Transcripts - Hidden Talent
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Transcripts - Hidden Talent


Episode Hidden Talent
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2603


Wade: Next up, thermal imaging sunglasses. Wear 'em after dark.
Night vision.
Kim: Practical and flossy.

Ron: Can this technology be used instead of a night light? Not
that I sleep with one!
Wade: Every single night...
Kim: Since you were four.
Ron: There were monsters in my toy box!
Kim: Moving along!

Wade: I saved the best for last.
Kim: Class ring! Cool! I can go undercover as a senior.
Ron: Really? Gimme some of that!
Ron: Agh!
Kim: Oops! ( giggles ) Laser ring.

Wade: More than just laser function.
Kim: Maybe you better tell me now.
Ron: Before I'm bald!
Rufus: Hey!
Kim: Not there's anything wrong with bald. On you it's good.

Wade: The ring is also a backup micro-mini communicator...
Kim: Wade, you're breaking up.
Wade: Got some tech glitches. Let me get back. Wade out.

Barkin: OK, Talent Show sign-ups are now open. Due to the
litigious nature of last year's show, flaming chain saw
juggling is not be permitted.

Bonnie: Step aside, people. This is all just a formality. My
older sibs have won this contest last four years straight.
I'm not about to break a Rockwaller family tradition.
Kim: Oh, please, Bonnie! I just ate.
Bonnie: Just trying to save my fellow students from utter
Kim: And your talent is what? Singing... your own praises?
Acting... obnoxious?
Bonnie: Try ballet. 12 years intensive training.

% All applaud / cheer.

Kim: Can you believe her? Someone really needs to put Bonnie in
her place!
Ron: One slice of humble pie coming right up.

Bonnie: ( Gasps )
Kim: I'm impressed, Ron. That took a lot of guts.

Ron: No guts, no glory!
Kim: I didn't even know you had a talent.
Ron: Oh, no, no. I don't. That's why I signed you up.
Kim: ( Gasps ) You did what?!

Kim: Ron, I can not believe you signed me up for the talent show
without even asking me! Do you not comprehend how critically
wrong that is?
Ron: Let's stick to the facts. Fact one; you are signed up. Fact
two; you won't give Bonnie the satisfaction of backing out now.
Kim: Fact three; I know 16 styles of kung fu.

Ron: You really need to take this unproductive anger you're feeling
toward me and channel it into your act. Don't you think?
Kim: You are so flawed!
Wade: Kim, you there?
Kim: What's the sitch, Wade?
Wade: Trouble. Professor Dementor has stolen a top-secret
experimental teleportation module.

Kim: Teleportation? As in the ability to transport stuff through
the air?
Ron: Through the telephone! That's the teleport.
Kim: Yeah.
Wade: I think I've got a lead on Dementor's hideout. Check out
these satellites scans.
Kim: On our way.

Kim: Thanks for the lift, MC Honey.
MC Honey: Ain't no thing, K. If you hadn't been there when my demo
tape got jacked, I would never blown up like I did.
Kim: No big.
Ron: Agh!
Ron: Whoa!

Man: Check that girl's moves are way phat.
MC Honey: Phat?! They're obese, yo!

Ron: So, how exactly are you planning to spank Bonnie in the talent
show? You know, a dramatic monologue is always classy, though,
it lacks in the razzle dazzle.

Kim: Game time.

Ron: You know what's a real crowd pleaser? Balloon animals.

Rufus: ( Squeaks ) Balloon!
Ron: You could be Kimbo the Clown!
Kim: Look, Ron, I'm not sure I even have a talent. OK?
Ron: Uh, hello! Are you forgetting? Kim Possible... She can do

Ron: Just pick something. Blow Bonnie off the stage.
Kim: Well, I did do some singing, you know, back in the day.

Kim: ( Sings angelically )
Silent night
Holy night...

Ron: Perfect! A show-stopping original song! OK, I'll get to
work on producing the track. Rufus will handle lyrics and
Rufus: A-oh!

Kim: Sensors the floor. Extra sensitive. Even Rufus' weight
would set these off.
Rufus: Oh!
Ron: Hey, I told you not to grande size the chimerito!
Kim: Guess we'll do this old school.

Kim: The teleportation module.

Ron: Ugh!
% Sirens wail.

Ron: I was just looking for the dressing room.

% Boof!

Rufus: ( Babbles )

Kim: Oh!
% Crash / bang!

Dementor: I'll take my invention back if you don't mind!
Kim: Your invention? As if!
Dementor: What's that supposed to mean? You come into my lair and
accuse! I invented it. I named it... the transportulator.

Ron: My legs are cold.
Dementor: Can we get the boy a towel or something? I think this is
a little uncomfortable... for everyone!
Rufus: ( Shrieks )

Dementor: What?! Ooh!

Kim: Ron? Rufus? Here.

Dementor: The transportulator!

Ron: Wait! Almost there!

Kim: One teleportation module recovered.
Wade: Great work, guys.
Kim: Yeah, but why did Dementor say it was his invention?

Ron: So? He lied. No shocker there.
Kim: I know, but he even named it. It just seems, I don't know,
Ron: Kim, villains and lying go together like burritos and hot
Wade: It is what they do.
Kim: I guess so.

