Transcripts - Motor Ed
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Transcripts - Motor Ed


Episode Motor Ed
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written April 16, 2008
Author Jeriddian
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 5168


(At the Possible house, Kim is doing her homework on the kitchen table as her father comes in with some takeout food)
Mr. Dr. P: Who’s up for some 'Chow-Fun'?
Kim: Hey, Dad. Mom working late?
Mr. Dr. P: Yep, up to her ears in brains.
Kim: How are things at your work?
Mr. Dr. P: Eh...the usual. Test fired an ectoplasmic beam, launched a deep space probe. Oh, and a new colleague started over in robotics, she has a boy your age......Felix, I think.
(Kim's twin brothers have come into the kitchen to grab some food)
Jim and Tim: (teasing)Kim and Felix, sitting in a tree, K...I...S...S…
(Kim looks down at her brothers with a look that says "you are about to die!"
Jim and Tim: Uh... ....gotta go!
(They quickly disappear with their food)
Mr. Dr. P: Let’s see, we have garlic bamboo beef, sweet and spicy shrimp, and General Tso’s… naked mole rat?
(Rufus has suddenly popped out of one of the cardboard containers, slurping down a noodle.)
Rufus: (burps) Mmmmm!
(Ron is sitting at the dinner table snacking on some soda crackers and water. Mr. Dr. P comes in carrying the food and Rufus.)
Ron: Hmmm.......Hey, Mr. Dr P.
Mr. Dr. P: (sighs) Ronald, would you and Rufus like to stay for dinner............again?
Rufus: Okay!
Ron: Love to.........Can’t.
(Rufus looks very dejected as Kim enter the room)
Kim: We’re doing the Middleton fair tonight.
Ron: Soda water and soda crackers only.
(Rufus tries to scarf some of Kim's noodles, but she takes them away from him)
Kim: You see, Ron had a........problem last year.......

(Flashback to last year's fair. Ron and Kim are strapping down in the Tilt-O-Whirl as he scarfs down another hot dog.)
Ron: Is this my fifth or seventh chili cheese dog?......Mmmmm!
(The Tilt-O-Whirl starts up and starts spinning very fast)
Ron: Oh! Uhhhhh! Tummy trouble!.....
(There is a clown working nearby making balloon animals. Ron ends up barfing all over him.)

(Back to the present. Ron sits dejectedly at the dinner table.)
Ron: The clown sued.
Kim: Ron had to swear he would never go to the fair again on a full stomach, and pay the dry cleaning.
Ron: Baggy pants…....double charge.

(Intro Credits)

(At the Salt Flats in Utah, an experimental land speeder is trying to break the speed record.)
Female Driver: Firing thrusters in three…...two…......wait… There’s something up’s a stop light?....
(She pulls the emergency brake and brings the machine to a halt. She sits there waiting for the light to turn green. Unknown to her, men come out of the ground behind the car and approach it.)
Female Driver: Come on! Come on!...."
(The light finally turns green. She starts the car up again to go and it completely shuts down. She jumps out to find the engine missing.
Female Driver: The X24 prototype!......Gone!

(Back at the fair, Kim and Ron are riding one of the rotating rides.)
Kim: Anything?
Ron: One hundred percent hurl free KP!
Kim: Then tell it to Mr. Baggy Pants.
(Kim points to the clown Ron had upchucked on the year before. The clown gasps and pulls out an umbrella and deploys it, just in case. The Kimmunicator beeps)
Kim: Go Wade!
Wade: Are you in astronaut training?
Kim: Nah, spinny ride at the fair.
Wade: Oh, it’s kinda making me dizzy.
(Ron squeezes into the picture on Wade's computer.)
Ron: Not me! I am welly in the belly!
(Kim elbows Ron out of the picture.)
Kim: What’s the sitch?
Wade: Major, Kim. We've got a hijacked shipment of high output iridium spark plugs from Germany, a stolen coolant nitrox injector, lifted from a freighter in the Sea of Japan.
Kim: A stolen nitro whatsit?
(Kim steps out of the fair ride. Ron stays on for another round.)
Wade: Prototype automotive components.
Kim: parts?
Wade: (looking a bit miffed.) and the Mona Lisa is a doodle.
Kim: This is a guy thing, isn’t it?
Wade: Ask the guy who just boosted the experimental twenty-four cylinder supercharged Oxycold racing engine.
Kim: More car parts........Wade, why would anyone steal an oxy-cool whatcha-ma-call-it?
Wade: Somebody’s up to something, Kim.
Kim: Well, that’s specific and helpful.
(Ron comes off of the ride, loking a little green around the gills.)
Ron: Kim, I’m crummy in the tummy.
(Ron starts to barf and runs off.)

