Transcripts - Emotion Sickness
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Transcripts - Emotion Sickness


Episode Emotion Sickness
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written August 18, 2005
Author homersimpson70
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 5312


[Scene opens with the front of the school and the sign says “Middleton Days This Weekend” and then a fade in to the school gym where Barkin is speaking. The gym is filled with half complete floats, and a group of students standing around Barkin.]

Barkin: Hey people, listen up! In a frenzied outpouring of community pride this weekend we celebrate Middleton Days. A salute to giants of local industry, from the space centre to the world famous Middleton Pickle Works. Stoppable! [Walks over to Ron who is dressed as a pickle.] Explanation now!
Ron: I’m Kosher Deli, the Pickle Works beloved mascot and this is Gurkin [Rufus jumps up on Ron’s shoulder, also dressed in a pickle outfit].

Barkin: Mocking our proud pickle heritage are we?
Ron: Mock…the…pickle? Never Mr B..
Barkin: I’m keeping an eye on you cucumber boy. [Turns back to the crowd] Float builders! Let’s get busy!

[Kim appears behind Ron, Ron turns to face her.]

Kim: Isn’t that hot?
Ron: Suffering is my salute to Middleton. [Suspenseful music] OH! [Ron sees in the distance that Josh is walking holding hands with some other girl]
Kim: What’s the big?
Ron: Nothing.

[Kim goes to turn around to look, but just as she does Ron sticks his hands over his face]

Ron: Oh! Kim there’s something in my eye! Ow! Look.
Kim: It’s your finger.
Ron: Oh. [laughs] How did that get there?
Bonnie: OH! Josh Mankey has a fresh crush and her name isn’t Kim Possible.

[Ron covers himself and cowers, and screams]

Ron: Bonnie!
Kim: Ron… really, it’s no big. Josh Mankey is so last semester.
Ron: Uhh?!?
Bonnie: What?
Kim: We grew apart. It was time to move on. So not the drama.
Bonnie: So in denial. [Bonnie walks off.]

Ron: Way to maintain the kimpossure. It’s brave the way you mask your mankey pain.
Kim: Seriously, I’m over Josh. Thought you’d be the bummed one.
Ron: Me? Why?
Kim: Tara.
Ron: What about her?
Kim: She used to like you. You mean you never noticed?

[The Kimmunicator beeps]

Kim: What’s the sitch wade?
Wade: Just heard that Tara and Mankey are dating. How’s Ron taking it?
Ron: Wade knew too?!? But, urgg.
Wade: Don’t get in a pickle Ron. [Laughs]
Ron: Oh, who’s the pickle mocker now? Uh?

Wade: Sorry, couldn’t resist. [Wade takes a sip from his soft drink]
Kim: Wade, tell me there is more to this call.
Wade: Drakken’s on the move.
Kim: Then so are we. [Kim runs off]
Ron: Wait! [Ron struggles to pull the pickle costume off, but only manages to get the top part of the costume stuck over his head. Kim comes back and pulls him off stage.]
Ron: Ok, let’s go.

[Intro plays]

[Scene opens zoomed in on a small green device with a yellow grinning face on it. Camera pulls back, and a man in a doctor-type jacket is standing, holding a green device. He pushes a button, and he laughs. He pushes another button, and the screen and his eyes go blue, and he falls to the ground crying. The remote beeps again, and he rolls on the ground, apparently angry. The face on the screen of the remote goes from a sad pink face to an angry red face. The doctor throws all the books off one shelf, then walks across the room and appears happy. He pulls a little green circle off his collar.]

Dr. Cyrus Bortel: The mood control test is a success. I wonder which government agency will bid the highest to get my moodulators. I am just one online auction away from finding out. In the meantime, the fearless ferret marathon beckons. [Walks out of the room, and the door shuts behind him.]

