Transcripts - Dimension Twist
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Transcripts - Dimension Twist


Episode Dimension Twist
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written April 6, 2009
Author Cloud23465
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 6733


(Kim is at Bueno Nacho waiting for Ron to show up. She has the Kimmunicator pulled out and is talking to Wade on it.)
Wade: So, Ron missed cheer pratice and Bueno Nacho?
Kim:(exasperated) On Naco night!
Wade: Wow! This is heavy.
Kim: I even got him his standard Naco night order! He....he usually shows up right after I pay.
Wade: This can only be one thing.
Kim: You mean......
Wade: Yeah, Kim, I mean.
Kim: Only one thing to do, let’s go mission mode.

(The scene shifts to just outside of Ron’s house. Kim is dressed in her mission gear.)
Wade: Target confirmed. He’s in there.
Kim: Check! I’m going in.
Wade: Kim, you sure about this? Hard to say what you’re going to find in there. It may not be pretty.
Kim: He’d do the same for me.

(Kim busts down the front door to find Ron on the couch, mesmerized as if in a trance, watching cartoons. She grabs the remote from his hand and turns on the light.)
Ron: (now aroused from his stupor) Hey!
Television Announcer: The Scampathon continues! After this!
Kim: Oh, Ron! The adventures of Scamper and Bitey?
Ron: Yeah! It’s a classic I never knew existed until now!
Rufus:(just as mesmerized as Ron) Yeah!, um, uh-huh....
Kim: What channel is this junk even on?
Ron: One hundred and fifty two, I think. I lost count.
Kim: Wait!
(Kim drops the remote control. Rufus gasps and dives off the couch, grabbing the remote before it hits the ground.)
Kim: You have cable? Your dad finally gave in?
Ron: He thought it was just a fad!......So many channels.....
Kim: So little life.
Television Announcer: Tonight on the Simian channel! The running of the monkeys!
(Ron hides his head under a pillow on the couch.
Ron: Channel block! Channel block!
(The Kimunicator beeps.)
Kim: Hey, Wade, What’s the sitch?
Wade: There’s been a break-in at a…
Kim: Top secret lab?
Wade: You got it.
Kim: Time to go......Ron, no more TV.
Ron: No problem, I can quit anytime I want.....Wait! Hold up! Cooking with Cactus is on next!
(Kim grabs Ron by the front of his shirt and drags him away.)
(Intro Credits)

(At the top secret lab, Rufus is rummaging around, sniffing out clues and scoping out the scene. Kim is talking to two scientists as Ron reads a magazine.)
Rufus: Hmmmm!....
Scientist 1: The item they took was our highest priority project.
Scientist 2: The fate of the world rest upon its safe return.
Kim: So what is it?
Scientist 1: Umm… we can not tell you.
Ron: Oh, come on! I can keep a secret!
Kim: Since when?
Ron: Oh, okay.....She can keep a secret.
(Irritated, Kim rips the magazine out of Ron’s hands.)
Scientist 2: No! In the wrong hands this device can create a black hole the size of Nevada.
Kim and Ron: The pan-dimensional vortex inducer.
Scientist 1: Ho-ho-how-how did you know? Kim: Last year....
Ron: Professor Dementor....
Kim: Las Vegas...
Ron: Almost went black hole...
Kim and Ron: Saved the world....
Scientist 2:’s been stolen, again.
Ron: Aw, man! A re-run!
Kim: Too much TV, Ron! Real life here?....
Rufus:(still searching around, he finds a clue.) Hmmm!… Shego.
Kim: Could she be any more obvious?
Ron: Maybe too obvious.......KP! It’s a trap!......unless Drakken wants us to think it’s a trap. See, if he knows we know it’s a trap, he must think we won’t fall for it. if we do fall for it, he’ll be the one caught off guard!
Kim: In a weird way, that sort of makes sense.

