Kim Possible Characters
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Kimberly Ann Possible

By canuck31003

Kim is the eldest child of Drs. Possible and has two younger brothers, identical twins Jim and Tim. In addition to maintaining good grades at Middleton High, this red-haired, green-eyed teenager is a gifted athlete and participates in numerous extra-curricular activities including captaining the school’s cheerleading squad and saving the world from numerous super-villains. Independent, strong-willed and controlling, Kim displays firm convictions regarding right and wrong. Driven to succeed in all she does, Kim’s current confidence in her varied skills grew through experience. In contrast, as a relative neophyte in matters of the heart Kim still feels trepidation traversing the minefield of high school romance. It is difficult to pinpoint the origin of Kim’s altruistic nature. Most likely it arose from a combination of influences, including the attitudes, behaviour, and values nurtured by her parents.

  Ron Stoppable

By JonathonWolf

He is viewed by the world as the sidekick, though the team seems to view each other as partners. This is moreso as the series continues than when at the beginning. Physically, we can see that he is not particularly muscular; but there has been potential proof to show that he is very athletic and possessive a fair amount of strength. It is possible that he is a late bloomer, and he will develop a physique to match his lifestyle once his metabolism shifts in his early twenties. Overall, the outer personality is a contradiction of the man inside. He is afraid of everything, but he is brave enough to do anything for Kim. He is laid back and takes the easy way out. When necessary, he is capable of amazing thought and intelligence. He is gifted with many talents, most notably cooking, song writing, and animal ken/languages. He is a good friend and accepting of everyone; he has a generally positive attitude. It can be argued that Kim's can do attitude is just as much a product of the family motto as much as Ron's "you can do it" support. In some ways, Ron is like Kim's father. Both are outgoing individuals that like to make silly jokes and are oblivious to the ways of women, though the aspect of the obliviousness differs in that Ron fails to notice while Kim's father doesn't want to associate it with Kim. Were he to allow himself to reach and perform at his full potential, he could conceivable surpass Kim.

Ron possesses a random nature that creates an almost supernatural causality effect to assist him. Once he attains monkey power, some aspects of it can be attributed or enhanced by this power. His archfoes are Gill and Monkey Fist. Monkey Fist is the more dangerous, but Gill has been the most effective of the two to force Ron to tap into his full potential. The monkey power appears to come and go, though this may be partly due to him not actually wanting the power and partly due to his nature to support Kim more than achieve any proficiency. While his usual role in plans is to serve as distraction, this is the most difficult as it requires quick thinking and creativeness.


By VincentMagius

Rufus is a Heterocephalus glaber or Nake Mole Rat. He appears to be about 7 inches tall and weighs about 3 pounds. Large for his kind. Likely this is due to his diet of cheese and Bueno Nacho. He is appproximately 3 or 4 years old and was likely born a few days to two weeks prior to being purchased at Smarty Mart by his father, Ron Stoppable. He seems to view himself more as Ron and Kim's son than as a pet, and, at least, Ron feels the same way. Rufus has the approximate intelligence of an adult reaching genius level for about one week when hit by the genius ray. It is likely he kept much of this intelligence. In addition, Rufus seems to show Olympic level agility and strength for a mole rat his size. Likely this is due to his lifestyle as a part of Team Possible and being hit by mystical monkey power. Rufus has a preference for sleeping in a cargo pocket of someone's pants. His personality seems to be a mix of both Kim and Ron borrowing what can arguably be classified as the better parts of their personality. He received Kim's confidence and popularity; Ron's humor, loyalty and childlike wonder; both gave him compassion and conscience. If they had a child, Rufus may very well be a sign of how it would act. Though he is a mix of both and an independent being, Rufus can still be seen as a copy of Ron's emotions immitating him on many occasions.


By JonathonWolf

Wade is a 10-year-old supergenius who is also Team Possible's technical support. He aced high school and college in eight months. The few subjects he doesn't know, he can quickly research. Wade possesses unparalleled mechanical and computer skills. Almost no electrical system is beyond his hacking skills. Wade has created numerous spy gadgets in the form of everyday objects that have been invaluable to Kim and Ron. The young boy is never without a soda or outside of his room, which houses several computers and a virtual reality system. Anything Kim or Ron need scanned, he can investigate in minute detail. When not helping on missions or setting up rides from all the people the team has helped, Wade monitors and updates Kim's website. Though Team Possible's only contact is ever through the Kimmunicator and various video devices, his loyalty and skills are unquestionable.