[In the room, a circle of green appears on the ceiling, and the rock inside the circle falls into the room, and Shego jumps into the room through the hole. Dr. Drakken lowers into the room on a flying device. It lands, and he jumps off.]

Shego: I don’t get… If you’re such an evil genius, shouldn’t you invent your own stuff? I mean what’s up with this stealing?
Drakken: It’s called outsourcing Shego. Besides, why reinvent the wheel? Or in this case, the Electron Magneto Accelerator. With this I can increase the power of any electrical device to evil proportions.
Kim: Stealing again Drakken? [Drakken turns to see Kim standing there, with a rope hanging from the ceiling]

Ron: Whatever happened to inventing your own stuff? [Ron says as he slides down the rope]
Drakken: It’s called outsourc- oh, just get on with it.
Shego: How about you get on with it? [Ron and Kim look at each other confused]
Drakken: Shego, this is not the time to question the nature of our relationship.

Shego: Ok, fine, but I am not doing this for you. I am doing this for me. [Shego gives her evil smile, and runs forward, jumps into the air and lands behind Kim with her hand glowing green. She shoots a green shot at Kim and Ron. Kim jumps out of the way and Ron ducks. It misses them both. Kim lands on top of a book shelf, and Shego fires again, and Kim jumps out of the way again, at Shego this time. Shego kicks Kim out of the air, and Kim lands on the ground. Drakken jumps on his flying machine, and tries to leave, but Ron jumps up and grabs on]

Ron: Booyea!

[The flying machine appears to being losing power, and it falls, but Drakken jumps up and grabs the edge of the roof around the hole. Ron jumps off the machine and grabs onto Drakken’s feet.]

[Kim and Shego are still fighting. Kim has a book, and Shego goes to punch Kim, and she ends up putting her hand through the book. Shego shakes it off. Shego punches at kim so more, and Kim dodges them each time, causing Shego to break and knock stuff off the shelves, including the moodulator remote. Kim kicks Shego, and she flies back into a skeleton, which breaks under Shego. Shego charges at Kim, causing the Kimmunicator to drop onto the ground. Shego continues charging Kim until she hits the shelf, at which point one of the moodulators falls onto Kim’s neck and sticks. Kim struggles free, and forces Shego against the shelf, and the second moodulator falls onto Shego’s neck and gets stuck.]

[Drakken is still holding onto the edge of the hole, and is trying to kick Ron off]

Drakken: Aww. Do you mind? I’m trying to get away.
Ron: Hey Kim. He’s trying to get away. And he’s kicking me. [Drakken is indeed kicking Ron in the head]
Kim: And you’re surprised?

[Shego throws Kim off her, and Kim falls backwards to the ground. Shego climbs onto the shelf, holds on to the ceiling, and kicks on the shelf over onto Kim. It falls, and we hear bottles break.]

Ron: KP!
Drakken: I believe the phrase is Booyea! [Drakken swings his legs back and forth strong, and Ron flies off screaming] Some other day Kim Possible! [Drakken pulls himself up and climbs out of the hole. Shego runs over and jumps up and out the hole.]

[Kim stands up]

Kim: Uh!
Ron: You ok?
Kim: Me? Yea. Pride? Not so much.

[Ron bends down, while still looking at Kim. His hand is searching for the Kimmunicator, but he picks up the moodulator remote by mistake.]

Ron: Oh, hey, don’t forget this.
Kim: Uh…thanks. [Kim absent-mindedly pockets the moodulator.]

[Scene changes. Dr. Cyrus Bortel is now in the room.]

Bortel: Ack! My Electron Magneto Accelerator! My moodulators! Oh, this is not good.

[New Scene: Inside Kim’s house. Breakfast Nacos are sitting on the counter.]

Ron: KP! Those Breakfast Nacos aren’t going to eat themselves.

