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Transcripts - Partners


Episode Partners
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2487


[ crickets chirping ]

[ squeaking ]

[ click ]
[ beeping ]

Woman: Hold still. Good. Yes!

[ creak ]

[ ding ]
Woman: The genomic sequencer works!
Amy: Oh, heavens! I should hope it works! Otherwise there
wouldn't be much point in me stealing it. ( giggles )

Woman: Amy? They said that you lost it, that your experiments were
insane, that you were locked up forever!
Amy: Yes, true, they were, gonna. Come to mama!

[ boom ]
Drakken: Hand it over.
Amy: Well, Mr.Forward, who are you?

Drakken: I am Dr.Drakken!
Amy: M.D. or dentist?
Drakken: Evil mastermind? On the brink of world conquest? Mmm?
Ring a bell?
Amy: Isn't that Professor Dementor?
Drakken: Bah, no matter. I want that genomic whatever-it-is!

Shego: Yah! Hah!
Amy: Unh!
Drakken: Thank you!
Amy: You are the biggest meanie in the whole wide world!
Drakken: A-ha! You have heard of me! Ha ha ha!

[ music playing ]

Boy: Hey, Kim!
Kim: Hi!

Monique: Kim!
Kim: What's the dealie, Monique?
Monique: Did you talk to Ron?
Kim: Um, not exactly.

Monique: Kim, is this or is this not the day we pick science project
Kim: Yeah?
Monique: And you and I are gonna work together, right?
Kim: Monique, I want to work with you, but--
Monique: But there's the whole Ron thing.

Wade: Remember last year?
Kim: Wade, what are you talking about?
Wade: Your vow.
Kim: I vowed?
Wade: That you would never, ever get stuck with Ron as your
science project partner again?

Kim: Never ever? Exaggerating.
Wade: OK. Playback.

[ squealing ]
Kim: Every year, same story! Ron marinates and I do all the work.
Never again! Never, ever!

Monique: You're gonna have to show that boy some tough love.

Kim: You're right. This year's science project is going to be
Ron: Good call, K.P. I didn't want to say anything, but last
year's effort was kind of weak.
Kim: Grrr!
Ron: I mean, it was solid, but I know you can do better.
Kim: Ron! Hello...

Ron: Yeah, hold that thought, K.P. Gotta run. See you in
science class.
Kim: Aggh!

[ waves crashing ]
Drakken: In just a moment, this hapless henchman will be genetically
transformed into a fearless, bloodthirsty predator! Ha ha
[ clank ]

Drakken: You worthless piece of...
Shego: Problems?
Drakken: None. Ha ha! I shall have it humming along any minute
Shego: Too bad you had to tick off the one geneticist who's
twisted enough to help you.
Drakken: I'm doing quite well on my own, thank you. Watch as
I soup up this henchman with the DAN of a vicious Komodo
dragon! ( growls )

Shego: Mm-hmm. They call her DNAmy.
Drakken: Shego, I am quite capable of creating a genetically-
enhanced super army by myself. Thank you.

Drakken: Aaaaaah! Gaaah!
[ sizzling ]
Drakken: Fine! New plan! I charm this DNAmy woman into doing my
Drakken: What?

Shego: Nothing.
Drakken: You don't think I can be charming?
Shego: I didn't say a word.
Drakken: You'll see, Shego. The doctor is making a house call.

Monique: And you just tell him, "Ron, I am not carrying you."

Ron: Allow me... partner.
Kim: Ok, Ron, we still need to talk.

[ footsteps ]
Ron: Mr.Barkin?
Barkin: Listen up, people! I am assuming command of this classroom
starting... 3... 2... 1...
[ beep ]

Barkin: Now!

Monique: Where's Ms.Fitzgerald?
Barkin: A fungal experiment went horribly wrong. I didn't press
for details.
Ron: So, should we tell you who our partners are gonna be?
Barkin: Negative, Stoppable! I tell you. I'm picking the teams.

Ron: ( gasps )
Rufus: ( squeaks )
Barkin: If you do not like your partner, you can ask for a change.

