Transcripts - Bonding
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Transcripts - Bonding


Episode Bonding
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 3352


% Bell rings.
Ron: Good-bye, history, hello freedom!
Barkin: The bell does not dismiss this class. I dismiss this

Ron: But Mr. Barkin, the rest the class is...
Barkin: Stoppable! Are you questioning my authority?
Ron: Oh, no.
Barkin: Oh, yes. And we know what that means.
Ron: Extra homework?

Barkin: Affirmative. I'll expect it on my desk tomorrow morning by
7 a.m.
Ron: But they don't even unlock the school doors until 7:30!

Ron: ( Whimpers ) Extra homework?
Barkin: Extra homework.

Kim: Ugh!
Bonnie: What's the matter, K? Too rough out there for you?
Kim: Maybe, Bonnie, if you caught me like you were supposed to.
Bonnie: Was I? I thought you liked flying and falling all over the
Kim: What exactly is your problem with me?

Bonnie: Oh, it's always about you, isn't it, Kim?
Kim: Well, I am the one who hit the gym floor. Hard. Because
my spotter had to take a call.
Bonnie: It was an emergency.
Kim: Brick?
Bonnie: Uh, yeah he wanted to know if I wanted to go to dinner. Or
a movie. Or both. He's so cute when he can't think!
Toodles, Kim.

Kim: What makes someone like that?
Ron: Like what?
Kim: Like Bonnie.

% Kimunicator beeps.
Wade: Kim! We've got a hot tip.

Kim: Drakken?
Wade: Dementor.
Ron: Well, that's a change of pace.
Wade: He's on the move, maybe headed to...
Kim: A top-secret search facility?

Ron: Been there. Saved that. At least we can get out of here
Barkin: Extra homework!
Ron: Aw, man!

Kim: You're sure it's Professor Dementor, Wade?

Wade: 100%, Kim. And it looks like you were right! His target is
a top-secret research facility.
Kim: Ugh. Isn't it always?
Wade: Later, Kim.

Kim: Thanks for the ride, Mr. Magnifico.
Magnifico: Think nothing of it, Miss Possible.

Lady: It's the least we can do. After all, you saved our
Kim: It's no big. When you twisted your ankle, somebody had
to fill in on the high wire.
% Honks horn.
Magnifico: Oh, yes. Ahem. Lord Laffington is right. Your friend
made a delightful addition to our cavalcade of clowns.
% Honks horn.
Kim: Where is Ron?

% Honks horn.

Ron: Ok, Rufus, I'm done with number 7. Let's have a little
light on number 8.
Kim: Ron?
Ron: Over here, K.P.
Kim: What are you doing in here?

Ron: I couldn't concentrate with Lord Laffington honking in my
ear. I gotta get this homework done for Barkin's class.
Kim: You still think Barkin's out to get you?
Ron: I know, Kim. I looked at him funny once in the ninth grade,
and he's dogged me ever since.
Kim: A funny look?
Ron: That's all it took. Some people are just born to battle,
K.P. Like you and Bonnie. It's the circle of life.

Kim: Interesting choice of words.
Rufus: ( Squeaks )
Ron: What?
% Lion roars.
Rufus: ( Groans )

Guard: You there. Halt!
Dementor: Gentlemen, meet my bondo ball!
% Guards cough.
Dementor: To the lab! Quickly!
Guard: Hey! I'm stuck! ( Grunting )

Dementor: Stop! Don't you see the security beams? Am I the only
one who notices these things?

% Bang.
Kim: Unh!
Kim: Hope you don't mind us dropping in, Professor Dementor.
Dementor: Us? What?
Ron: Unh! Ow! Go ahead. Start without me.

Dementor: Fine. Just start with her.
Ron: Coming, K.P.! I'll be right there.

Rufus: Hey!

Ron: Ha! There! Ha ha!
Ron: Huh? Aw, man! A little help!
Ron: Yay! ...Uh-oh.

Kim: Today's not your lucky... Unh!
Rufus: Unh.
Dementor: Correction. Today I feel very lucky. So long, farewell,
auf wiedersehen, good-bye!
Ron: Ha! To Ronster is ready to go up side! ...Oh.
% Kim and Rufus groan.