[Kim enters the room, and throws Ron the moodulator remote before sitting down]

Ron: Woahoh! What’s that?
Kim: Umm… the thing you picked up? So not the Kimmunicator.
Ron: A video game? Awesome! [Ron pushes a button. The screen has a blue sad face on it. The moodulator on the back of Kim’s neck changes from black to a blue sad face. Kim sits up, and her eyes turn blue for a second. She then begins to cry.]
Kim: I just can’t believe we lost the Kimmunicator. [Breaks down and cries into her folded arms]
Ron: Hey, hey, hey. You know it’s not the end of the world. Is it?

[New Scene: A volcano with a building on top – Dr. Drakken’s secret lair.]

Drakken: But Shego, we exacped with the EMA unscathed.
Shego: Yea, but, yea, but, but… I broke a nail. [Shego holds out her hand to show Drakken.]
Drakken: I break mine all the time. You don’t see me crying… not on the outside.

[Camera zooms in on Shego, and you can see the moodulator is blue on the back of her neck]

[Scene changes to Kim’s house again. Kim’s moodulator is still blue, and she is still crying. Rufus is holding one of Kim’s fingers, and stroking it]

Rufus: There there.
Ron: We’ve lost the Kimmunicator before, right?
Kim: [Through tears] Ron, no! When will the carelessness end?

[Rufus lifts the moodulator remote up, and Ron picks it up]

Ron: You know maybe playing a little gameage will cheer you up. Huh?

[Ron accidentally presses the button, and the face changes to the angry red face. Kim reaches out and grabs the remote and throws it on the floor.]

Kim: I don’t want to play some stupid game. I want the kimmunicator. Let’s just go to school so I can tell Wade that you lost the kimmunicator again. [Grabs Ron’s shirt and pulls him out of the room.]

[New Scene: Drakken’s liar. Shego forces Drakken against a wall and holds him there by his collar.]

Shego: You talking to me?
Drakken: Look. You were obviously upset about your broken nail.
Shego: Meaning?
Drakken: Uh… You’re overreacting?
Shego: Overreacting? OVERREACTING? ME? [She throws Drakken across the room and shoots green shots at him] FIRE IN THE HOLE!

[Back at Kim’s house. Jim and Tim find the kimmunicaotr.]

Jim: Ah, cool.
Tim: What do you think it is?
Jim: Sub-orbital data compiler?
Tim: Nah. Dads got one. It doesn’t look anything like this. HEY. Maybe, it’s a trans-dimensional laser.
Jim: Without a converted input relay? Duh, don’t think so.
Tim: Give me it.

[Jim and Tim start fighting over the remote, and keep pressing the button. We hear ‘Mine’, ‘Hands off’ and ‘No fair’ from the twins. The face on the remote changes through the various faces.]

[New Scene: Drakken’s lair. Drakken is cowering and trying to hide on top of a high platform. Shego enters looking for him.]

Drakken: GAH!

[Drakken crawls away and crawls right into a pole, behind which Shego steps out from behind.]

Shego: I am so happy you are not hurt. [Said in a giggly voice] I mean, if anything had happened I don’t know what I’d do. [Crying]
Shego: [Angry voice now] But you’d like to know, wouldn’t you?

[Drakken crawls behind the post, lies in the fetal position and sucks his thrumb. Shego steps out from behind the post]

Shego: Say what? What was I talking about?
Drakken: Umm… did I forgot your birthday? Is that what this is about? Because I’m scared.

[New Scene: the school. The sign still says ‘Middleton Days This Weekend’.

Ron: Hey KP, I think you seriously jacked my shirt.
Kim: Oh, I am going to do more than that to Drakken.
Ron: Riiggghttt….. Umm…so… what do you suppose he’s after?

[Kim’s eyes flash yellow for a second]

Kim: [Very cheerful] I have no idea, but I know we can stop him.

[Kim’s eyes flash blue for a second. She starts to cry]

Kim: Unless he gets away again.
Ron: KP… you feeling ok?

[Kim’s eyes flash green for a second.]