Wade: Here's the coordinate for the rendezvous point. The rightful
owners of the transportu,... er, teleportation module will meet
you there.

Ron: I'm thinking you do a melody of Brittina's greatest hits! With
special lyrics about saving the world! Let's see Bonnie
ballerina top that.
Kim: Er, Ron, about my singing, there's something you should know.

Kim: Silent night
Holy night
( Voice croaks )
All i-is c-calm
% All gasp.

Kim: A-All i-is b-bright...

Ron: This is bad, Kim. You're gonna risk our reputation from entire
school and you can't even hit the high notes?
Kim: Fact one; it's my reputation on the line here. Fact two;
you're the one who got me into this. And fact three; I can and
will hit the high notes! I can do anything.
Ron: That's exactly what I wanted to hear you say, KP. We start
rehearsals tomorrow.

Voice: Place the item on the floor and exit the hangar.
Kim: Something's not right here.

Voice: Place the item on the floor and exit the hangar.
Kim: Wade, come in.
Wade: What up, Kim?
Kim: We're at the rendezvous point. But somebody woke up on the
weird side of the bed today.
Wade: It's cool. I forgot to warn you. The teleportation team
members are super security freaks. No personal contact

Ron: Let's leave it and bail. You need to rest those vocal
Kim: You're sure this is legit, Wade?
Wade: Chill, Kim. I just ran a bio DNA scan on the hangar. It's
Voice: Place the item on the floor and exit the hangar.
Voice: Thank you, Miss Possible.

Shego: Thanks for falling for it hook, line and sinker.
% Beeps.
Wade: I told you, Shego.
Drakken: It's my greatest plan yet!
Shego: Yeah, like the bar was set so high.

Drakken: Now that I've created a cyber clone of Kim Possible's
trusted techno buddy, I shall trick her into doing all my
evil bidding for me! ( Laughs evilly )
Drakken: You know what, I'm going to save some for later.

Kim: Ron, I think we're lost.

Ron: Sssh! You're gonna give away our position.
Rufus: Hmn...
Ron: You sure, buddy?
Rufus: A-ha!
Ron: We have T-minus three minutes and counting.

Kim: Is it really necessary to spy on Bonnie's rehearsal like
Ron: We have to gather some intel on your competition.
Kim: I just can't see Bonnie doing twelve hard years of ballet
Ron: Hour after hour staring at herself in a giant mirror? Yeah.
Believe it!
Rufus: Uh-oh!

Kim: How great could her act be? She probably... Ooh!

Kim: She's got fog.
Bonnie: Did I mention the finale where I fly out over the audience,
Kim: Mmnnn!

Drakken: With this teleportation module, I shall be able to
instantly transport myself into any high security area
I please! Imagine it, Shego, the sky's the limit. Fort
Knox, the Louvre...

Shego: Or into the 10 items or less line with 11 items. Huh?!
Drakken: Exactly! Wait, was that a serious suggestion or are you
mocking me?
Shego: I'd say about 30% serious, 70% mock.
Drakken: Agh! Plug it in. Long-distance charges are separate of
course, but with this capability, we can afford it. Shego!
Shego: This is not going to work.

Drakken: Where's the universal teleportation adaptor?
Shego: I'm guessing... not here.
Drakken: Blast! You send a hero to do a villain's work and this is
what you get.
Shego: Alright, I'll infiltrate Dementor's fortress and get it.
Don't wait up.
Drakken: Not necessary, Shego. We'll simply have Kim Possible
finish the job for us.

Rufus: Agh!
Kim: Bonnie, do you mind? We're rehearsing here.
Bonnie: Oh, I know, Kim. I just came by to inspire you.

Kim: ...night
% Croaks ) A-All i-is c-ca.
% Kim and Ron groan.

Bonnie: Those high notes are little nasty for you, huh, Kim?
Kim: That was a long time ago! Hit it, Rufus!
( Singing )
If you find your world is caving in...

Ron: That's right. You can do it.

Kim: ( Singing )
You can bet you're gonna need a friend
Someone to take those fears away, away,
( Croaks ) away...
Say the word...

Bonnie: See you at the show tomorrow night, if you even have the
guts to come.
Kim: Mmmm!

Ron: Maybe we could rewrite the song, you know, just stay away
from the high...
% Beeps.
Kim: What's the sitch, Wade?

Drakken: ( as Wade ) Kim, you've got to go back to the Dementor's
lab and get the universal teleportation adaptor you forgot!
Kim: An adaptor?
Drakken: ( as Wade ) Now! It's quite urgent!
Kim: I don't get it. The important thing is that we got the
tranporter thingie away from the bad guys, right? What's
the big about the adaptor?

Drakken: ( as Wade ) The big is...
Drakken: That I need, or rather you... it's,... look, just do it,
Kim: Fine, Wade. Chill already.

Rufus: ( Squeaks )

Ron: There, still plugged in the wall into the phone line.
Kim: Ron, teleporting has nothing to do with telephoning.
Ron: It's all fiber optics, Kim.

