Transcripts - Oh Boyz
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Transcripts - Oh Boyz


Episode Downhill
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 2717


( Bell rings )
Jim: Steel Toe is taking you down.

% Crowd cheering.
Tim: Uh-oh, Pain King is going to cannonball! Steel Toe
Tweebs: Ooh.
Ron: It's coming! There's no way to stop it!
Jim: Alien attack?

Ron: Worse.
Tim: Mondo-morphing melt monsters?
Ron: Worse. But that does sound pretty cool.
Jim: Ron, do you know...
Tim: GWA is on?

Ron: Not for long. They're coming!
Tweebs: What's coming?
Ron: Crazed boy band fans!
Tweebs: ( Screaming )

Jim: The remote!
Ron: He who controls the remote controls the future.
Tweebs: We're going in.
Kim: No way, Tweebs!

TV: The hottest band on the planet: Robby, Ryan, Dexter and Nicky
Nick... the Oh Boyz!

Girls: ( Screeching )
Oh, my God!

Ron: Correction; She who controls the remote controls the future.

Sr.: I think you will be most pleased, my son. This will be your
best birthday present ever.

Jr.: Oh, father, I'm so...
Jr.: confused. What is all this?
Sr.: Go on. Try one.
Jr.: If you insist.
Sr.: Ah, the devastation ray. Wonderful choice.
Jr.: That's cute, father, but I think I'm too big to play with toys
now, don't you?

Sr.: These are not mere playthings, Junior.
Jr.: Father, is that my Honolulu Kyle?
Sr.: Observe. The sub-harmonic cannon.
Jr.: Kyle!
Sr.: I thought you just said you were too old for toys.
Jr.: Kyle isn't a toy! He's an action figure!

Sr.: What action?
Jr.: He dances the bumpa hula.
Sr.: ( Sighs ) Junior, these models are so you can decide which
doomsday device you want for your birthday.
Jr.: But father, I don't want a doomsday anything for my birthday.
I only want for my dream to come true.
Sr.: Your dream? To take over the world in some terribly evil way?

Jr.: No, father. That is your dream. My dream is to become an
international pop sensation.
Sr.: Very well. As a powerful billionaire, this should be easy to
accomplish. But why do something the easy way when you can do
it the evil way? ( Evil laughter )

Girls: ( Cheering )
Monique: When are they going to do "Hello, Hello, Hello"? The
waiting is killing me.

Tara: Oh, I think Robby is the cutest creature on Earth.
Kim: I love Dex. You know, for his brains.
Monique: Uh-huh, that's not his brains he's shaking there, girl.
Kim's Mom: I heard screaming. What's going on? Ooh! A concert!
Now this brings back fun memories. Back in my day, it
Kim: Mom. Please.

Kim's Mom: Well, it doesn't matter who it was. It was just like
Kim: There was never anyone like the Oh Boyz!
Girls: ( Screaming )
Kim's Mom: Okay, note to self. The Oh Boyz are hot.

Tara: For now and forever. ( Sighs )

% Caption: "ONE WEEK LATER"
Kim's Mom: You'll never guess what I got today.
Kim: Tell me.

Kim's Mom: Guess.
Kim: No. Tell me.
Kim's Mom: No, you have to guess.
Kim: Hmm.
Kim's Mom: Tickets to the Oh Boyz show!

Kim: Um, uh, Mom...
Kim's Mom: What? What's wrong?
Kim: Well, never mind.
Kim's Mom: What, tell me?
Kim: Uh, guess.

Kim's Mom: Kimberly Ann...
Kim: Okay. The Oh Boyz are over. Stick a fork in them.
Kim's Mom: Really? But I thought they were the hottest band in the
Kim: Last week. Nobody would be caught listening to them
Ron: The Oh Boyz rock my world!

Kim: ( Groans )
Ron: ( Gasps ) Oh Boyz ticks! KP!
% Music blares through headphones.
Ron: This is awesome!

% Music continues.

Kim: Do we have the right night?

Ron: You know, I expected more people.
Kim: I expected some people.