Kim: [Looking mad, crosses her arms] Why? What do you mean by that?
Ron: Nothing. Nothing. You just seem kinda…. Random.

[Kim’s eyes flash a light blue.]

Kim: Random? Are we talking about me?

[Josh and Tara walk by. Ron slaps his forehead.]

Ron: Of course. This is what happens when you keep the Mankey pain bottled up.
Kim: What do you mean?
Ron: Well, I mean, ever since you lose the kimmunicator.

[Kim’s eyes flash red]

Kim: I lost the kimmunicator? I didn’t lose anything Ron!

[Kim grabs Ron’s shirt and pulls him]

Ron: Ow! Threads ripping.

[Kim throws Ron against the lockers, and Kim’s locker door swings open. Wade is on the computer monitor.]

Wade: Oh, hey. I’ve been trying the kimmunicaotr, but there’s been no response.
Kim: Ron! You got some ‘splaining to do.

[Scene changes back to Jim and Tim still fighting over the remote. Mrs. Possible comes in and takes the remote from them.]

Mrs. Possible: ok boys, enough fun and games, time for school.
Tim and Jim: Aww… mom.

[Mrs. Possible places the remote on the counter and it changes to a pink face with heart eyes and hears all around the face. The moodulator on the back of Kim’s neck does the same.]

Ron: I guess I picked up the wrong thing. It’s all my fault.

[Kim changes looks, and looks as if she’s in love.]

Kim: Wait. That’s not true. Ron did his best. It could have happened to anyone. Right?
Wade: Sure. Stuff happens when you’re saving the world.
Kim: See Ron? Everything is going to be A-ok. [Kim is running her fingers up Ron’s arm.]
Ron: Uhh… KP… hey, the shirt.
Wade: If I can get a tracking link, I should be able to activate the kimmunicator’s homing system…

[Kim slams the locker shut.]

Ron: Hey!
Kim: We’d better get going.
Ron: Umm… yea… sure thing.

[Kim pulls Ron into a classroom.]

Kim: I’ll see you class. [Kim giggles, then blows Ron a kiss. Kim walks to her seat, the whole time staring at Ron. She sits down and gazes at him. Bonnie looks at Kim, and looks confused.]
Bonnie: Some things are just too weird to even think about.

[Ron looks at Rufus and then puts his hand to his forehead]

Ron: Oh man.

[New Scene: Drakken is in his lab working on the EMA]

Drakken: A few more modifications and the Electron Magneto Accelerator will be…[Drakken is looking through a microscope at the EMA, when Shego lifts it up to face her and Drakken screams]
Drakken: Shego, you’re not still upset are you?
Shego: Oh no, I’m just admiring your little Electro Magneto whatyoumeahuey.
Drakken: It’s called an Electro… why you looking at me like that?

[Shego is lying on the table and flashing her eyelids at Drakken]

Shego: I never realized how blue and deliciously evil you are.
Drakken: Uh.. Shego…don’t…you…have…something…better to do?
Shego: Why, yes I do.

[Shego jumps off the desk and shoots her green at the wall, and carves “D.D. + S.G.” inside a heart. She blows the smoke off her finger like a smoking gun.]
[Shego purrs at Drakken]

Drakken: Ok… I think it’s time we tested the E…M…A. Perhaps I can cool things down by supercharging this ordinary air conditioner.

[Drakken presses a button and all the vents in the room let off large amounts of smoke and the whole room is covered in snow, including Shego. Drakken is frozen in ice. Drakken breaks himself free.]

Drakken: Ahha, it’s brilliant. It worked better than I thought.
Shego: Brrr… cold weather perfect for cuddling. [Shego is wearing a winter coat. She slides over to Drakken holding two steaming mugs]
Shego: Latte?
Drakken: I like latte, but as to the cuddling passedena.

