Transcripts - Return to Wannaweep
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Transcripts - Return to Wannaweep


Episode Return to Wannaweep
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2870


% Dance music.
Girls: Mad Dog's here, we came to play
Watch our moves and you will say
Go, Mad Dogs!
Go, go, Mad Dogs!
Go, Mad Dogs!
Go, go, Mad Dogs!
% Music off.
Rufus: Hey!

Kim: Bonnie, you missed your cue to back flip herkie spring into
the pyramid.
Bonnie: Er, Kim, if you don't jump first, how can I be on top?
Kim: For the millionth time, Bonnie, I'm the top of this pyramid.
Bonnie: Using the back flip herkie? No offence, but that move went
out with the lip gloss you're wearing.
Kim: I suppose you have a better move?

Bonnie: Er, yeah. The side-hurdler lift-up. A little more "this
Tara: Er, Bonnie...
Kim: Oh, that sounds great... in the magical world of Not Gonna

Ron: Mad Dog's in the house!

% Howls / growls.
Kim: Ron, could you maybe not celebrate the collapse of our
Ron: But Mad Dog is amped! He's got positive vibes!
% Music on.
Rufus: Yeah!

Barkin: Ladies, and Stoppable, quit your yammering and pack your
bags. The Middleton cheer squad's been picked to join the
few, the proud, the peppy. We are going to Cheer Camp,
Girls: Whopee!
Barkin: ...and Stoppable.

Barkin: ( in Ron's head ) Camp... Camp... Camp...
Ron: Did he say... ( Gulps )

Barkin: Camp, that's right. Cheerleaders and mascots. You got
questions, comments or concerns?
Ron: Yes, yes, and yes!

Kim: Come on, Ron. I know you have camp issues, but this will be
Ron: Do not use the words "camp" and "fun" in the same sentence.
Need I remind you of the horror of Camp Wannaweep?

Young Ron: What's this plant?
Young Ron: Agh! Make the itching stop!
% Squeals.
Young Ron: Agh!
Young Ron: Leave alone.
Young Ron: Agh...!

Kim: I thought you conquered all your camp-related fears.
Ron: I thought so too. Didn't.
Kim: But, Ron, Cheer Camp isn't even technically at a camp. They
hold it at Middleton Community College.
Ron: Really? No toxic lake?
Kim: No.
Ron: No spooky woods?

Kim: No.
Ron: No scary squirre?
Kim: Ron.
Ron: What? Ugh!
Kim: Whoa.
Ron: OK. I guess a camp at a college won't haunt me.

Kim: That's the spirit.
Ron: Look, there it is!
Ron: ...There it goes.

Barkin: Change of plans, people. The campus is off-limits due to
catastrophic plumbing problems.
Ron: So we're going home?
Barkin: Negative. We got lucky and landed an alternate venue.

Ron: Upperton University?
Barkin: No. The sunny shores of Lake Gottagrin.

Girl: Here we come!
Kim: Come on, Ron. What better way to erase the nightmares of
Camp Wannaweep than with a happy visit to Camp Gottagrin?
Ron: Happy? I like happy. Maybe you're right. This could be
good for me. I'm gonna be hap... Agh!

% Dramatic horn music.
Ron: ( Gasps ) This is the same lake! The same lake! Have
I been put on this earth to suffer?!

Ron: ...Could you cut the music? I'm stressing here!
Boy: Er, isn't this band camp?

Ron: No. That's band camp, right next to telecommunications camp,
which is right next to clown camp and next to science camp,
also known as the camp whose toxic run-off has polluted the
lake and will turn everyone into amphibious mutants!
Kim: Ron, stop. Let's get some download.
Wade: According to my toxicology scan, the water in Lake Gottagrin
is uncontaminated.
Kim: See? The lake's totally de-toxed. Look. Busy little
beavers, not mutants.

Ron: You can take the evil out of the lake but you can never take
the lake out of the evil.
Kim: Ron, that so doesn't even make sense.
Ron: Doesn't it, Kim?! Doesn't it?!

Mascot: ( Gasps ) Hey, guys! It's the Middleton Mad Dog in the

Shark: Your moves are killer, dude!
Mascot: Give us a taste of that Mad Dog howl.
Kim: Ron, you can do this. Mad Dog can do this.
Ron: OK. For the squad.
% Howls / growls.

Shark: Whoa! Whoa! Mad Dog, you're getting foam in my gill.
Shark: ( in Ron's head ) Gill... Gill... Gill...

Gill: Remember me?
Ron: Not really. I gotta tell you, I think I'd remember.