( Back at Drakken’s lair, Shego is watching a cable television install technician working to install a cable system into the lair.)
Shego: Uh, how much longer is this going to take?
Cable Guy: Installation takes between twenty and thirty minutes.
Shego: Dr. D, I can’t believe you’re just now getting cable.
(Drakken is working on some device on a table, which promptly blows up and zaps him with an electrical charge and singing most of his hair away.)
Shego: Akkkhhh…....Ugghhhhh!....
Drakken: I though it was just a fad!
Shego: And what about broadband?
Drakken: Whoa! Shego! First we walk....
Shego: the way, why did I have to boost this ‘pan can’ thing again?
Drakken: Now that my particle cannon is powered by the pan-dimensional vortex inducer, I have the ability to open a vortex of doom wherever I wish! And the wherever.......will be there.....when Kim possible arrives of course! I mean, that goes without saying. Right?...Right?...Shego?
Shego: (distracted by reading the cable channel guidebook.)Trap for Miss Perfect, got it......Oh! look! Evil eye for the bad guy is on later.
Drakken: A little sidekick enthusiasm wouldn’t hurt, you know!
Shego: Woo-hoo......extra hoo.....Happy?
Drakken: Aahhhhh! making it obvious, I wanted Kim Possible to follow me. She thinks that I know that she knows that it’s a trap. So, she’s not expecting a trap. What she doesn’t know is that it really is a trap!
Shego: Yeah! You lost me there.
Drakken: It’s a ‘trap trap’! No one ever expects a ‘trap trap’!....(Addressing the cable installer) *ahem* Can you pick up the pace? I’ve got a lot of evil on my plate today.
Cable Guy: Pretend I’m not here.
Drakken: Hmmmm........or you could actually not be here.....
Cable Guy: I can only work so fast.
Drakken: Oh, really?......
(Drakken fires his particle cannon just over the cable installer’s head. The cable guy yells and starts working at a feverish pace to get finished as soon as possible. In his haste, he mistakenly plugs in the particle laser cannon into the television input of the cable box, then makes a very hasty exit.)
Drakken: Oooh! That’s what I’m talking about! Subtle motivation!
Shego: (still looking over the cable guidebook) Yeah......believe me, Doc, you scare me just the way you are.....
Drakken:(Looking puzzled) Are you being sweet or sarcastic? I never can tell…
(There is a commotion in the far corner of the room. Kim and Ron break into Drakken’s lair and land on the floor close to his new LCD large screen TV. She assumes a fighting stance as Ron drops down and joins her.)
Kim: We’re collecting pan-dimensional vortex inducers! Got any?
Drakken: Ha Ha! You fell for my trap!
Kim:(To Ron) You said this wasn’t a trap!
Ron: How can it be a trap if we knew it was a trap?
Drakken: was a ‘trap trap’.
Ron: Oh......yeah, okay.....
( The Kimunicator beeps.)
Drakken: Go ahead, answer it.
Kim: Wade?
Wade: Kim! It’s a ‘trap trap’!
Shego: Moving on!
(Shego had positioned herself behind the particle laser cannon and has now aimed it at Kim and Ron. She pulls the switch.)
Ron: Ahhhhhh!....
(Ron dives out of the path of the laser’s sights, taking Kim with him. But the laser cannon does not fire.)
Drakken: (at first laughing, he then stops.) Eh......wha… wait.....where’s the doom?
(Instead of firing from the cannon’s muzzle, the energy of the cannon short circuits down the cable that is mistakenly now connected to the cable box. The television suddenly turns on and emits a strange energy wave. It first rips Ron’s pants off.The cannon energy is dircted to the TV and it rips Ron’s pants off.)
Ron: Ohhhh… there go the pants!
(Then Drakken, Shego, Kim and Ron are all enveloped in the weird blue energy emitted by the large screen television and are sucked physically into its screen. The television suddenlt shuts down and all is quiet now in Drakken’s lair, no one is there anymore.)

(Everything is completely black.)
Ron: Ummm… Hello? Is it over? Anyone there? Hey, something smells like… bananas!
(Ron bursts out of a bin full of bananas in a completely different place he doesn’t recognize.)
Ron: Oh man, Rufus! I think some serious physics just happened........Rufus?....Rufus?....Rufus!
(Ron finds Rufus is not with him.He dives back into the bin to look for him.)
Television Announcer: Welcome to Ape Island!
Ron: (sticking his head out of the bananas again.) It can’t be.....
(Ron has the cable guide with him and looks up the television listing of “Running of the Monkeys. Then he see a large number of monkeys running towards him.)
Ron: No! not the!….
Television Announcer: For the annual ‘Running of the Monkeys’!
Ron: (screams) Aahhhhhhhh! Ultimate nightmare!
(The monkeys surround him and attack him.)) No! Not my hair!...