Shego: Why?
Shego: Aww… poor doctor D so stressed from all his hard work-workee. [Shego starts massaging Drakken’s face]

Drakken: I do sometimes burn the candle…ahh… a little to the left.
Shego: [whisper in Drakken’s ear] Someone could use a little breakie-poo.
Drakken: Breakie-poo?
Shego: Don’t mind if I do.

[New Scene: In the classroom, Ron is asleep. A note flies and hits him in the head. He wakes up and reads it. It is a page filled with hearts and ‘Ron Stoppable’ written rather girlishly. Ron gasps, and looks to his left. He sees a nerdy looking guy, who rolls his eyes and points to Kim beside him, who lovingly waves. Rufus faints]

[New Scene: In a park, love appears to be in the air. Shego is running and pulling Drakken behind her. They run by a baby carriage, and Shego runs back and steals a lollipop from the baby, which makes the baby cry. Shego forces the lollipop into Drakken’s mouth.]

[New Scene: In the hallway at school, Ron is walking, passes Kim, who is flashing her eyelids at him. Ron runs around a corner screaming and wipes his forward, thinking he outran Kim, but he turns around and she is right there. He runs away again, and ends up running into Kim again. Ron backs out the door, and turns around and Kim is outside. Ron runs back inside, into a classroom and sits down, but he ends up sitting on Kim’s lap. Kim tries to kiss him but Ron leaps up and Kim kisses empty air.]

[New Scene: Drakken and Shego are in a photo booth, and Shego pulls the curtain closed. The flash goes off, and we see the pictures comes out. The first one is of Shego sticking her tongue out and Drakken looking confused, the second one is Shego laughing and Drakken sorta laughing, the third one is Shego looking at Drakken who looks afraid, the fourth one is Shego jumping Drakken and the fifth one is black.]
[New Scene: Back in the school gym, which is till filled with the floats. Monique is working on one of the floats.]

Ron: [is not on stage, but his voice can be heard whispering] Psstt… Monique.

[Ron steps out from behind the float, he is wearing his pickle costume]

Monique: Kosher Dilly?
Ron: Coast clear?

[Monique looks around]

Monique: Clear for what?

[Ron jumps down and grabs Monique by the shoulders]

Ron: Kim! She’s crushing on me.

[Monique pushes Ron’s hands off]

Monique: Kim’s crushing? On you?
Ron: Yes…. And it’s freaking me out.
Monique: Sure you’re not majorilly misinterpreting?
Ron: Just got with me on this Monique. Kim has it bad for Ron.
Monique: And that’s not good?
Ron: I don’t know… its not that I haven’t thought of it this, I mean, who hasn’t? I’m just…

[Monique laughs]

Monique: in a pickle?
Ron: Oh, how I rue the day I ever volunteered for Kosher Dilly duty.
Monique: want my advice?
Ron: Yes.
Monique: Lose the pickle suit.
Ron: No, not yet, and if you see Kim, you didn’t see me. Got it?
Monique: And what if Kim sees me seeing you?
Ron: What?

[Monique points behind Ron. Ron turns around to see Kim standing there.]

Ron: AHHH!! KIM!
Kim: Ronnie… I have a little favor to ask. [Kim is running her fingers up Ron’s pickle costume. Ron backs away slowly.
Ron: Sorry KP, I was just… uhh…LEAVING! [Ron runs off[
Kim: He’s shy but so cute. [Kim runs after Ron]
Monique: I’d say green and freaked.