Ron: ( sighs )
Barkin: I will, of course, say no. It's part of the "life is
unfair" theme I'm working into all curriculum. All right,
let's go.
[ screech ]

Barkin: Bonnie Rockwaller will team with... Brick Flagg.
Boy: Dude!
Barkin: Stoppable!
Ron: A-ha!
Barkin: Your partner is... Monique.

Rufus: Hmm?
Kim: Hmm?
Ron: Inspired choice, Mr.B. Monique maintains Kim-level gradage.

Barkin: Possible, you're with... Justine Flanner.
Kim: Flanner's like the queen of the science fair.

Justine: I'm building a kinomatic continuum disruptor. Which will
create a small tear in the space-time continuum.
Kim: Spankin'!

[ chirping ]
[ rings ]
Amy: Coming.

Drakken: Watch and learn, Shego.
[ squeaking ]

Drakken: Hello, pretty... Aah!
Shego: And what have I learned?
Drakken: At least she remembers me.
[ rings ]

Amy: Go away! You stole my genomic sequencer!
Drakken: Ah, yes. Sorry about that. By the way, were you injured?
Amy: When your girlfriend blasted me?
Drakken: When you fell from heaven, for you are surely an angel.
Drakken: And don't worry. She's not my girlfriend.

Amy: Do come in... Doctor.

Kim: So, Justine, tell me more about your project idea.
Justine: Uh, yeah. It's highly technical.
Kim: Try me. I'm here to help.
Justine: Here's your to do list.

Kim: It's blank.
Justine: Exactly. During the project, disappear and don't bother
me. The day of the presentation, show up and smile.
[ slam ]

Monique: Listen, Ron, I'm not Kim. I will not carry you!
Ron: Wish I could help you, but it's out of my hands.

Monique: I'm serious, dude boy! If you won't work, I won't work.
Ron: Not sure I believe that. You, Rufus?
Rufus: Uh-uh. ( chomping )
Ron: Monique, I think we both know you'll do the work.

Monique: What do you mean?
Ron: Four words... grade point average. Ahh. Hey, you care.
I don't.
Monique: You... arrggh!
Ron: Check and mate.
Rufus: ( giggles )

Drakken: Well, your home is so... decorated.
Amy: Thanks for noticing. Did it all myself.
Drakken: No!
Amy: Yes!
Drakken: ( laughing ) Yours is a rare gift, Amy.

Amy: Ohh, Doctor! Flattery will get you everywhere.
Drakken: Ooh! How about into your lab? ( chuckles )
Amy: Right this way.
[ chirps ]

Amy: Watch your step!
Drakken: Now, Shego, who got game?
Shego: ( sighs ) You got game.
Drakken: Straight up. Aah! Ow! Ooh! Unh! Ooh!
[ crash ]

Kim's Dad: Boys, you promised to help me wash the car!
[ whoosh ]
Tim: Reporting for duty, Dad!
Kim's Dad: Keep up the good work, Tim. Say, Kimmy, how's that
science project with Ronald coming along?
Kim: I'm not working with Ron this year.

Kim's Dad: Gee, that's too bad.
Kim: Well, Ron was always such a slacker, and this new
partner's a genius...
Kim's Dad: Oh, that's good!
Kim: A total know-it-all genius who thinks that I'm stupid
and can't do anything!
Kim's Dad: So we're back to bad?

Tim: Heads up! Gotta wring'er out!
Kim: Aah! Tim! You tweeb!

Kim's Dad: You know, Kimmy, you've rubbed elbows with some pretty
famous scientists. Maybe your partner isn't aware of
Kim: Yeah! She's a total brainiac. Some of the scientists
I've met are probably like rock stars to her.

Tim: Psst!

Kim's Dad: I can think of a certain rocket scientist who's done
some amazing work.

Kim: Professor Allenford!
Kim's Dad: Oh, yeah. Allenford. He's a good egg.

[ whoosh ]

Kim: Thanks, dad!
[ splat ]

% Drakken is groaning and creaking.

Amy: Sorry, honey-bunny.
[ clap clap ]

[ music swells ]
Drakken: Ohhhhhhh...

Drakken: ( gasps ) It's the lab of my dreams!