Rufus: ( Squeaking )
Ron: Oh, cool!
Rufus: ( Grunting )

Kim: Any idea what Dementor stole?
Wade: No. I'm hitting hard resistance collecting data.
Kim: And his location?
Wade: Could be anywhere. It's like Dementor vanished when he...
Ron: Got away. I know, I know. I got a rope wedgie, OK?

Kim: What's that?
Ron: Rockin' new crime fighting orb thingy Wade slipped in my
Wade: I did?
Ron: You didn't?
Wade: No.

Kim: Then what is it?
Wade: I'll analyze it and get back to you.
Ron: OK, um, until then, I'll keep it safe.
Kim: Be careful. Just don't...
Ron: Drop it? Come on, Kim! Give me a little credit here! I'm
not a total...

Kim: Klutz?
Ron: Oh. Yeah. Heh heh. But look, you know, no harm done.
We're not shrinking, changing colors, or turning into
armadillos. Ha ha.
Kim: I guess you're right.
Ron: Up high!
Ron: Psych! Ha! Math class!

Kim: Cheer practice.
Kim: ( Stammering ) Sorry, I...
Ron: ( Stammering ) Hello! Ok.

Barkin: Stoppable. I should have known. It's always the tardy who
Ron: Sorry, Mr. Barkin.
Barkin: ( Grunting ) Ah!
Ron: ( Grunting ) Hey!

Barkin: Explanation. Now!
Ron: Did you lean in something sticky?
Barkin: I never lean.
Ron: OK, well, could it have been... ( Gasps ) That mysterious
glowing ball! That weird smoke!

Barkin: What?
Ron: I have to warn Kim. To the gym!

Barkin: ( Grunting ) Watch it!
Ron: Kim! Whatever you do, don't...

Kim: Touch anybody?
Bonnie: Thanks for the loser update.
Barkin: I knew you were trouble ever since the funny look incident.
Ron: Yes! Knew I was right!

% Kimunicator beeps.
Kim: Go, Wade.

Wade: I finished analyzing the contents of that orb. It's a
super-strong molecular adhesive, so be careful.
Kim: We are so past careful.
Wade: Whoa.
Barkin: OK, Mr. Computer Guy, maybe you can offer up a solution
Wade: Well, there's gotta be a solvent.

Barkin: Check. Get on it.
Wade: ...Right. Hey, I found out what was stolen from the lab.
A prototype. High yield kinetic modulator. From what
I can tell, it's very dangerous.
Kim: Especially in Dementor's hands.
Bonnie: Whoa. Don't care about this demental guy.
Kim+Ron: Dementor.

Bonnie: Whatever. Unlike you, I have a life, and things to do.
Ron: Things to do! Oh, man! A math test! I'm missing my math
Barkin: No running in the halls.

Barkin: ( Groans )

Ron: No?
Barkin: No. Carry the one, and then... Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
I am not cheating for you.
Ron: Hey! Not for me, with me.
Barkin: I don't think so.

Ron: Whew. Man, that was touch-and-go for a while, but I pulled
it out in the end. ...What? What?

Barkin: You are planning to pursue a non-math-intensive field,
Rufus: ( Whimpers )

Kim's Mom: Interesting. There's a high density molecular process
involved in this bonding agent.
Kim's Dad: It's a sticky situation.
Kim's Mom: Ha! Good one!

Kim's Dad: Thanks.
Kim: So not helping.
Kim's Mom: Sorry, dear. We deal in science.
Kim's Dad: Not mad science.
% Kim and Bonnie sigh.

Ron: Oh, yeah! At the end of a hard week, nothing like Bueno
Nacho to soothe the soul.

Barkin: It can shave years off your life.
Rufus: Huh?
Ron: Hey, I'm trying to soothe my soul here.
Barkin: I'll show you how to unwind.

Ron: This is how you relax? Unh!

Barkin: Ready to run?
Barkin: Feels good. Feels right, doesn't it?
% Crack.
Ron: I can taste my spleen.

Bonnie: Everything she owns is so last week. And her room? Two
words... Ugh!
Kim: Bonnie, I can hear what you're saying.

Bonnie: Hello? Private convo, Miss Nosy.
Kim: Hello, stuck together.
Bonnie: Now she's giving me attitude.
Kim: I'm giving you...
Kim's Dad: Girls, girls. Don't make me separate you two.
( Chuckles ) Separate you two. The old man's still got

Bonnie: And her father is so funny.