Roland: Benny, we have more caterers than fans.
Benny: Roland, do you know how much money the record company is
losing on this tour?

Roland: No, but as the accountant, I'm sure you'll tell me.
Benny: My advice is to cancel and cut your losses.
Roland: The boys have lawyers. No cancellation clause.
Benny: Ooh, right. The contract.
Roland: Look at this. "Artists shall have four mugs of hot cocoa
flown fresh from Belgium exactly one hour before every
performance." I hate my life.

Boyz: Roland! Is that cocoa here yet?

Ron: I am furiously psyched.
Kim: It doesn't bother you that you're into a band that is so
Ron: They're not over for me. They rock.
Kim: I used to think so too, but I mean, come on, Ron. Look
around. Nobody is into them anymore.

Ron: Kim, who cares about everybody else? Ron Stoppable does not
follow trends, he sets trends. Ooh. Maybe I can get them to
autograph Rufus.
Rufus: ( Angry squeal )
Ron: Be back in a few, KP.
Kim: Oh, I'll be right here. Hoping no one sees me.

Ron: Just wait, Rufus. I'm going to show the Oh Boyz how I've
learned all their dance steps. They probably love it when
fans dance for them.
Rufus: Yeah! Hey!
Ron: Wow, you've be practicing.
Dexter: ( o.s. ) Roland!

Rufus: Whoa!
% Glass breaking.
Dexter: I refuse to eat that! They forgot the pickles.
Roland: Okay, Dexter. I'll deal with it.
Ron: Wowie-wow. It's really him. It's Dexter.
Rufus: Incoming.

Ryan: Roland, th is all your fault, yo! There were pickles all
over my plate.
Roland: Ryan, maybe you had Dexter's plate. Have you considered
Ryan: I did not have Dexter's plate. You think I don't know my
own plate?
Robby: Roland. Do you want us to tell the record company that
you're not taking care of us? Look what you've done.
Roland: What? What?

Robby: This. Look. It says my zodiac sign is Pisces.
Roland: Well, you were born on March 16.
Robby: Pisces, it's fish.
Roland: So?
Robby: I hate fish!

% Phone rings.
Roland: ( Sighs ) I'll see what I can do.

Ron: You're Nicky Nick, right?
Nicky Nick: Who are you?
Ron: Ron. I'm a bon-diggity dancer.

Nicky Nick: Fan boy, keep studying.
Ron: Wait, you've got to see this.

Announcer: Give it up for your Oh Boyz! Robby, Ryan, Dexter,
Nicky Nick and... who's that guy?
Nicky Nick: I told you to get lost!
Kim: Oh!

Boyz: Roland!

Ron: Man, you guys know how to rock! What do you do for a finale?

% Sirens blaring.
Hobble: And you are?

Roland: Roland Pond, Defteen Records.
Hobble: Can you telle what happened?
Roland: It all happened so fast.
Kim: I can help, Officer Hobble. The criminals had a state-of-
the-art operation.
Hobble: Kim Possible. ( To Roland ) You've got nothing to worry
about, sir.

Roland: Really?
Hobble: With Kim Possible on the case, your Oh Boyz will be back in
no time.
Kim: That's right. I'd help no matter what, but they got my
best friend, too. This is way personal.

Jr.: It is hopeless. My dream will never come true.
Sr.: Junior, your dream will soon be a reality.

Jr.: Oh, look! Dexter, the smart one. Ryan, the youngest
one. Robby, the cute one. Nicky Nick, the funny one.
Ron: Uh-oh.
Jr.: I don't know this one, and yet he rings a bell in me.
Nicky Nick: What? He's not one of...
Ron: The new Oh Boy. The other one.

Jr.: Yes, I remember him now.
Sr.: He's obviously carrying the others.

Roland: It looks like we have no choice but to cancel tomorrow's
opening gig. What's the dollar damage, Benny?
Benny: Well, not so damaging.
Roland: Really?