Amy: Ready, honey-bunny?
Drakken: Heh. Is it completely necessary to call me that?
Amy: I like sugar-bugger, too.
Drakken: Honey-bunny it is, then. ( groans )

Monique: Ron, we're running out of time!
Ron: I hear you, girlfriend.
Monique: Look, I'm willing to do my half of the work, but you've
got to step up, too.
Ron: Monique, the system I worked out with Kim has served me
well over the years.
Monique: What system? You did nothing!

Ron: Gotta go with my strengths.
Monique: OK. You know what? When you're ready to work, that's
when we get this party started.

[ click ]
[ typing ]
Drakken: At last! A creature so terrifying, so fearsome, so...
yaagh! What is that?!
[ panting ]

Amy: Isn't he just the cutest thing?
Shego: Precious.
Drakken: My mutant army must be vicious and bloodthirsty! Cute and
cuddly won't take over the world!
Amy: But I'm all about cute and cuddly.
[ whines ]

Drakken: Have you ever tried vicious and bloodthirsty?
Amy: Hmm. Do you think I'd like it?
Drakken: I know I do.

[ clattering ]
Amy: Oh, sugarfoot. I don't have any meanie DNA. But I know where
I can get some.

Kim: The Middleton Institute of Technology. Justine, I think
you're going to like this.

Kim: Look, they're making their own weather. Cool, huh?
[ thunder ]
Kim: Pretty cutting edge, huh?
Justine: And I care... why?

Kim: It's closed to all but the most advanced scientists. But I got
an "in."

Allenford: Kim Possible! Welcome!
Kim: Professor Allenford, thank you so much for taking time
from your internationally acclaimed research!
Allenford: Oh, don't be silly. After the way you saved our
satellite from orbit decay, it's the least I can do.
Kim: It was just a little space walk with a fraying tether
line and a blown oxygen tank. So not the drama! Oh, and
this is my partner Justine.
Allenford: Justine?! You're Justine Flanner!

Kim: You know her?
Allenford: Miss Flanner, I keep this here to inspire me. The
breakthroughs you've made in particle physics...
Justine: Eighth grade. Big year.

Allenford: If you wouldn't mind, could you make this out to "Otto"?
Justine: So, why are we here again, Possible?

Kim: Never mind.
Justine: Here you go, Otto. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a
continuum disruptor to finish.

Allenford: Oh, man! Ohh! This is... Ted? Otto! You'll never
guess who's in my lab. No, no. Bigger. Bigger! Bigger!
Kim: ( sighs )

Kim: ( gasps )

Amy: Ohh, this one is so sweet.
Drakken: Amy, we're here for nasty, remember?
Amy: Right. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

[ door closes ]

Kim: Hold it!
Amy: Huh?
Drakken: Ooh.

Kim: Drakken. And DNAmy? Together?
Both: Kim Possible?! You know Kim Possible?

Drakken: She's my arch-foe!
Amy: Well, you know what they say... The enemy of my enemy...
is awfully cute.
Drakken: Mmm!

Kim: OK, how weird is this?
Shego: Yeah, very. Thank you.
[ grunting and fighting ]

Amy: Oh, here's a big beastie.
Drakken: Grab it and let's go!

[ grunting ]
[ snap ]

Shego: Yaah!

Kim: ( gasps )
Drakken: Bye, now!
Shego: Till next time, princess!

[ click ]

Amy: Almost ready, honey-bunny!
Drakken: You're the best!

Shego: I think you actually like her.
Drakken: Oh, please. I'm an evil manipulator, remember? She's a
pawn in my scheme.
Shego: Uh-huh. That and you like her.

Drakken: Do not.
Shego: Do so.
Drakken: Do not infinity.
Shego: Drakken and Amy sittin' in a tree...
Drakken: Shego...
[ beeping ]
[ powering up ]
[ whirs ]
[ roaring ]

Drakken: What is that thing?!

[ crickets chirping ]
Kim: She is so annoying!
Monique: At least her partner's willing to do something!
Kim: Try everything.

Monique: Maybe I should just start on the project.
Ron: I'm down with that, partner.
Kim: Ron! ...Ooh!
[ clattering ]
[ squelching ]

Rufus: Huh?
Ron: Earthquake?
Kim: Footsteps.
Monique: Must be some big feet.
Kim: Come on!