(Static fills the screen and the channel changes. Shego suddenly appears in the middle of a living room wearing an apron and mittens. There is an audience somewhere there and they are applauding and cheering. This is the imitation of “Friends”.)
Shego: Hey! What is going on?
(The audience continues to cheer and applaud. Shego smiles nervously at the audience noise. A brown haired girl appears and suddenly hugs Shego.)
Brown haired girl: Ohhh, honey! Are you okay?
Shego: (confused)! No-why are you hugging me?
Brown haired girl: broke up with Billy.
Shego: Who’s Billy?
(A blond haired girl suddenly appears.)
Blonde haired girl: That’s the spirit! Pretend you’ve forgotten all about him.....Oh! Unless you’ve really forgotten him already. That would be, like, a reason to see your doctor.
(The two girls giggle, as does the audience.)
Shego: Okay! That’s gotta stop.
(The audience cheers and applaud as a guy walks into the living room area from the right.)
Guy: Could this day get any weirder?
Shego: Finally! Someone else notices!
Blonde haired girl: is kinda moopy.
Brown haired girl: Moopy? Did you just make that up?
Blonde haired girl:No.....I made it up when I was seven. Seven was a moopy year.
Shego: Okay.....I have got to get out this place!
(Shego tries to find the way out. The guy catches up to her.)
Guy: Oh, hey! Now that Billy dumped you, maybe we should give it a go again! You know what they say, Seventh time’s the charm!
Shego: Yehh!...Aahhhh!...
( The audience laughs and Shego grabs the guy and throws him across the room.)
Guy: (now with a black eye.) Let’s call that........a maybe.
Shego: Cut that out!

(The screen descends back into static again as the channel changes...Drakken is seen in a pastoral landscape, looking lost. This is like the TeleTubbies children’s program.)
Drakken: Ummm… hello? Seem to be lost here. Shego? Anyone….
(Suddenly little colorful teletubby-like characters pop up all over the place and Drakken gasps. A red teletubby like cartoon character pops up in front of the screen.)
Drakken: *Gasps*
Red Teletubby: Hi kids! Today we’re looking for something blue!
Green Teletubby: Here?
Pink Teletubby: There.
Green Teletubby: Where?
Red Teletubby:(to Drakken) Have you seen something blue?
Drakken: *ahem...uhhh… hello?...(He points to himself.)
All of the Teletubbies: Happy blue day!
Drakken: Ah!… put a ham in it you little jabber mittens!
(Multi-colored balloons fall down from the sky and Drakken busts one. The teletubbies stop smiling.)
Red Teletubby: You’re a meanie!
Drakken: Am I? Well, get used to it!
Red Teletubby: And you know who visits meanies!
All Teletubbies: Mr. Sit-down!
Drakken: Mr. who down?.....
(Drakken looks up at a huge shadow that has just covered him.)
Drakken: Oh, Snap.....
(Drakken gets sat on by a giant yellow teletubby character. Static suddenly appears as the channel changes. The ad scene for a Tom and Jerry like cartoon show appears on screen.)

Television Announcer: Now back to more cartoon corner fun with the adventures of Scamper and Bitey!
(The scene changes. Rufus appears in a fireplace after falling from a chimney, Bitey runs up to Rufus as Scamper is running towards them with a fork and knife. They both take off. Rufus is carrying Bitey and he passes an in-wall ironing board. He hits the switch to make the ironing board drop out and knocks out Scamper. Rufus and Bitey shake hands as static comes up and the channel changes. Kim comes charging though a automatic door. She is on the deck of a space ship and is now in a Star Trek-like bridge. She is dressed in a uniform with a red shirt.)
Kim: Whoa!
Commander Kane: Lost, Ensign?
Kim: Umm, No… Yes......uhh.......not sure, really.
Commander Kane: (laughs) You must be the new transfer from the Zagalon sector.
Kim: Mmm.........Okay......playing along.....
Commander Kane: Well, Ensign. You’re aboard the XMS Revenge, a punisher class cruiser. Our brazenly go where ever we want!
Kim: I’m
(The ship’s alarm sounds.)
Commander Kane: Battle stations!
(On the ship’s main viewer screen, an enemy ship is seen flying in, firing phasers at the XMS Revenge.)
Kim: Battle stations?!!
(The scene shifts. The enemy ship is seen firing more phaser beams. The scene shifts back to the bridge of the Revenge.)
Commander Kane: All hands brace for impact!
(The ship appears to lurch and people all try to maintain their balance, except for Kim who doesn’t seem affected by the attack.)
Kim: I missing something here?
Commander Kane: We’re under attack by the Korpulans!
Kim: (pulling out the Kimmunicator and punching a button.) Wade! He’ll know what’s going on!
(The Kimmunicator has difficulty getting the signal in but eventually it gets through.)
Wade: Kim? Come in, Kim!
Kim: Talk to me!
Wade: Good thing we were linked when that vortex opened. It gave me a signal to trace.
Kim: You’ll never guess where I am.
Wade: Trapped in a TV show?
Kim: No! I’m in outer….....wait, this is a TV show?
Wade: My theory is that the pan-dimensional vortex inducer got crossed with a signal from a TV cable.
Kim: I’ve been pulled into a TV show!! Is that possible?
Wade: Apparently, Yes.
Kim: So.....umm.....if I’m here, where’s Ron?