Ron's Mom: I'm sorry we don't have the guest room made up. But
I hope you'll be comfortable out here.
Barkin: Affirmatory and that, Mrs. Stoppable. Good night.

Barkin: ( Snoring )

Ron: Um... Can I get a littSe blanket, here?
Barkin: No can do, Stoppable. Mr. Fuzzy will get cold.
Rufus: ( Snoring and whimpering )
Barkin: ( Snoring )

Kim: Brick's picking us up at 8:00?
Bonnie: Not us. Me.
% Kimunicator beeps.
Kim: Wade, tell me I about to lose 105 pounds.
Wade: Sorry, not yet. But I thought you should know I've been
registering power surges all over the globe.

Kim: Dementor.
% Engine revs.
Wade: He's here!
Kim: Whoa!
% Engine revs.
Kim: You've gotta be kidding. ...Whoa!

% Screams.
Kim: He needs to get a side car.
Bonnie: You need to run faster and learn to duck.
Brick: So who do you think did it?
Kim: Oh, please! It's the guy in the clown mask with the hook
for a hand who keeps saying "I did it."

Brick: Whoa! I never would have figured that out. She's good.
Kim: ( Gasps ) ( Growls )

Bonnie: I had a nice time, Brick. All things considered.

Brick: Yeah, pizza was good. So, um, am I supped to kiss her good
night, too?
Kim+Bonnie: No!

Barkin: Ah, Saturday. A day for self improvement and growth.
Right, Stoppable?
Ron: Well, um, I was actually kind of thinking about hanging at
the mall for a while, you know, maybe catch a movie.
Barkin: Perfect. The gym it is.

Ron: Aah!

Ron: ( Spits ) ( Gasps ) You could have planned is a little
Barkin: Don't be a water weenie, Stoppable. Only 50 more laps.
Big breath. Let's go!

% Ron inhales deeply.
Rufus: ( Squeaking )

Bonnie: You're gonna wear that color in public?
Kim: Well, maybe. I don't know, why?
Bonnie: I suppose it helps draw attention away from the rest of
your face.

Kim: Well, I am...
% Kimunicator beeps.
Wade: I don't have an exact fix, but Dementor's location is
somewhere in central Europe.
Kim: On my way.
Bonnie: Whoa! I can't leave for Europe right now. I've got a
psychic reading with a kelp wrap at 3.

Kim: You know, Dementor probably has the solvent that will get
us unstuck.
Bonnie: Yeah, and?
Kim: And I've had enough togetherness.
Bonnie: Fine. But I am not missing my reading and wrap.

Barkin: All right, this is an important meeting, so don't embarrass
me, Stoppable. Theye a tough bunch. You're gonna have to
keep up.

Ron: Just no more swimming and no more rugby.
Barkin: Troops, attention!
Ron: ( Laughing ) You're a pixie den mother!
Barkin: Brigadier pixie.

Wade: I traced Dementor to the Bavarian Alps.
Kim: I'll leave in an hour.
Wade: In an hour?
Woman: I see... less dry skin and more romance in your future.
Kim: Don't ask.

Barkin: Ahem.
% Makes flute sound.
Girls: Ooh!
Barkin: Pixies, identify.
Cindy: Knotted bull squirrel, sir!
Barkin: Correct. Now you try.

% All making flute sounds.
Barkin: Good job, troopers. Stoppable.
Ron: Uh, you know, I don't do squirrel.
Barkin: What's the pixie motto, Cindy?
Cindy: We stick tether!
Ron: Ironic.

Barkin: Now give it your best shot, Stoppable.
Ron: Well, ok. Ahem. ( Shrieking )
% All laughing.

Kim: Bonnie, we don't have time for this.

Bonnie: I'm not gonna be seen in countries like France China or
Cincinnati in sweats.
Connie: Since when is Cincinnati a country?
Lonnie: It's a city, like France.
Bonnie: This is Connie and Lonnie. They're my older sisters. Way
Kim: Hi, I'm...
Connie+Lonnie: So don't care.

Connie: You see, Amy...
Kim: Kim.
Connie: Whatever. I got all the brains.
Lonnie: I got all the looks.
Connie: And Bonnie got the rest.
% Connie and Lonnie laugh.