Benny: Yeah. We were losing money on shows when nobody showed up.
Roland: The Oh Boyz showed up.
Benny: Exactly. And we had to pay them, their bodyguards, their
hair stylists, their aura cleansers. Oh, boy.
Roland: Right. So we don't lose any money anymore. This is a good
Kim: What's a good thing?

Roland: That we have you to help us.
Kim: Have there been any demands?
Roland: Not since the Oh Boyz were taken.
Kim: I meant from whoever captured them.
Roland: No, nothing yet, but I'll keep you on speed dial.

Kim: But I never gave you my digits.
Roland: OK. Must've been someother teen who means well. What was
the number again?

Sr.: If the record company wishes to have their precious Oh Boyz
back, they will bow to my demand.
Jr.: What is your demand, father?
Sr.: That they make you an international pop sensation.
Jr.: ( Excited squeal ) Call them now! Please, please, please!

Sr.: As you wish, my boy.

Ron: We're in trouble. Nobody is going to give Junior a
record deal.
Nicky Nick: We have nothing to worry about. Roland will give these
jokers anything to get us back.

Roland: A day without the Oh Boyz is like a day where I don't lose
money. No more whining pop rats. Life is sweet.
% Phone ringing.
Sr.: Please listen closely if you want to see the Oh Boyz again.

Roland: Look, sorry, I got to hop off. Call my office, we'll set a
thing. Bye now.
Sr.: Was I not clear in my demands?

Kim: What I don't get is why would anybody take them? Everyone
knows that they're over except Ron.
Wade: That's the weird part, Kim. They were over.
Kim: Say what?

Wade: The Oh Boyz are all over the news. They haven't gotten this
much attention since Nicky Nick broke up with Britina. Let me
stream you a video.

TV host: The Oh Boyz; When the Pop Stopped. The Oh Boyz not so
long ago, they were the hottest band in the world, with such
number one hits as "Hello, Hello, Hello."

Boyz: ( Singing )
I'm going through a tunnel
Stuck in a canyon
In an elevator
Do you even listen?
No, no, no, no
No, no, no, no
Hello, hello, hello
Can you hear me now?
Or am I losing you ( Hello )
Got to reconnect somehow
'Cause I can't hear you
Hello, hello, hello

TV host: And, of course, "I Want It My Way."

Boyz: ( Singing )
When you go get on the road
The answer is no, no, no
No, no, no, no
And when you say hit the highway
You know that I gotta stay
It's not that I love you, baby
I just want it my way
'Cause I want it my way,
I like it my way
It's my way or the highway
Yes, I want it my way,
I like it my way
It's my way or the highway
If that makes me selfish as you have accused
Let me just say this:
I don't like to lose
'Cause I want it my way,
I like it my way...

TV host: But lately the hits have turned to misses. Their concerts
opened to empty arenas. The fans had moved on. It seems
like only yesterday they were yesterday's news. I mean,
they were yesterday's news the day before yesterday. No.
Wait. Yeah, that's it. When did they steriously vanish?
TV crew: ( Whispers off screen ) Yesterdey!

TV host: So they were yesterday's news until yesterday. OK, you
know what? Forget it. ( Clears throat ) Since the Oh
Boyz concert disappearance, something amazing has happened.

Roland: I won't be needing you. Whoever told them they could carry
a tune? Oh, yeah. Me. ...What?

TV host: The Oh Boyz are hotter than ever now. Their CDs are
selling out worldwide.

Roland: Selling out? My two favorite words. This is a double
deuce. All of the money with none of the Oh Boyz.
% Phone rings.

Roland: Yo.
Jr.: Mr. Oh Boyz Record Company man? I think you misunderstood
my father. If you and your peeps do not cooperate the Oh
Boyz will continue to be missing.
Roland: Stay missing? Give me a minute to compose my thoughts.
Let me get back to you.
Jr.: How can he get back to me? I did not give him my number.

Robby: We're on our own.

Ryan: Yo, we don't even know how to be on our own.
Nicky Nick: Who will get us our cocoa?
Ron: Don't worry, guys. You've got me on your side.
Dexter: We're doomed.
Ron: Okay, fine. You've got him.