Gill: Oh, come on, Ronnie, think.
Ron: Gill?
Gill: I'm no longer Gil. Now I am Gill!
Ron: What's the difference?
Gill: I added an "L". Youu know, as in "gill", as in these things
that grew when I mutated!

Gill: You can't win, Ronnie! This is my element!

Kim: Sorry to bother you, Dr. Lurkin. I just wanted to check
on a patient.
Ron: Gill. You know, G, I, double L! The mutant spelling.
Lurkin: Oh, gollie, no. It's one "L" again. He's a quite success
story. 100 per cent human. Even made the honour role.

Ron: Where? At Mutant High?
Lurkin: It's a public school. He's adjusted quite well. Busy
with extra-curricular activities.
Ron: Inter-mutant swim team?
Lurkin: No, I believe he's on the football team. He's... oh, what
do they call it? Mascot.

% Both gasp / door opens.
Gil: Hey, Ronnie. Remember me?

Ron: Agh! Kim! Rufus! He's got me!
Gil: You bet I do. Noogie...!
Ron: Ugh!
Gil: Hi, Kim. Can you believe it? Ronnie and I will be roommates,
just like old times.

Ron: Am I mutating? Do you see any webbing? Scales? Funky lips?
Kim: Try to keep an open mind. People can change.

Ron: That's what I'm afraid of. I feel a fork in my tongue!

Bonnie: Oh, you have got to be kidding!
Kim: We're... roommates?
Bonnie: No way. Cabin 9?
Kim: Cabin 9. OK, we have to deal.

Bonnie: Good. While you're dealing I'm claiming the top bunk.
Kim: I wanted the top bunk!
Bonnie: It's like the top of the pyramid, K. My... rightful place.
Kim: Say what?!
Ron: KP, try to keep an open mind.

Kim: ( Sighs )

% Hoots.

% Snoring.
% Snores.
% Groans.
% Continues snoring.

Host: Hello,... Gottagrin! Welcome, welcome, welcome to camp
% All cheer.

Bonnie: You know, Kim. I have some cover-up to conceal the
monstrous bags under your eyes.

Kim: Wouldn't have the bags under my eyes if not for your
ferociously loud snoring!
Bonnie: ( gasps ) Me? Snore? Must have been the crickets.
Kim: Only if you inhaled them!

Host: Before we bring the Middleton High Cheer squad on stage, I've
got a way fantastic announcement! This year, the cheerleader
with the most super-duper attitude and mad cheer skills will
be awarded the Gottagrin Spirit Stick! Let me hear you say,

% All cheer.

Bonnie: Might as well give it to me now.
Kim: Yeah, if it's for mad snore skills.

Gil: Ronnie?
Ron: What are you doing?!
Gil: You looked like you needed help.

Ron: Er, yeah. Thanks, Gil. Hey, where's your outfit?
Gil: Oh, I want it to be a surprise.
Ron: ( to Rufus ) Note: Suspicious thing number 5, just because I'm
paranoid doesn't mean Gil isn't out to get me.

Kim: ( yawns )

Bonnie: Aw,... you're tired. Maybe I should take the top spot of
the pyramid.
Kim: That's sweet. But I've got a spirit stick to win.

Girls: Mad dog's here, we came to play
Watch our moves and you will say
Go, Mad Dogs
Go, go, Mad Dogs!
Go, Mad Dogs!
Go, go, Mad Dogs!
Kim: Wah! Ugh!
Bonnie: Are you OK, Kim?

Host: Super spirit, cheerleader! ( to Kim ) Aw, hang in there,

Ron: That stick's not really made of gold, is it?
Kim: Gold plastic. But it's not what the spirit stick is made of,
Ron, it's what it represents.

Ron: What's that?
Kim: That Bonnie can't have it!
Ron: At least you can prove your roommate is up to no good.

Gil: Yo, Ronnie! We're making s'mores outside. Try one. I added
a special ingredient.
Ron: Hey, thanks, roomie. You rock!

Rufus: S'more!

Rufus: Hey!
Kim: What are you doing?
Ron: "Special ingredient"? Special mutating ingredient!
Kim: So wrong. I'm the one with the evil roomie here.
Ron: I gotta go. I'm keeping my friends close and my enemies
closer... Hey, Gil! Wait up!

% Bats squeak.
% Both snore.
Ron: The game's afoot, Rufus.
Ron: Whoa! Ugh!
Ron: "Frog Fancy"? Suspicious thing number 22.

Ron: Hmm... Suspicious thing number 23.