  Dr. Possibles

By JonathonWolf

The two characters complement one another. Where one faulters, the other compensates; this is much like Kim and Ron are viewed. The Drs. Possible appear to be stereotypical 50s parents with adaptation to the nuclear family archetype. Both characters are physically fit for their age, but they are neither strong nor weak. Personality-wise, they lean toward the 50s depiction of parents as shown in Leave It to Beaver and similar shows. Mrs. Possible usually cooks the dinner and is usually calm and wise. Mr. Possible is somewhat absent-minded and overly protective of his daughter as well as usually being seen reading the newspaper in the
mornings. While both work, the general impression is that Mr. Possible is the true breadwinner; and Mrs. Possible provides the emotional stability and controls the household.

The Drs. Possible teach strong moral values and lead by example. They seem to genuinely view themselves as no better than anyone else, and they believe in helping others. They are good-natured and find great joy in life. They have a healthy relationship with each other and their children, treating the children with respect while being firm in their decisions. Both parents relate best to their respective gender while still nurturing a relationship with the other child(ren) to maintain the understanding that they love all their children equally.

  Bonnie Rockwaller

By canuck31003

A stereotypical high school cheerleader, Bonnie Rockwaller is the youngest of three sisters. Bonnie's chief high school rival is Middleton High's head cheerleader, Kim Possible. Perhaps feeling her social status threatened by Kim's popularity, Bonnie never fails to let an opportunity for a cutting remark or insult at Kim's expense pass her by. Bonnie's extra-curricular activities include ballet, cheerleading, and keeping informed of the latest trends and fashions. While not afraid of hard work, Bonnie must have sufficient motivation to be willing to exert a continued effort, as evidenced by once being voted captain of Middleton's cheerleading squad.

Bonnie is currently dating Middleton High's star quarterback, Brick Flagg. One gets the impression, however, that Bonnie sees their relationship more as a statement regarding her place in the social hierarchy rather than as something in which she is emotionally invested.

While self-centered, Bonnie can see the big picture and look beyond petty high school rivalries and dislikes. However grudgingly, Bonnie will thank another for needed help and even aid in the capture of a villain or two. Bonnie's preoccupation with her position in the high school food chain may stem, in part, from the nature of her relationship with her siblings. From her siblings' single appearance one can gather that her older sisters' successes and insults have lowered Bonnie's self-esteem and given impetus to much of Bonnie's behaviour: her competitiveness, her ridicule of others in order to raise her own sense of self-worth. In effect, Bonnie is emulating her sisters' treatment of her--and perhaps acting out her resentment of such treatment--by doing unto others as her sisters have done unto her in an attempt to gain her sisters' approval and respect.

  Steve Barkin

By recon228

Steve Barkin: One of the more enigmatic characters in the series, it has been widely debated exactly what Steve Barkin actually does at Middleton High. Theories seem to range from 'Permanent Substitute Teacher' to 'Moonlighting Government Operative'. What is known, however, is that Steve (Or Mr. Barkin as his students call him) seems to teach over half of Kim and Ron's classes as well as chaperone the Middleton High Cheer Squad and various other school-related activities.

It's revealed through several episodes that Steve Barkin was in one of the branches of the Armed Forces (Most likely Army or Marines), and achieved a rank of at least 'Lieutenant' before leaving for unknown reasons.

It's likely that he either had a troubled childhood, or grew up in a 'Military Family' because of his past mentions of attending Military School.

Personality wise he's a very rigid and single-minded individual who lives his life as if he were still enlisted. To him, there are two kinds of people: rule breakers, and rule followers. At school he prowled the halls like a tyrannical MP and enforces the law to the letter. all punishment is swift and non-negotiable, regardless of the circumstances. Though some see these acts as 'Tough, but fair'... it is likely that the general student body at Middleton High views the situation differently.

Though he's shown to be a Pixie-Scout Leader in Season 3 of the series, he leads his girls with the discipline and regiment of a Ranger Team, implementing battle-like strategies for muffin sales and anticipating 'retaliatory strikes' from rival troops.

It's possible that Barkin attempted a career in civilian law enforcement at some point after leaving the military, but he would have likely been rejected due to his gruff 'us vs. them' mentality.

  Drew “Dr. Drakken” Lipsky

By canuck31003

Drew Lipsky dropped out of college after the failure of his prototype Bebe robots and the consequent, lengthy ridicule he suffered at the hands of his “posse”, which included Dr. James Timothy Possible. It was an undetermined time afterwards that Drew’s skin turned blue-presumably in a tragic laboratory accident-and he began calling himself “Dr. Drakken”. Although in possession of a genius intellect and well-versed in numerous fields such as robotics, physics, computers and to a lesser degree, genetics, it is unclear whether Drakken has actually received doctoral accreditation from an educational institution or if it is merely something to which he feels entitled.