(Kim and Ron are at the 'Cap-A-Rat' carney game, whacking pop up rats with mallets.)
Ron: Have you seen Rufus?
(Rufus pops up out of one of the holes in the game.)
Rufus: Ahh!
Ron: (Grabs Rufus) Whoa! Not a good place to hang.
(There is a boy next to Kim whacking at the rats like Ron and Kim)
Felix: Are you Kim Possible?
Kim: I’m sorry, do I know you?
Felix: My mom works for your dad. I’m Felix Renton.
Kim: Oh, hi! My dad told me about you. This is Ron.
Ron: Hold on, hold on, I’m this close to winning a giant inflatable baseball bat....
(A bell rings.)
Ron: Oh Yeah!.........Huh?
(Ron thought he won but Felix had a higher score.)
Felix: Sorry, I am a champ rat smasher.
Ron: Hmmmmmph!...
Rufus: Awwww.
Kim: Hey, you wanna hit some rides with us, Felix?
Felix: Ready to roll!
(Kim notices for the first time Felix is in a wheelchair.)
Kim: Oh…I, I didn’t notice you were in a… I mean, nobody told me you were…
Ron: Hey! Who’s up for the Disorienter?
Felix: Whoa! I heard that is the bashingist ride ever!
Kim: We should probably work our way up to that one. Ron, maybe this is the year you should follow that dream, and take on the pie eating contest?
Ron: No way, KP! No fair food!
(Kim grabs Ron and pulls him aside....forcefully.)
Ron: Whoa!
Kim: Maybe we should hold off on the really intense rides?
Ron: Kim, I can handle it.
Kim: I’m trying to be sensitive to Felix’s condition.
Ron: Why, does he have a weak stomach too?
Kim: The chair....
Ron: What of it? It probably gives him a motion sickness edge!

(Later on, at a table eating some snackage...)
Kim: So Felix, what do you like to do other than extreme rotating?
Felix: Eh....usual junk, video games, basketball....
Kim: Basketball?
Felix: Sure, why not?
Kim: Well, I....wasn’t sure if you.....Hey, look! Monster trucks tomorrow night in the arena.
Felix: You like monster trucks?
Kim: Oh, yeah, I’m all about the monster trucks.
Ron: Kim, you never.....
( Kim elbows Ron firmly. Rufus finishes some chips with glee.)
Ron: Ow!
(Kim glares at Ron.)
Ron: Okay, as long as you can sit and not spin, I’m there.
Felix: (chuckles) Don’t worry; I’ve got the sitting thing down. I’ll meet you at the gate....Kim?
Kim: Oh yeah.....I can’t wait.
(Kim picks up a hot dog to eat it and finds Rufus sitting in the middle of the bun, having already eaten the frankfurter.)
Rufus: (Belches.) Hi.....

(A darkened abandoned land fill in New Jersey, at the underground lair of Motor Ed. A hair stylist is working on Motor Ed's hair)
Motor Ed: Dude, that shampoo smells like new wheels, seriously. I dig it. Okay, okay, dude. Seriously, here’s the Motor Ed style. Business up front, party in the back, and the calm before the storm.
Delilah: Okay, hon, I’ll just shape it up.
(She snips a small amoutnt of hair from the end of Motor Ed's mullet.)
Motor Ed: Whoa, Delilah! Foul! You don’t clip the lion’s mane while he roars! Seriously!
(At the entrance of the lair above ground. Motor Ed's henchmen greet Delilah just as she leaves.)
Motor Ed: (from belowground.) Exit my lair! Seriously!
Delilah: No more junk yard calls!
Short Henchman: Huh?
(The henchmen go down into the lair with the stolen racing engine.)
Motor Ed: Doesn’t anyone in the state of New Jersey know how to style a mullet anymore?
Short Henchman: It’s a dying art, boss.
Motor Ed: (spotting the racing engine) Whoa! Dude, is that the twenty-four banger?
(He jumps on top of it and swings on the chain.)
Motor Ed: Whoo-Hoo! Tops, bro! This rules so hard! (plays air guitar) Ahhhhh-Yeah!
Short Henchman: (laughs) Yeah! Check this out. The boys and me were thinking, we might take a few days off, go down to shore, you know, eat a hoagie.......or not.....whichever.
(Motor Ed has jumped down from the engine and is staring angrily at Guy.)
Motor Ed: How’s my drivin’?
Short Henchman: Say again, boss?
Motor Ed: (Shouting) How!...Is!...My drivin’?! Seriously!
Short Henchman: You’re the best that ever burned rubber, dude! You're Motor Ed!
Motor Ed: And yet, I’m not rippin’ down the turnpike right now. Am I?
Short Henchman:, you're not.
Motor Ed: Because?.....
Short Henchman: We’ some serious OT to work?
Motor Ed: We do if we are gonna build the world’s biggest badest fleet of killer wheels! (Tosses Guy into a bunch of tires.)
Short Henchman: Oh, wait, check this out. What if we were to all go out and jack some humongous Una-weld truck frames! Wouldn’t that be cool?
Motor Ed: (plays air guitar) Ahhhhh...Come on! Whoo! Rock on! Lets do it to it!
(Motor jumps down and slides over to a poster.)
Motor Ed: And I know just where to find them. Seriously, I do.