Ron: Oh, no. I think we lost 'em. He could be anywhere.

Ron: Stay close, Rufus, Wannaweep is a dangerous and cursed place.
Rufus: ( Whimpers )
Ron: It's a fresh mutant footprint and it's fresh!

Bonnie: ( Snores )

% Bleeps.

Bonnie: Kim!
Kim: You know, Bonnie, the path to the Spirit Stick isn't paved
with tardiness.
Bonnie: I'm tardy because you unplugged my alarm clock!
Kim: ( Gasps ) Is that what that plug was?

Ron: Kim! Gil's an evil mutant again! Look! I have evidence.
Kim: A magazine?
Ron: And I saw a footprint!
Bonnie: Er, freako.
Ron: Yes! A freaky footprint!

Kim: Look, Ron, I think before you accuse, you need actual proof.
Ron: You want proof?! You can't handle the proof!

Ron: Attention, happy campers! Remain calm! But there is a
mutant among us! Behold! The Muck Monster!
Gil: Dude, what a damage! I wanted to surprise with my mascot
Ron: Outfit? Wait, I...

Gil: Yeah. My school's team is the Brookdale Horn Toads.
Ron: But you snuck ou last night.
Gil: Yeah, to pick up my costume. Did you follow me, or
Ron: Follow? I wouldn't say "Follow". 'Cuz it sounds, you
know, paranoid and suicious.

Shark: Loser...!
Mascot: Hey, Mad Dog, roll over and play dead!
All: ( chants ) Loser! Loser!
Ron: Agh!

Kim: What is it?! What's happening?
Bonnie: Oh, I'm evening out my tan. Hope I didn't wake you.
Kim: ( groans )

Kim: ( Humming )

Kim: All yours, roomie.
Bonnie: ( Screams ) Kim!
Kim: Oops! Did I use up all the hot water, again? Better hurry
up or you'll be late for cheer practice.
Bonnie: You are wasting your time, Kim! I'm not going to break.

Kim: Well, I'm not gonna break either.

Ron: So just because I'm a little paranoid the entire camp's out to
get me. And you know, you'd think at some point they'd run out
of rotten vegetables to pelt me with.
All: ( chants ) Loser! Loser! Loser!

% Bleeping.
Ron: The communicator?

% Bleeps.
Ron: Hey, Wade. What's the sitch?
Wade: Wannaweep update. The lake is clean but I scanned wider and
found a small grotto off e south shore.
Ron: Grotto. Always hated that word.
Wade: It's showing weird readings.

Ron: How weird?
Wade: Evil-mutant weird.
Ron: I knew it! We gotta find Kim. You she'll believe.
Wade: Hold on. I'm getting some static. Looks like it's coming
from telecommunications camp. I think somebody's trying
Ron: Wade? Wade! Speak to me.

Rufus: ( Whimpers )
Ron: Come on, Rufus. We're heading to the grotto. Ooh, I hate
that word.

Rufus: Urgh!
Ron: Yep. Evil place.

Gil: At last! After searching night after night, I have found my
magic mucka.

Ron: Magic mucka? Sounds worse than "grotto".

Gill: ( Roars )

Ron: ( Gasps )

Ron: Creature from the muck lagoon.

Ron: Kim! Gill with two "L"s is back!
Kim: Ron, Got other things on my mind.

Host: And now, representing the Brookdale Horned Toads, let's
show our camp spirit for Gil Mo!
% Cheering / applause.

Gill: ( Roars )
Girl#1: Now that's a costume!
Girl#2: Whoo!
Gill: Don't you creeps get it? This is my revenge! It starts by
turning you all into my mutant minions.

Ron: Oh, sure! They don't throw fruit at him!
Ron: Aw, man...

Gill: ( Roars )

% Screaming.

Kim: Run for it. I'll...
Bonnie: Oh, right! I step aside, you save the world and suddenly
you're taking home the Spirit Stick.
Kim: Bonnie, this so isn't the time for... Look out!
Bonnie: Yuk!

Ron: Agh!
Bonnie: Stoppable! Get back here and save us! Or more
specifically, me!
Ron: Agh...!
Kim: Chill, Bonnie. Ron knows exactly what he's doing...
I hope.

Ron: Please don't be dead. Please don't be dead. Please don't
be... Bingo! Dial tone! That makes the score, Ron: one,
Double "L" Gill: zero!