Roland: Life withoutut the Oh Boyz... is heartbreaking.
Kim: You seem real upset.
Roland: Miss Possible, the Oh Boyz are like sons to me. But what
can I do?
% Phone rings.
Roland: Sorry, gotta take this. Yo. Go baby.
Jr.: We are not your baby!

Sr.: Junior, give me the phone.
Roland: Must be a wrong number.
Kim: Don't think so. And I hate to tell you, but I definitely
know those voices.
Roland: You do?

Sr.: A bad idea.

Jr.: We'll give you another chance.
Sr.: Junior, please let me talk.
Jr.: Father, I'm speaking.
Sr.: I have...
Jr.: It's my turn.
Sr.: Son...

Jr.: Father!

Kim: Oh, yeah. I've got everything I need.
Roland: You mean?
Kim: That's right. I know where to find Ron and the Oh Boyz.

Robby: I can't believe our fates are in the hands of a rat and
that contraption.

Ron: That's a naked mole rat to you, and that contraption is
going to get out of here.
Robby: Right, so you know what it is?
Ron: Of course.
Ron: ...No idea.
Dexter: Wait! Clever. It fires the disc player's laser in a
tightly focused mini beam to deactivate the lock.

Ron: Dexter, the smart one. It's not just hype. ...That is
what it does, right?
Rufus: Duh!

Host: We're back with Man Overboard. Well, gentlemen, the views
have voted. How do you feel, Brad?
Brad: Hope it isn't me, I guess.
Host: Oh, too bad. Brad, you've been voted off the boat and you
are going overboard!

Host: It's up to you, Christy. You want to throw him a lifeline?
Kim: This has to be the most heinous show ever.
Judd: You should have seen the last one I worked on; Truth or
Kim: Anyway, thanks for the lift, Judd.
Judd: Are you kidding, Kim? It's the least I could do after you
rescued me from that rhino stampede.

Kim: Oh, that was no big. What was that show called again?
Judd: Teasing Wild Animals.
Brad: Come on, Christy! Throw it!

Jr.: Yes! Every international pop sensation needs a sensatnal
autograph. Hmm.
Host: ( on TV ) We're back with Man Overboard.

Jr.: What? Ah! My favorite reality show.
Jr.: It can't be. Father! Father! Kim Possible is coming to
foil my birthday present!
Sr.: Ah, excellent. I relish the challenge.

Kim: So far so good.
Kim: ( Gasps )

Sr.: Welcome, Kim Possible. It's so nice you could drop by.
Kim: ( Yells )

Kim: Whoa! ( Sighs )

Sr.: Miss Possible, I have gone to a great deal of trouble to
mutate an octopus.
Kim: You've got the most whacked hobbies.
Sr.: I have been dreaming of watching you do battle with him.
Kim: Well, keep dreaming.
Sr.: I would appreciate it very much if you would continue your
fall now.
Kim: Thanks, but no thanks.

Sr.: Ah, I am loathe to force the issue, but...
Kim: ( Yells )
Kim: ( Sighs )

Ron+Rufus: Boo ya! Let's hit it, guys!

Nicky Nick: I'm first. I'm the leader.
Ryan: I'm older!
Robby: I'm cuter!
Dexter: I'm smarter!
Nicky Nick: I thought of it first.

Ron: Hey, this is no way for troubadours of love to behave.

Ron: Hmm. Self-activating, motion-sensitive laser cannons.
Those bad boys are no joke.
Nicky Nick: In that case, you first.
Dexter: Me? You're the one that can't sing.
Robby: You've always been the weakling.

Nicky Nick: Your dancing totally tanks.
% Ron and Rufus groan.

Kim: Wade, got a serious 911 on my hands.
Wade: Talk to me.
Kim: The recipe for my current disaster. Start with a nasty deep
pit. Add me. Stir in one killer octopus.

Wade: Are we talking regular octopus or mutant?
% Growls.
Kim: Definitely mutant.
Kim: ( Yells )

Sr.: What a beautiful sight. Junior, you do not want to miss this.