[New Scene: the school hallway. Kim is swinging through the hallway on her rope-gun, and Ron is running away. Kim flips into the air. Ron runs around a corner, and looks behind him and doesn’t see Kim. A ceiling panel opens up and Kim jumps down right in front of Ron. Ron screams and runs away, Kim follows jumping off the walls. Kim flips in front of Ron, lands in front of him and opens her locker right in front of his face, forcing Ron to stop]

Kim: Now about that favor?
Ron: Look Kim… I… [Trying to duck around here.]
Kim: You see, tonight’s the big Middleton Days Festival and I don’t have a date.
Ron: Date? You want to go the festival as my date?
Kim: Oh, I thought you’d never ask.
Ron: Wait, but I…

[Kim leans in, puts her arms around Ron, and kisses him. Ron’s eyes slowly roll up, and close. Ron is enjoying it. Kim’s computer turns on and Wade is there]

Wade: Hey guys, I…

[Wade spits out soda at his computer and falls off his chair upon seeing Ron and Kim kiss. Ron and Kim continue to kiss, until Kim pulls away and Ron faints]
Wade: Uh… bad time to call?

[Kim giggles]

Kim: Guess what the sitch is Wade
Wade: I…I’m…I just wanted to let you know I got a link through the kimmunicator and..

[Kim steps on Ron’s feet and he stands up still out of it]

Wade: Were you guys just smacking lips?
Kim: Great Wade
Ron: Whatever you say
Kim: I’m going to get ready for tonight. [Kim backs away purring like a lion]
Wade: What’s going on? This isn’t normal.

[Ron closes the locker door on Wade]

Wade: HELLO?

[New Scene: Ron is lying on a couch.]

Ron: [Spends the scene in random places around the room] Ok. So Kim and I have been best buds forever. Maybe dating is the next step. What’s not to like about Kim? I mean shes smart, cute, and…. Dating could be good… you know, the date thing…What if it tanks? (Random computer game noises) [Ron chugs a can of soda.] [Ron plays noise with a piece of dental floss] This could totally wreck our friendship [Ron says while standing on his head] NO, NO. I’m not going to let that happen. Only one thing to do… break up with Kim. Thanks man, you’ve been a big help. [Ron gives a thumbs up to a chair… which we find out is occupied by Barkin]

Barkin: Stoppable, how did you get in my house?

[New Scene: Dr. Cyrus Bortel is sitting in his lair]

Bortel: Oh great, my online auction ends tonight, and I’ve got no moodulators to send. I could say they got lost in the mail. But that would kill my feedback rating.

[The Kimmunicator beeps.]

Bortel: What is that?

[The Kimmunicaotr powers up and starts flying]

Bortel: Some sort of flying spy bug. No one spies on Bortel.

[The kimmunicator flies out the window]

Bortel: I will get to the bottom of this. [Bortel runs out of the room.]

[New Scene: Drakken and Shego are sitting and a candle light table, and a henchman brings over a milkshake for both of them.]

Shego: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Drakken: Uh… this ice cream is going to go straight to my hips and I’ll never fit into a size 6?
Shego: [laughs] No silly.
Drakken: Right, who am I kidding? I’ve never fit into a 6.

Shego: I was thinking it’s time for some evil.
Drakken: Evil you say? You mean take over the world-type evil? Or Drakken goes out evil?
Shego: Take over the world evil.
Drakken: Good, and I know just where to begin. Middleton Days!
Shego: Gosh, I feel like I should say something sarcastic, but I just can’t cuz you’re so cute.
Drakken: Yes…well…the space centre’s float features a oma-spectra laser, but with this [holds up the EAM] I will turn it into a ray of doom. [Evil cackle]

Shego: And I will be your date.
Drakken: Eyes on the prize Shego. Err… no time for kissy face.
Shego: [Fist turns green and she is angry] I like kissy face.
Drakken: Ahh… yes… fine…umm… evil date it is.
Shego: YAY!!!

[New Scene: Kim’s house. Ron is outside Kim’s house alone.]

Ron: Hmhmm… Kim. No, no. KP, we’ve known each other a long time. We’re a great team but dating could complicate things. I think it’s best if we just stay friends. [To Rufus] Easy, huh?

[Rufus shakes his head]

Ron: Well, tough love makes for tough friends.