(At the Middleton Monster Truck Mud Lovers Show....)
Announcer: Hello mud lovers! Who’s ready to roll?
(Kim, Felix, and Ron are in the stands.)
Felix: Okay, favorite video game?
Ron: No contest! Zombie Mayhem II!
Felix: Um, pause, I hope you meant to say Zombie Mayhem III?
Ron: Um, un-pause! I was actually referring to the superior second installment of the series.
Felix: (guffaws)For real? Mayhem II doesn’t even have flame throwers.
Kim: Hey, check it out Felix; I downloaded this map of Middleton High. All the ramp accessible entries and elevators are marked in red
Felix: Oh, wow....thanks, Kim. That’s really.......thoughtful of you.
(The Monster Truck Show is invaded by several guys on bikes jumping over the stands onto the arena floor)
Motor Ed: Ahhhhhhhh-Yeah!
Kim: Is that part of the show?
Felix: Not likely.
Motor Ed: These trucks are property of Motor Ed now! Seriously, they are.
Short Henchman: (throwing a driver out of a monster truck into the mud) Check it out.
Motor Ed: (jumping from his motorcycle into another monster truck and kicking the driver out.) Comin’ through dude! Seriously.
(The gang steals several monster trucks and drive off with them. As they go down the road, they drive them onto a semi-tractor trailer rig specialized in hauling cars.)
Kim: Car part mystery! Solved!
(Kim jumps from the stands onto an ATV.)
Kim: I need to borrow your tricycle thingy.
Ron: All terrain vehicle!
Kim: Whatever....
(Kim drives off after Motor Ed's gang. Ron hops onto another ATV.)
Ron: Up for a ride?
Felix: Eh! It isn’t the Disorienter, but I’ll give it a shot!
(Kim is in hot pursuit of the thieves. The Kimmunicator activates)
Kim: Wade, I’m kind of in pursuit here.
Wade: I know. Grab your hair brush, and throw it in front of them.
Kim: Ohh...okay, if you say so.....
(She throws the hair brush in front of the two motorcycles in front of her. The tines of the hair brush stick in the ground and puncture the tires of their two motorcycles, causing them to crash.)
Kim: Great for split ends too!
(Ron and Felix are catching up to Kim on their ATV.)
Felix: Typical night for you guys?
Ron: Actually, it is!
(Back to Kim. She speeds up, jumps the ATV and lands in the pickup bed of one of the stolen trucks)
Motor Ed: (Gasps as he looks back from the drivers seat)
Short Henchman: (attacking Kim) Aahhhhhhhh!
(Kim easily disposes of the short henchman. Ron and Felix catch up to the hauler.)
Ron: We got your back, KP!
Kim: Ron, what is Felix doing here? It’s too dangerous!
(Her attention distracted by Felix's presence, Motor Ed comes up from behind and knocks Kim off the hauler. She lands on Ron's ATV.)
Motor Ed: Sorry Red! You snooze, you loose! Seriously!
( Motor Ed sprays oil over the road and causes the ATV to spin out. He gets away.)
Kim: Okay, what was with that guy’s hair?