Ron: OK. So now it's all tied up.
Gill: Hello, Squib. We meet again. ( Cackles )
Ron: Whoa. Mutant camouflage! That would be so cool if... Never
Gill: Man, I gotta thank you. Swapping swim time with arts and
crafts so many years ago was the best thing ever happened to

Ron: I thought you hated bein mutant, hence the whole "revenge
Gill: I did hate. But once I turned a human I missed the immense
power of toxic genetic mutation.
Ron: I guess it's a "grass is always greener" kind of thing, huh?
Gill: Right. I wanted to be greener!

Ron: So you sabotaged the pipes of Community College, knowing we
all would be relocated to Gottagrin.
Gill: And now, I'll slime all the camps round lake Wannaweep. And
guess what? You're first!
Gill: Dag! Fell for that one last time.

Kim: Bonnie, hand me your nail file. I can cut us out of here.
Bonnie: You? You're not getting all the credit. I'm cutting us
out of here.

Barkin: For pity's sake, not again!

Bonnie: ( Groans ) Fine. Take it, already.

Gill: Let's finish this so I can go blast the rest of the camps in
Gill: Ha-ha. Poor squib. He could run but he couldn't hide.

Ron: As of right now, Ron Stoppable is all done running.

Rufus: Yeah!

Ron: It's the only way.
Ron: ( Roaring )
Ron: ( Coughing )

Barkin: You know, no matter how many times you get slimed by a
genetic mutant you never quite get used to it.
Kim: We gotta find Gill.
Bonnie: Looks like he already hit band camp.
Barkin: And science camp.
Kim: He's heading to clown camp.

% Honk! Honk!.
Barkin: Those poor clowns.
% All scream.

Gill: Ha-ha-ha-ha.
Ron: ( o.s. ) Hey, Gill.

Ron: Excuse you!
Gill: Ronnie. You are... What is that? A chipmunk or something?
Ron: Actually, I think I'm a beaver. I guess when you plunge head
first into a toxic pool you never exactly know what you'll get.
Gill: Eat muck, chipmunk!
Ron: Beaver!

Bonnie: It's Gill and Ron.
Barkin: And he's... a chipmunk?
Ron: Beaver! I'm a beaver!
Kim: Told you he knew what he was doing... I think.

Ron: Wagh...!

Ron: Huh?
Gill: Ha-ha-ha-ha.

Kim: ( Gasps )
Kim: Mr. Barkin, we're going to need a lift.

Barkin: Prepare to launch. Fire one.
Bonnie: Now hold up. I...
Barkin: Fire two.
Bonnie: ( Screams )

Ron: Agh!

Kim: Go!
Barkin: The back flip herkie spring.
Barkin: And the side-hurdler lift-up. That's little more modern
Gill: ( Gasps )

Gill: Agh...
Kim: What better way to catch a huge fish than with a huge net?
Way to go, beaver boy.
Ron: Boo-yah!
Gill: ( Grunts )

Ron: Wow. It's good to be human again. Although, I really
wanted to build a dam, you know, just for the experience.
Lurkin: Mr. Stoppable, I owe you an apology. I really thought Gil
had changed.
Ron: He did, in a more evil, take-over-the-world kind of way.
Lurkin: I can only blame myself. I just didn't set enough limits
for him.
Gill: This isn't over, squib. This is far from over!

Lurkin: That's enough out of you, young man. No TV for a week.
Gill: ( Snarls )

Ron: Thanks for the help, KP. I seriously couldn't have done it
without you.
Kim: No big. As much as it pains me to say it, I couldn't have
done it without Bonnie.

Bonnie: Shh! They are awarding Spirit Stick.

Host: OK, cheer people, we've all had a wild week. But it takes
more than a rampaging muck monster to stop the Gottagrin
spirit! So the spirit stick goes to... Shark Kid from West
Whitewater High!
All: Go... Sharks!

Ron: Huh. After all that we got nothin'. I mean, what do we
take away from this?
Bonnie: Who cares what we take from it?! I lost!

Kim: Bonnie, there's always something you can learn from any
experience, even if you lose.
Ron: Normally I'd say we learned that suspicion and paranoia is
bad, except that's what saved us.
Rufus: True!
Kim: Well, maybe we learned that... ( Sighs ) I don't know.

Bonnie: I didn't learn anything.
Ron: That's it! Looking at you two, it's so clear!
Kim+Bonnie: What is so clear?
Ron: If you two had set aside your differences earlier, one of
you could have won that Spirit Stick. That's the lesson
% Both groan.
Bonnie: How about, cheer camp stinks?

Kim: Yeah. Agreed.
Ron: Yeah, works for me.
Rufus: Oh-ho, yeah!