: Could be time to use them. A satellite scan shows a structure
that's suddenly appeared on an island off the Gulf coast.
Kim: Super-speed construction? A hive. Let's jet.

Kim: Thanks for the lift, Joe.

Joe: ( Speaks slowly ) It's the least I can do.
Kim: You alright, Joe? Joe? Ron, something's happened to...
Kim: I'm moving at hyper-speed.
Kim: Ugh! Oh. Uh-oh. Ugh! Come on!

Kim: Wade, the shoes are stuck. I'm moving so fast, time is
standing still. Ron can't even hear me.

Kim: And you can't either. Great. I could walk there faster than
this. ( Gasps )

Joe: It's the least I can do, Miss Possible...
Ron: Hey, Kim's gone.
Joe: Gone where? We're in the air over the ocean. What's on your
Ron: ( Reading ) "Ron, moving at hyper speed. Went ahead. Kim."

Huh, must be the shoes.

Kim: This must be the place.

Bebe: Bebe 16 accessing hive.

Kim: Bonnie?!

Bebe: Kim Possible. You are so done-for.

Bebe: Target, Kim Possible. Level of threat, totally less than
Kim: Bonnie is your queen?
Bebe: Thanks to you, Kim.
Kim: Me? How?
Bebe: You identified Bonnie as the bossiest on the planet. Perfect
for our queen.

Kim: Swell.
Bebe: The Bebe hive mind is so Bonnie.
Bebe: Bonnie rules.
Kim: OK, enough. A hyper-sonic emission got you last time.
Bebe: I don't think so.

Kim: Hey!
Bebe: So sorry, Kim.
Bebe: Fool me twice and all that.
Kim: It's not over yet. I'm shutting you down and going to that
Bebe: Wearing that? How tacky.

Kim: I have a dress!
Bebe: No doubt tackier still. Resuming mass production... Bebe 19,
Bebe 20, Bebe 21, Bebe 22, Bebe 23...
Bebe: Give it up, Kim. Soon there'll be an army of Bebes and your
queen, Bonnie, will be perfect and take over your species.

Ron: We're coming, KP!

Kim: Ron!
Kim: You can't even see me.

Ron: Kim, are you here?
Bonnie: They let you out of the dummy factory?
Ron: Bonnie, you're their queen?!
Bonnie: This is so totally Kim's fault! Where is she?
Ron: She's moving at hyper speed just like the Bebes.

Bonnie: Why does she get to be invisible? Is she gonna lord that
over me?
Ron: Not invisible. Moving too fast to see. She's got new
Bonnie: Whatever.
% Rumbling.
Ron: Must be Kim.

Kim: OK, yes. Defying gravity does rock.

Ron: What are you doing in that thing?
Bonnie: Hello! I wish I knew. These freaky chicks grabbed me when
I order them to put me down they just said, "Bonnie rules."
Which, you know, I had to agree with.
Ron: Nice going.

Bonnie: Just crack this thing open and get me out.
Ron: Yikes!
Bonnie: Smooth move.
Ron: You did that on purpose!
Bonnie: I'm not doing anything. They said the hive mind taps
directly into my subconscious.

Bebe: Target... Smash Mouth. Bebe 9 obeying Queen Bonnie's
subconscious command.

Bonnie: Whatever that means.

Rufus: ( Yawns )
Ron: Rufus, the shoes! You can help Kim.
Ron: Run! Run like the wind, little mole rat.

Bebes: Give her a ride on the conveyor belt.
Kim: Oh.
Kim: I would really rather not get Bebefied.

Kim: Rufus!
Rufus: Hi.

Bebe: Bebes, we've got to destroy that hairless freak.

Kim: Big mistake, ladies.

Kim: Now, these odds I like.

Kim: Three up. Three down.
Bebe: Wrong, Kim. The hive cannot be defeated. The hive is

Kim: Not exactly what I'd call perfection. Spanking sabotage,
Rufus: Thank you.
Bebe: What are you talking about?
Bebe: No! Bebes must be perfect! Lik Queen Bonnie is perfect.
Bebes: Bebes must be perfect.
Bebes must be perfect.
Bebes must be perfect.

Kim: All done.
Rufus: Ugh! Uh-oh.

Ron: Way to go, KP!
Bonnie: Kim, this is all your fault.
Ron: You're probably talking too slow for her to hear you.

Bonnie: What about you?
Ron: Me, too.
Kim: I guess I have to let her out.

Ron: Bonnie, Kim must have set you free.
Bonnie: Finally!

Ron: And that's it?
Bonnie: She got me into this. Now how are we gonna get home?
Ron: Another note. KP's doing something.
Bonnie: Oh! You people are so weird. ( Reading ) "Hang on,
Queenie." And what is that supposed to mean?

Kim: Let's go to the dance... I hope.

Steve Harwell: I'm not sure how we got here, but let's party!
% Smash Mouth performs "Come On Come On"

Girl: I can't believe Smash Mouth came to our dance. Bonnie
really came through.
Bonnie: Oh, yeah. Never in doubt. Where's Kim? I want her to see
what it looks like when someone really delivers.

Ron: Oh, she's here.

% Crowd gasp.
Ron: And there.

Kim: Only missed the dance by a thousand miles that time.
Rufus: Oh, man.
Kim: OK, now, even slower.

Rufus: OK.

Kim: I'm sure the shoes will come off... eventually. Wanna dance?
Rufus: Mmm-hmm.