(At Felix Renton's house. Dr. Renton is serving cookies ot Kim.)
Dr. Renton: I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that your dad’s a terrific guy.
Kim: Yeah, the family took a vote. We’re keeping him. (chuckles) So your thing is?.....
Dr. Renton: Advanced cyberrobotics.
(Dr. Renton gives a demonstration as she activates her kitchen. Kim is served a glass of milk entirely by robotic arms getting the mild out of the refrigerator, getting a glass, setting it down, and pouring the milk.)
Kim: I love it!
(In the next room, Ron and Felix are playing video games.)
Felix: Oh yeah! You’re going down, Stoppable!
Ron: Not if I accidentally hit the reset button!
Dr. Renton: I’m so glad Felix found friends.
Kim: Oh because he’s…
Dr. Renton: in town. And it’s hard to make friends for any kid.
Kim: Oh, right....yeah....of course.
Dr. Renton: You know, it’s okay to feel a little uncomfortable about it.
Kim: what?
Dr. Renton: Felix being in a wheel chair.
Kim: No! I think it’s great!....I mean, it’s awful! But......I’m going to stop talking now before I say some other stupid thing.
(The Kimmuincator beeps.)
Kim: Excuse me. I better take this.
Dr. Renton: Kim... ....just relax.
Kim: Right!....I’m relaxed. Wade?!
Wade: I think I have an idea on our monster truck jacker. (shows video to Kim on the Kimmunicator.) Motor Ed, widely regarded as the most brilliant mechanical engineer in the country.
Kim: Didn’t quite fit in though.
Wade: Let’s just say the top secret government lab he worked at had a dress code....

(video tape)
Scientist: Ed, I’m afraid the mullet has to go.
Motor Ed: No! Seriously, bro! No! (Motor Ed rips his lab coat off and plays air guitar.) NO! SERIOUSLYYYYY!...AHHHHH!

(Kim, back in Felix's house.)
Kim: Have you ever noticed how many of my foes have hair issues?
Wade: Still not sure on how to find him?
Kim: Oh, we’re not going to find him! He’s going to find us. Wade, how fast can you spread a rumor?
Wade: As fast as I can type. 320 words a minute, last time I was clocked.
Kim: So, all you have to do is start a rumor that my dad’s lab is working on some ferocious new engine part and Motor Ed will be totally drooling for it.

(Middleton High. Kim enters the gym in cheer costume and finds Ron and Felix playing basketball.)
Ron: Boo-ya! Oh, don’t bring that weak stuff into my neighborhood!
Felix: Yeah! There’s more where that came from!
Ron: Well, keep it comin’, steel wheels!
(Ron shoots and misses.)
Felix: Ho Ho Ho Ho!....Another brick from....oh yes he is in fact.....“Stoppable.”
(The ball bounces off and Kim catches it.)
Ron: Ooooooohh! Fast hands, KP! Wanna call winner?
Kim: (speaking softly) Ron, what do you think you are doing?
Ron: (whispering.) Shooting hoops with Felix.
Kim: No! It looks like you are really trying know....
Ron: Win?
Kim: Exactly! Y-yo-you can’t!
Ron: Well, I know I’m down two buckets! But if I focus on rebounding and boxing out, I think that I.......
Kim: You’re acting
Ron: Like he’s just a normal person?....
Kim: .....I’ve gotta just stop talking.
Felix: Hey, Kim!
Kim: Hey.
Felix: You know. We better get over to the lab if we’re going to set that trap.
Kim: Right! We better..........we?
Ron: Yeah! Felix wanted in on the action. He even came up with a great name for the fake part.....

(At Dr. Possible's science lab in the Wind Tunnel control room.)
Rom: Turbonic Charger Valve! Whoo-Hoo!
Felix: Sounds state-of-the-art. huh?
Kim: Yeah....a guy thing. Okay, Felix, you go stand watch.
Felix: You mean sit watch.
(Kim gasps at her faux pas.)
Felix: Kim, I’m just playing you.
Ron: (chuckles) Dude, good one. Hey, take Rufus with you. He’s a great look out.
Felix: Thanks!