[Ron rings the doorbell, and Kim’s parents answer]

Mrs. Possible: Oh, there he is!
Mr. Possible: The new beau.
Ron: Oh, hello Mr. and Mrs…. HEY. [Ron is pulled inside]
Mrs. Possible: We’re just tickled pink about you and kimmy
Ron: We are?
Mr. Possible: But not too pink. It’s time to have a fam-to-Ron talk.
Ron: It is?

Mrs. Possible: We want Kim to be happy
Ron: We do?
Mr. Possible: If not, it’s a one way ticket on a deep space probe.
Ron: How deep?
Mr. Possible: Black hole deep Ronald.
Ron: Uh.. great. Look I’ll just play a little game into Kim’s ready to g… [picks up the EAM remote]
Kim: Hello…datey.

[Ron and Rufus’ eyes pop out of their sockets and their mouths drop open. Camera switches to Kim who is wearing a tight black short dress.]

Kim: I felt like dressing up. You don’t mind to you?

[Ron’s mouth is still wide open in shock. Mr. Possible closes it for him.]

Ron: No, umm, not at all.

[Kim rushes forward and pulls Ron off.]

Mr. Possible: You kids have fun. And Ron, have Kim home by T-minus 10 and counting.
[Mr. Possible and Mrs. Possible laugh. Kim pulls Ron out the door.]

[New Scene: Middleton Days festival. A bunch of fair type booths are set up.]
Booth attendee: And the prize goes to our winning rocket ranger. [hands Kim a stuffed pickle toy.]

Kim: This is where you say ‘Booyea’
Ron: Umm… yea, Booyea. Look, we need to talk.

[Ron and Kim walk over to a bench and sit down]

Kim: K, I’m listeneing. [Puts her hand on Ron’s leg]
Ron: Ok, we’ve known each other for a long time. We’re a great team. [Ron sits down a bit more, and pushes the button on the remote in his pocket by accident. Kim’s eyes go yellow.]

Kim: HAHAH, team, HAHA, you said team.
Ron: Yea… earth to KP, team is not funny. Being serious here, dating could complicate things.

[Ron pushes the button by accident again, and Kim’s eyes turn red.]

Kim: Things should never be complicated.
Ron: Well, that’s what I thought. That’s why I think we should.

[Ron pushes the button by accident again, and Kim’s eyes turn blue]

Kim: [crying] You’re breaking up with me?
Ron: YES! NO! well…. Yes… but you know, don’t get upset.
Kim: [stands up] Oh, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. [Kim runs off crying]
Ron: Come back. Your dad is going to put me in a black hole.

[Something hits Ron in the back of the head and falls to the ground]

Ron: What the?... The Kimmunicator!

[Bortel grabs it from Ron]

Bortel: aha! Spy!
Ron: What? No. Dude, I’ve been wondering where that was.
Bortel: No spying? Hmm… this looks a lot like my moodulator controller.

[Ron pulls the controller out of his pocket]

Ron: Oh, you mean this video game?

[Bortel snatches it from Ron]

Bortel: This is no game.
Ron: Explains why I couldn’t win.
Bortel: This controls my moodulators.
Ron: Moodulators…. Yea… is that a word I should know?

[New Scene: Shego and Drakken standing. Shego is crying]

Drakken: All I said was ‘let’s get this party started’ Umm… look, I’m going to go super-power that float’s lasers, so we can do evil. Uh… we like evil, right?
Shego: You’re leaving in my time of need.
Drakken: No, no, no. I’ll be right back.
Shego: I’m not going to forgive you for this. EVER.

[Shego continues to cry and Drakken heads out to the street where the floats are going by. Kim comes running by crying, Drakken jumps into a bush to hide.]

Drakken: Kim Possible? Why is she crying too? Has everyone lost it?
Ron: [offstage] So this device had complete control of Kim all along?
Bortel: [offstage] Precisely. With just the press of a button…

[Ron and Bortel walk by the bush, Drakken jumps out and grabs the remote]

Drakken: I’ll press that button.
Ron: Drakken!