(The scene shifts back to Ape island where Ron is screaming as he runs away from a horde of monkeys chasing him.)
Ron: Ahhhhhhehhhhhhhahhhhhrehhhahhhhhhh! Monnnnnkeeeeeeeesssssss!

(The scene shifts back to Wade, talking to Kim on the bridge of the Revenge.)
Wade: I don’t know. I’ll work on tracking him down.
Commander Kane: Ensign, is that standard issue?
Kim: Uh, yeah!... yea, it’s… it’s new.
Commander Kane: Nice! They come in yellow?
Blue shirt crewman: Commander! More fighters incoming, sir!
Wade: Kim! That was Commander Kane! You’re on an episode of Space Passage!.....Can you get me an autograph?
Kim: Scaring me!....
Commander Kane: I need pod pilots! Let’s see.... Dr. Nylock! Major Canker! Mr. Pha-the-hte-hte.....
>Kim: Wade? Four-one-one....
Wade: This is the part of the show where they pick series regulars to go on a mission. Just make sure you’re not the one wearing…
Kim: ....a red shirt?
Commander Kane: (points at Kim)! You’re expendable.
(The scene shifts to outer space where several fighter are in dogfights. Kim is in one fighter just sitting there as she talks to Wade.)
Kim: So....uhh,......the person in the red shirt never makes it back from a mission?
Wade: Relax! I’ll talk you through it.
Kim: I am so not into this Sci-Fi stuff.
Wade: Kim! Don’t call it Sci-Fi! That denigrates the genre, and it sickens me!
Kim: Okay...uh....moving on?
Wade: Well, first, take the control......Not that one!.....Careful! or you’ll deploy your aqua-lander and jettison the escape pod!
(Unfortunately, it is too late and Kim has accidently done just that.)
Kim: Told you I wasn’t getting it!
(An enemy ship chases Kim’s escape pod and locks onto it, preparing to fire. )
Wade: Maybe I can get you out of there.
Kim: You can do that?
Wade: It all depends, the whole Vortex dimension thing is…

(Kim suddenly disappears from the escape pod and is transported to the scene of another TV show. She is inside an igloo with a sign above her saying “The ‘Real’ North Pole”)
Wade: To say the least.
Igloo Show Host: I’m sorry, you’ve been voted out of the igloo. Hand in your fish.
Kim: Ewwww!.......
(Kim hands over a fish and crawls out of the igloo. She turns on the Kimmunicator.)
Kim: That!.....was gross!
Wade: Okay, I’ve picked up some bioenergy centers.
Kim: Which I’m guessing are people.
Wade: Yeah! One of them gotta be Ron! I’ll try to move you two into the same dimension! Get ready....