(Felix is acting as the watch. Kim and Ron are by themselves.)
Kim: Why does everything just come out wrong when I’m around Felix?
Ron: I don’t know! But man, you’ve been getting amped up!
Kim: Its, its, just that, I don’t know. I see him in that chair, and then I guess I feel like its not fair because....I can walk, and he can’t, and so then...
Ron: You end up saying the positively worst thing possible?
Kim: I have so offended him. Does he hate me?
Ron: Nah! Just thinks you’re funny.
Kim: (sounding dejected) Swell.....
(A beeping sound goes off indicating someone is sneaking into the lab. Rufus starts chittering and yelling.)
Ron: The mouse has entered the trap.
(The teens hide. The door to the Wind tunnel opens and Motor Ed and his henchmen are there.)
Motor Ed: The Turbonic Charger Valve! I am so stoked! Seriously! This is sweet!
Short Henchman: Oh man! We don’t even know what is does yet.
Motor Ed: Bro! Why do you have to bring me down? Seriously! What ever it is, with a name like that, it is sure to rock......heavy! (air guitar yells) Ahhhhhhh-Yeah!
(Kim suddenly drops down from above onto the fake engine part.)
Kim: Okay, the pretend guitar solo ends now.
Motor Ed: Okay, bro! Get her! Get Red!
(The henchmen attack and Kim takes them out.Then Ron jumps in and starts yelling kung fu yells.)
Ron: Whoa! Hoo! Ha!
(Motor Ed tangles with Ron and manages to throw him off and knocks him into the fake valve, throwing it and Ron into the wind tunnel itself.)
Motor Ed: My Valve! Seriously! (chases after Ron. Kim follows.)
Felix: (to Rufus) Hold on....
(Felix activates the wind tunnel. It starts blowing everyone around.)
Felix: (over the microphone) Kim! grab something!
(Felix and Rufus keep reversing the wind tunnel wind direction.)
Ron: Ahhhhh! Oof! Rufus! (The case for the fake valve opens up and Ron gets trapped inside.)
Kim: Ron!
Felix: I’m on it.
(Motor Ed's henchmen revive and restrain Felix and stop the wind tunnel. Motor Ed grabs the case and starts to run off.)
Motor Ed: I win!
(Kim blocks his way.)
Motor Ed: (gasps)
( The henchmen open the door and knock Kim out of the way. Motor Ed plays air guitar and leaves with his henchmen.)
Felix: (going to Kim)You okay?
Kim: Yeah, but nobody is going to be happy when that crate is opened.
Rufus: (chitters with worry.)
Kim: We’ll find him, Rufus.

(Kim and Felix get back to the Possible residence. She goes inside as he waits.)
Tim: Somebody called for you, Kim.
Jim: A boy!
Jim and Tim: (teasing Kim) Ooooooo! Ooo-la-la! Oooooo! Oooo!
Kim: Not now, tweebs!
Jim: Kim and Motor Ed sitting in a tree.....
Kim: (gasps, picking up Jim by his arms) What did you say?
Jim: Motor Ed! That’s who called! Now put me down, or I’ll tell Mom you blew off your biology test to save a village from a tidal wave last week!
Tim: The message is, “Bring me the Turbonic Charge Valve or else.”
Kim: Ron.......

(Kim's bedroom. Rufus is pacing with worry and fretting. Kim is waiting on Wade to call her. Finally the Kimmunicator beeps.)
Kim: Wade? Got anything?
Wade: No! I was hoping he called you back.(Rufus sighs)
Kim: I’m a cheerleader waiting by the phone for a guy with a mullet to call. Something's wrong with this picture. (The phone rings.) Hello?
Motor Ed: Yo, Red!
Kim: Where is Ron?
Motor Ed: Your skinny dude? Yeah, he’s here, hanging with me and the boys. He’s doing good, but that could a hurry. Seriously.
Ron: (yelling to be heard over the phone) Kim! Get over here!.........and stop by the Beuno Nacho drive through on the way, I’m starvin’!
Short Henchman: Oh, yeah! Wai-, wai-, wai-, man, me too! Put me down for a hoagie twelve inch with hot peppers and mayo!.....Anybody else want nothing’?
Wade: Keep talking......almost got a trace.
Motor Ed: Hey Red, tell your computer guy not to waste his time on a trace. I’m shooting you a map.
Wade: (receiving the map Motor Ed sent him. ) He’s not as dumb as the hair style might lead you to think.
Motor Ed: Just bring the Turbonic Charger Valve.
Kim: Don’t have much choice. Do I?
Motor Ed: Seriously? No! See you soon Red! Seriously!
(Kim runs out of the house and meets Felix in the front yard.)
Felix: Did you find out where he’s holding Ron?
Kim: Near as we can tell, a secret lair under a land fill in New Jersey.
Felix: I’m going with you.
Kim: Felix, no. it’s too…
Felix: ....too dangerous? I agree. Way too dangerous for you to go alone.
Kim: ......You’re right. Let’s move.