Dementor: Returning to the scene of the crime, hero thief?
Ron: Aagghh!

Dementor: Bring me back my adaptor...!

Kim: Where are they? The talent show starts in a couple of hours.
Ron: And I have to finish mixing your track!
Kim: Why you and Rufus head back now, finish the prep work?
Ron: OK, sounds like a plan. See you at the show.

% Beeps.

Drakken: ( as Wade ) Kim, they're here.
Kim: About time!
Drakken: ( as Wade ) Same procedure. No contact.
Kim: Uh, whatever!

Shego: ( via voice changer ) Place the item on the floor and exit
the hangar.
% Beeps.
Wade: Hey, Kim. Sorry I've been out of contact for the last few
Kim: What?!

Wade: Somebody whacked out my whole system with a virus.
Drakken: ( as Wade ) You! What are you doing here?
Wade: This guy's a fake!
Drakken: ( as Wade ) Takes one to know one. Fraud!

Wade: I'm tracking you.
Drakken: ( as Wade ) Yeah? Well, then I'm tracking you as well!
Shego: ( via voice changer ) Kim Possible, place the item on the
floor and exit the hangar.

Kim: Doubt it.
Wade: Kim, I've got the source of the hack.
Drakken: ( as Wade ) No you don't. You're the fake!
Wade: It's...

Kim: Drakken!
Shego: Ever hear of knocking?

Drakken: So, Kim Possible, I'll bet you're wondering what horrible
fate I've devised for you this time.
Kim: Surprise me.

Drakken: Ooh! You teenagers and your sass. I just wanna... Wow.

Drakken: OK. First, you'll be sealed in a reinforced titanium box.
Next, you will be dropped into this bottomless chasm. Then,
the chasm will be filled with water. Then, man-eating
sharks and a giant squid will then be released into the water!
Shego: Huh? Wait. If the chasm is bottomless, how can you fill
it with water?
Drakken: It's very, very deep, alright?! Lastly, I shall freeze
over the top of the water with a six-foot layer of solid
glacial ice. Any questions?
Shego: Not if you're gonna get all snippy.

Kim: Beats humiliation at the talent show, I guess.

Drakken: Ha!

Drakken: Now that really ought to do it.

Kim: ( Grunts )
Kim: ( Gasps )

% Plays bagpipes off-key.

Ron: Where can she be?

Kim: ( Grunts )
% Beeps.
Kim: ( Gasps )

Kim: My ring is ringing?!
% Beeps.
Wade: Kim, you there?
Kim: Wade, you don't know how happy I am to see you. It is really
you, right?
Wade: The one and only. I've already pinpoint your location. The
authorities are on the way.
Kim: OK. Next crisis... I'm supposed to be on stage at the talent
show in ten minutes.

Wade: I'll tell Ron to stall.
Kim: Please and thank you. Now remind me, what else does this ring

% Soft music plays.
% Mobile rings.
Wade: Ron, it's Wade. Kim got a little... tied up.

Drakken: Federal Mint, here we come!
Operator: We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialled.

Drakken: Ah! What do you have to do, dial 9?

% Music builds dramatically.
% All gasp.

Ron: Kim's up next. We need to buy some time.
Rufus: Uhm-hmn.

% All cheer / applaud wildly.
% Exhales proudly.

Bonnie: I don't see Kim around.
Ron: Oh, she'll be here,... I hope.

Rufus: Oh!
Barkin: I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for
coming tonight, particularly after last year's unfortunate
lion-taming melee. Our next performer is a late minute
entry, Ron Stoppable!
Ron: But what am I supposed to do?

Rufus: Wing it!

Ron: Er, hi! OK, I didn't really prepare any...
% Jaunty piano music plays.

Ron: ( Ventriloquize as Rufus ) How's everybody doing tonight?
Having a good time?

Barkin: Ron Stoppable, everyone. And now our final contestant of
the evening, Kim Possible. Possible?! Is she here?

% Rings.
Shego: You'd better answer it.
Drakken: It never fails. I hate call waiting! Hello? Mother, not
now, I'm very busy!
Kim: He'll call you back.
Drakken: But... how did...? I mean... The titanium, then the
shark and, then squid and, the ice wall... I thought...
( Weeps )

Kim: Which part of she can do anything do you not comprehend?

Kim: It really does work like a phone.

Barkin: Last call for Kim Possible.

% Phone rings.

Barkin: OK, then...
% All gasp.
% Pop music plays.
% All gasp.

Kim: ( Singing )
I'm on it
I got it
I can do anything

What you need
Got your back
Just say the word, I'm there

If you find your world is caving in
You can bet you're gonna need a friend
Someone to take those fears away
Away, away

Say the word
Make a call and I'll be there
Any time, anywhere

Have you heard
That I'm all about saving your world?
All you have to do is
Say the word

Barkin: And the winner of the Middleton High Annual Talent Show
is... Ron Stoppable.
Bonnie: What?!
Barkin: Proving that quantity is indeed better than quality.
Bonnie: No way!

Ron: What? Huh?
Kim: So much for the Rockwaller family tradition, huh, Bonnie?!
Bonnie: ( Grunts )