Jr.: Not now, father. I'm working on my R's.

Ron: Hmm. Hmm. Chill, guys. I know how to handle this.
Robby: You do?
Ron: Yep, We close our eyes and run all together. I figure
only half of us will get fried.
Ryan: Which half?

Nicky Nick: My guess is the left.
Ron: Anyone have a better idea?
Dexter: As a matter of fact...
Nicky Nick: On my count, "Quit Playing Games With My Head."

Boyz: ( Singing )
Let's not analyze what I said
I don't wanna be a complex boy
I can't tell if you're serious
when you are so delirious
Are you done playing me, baby?
Is that a yes, no or maybe?
Quit playing games with my head
I'm a sport, but I'm not a toy
Let's not analyze what I said...

Wade: Kim! Can you hear me? Listen, when octopi are mutated,
certain traits get amplified. Including responsive
Kim: Wade, short version please.
Wade: He's ticklish.
Kim: Ticklish? You've got to be kidding.

Wade: Under the armpits.
Kim: All eight of them?
% Laughing.

Boyz: ( Singing )
I don't want to be a complex boy
Boy, boy, boy, boy, boy.

Ryan: Check us out.

Ron: You guys are just like regular guy-guys now.
Dexter: You're right. We actually just did something for
Ron: Feels good, doesn't it?
Robby: Feels weird.
Ryan: But in a good way, I guess.

Ron: Now, we thwart the bad guy. Wait until you see how good
that feels.
Rufus: ( Hums "charge" ) Charge!

% Laughing.
Kim: Cootchie-coo.

Sr.: How can this be? Kim Possible has tickled my mutant octopus
into submission.
Jr.: It's worse than that, Father. My ticket to stardom is gone!

Nicky Nick: Who's that?
Ron: Kim Possible. Teen hero. Cheerleader.
Robby: Hi.

Kim: Wow. You are the cutest one.
Ryan: Did Roland send you?
Kim: Oh, yeah. He was very worried about you.
Dexter: Why'd he hang up on the ransom calls?
Kim: Um, about that...

Sr.: Enough. You are all testing my patience. Now you will
test my latest toy.
Jr.: I thought you said it wasn't a toy, Father.
Sr.: It's an expression.
Jr.: That is a good look on you. You can be my opening act.
Sr.: That was just the low setting. Now let's see who's hot
on the charts.

Jr.: Father!
Sr.: Junior, are you all right?
Jr.: Do I look tanner now? Because the pain may be worth
Sr.: Come, Junior. We will fight another day.

Jr.: But, Father, how will I become a super pop star now?

Bonnie: Are Robby's eyes really the color of the sea?
Monique: Is Ryan's favorite food pizza?
Tara: Did you get Dexter's E-mail address?
Girl: Does Nicky Nick have a new girlfriend yet?
Ron: One at a time, ladies. One at a time. All questions will
be answered. All mysters solved.

Monique: When, Ron?
Ron: As soon as I get a refill.
Bonnie: I'll get it.
Tara: No, me.
Girl: He asked me.

Kim: Enjoying yourself?
Ron: Like I said, Kim, I don't follow trends, I start them.
Besides, who knows how long the Oh Boyz will be hot this time?
I'm working it.
Kim: Yeah, I see that. I hope they at least did something about
that record company weasel.

Roland: Whoa! Hey, boys. You're back. You don't know how
I missed you.
Robby: No, I think we do, Roland.

Dexter: That's why...
Ryan: ...we've asked the boys upstairs...
Nicky Nick: fire you.
Roland: You're joking. Who could possibly take my place?
Rufus: ( Laughs )

Jr.: ( Singing )
Quit playing games with my head
I'm a sport, but I'm not a toy
Let's not analyze what I said
I don't want to be a complex boy
I can't tell if you're serious
When you are so delirious
Are you just playing me, baby
Is that a yes, no or maybe?
Quit playing games with my head
I'm a sport, but I'm not a toy
Let's not analyze what I said
I don't want to be a complex boy,
boy, boy, boy, boy
Boy, boy, boy, boy.