Drakken has dedicated himself to taking over the world--unfortunately for Drakken, his dastardly and nefarious plots have been constantly foiled by either his archfoe Kim Possible or by failures in his plans’ design and implementation. Drakken’s endless pursuit of world domination is an amalgamation of various desires, including a lust for power and a need have his genius proven and acknowledged by the world, and in extension by his old college “posse”. Drakken’s subconscious quest for approval is also evidenced by his desire that his mother remain unaware of his evil persona, fearing Mrs. Lipsky’s disapproval and disappointment.


By canuck31003

Side-kick extraordinaire. Super-powered villain with a penchant for sarcastic remarks. Martial-arts specialist with an alien green energy at her command. Much can be said of Shego's abilities, but less so of her history prior to her employment with Dr. Drakken. Shego began her path to villainy after leaving a familial team of heroes self-titled "Team Go". Shego's natural predilection for violence, in addition to dissatisfaction with a hero's life and building frustration with her family, may have instigated her decision to leave Team Go. Having left Go City, Shego most likely first turned to larceny, eventually graduating to side-kicking for more excitement and a steady income. Shego's time working for Dr. Drakken has revealed a no-nonsense, intelligent and athletic woman who enjoys hand-to-hand fighting as well as wearing the latest fashions. One can surmise that Shego's villainy is motivated by a mercenary, violent nature and a passion for excitement.

  Felix Renton and Monique

By JonathonWolf

Both are physically typical of their lifestyles. They are physically fit, but are neither buff nor weak. Both characters are a blend of Kim and Ron's personalities and
serve the purpose of being someone else the two main characters can relate with when they cannot talk with each other. Monique can relate to Kim with the traditionally female interests, but she is comfortable with herself and her odd habits like Ron is. Felix is the typical teen male and meshes with Ron's interests in video games and eating. He is comfortable with himself and his disability. Like Kim, Felix is intelligent and has a can-do attitude. Both Monique and Felix are accepting of both heroes while spending more time with their respective gender. Interestingly, neither has met; but we can assume they are friends as well. While they have their eccentricities, both characters can be seen as what Kim and Ron could be personalities-wise once they have matured and come into their own more.

Professor Dementor aka Professor Demence

By ncnu

No known affiliation with an established university; he could easily have been kicked out due to his excitable temperament. Professor Dementor can converse in a cultured and considerate manner, but any sort of opposition or mischance and the Professor lapses into a foaming, gesticulating rage. Likewise, impending success or failure launches him into paroxysms of maniacal gloating, coupled with wild gesticulations of glee, or else groans and shouts of grotesque gloom, and concomitant gestures of despair, such as hands to the face.

Ethnic origin is indeterminate, but possible South German, due to accent, placement of one of his lairs in Bavaria, and his choice in genetically modified dogs: Dachshunds. An obviously brilliant man, Professor Dementor's exact areas of expertise are difficult to pinpoint. He has shown great talent in manipulating form and behavior of both plant and animal life. Likewise, the Professor has shown his abilities in understanding and manipulating divergent forms of energy, ranging from his adaptation of an existent (and stolen) Kinetic Modulator into the new Counter Electro-Dynamic Concentrator, to the creation of the new and effective Transportulator.

While Dementor has on occasion professed the desire to dominate the world, he is by no means as single minded in this regard as, say, Dr. Drakken. Accordingly, Kim has had relatively few encounters with the Professor. Dementor has been seen taking his leisure; relaxing with his henchmen at a Vegas resort, just hanging out in his classically-built island lair, or taking a moment to savor a good cup of cocoa before initiating a nefarious scheme.

Short in stature, Professor Dementor is always seen in his red and black villain's garb, which includes a black helmet of unknown properties. Both he and his henchmen commonly use personal jet packs for speedy travel. He has fully embraced, "The Villain's Way," from stylized methods of treating captured foes, to the frequent use of a "Villain Light" to give his features a sinister glow when gloating over captives, to the the skull motif on his boxer shorts.

The Professor surrounds himself with a coterie of devoted henchmen. Otherwise, he does not readily associate with other villains, and apparently prefers to implement his schemes without sidekicks or partners.

On a side note, Dementor's occasional use and abandonment of time-share lairs is a mystery. Are they temporary bases, closer to the scene of the action than the two lairs we've seen so far? Or temporary facilities when his other lairs are destroyed or otherwise incapacitated?