[ growling ]
[ roars ]

Ron: Aah!
[ ptoo ]
Monique: Taco!

[ beeps ]
Kim: Go, Wade.

Wade: Kim, no sign of Drakken, but get this... there's a ton of
crazy calls about...
Kim: A dinosaur rampaging through Middleton?
Wade: How'd you know that?
Kim: It's hard to miss.

[ growling ]

Amy: Look, it's that meanie, Kim Possible!

[ growling ]
Drakken: That creature will maul her to bits! Heh heh heh! This
I want to see!

Man: Um, I'll have a glazed and...
Kim: Move it!
Man: Hey... what?

[ crunching ]
[ ptoo ]
[ screaming ]
[ growls ]
[ crash ]

[ roars ]

Drakken: Watch out, Shego!
Shego: ( gasps )
[ clank ]
[ yelling ]
Drakken: Aah--aah! Huh? Aah! Ooh!

[ growls ]

Kim: I think I know a way to stop the dino thing. I need you
guys to distract it.
Ron: The distraction thing. No big.
Monique: You sure this isn't too much work for you?
Ron: This is not the time for hurtful sarcasm, Monique. Trust
me. Come on!

[ growling ]

Drakken: ( grunting ) Ooh? Waaah!
Amy: Stop that! No! Shame on you, you bad, bad beastie!
[ zzt ]

Drakken: ( groaning )

Amy: Honey-bunny, are you all right?
Drakken: You saved me!
Amy: It was nothing.
Drakken: Nothing? You risked your life... for me. Oh, Amy, no
one's ever done that before!

Ron: Hurry up, Monique! He's got a dino-sized appetite.

Rufus: ( chitters ) Heh heh. Donuts.
Ron: Hey, hey, that's the distraction! Need more speed!
Monique: Unh!
Ron: Unh! More!

Monique: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe there's a way we can boost the
motor. I need a wrench.
Ron: No got! Try Rufus!
Rufus: Uh-huh. Hello.
Monique: Turn that bolt.
Rufus: Hunh! Ha!

Justine: Hey, slow down!

[ growls ]
Justine: What is that?
Kim: Yeah, it's a dino-thing, but your disruptor is the
Justine: It hasn't been properly tested! There's no power out here!
Kim: The communicator has, like, mega batteries.

[ growls ]

Ron: We have donut launch!
[ growling ]
Monique: It's working!
Rufus: Yay!

Kim: Ready, Wade?

Wade: Good to go, Kim.
Justine: But...
Kim: Justine, it'll work. The science is sound. I read all
your notes.
Justine: And you understood them?
Kim: Perfectly. OK, no, I had to look up a ton of stuff, but
I got through it.

Justine: Spanking!

[ rattling ]
Ron: ( gasps )
Rufus: Oh, no.

Ron: Well... waaah!
Monique: Come on, Kim.

Kim: One... two... now!
Justine: It's operational!

Dino: Hmm?
[ vortex humming ]

Justine: It worked! It worked!
Kim: We did it, Justine! Well, mainly you did it, but, hey,
I helped.
[ cheering ]
Monique: Nice job, partner.

Drakken: Amy, you're the woman for me. I knew it the moment I saw
Amy: Oh, Doctor!

Drakken: I love everything about you. Your homemade cookies...
your homemade creatures... the way that you wrinkle your
nose when you flout the laws of man and nature. Oh, Amy, be
Amy: You're sweet, but the truth is, my heart belongs to
Drakken: It what?
Amy: I did some radical genetic mutation on his hands and feet.
Isn't that romantic? I hope that we can still be friends.
[ trombone squawks ]

Drakken: Shego! ( echoing )

[ birds chirping ]
Barkin: Nice job, class. You worked together to push the frontiers
of science.
Barkin: Ah, baking soda volcano. A classic.

Barkin: But you two expect me to believe that this hunk of
junk can tear the fabric of time and space... just by
flipping this switch? Come on!

Kim+Justine: No!
[ rumbling ]
Barkin: Possible!
Kim: Working on it.