[Drakken places the EMA on the remote and pushes the button]

Drakken: Kim Possible under my control, that’s better than any laser. Let’s super-charge that.
Ron: No, you don’t.

[Ron, Bortel and Drakken are fighting for the remote.]

[Kim and Shego are both still crying, we can see both because of a split screen. Both of their eyes turn red, and they both become angry. Both their eyes become yellow, and the both start laughing. Eyes become red again, and they become angry.]

Bortel: It’s going to overload. [Grabs the remote from Drakken] The circuits have been fried.
Ron: So that means Kim is back to normal, right? Please tell me Kim is back to normal!
Bortel: I’m afraid your friend is now locked into an irreversible frenzy of rage.
Ron: Dude, what did I just say?
Bortel: So, I hope she’s not angry at anybody, because that would be bad.

[Rufus and Ron gasp]

[Kim appears and she’s angry]

Kim: Nobody dumps Kim Possible.
Ron: Breaking up is so not easy.

[Kim chases Ron off screen]

Drakken: A scorned woman, haha, the perfect weapon.
Bortel: If she’s wearing moodulator #1, then where is the second one?
Drakken: The second one? Uhoh.
Shego: DRAKKEN! [Fires up green in both hands and shoots them at Drakken who jumps out the way and starts running. Shego chases him.]

Ron: Kim, chill, it’s me. Ron.
Kim: Yea, Ron heartbreaker. [Kim throws the popcorn stand that was between them out of the way]
Ron: AHH, no! Stoppable. It’s Ron Stoppable.

[Ron and Drakken run in opposite directions. Kim and Shego meet up]

Kim: Men!
Shego: Oh yea!

[Ron jumps onto the pickle float and goes inside. Kim jumps onto the float but can’t find Ron. Ron looks behind him and Drakken is there hiding too.]

Drakken: Find your own hiding place.
Ron: Oh, right, like you called dibs.
Drakken: Well, I am now. Dibs! Ha.
Ron: Well, I’m calling double dibs.
Drakken: Urgg! You’ve won this round with your superior dib-calling, but that won’t save us from them.

[Kim rips the top off the float. Ron and Drakken both scream and run away.]

Ron: S’up KP? Peace out. Come on, it’s me, Ron. Remember the good times?

[Kim picks Ron up and throws him into a garbage can.]

Ron: Oh, ok, alright, maybe they weren’t all good, but I know you’re in there somewhere.

[Kim picks up Ron, spins him and throws him. Ron his Shego and falls to the ground.]

Shego: URGGG!
Ron: Shego! KP, help! KP, help! Sidekick in trouble!

[Shego fires up her green and swipes at Ron, and his pants fall down.]

Ron: Ahh, not now.
Kim: Ron, I can’t… I can’t…

[The moodulator on the back of her neck is quickly changing between all the faces and her eyes are changing with them. The moodulator cracks and smokes and Kim sighs in relief. Ron runs over and pulls the pickle costume off of Barkin and puts it on.]

Barkin: Stoppable.
Ron: [laughs nervously] See… no pants.

[Shego runs at Ron about to fire, but Kim pushes her out of the way.]

Ron: Still upset?

[Kim holds out her hand and shows Ron the broken moodulator]

Kim: So not the drama.
Drakken: So Kim Possible, you were lucky this time.
Kim: You might want to be careful.
Drakken: Ha, you threaten me?
Ron: No, Shego still got serious moodulator issues.
Drakken: Mommy.

[Shego fires at Drakken, who runs away and Shego follows him, shooting after him]

Ron: So I guess the crush and everything was all moodulator, huh?
Kim: Not everything. There’s still fireworks.
Ron: You think so?

[Kim points to the sky. Fireworks go off in the sky.]

[Shego is still chasing Drakken down the street]

Drakken: Shego… please… I’m sorry…I’ll make you dinner.