Bonnie: What?
Kim: Um, nothing.

Barkin: Fellow pixies, the day we have long awaited has finally
arrived. The pixie muffin drive!
% All pixies cheer.
Ron: Muffins! I love pixie muffins!
Barkin: We must leave no doorbell unrung, no supermarket unblocked,
no muffin unsold. We must...

Ron: Sell every flavor, from pumpkin spice to the misunderstood
bacon and chive. Pixie muffins forever!
% Girls shrieking and cheering.
Ron: Ooh!
Barkin: Glad to see you're on board, Stoppable.
Ron: Like you said, pixies stick together.

Barkin: Right. And recon has informed me that a rival pixie troop
has infiltrated our muffin territory.
Pixies: No!
Ron: ( Gasps ) We must defend what is rightfully ours!
Pixies: Yay!
Ron: We must conquer every other troop! We must gemore muffins,
'cause we ate all of ours over here.

Rufus: ( Belches )

Bonnie: This is not helping my new nails. Why didn't we use a
rocket pack or something?
Kim: A rocket pack wouldn't be able to life the extra weight.
Kim: Ok, what's wrong now?

Bonnie: Apologize.
Kim: What? Oh, uh, sorry. Didn't mean it the way it came out.
Bonnie: Whatever. Why didn't we just take that road over there?
Kim: Um, we wanted to be sneaky?
% Kimunicator beeps.
Kim: Go, Wade.

Wade: Kim, you're almost...
Kim: The electromagnetic waves have totally cut me off. We're
Bonnie: We'd be closer if we took the road.
Kim: I told you, we're being sneaky.
Bonnie: Whatever. I'm just saying.

Kim: Oh, one more thing, Bonnie. Quiet is a key part of being
Bonnie: Fine.
Kim: Ugh. ( Grunting )

Kim: It's Dementor's lair, all right.

Bonnie: How can you tell?

Bonnie: A gift shop?
Kim: I remember when it used to be about the villainy.
Kim: Look out.
Bonnie: Do you mind? I want to get a snow globe.

% Alarm blaring.
Kim: Oh, great.
% Kim and Bonnie gasp.

Dementor: ( Evil laughter ) I see you fell for my gift shop trap.
Kim: Well, one of us did.

Bonnie: Ok, fine. Do your thing where you kick things and escape
or whatever.

Dementor: Too late. My men have already unleashed the dachshunds!
Bonnie: We are supposed to be afraid of little weiner dogs?
% Snarling.
Kim: Weiner, yes. Little, no.

Woman: Yes, may I help you?
Cindy: Um, I was wondering if, um...
Ron: Oh! What is that? ( Timidly ) "I was woering..." You
know something? You're never gonna sell muffins that way.
Watch the Ron master and learn. Rufus? Beat, please.

% Beat boxing.
Ron: Yo, yo, grandma, check it out
Gonna make you scream and shout
When you savor the fancy flavors
From my oven, my pixie muffins
Break it down!
Oat bran.
No, he didn't, no, he didn't
Crunchy cherry, crunchy cherry.
Woman: Stop it! You're scaring my cats!
% Cats yowling.
Barkin: So sorry about that, ma'am. We, uh, just wanted to know if
a lovely young lady such as yourself would be interested in
buying some delicious pixie muffins?
Woman: Will that get him off my stoop?

Barkin: Right away, ma'am.
Woman: Done.
Barkin: You're heart's in the right place, Stoppable. But your
rhymes are whack.
% All pixies giggle.

Barkin: Try it my way.
% Rings doorbell.
% Door opens.

Ron: ( Reading ) Excuse me, ma'am. I was wondering if a lovely
young lady such as yourself would be interested in purchasing
some delicious pixie muffins?

Ron: Wow. He bought 3 cases.

Dementor: So Kim Possible... You thought you could sneak in he
undetected. Well, your arrival will not deter me from my
ultimate goal! So the world will tremble before the
awesome might of Professor Dementor! Behold!
Kim: Cocoa?