(At the abandoned land fill in New Jersey.)
Felix: So you just call in a favor, and get a ride, like, anywhere in the world?
Kim: I’m lucky that way.
(They begin to search. At one point, Kim turns around.)
Kim: You okay back there, Felix?
Felix: Kim! Look out!
(Kim accidently steps on a trip wire and triggers an avalanche of wrecked car bodies. Felix speeds his wheel chair up and rescues Kim out from under it.)
Felix: To answer your question, I’m doing okay back here, and you?
Kim: I can’t complain, I have great backup.
(They search further and find Motor Ed's secret lair's entryway.)
Kim: So anything look like an entrance to secret lair to you?.....(She sees the entry way clearly marked and growls in frustration. She forces the doors open and is met by two of Motor Ed's henchmen.)
Henchman: Welcome to the Garden State!
(Kim jumps away and prepares for combat. The henchmen attack and she takes them out but gets trapped in the springs of a broken sofa. The henchmen come at her again, but Felix uses his chair to knock them all down and out.)
Kim: Where did that come from?
Felix: mom tricked out the chair a little. Advanced cyberrobotics, remember?

(Elsewhere in the land fill, Motor Ed is searching for Kim.)
Motor Ed: Red? (Sees Rufus with a box.)
Rufus: Hello.
Motor Ed: A bald rat with buck teeth? Bro, seriously! You're disgusting me.
Rufus: (Angrily chitters away at Motor Ed.)
Motor Ed: Whoa, little bald bro! Is that the Turbonic Charger Valve?
Rufus: (laughs) Hmm-hmm. Yeah! (Rufus runs away with the box. )
Motor Ed: Oooohh! (runs after Rufus)

(Down in Motor Ed's lair, Kim and Felix find Ron.)
Ron: Kim! Felix! So what did you bring me? A Chimereto? Naco?
Kim: (unties Ron.) Come on!
Felix: She’s not kidding, Ron! These guys are dangerous!
Ron: Okay, okay, I’ll try one of these so called.....“hoagies”.
Felix: Does he always lose focus like this during a mission?
Ron: What?
(The three teens get out of the lair and run out into the land fill. Suddenly, monster trucks bar their way.)
Kim: More monsters........Great!.....
Motor Ed: (plays air guitar) Ahhhhhhhh-Yeah! Introducing Motor Ed and his indestructable fleet of totally rockin’ bashin’ killer monster trucks!, you can have your rat back....(Motor Ed reaches into his truck and pulls Rufus out, tossing him back to Ron.)
Ron: (catching Rufus.) Got you buddy!
Motor Ed: Don’t you even want to know my plan? I mean, come on! Seriously!
Kim: I thought this was just random destruction.
Motor Ed: I’m gonna crush stuff! And keep on crushin’ it, until I turn the whole world into one humongous rockin’ scrap yard!
Kim: Sounds a lot like random destruction.
Motor Ed: Ah, that’s foul, Red! I’m gonna start by crushing you!
(Motor Ed revs his engine, getting ready to crush Kim)
Kim: Felix, just stay behind me and…...
(Felix is flying in his wheelchair above everyone)
Kim: (gasps) Wow!
Ron: Flying! Yeah! I told you he was cool!
(Felix taunts two of the drivers and makes them crash their trucks, then distracts the others as Kim and Ron run off. But Kim and Ron finally get trapped by Motor Ed and his truck. Felix arrives on the scene.)
Kim: Okay.....
(Kim uses her grappler and grabs Ron, hooking onto Felix's wheelchair and pulling both of them out of the trap. Motor Ed turns the truck around to search for Kim. Felix flies her around and she swings in and blindsides him from the driver's side, knocking both him and his short henchman out of the truck.)
Motor Ed: Whoa, Ahhh!
(Motor Ed hangs off the side of the truck as Kim lands in the seat with Ron.)
Motor Ed: This is bogus, Red! A man should not be booted off his ride!
Kim: Quit calling me, Red! *Seriously!*
Motor Ed: But Red?.....
(Suddenly, Motor Ed sees he's about to impact directly into a traffic light.)
<="" b=""> Ahhh! Oof! (He's knocked off the truck and lands in a pile of junk.)
Kim: Oh!.....I...warned him!
(Felix flies up to the truck.)
Felix: Thanks for the back up, Possible.
(Felix uses his wheelchair grappling talons to pull Motor Ed up out of the junk pile.)
Motor Ed: This is so rank! Seriously!...

(Back at the Middleton Gym. Ron and Felix are playing basketball.)
Ron: No fancy cyberchair stuff!
Felix: Oh! Like I need that to beat you!
(He shoots. He scores. Kim catches the ball as it falls through the hoop.)
Felix: Got game, Possible?
Kim: Oh, I came to play, Felix.
Felix: Bring it on, Possible! Bring it on!
(Kim spins the ball on her finger, smiling.)