Bonnie: Hmm. No. How about a latte? Soy decaf.
Kim: You stole the kinetic modulator just to make cocoa?
Dementor: It is very good cocoa, but I also plan to bend the world
to my will with my counter electrodynamic concentrator!
Kim: That's more like it.
Dementor: With this, I will absorb the power from all electronic
devices. The world will have to pay me to use their cell
phones, TVs, und video games. And there is nothing you
can do to stop me, Kim Possible! Nothing!
( Evil laughter )

Bonnie: Hold up, Mr. Bad Accent Guy. Why are you teing us all
this? Why don't you just get on with it?
Kim: That's how these things go.
Bonnie: Well, it's dumb. And what's with the red light on his
Dementor: What? You don't like my dramatic villain light?
Kim: She's new to this.

Ron: To a successful muffin drive.
Barkin: What was ours is ours again. No one pushes my pixies out
of their muffin territory.
% All seaming.
Barkin: Retaliatory strike!
Wade: Ron, I'm worried about Kim. She's somewhere in the Bavarian
Ron: Bavaria?

Barkin: Ah... the land of Sauerbraten and Schnitzel.
Wade: She had just found Dementor's lair when I lost her signal.
Ron: Come on! We gotta save Kim! And Bonnie, too, I guess.
( Gasps )
Barkin: Good thinking, Stoppable. Bavaria is completely untapped

Ron: Aw, but those were for travel snacks.
Rufus: ( Groans )

Dementor: You'll enjoy the show much better from this central
operating collector. Think of it as a front-row seat.
When the machine is activated, you will both be vaporized!
Bonnie: Why are you going to such elaborate measures? Isn't there
an easier way to do this?

Kim+Dementor: It's how it's done.

Ron: Um, think it was a good idea bringing the pixies along?
Barkin: You know the drill, Stoppable.
Ron: Pixies stick togethe I know. But still.
Cindy: Aah! Unh.

Girls: Unh! Unh!
Cindy: Besides, we need one more field trip to earn our adventure
Ron: Awesome! We're getting badges!
Barkin: Not this trip, tenderfoot. You gotta work your way up.
Ron: That tanks.

Rufus: ( Groans )

% Growling.
Barkin: I knew this day would come. Just me and the mutant weiner
Ron: You knew this day would come?

Ron: Muffins away!

Barkin: Uh-oh.
Ron: What?
Barkin: What happens when those giant kielbasas finish off the
% Snarling.
% All screaming.
% Making flute sounds.
% Growling.
% Shrieking.
Barkin: Ha. That's amazing. The worst squirrel call I ever heard
turns out to be a mutant weiner dog call.
Cindy: Boo-yah!

Dementor: Starting the charging sequence.
Bonnie: Great. Frizzies.
Kim: The least of our worries. If I can get the communicator,
I might be able to short out the coil.
Dementor: Looking for this? ( Evil laughter ) See how my villain
light works? Effective, no?

Kim: So not what I wanted to hear. Bonnie, I'm sorry I got
you into this.
Bonnie: It's OK. It was almost like fun... until this last part.
Kim: You know, Bonnie, I feel like I sort of understand you
better now. Sort of.
Bonnie: OK. We walked a mile in each other's shoes and all that.
Let's not get all squishy about it.

% Clang.

Ron: Boo-yah! That's it, Dementor!
Dementor: Why did you have to break down the door? It wasn't
locked, and I just had it painted! Get them!
Ron: Yippity yap yap!
% Dogs growling viciously.

Kim: Thanks. I was a pixie myself once.

Cindy: We stick together, ma'am.

Dementor: You're too late. My counter electrodynamic concentrator
is already sucking up the world's energy!
Barkin: We'll see about that, mister.

Dementor: Whoa! What have you done?

Dementor: Ha. At least I still have my cocoa maker.
Kim: Uh-uh.

Bonnie: So not getting away.
Dementor: Aah!

Dementor: Suddenly I have a craving for kibble schnitzel.

Kim: Here's to being separated.
Ron: Aah. Good thing we found the de-bondng formula. I don't
think I could have taken another day as an appendage.

Barkin: But you can spend the next one as an honorary pixie.
You've earned it, Stoppable.
Ron: Check me, girls. Ron man's a pixie!
Rufus: ( Beat boxing )
Ron: unh, unh
Ron man's a pixie, it's so true
We stick together just like glue, unh

Kim+Bonnie: This is too weird.
Kim: Jinx! You owe me a soda.
Bonnie: I don't think so.