(Kim cringes and finds herself zapped into another TV show, right beside Shego, both of them pushing a hospital gurney in the setting of a medical comedy show like “Scrubs”.)
Shego: Oh! What fresh torment is this?
(The Kimmunicator beeps, and Kim pulls it out.)
Wade: Kim! Did I match you up?
Kim: Kind of.......
Shego: Not!
Kim: (to Shego)There’s been a cross over between Drakken’s vortex inducer and the cable signal.
Shego: Doy! I figured that out three channels ago.
(Rufus suddenly appears from under the sheets on the gurney.)
Rufus: Hi.
Kim: Rufus!
(Shego and Kim run the gurney past a doctor, who grabs Rufus. They stop and let the gurney roll on. )
Doctor: (putting his stethoscope on Rufus, then shaking him vigorously.) Nurse! The patient’s turned into a naked mole rat! I need a tox screen and a hemo work-up, stat!
Shego: Yeah! right! I’m gonna help......
Doctor: (grabbing Shego’s arm.)You can’t walk away! This is medicine!
Shego: Um-huh......and this! ouch!
(Shego blasts the doctor across the hallway. Kim grabs Shego’s arm and then slams Shego up against a wall.)
Shego: Do you always gotta be the hero?
Kim: Always gotta be the pain?
(They start to struggle and then static suddenly appears and the channel changes once more. Drakken and Ron fall to the ground of a blank blue featureless landscape.)
Ron: Ahhhhh! My pancreas!
Drakken: Owwww! Watch where your going!.......*gasps*.....It’s you, That.....that guy!
Ron: Kim Possible’s sidekick.
Drakken: Umm…I....its… still not helping.....
Ron: Ron… Ron Stoppable...
Drakken: Yes! That’s exactly who you are, I......
The theme song for the Fearless Ferret TV shows starts to play.)
Drakken: What is that?
Ron: (in awe) The Fearless Ferret theme song....
(The song continues as the Fearless Ferret and Wonder Weasel suddenly appear from the background. Ron ducks a punch from the Fearless Ferret, but Drakken gets hit by Wonder weasel. The entire intro of the TV show plays out, a parody of the old Batman TVs series with Adam West. They both try to avoid getting struck again, but in the end they both get punched out by the Dynamic Duo. The channel suddenly changes again back to Kim and Shego on the medical comedy show, where they are still fighting. The Kimmunicator falls out of Kim’s pocket near Rufus.)
Wade: Rufus! Where’s Kim?
Rufus: Shego!
Kim: (still fighting Shego) Go Wade! Im listening!
Wade: Found Ron! I’ll try to move you guys into the same dimension.
(Kim manages to pin Shego on her back next to the Kimmunicator where Shego can see Wade on the screen.)
Shego: Oh, great! Dweeb to the rescue!
Kim: And what makes you think you’re coming with?
Shego: Because this is way too....moopy for me.
Kim: Moopy? Oh! You were on Pals? I love that show!
(Shego takes advantage of Kim being distracted and kicks her off.)
Shego: (getting to her feet and lighting her hands back up.) ....figures.....
(Kim is coming back to attack Shego. Just as she makes contact, they both disappear. The scene shifts back to Drakken’s lair. Drakken and Ron suddenly fall down onto its floor.)
Drakken: My lair! I’m back!
(Kim and Shego suddenly appear in mid-air and fall onto Ron and Drakken.)
Shego: Well, well....the geek got us home!
(Kim and Shego start fighting again as Rufus appears out of thin air and falls into Ron’s hands.)
Ron: Rufus! Buddy!
(Rufus chitters at Ron happily as Drakken pushes Ron off of him.)
Drakken: And now!........
Guy: You need to take a time out!
Drakken: Wha?
(Drakken looks over and see three men in costumes in the middle of the lair. They are a parody of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”)
Guy: Seriously, I mean please.
Scorn: You call this a villain’s lair?
Drakken: Well, yes!
Larson: Talk about a work in progress!...
Drakken: And just who are you?
Television Announcer: It’s Guy!...Larson!.... and Scorn! The Treacherous Trio! And you’re on Evil Eye for the Bad Guy!
Kim: We’re still trapped in the cable vortex!
Drakken: Fine! I have something here that will fix this! Yes! My dimensional compiler!
Guy: (suddenly grabbing the compiler out of Drakken’s hands and wearing it like a hat.) Fellas! Look! Style criminal!....(Guy drops the compiler, breaking it.)
Drakken: Hey! I was using that!
Scorn: Where did you get that outfit? No.......Why did you get that outfit?
Larson: Mad scientist? Franken!.....Stop it already! Please!
Guy: Scary scar says, ‘I’m a tough boy!’.....
All three evil guys: NOT!
Drakken: Stop it! What about them? (pointing at Kim and Ron.)
Guy: Now they’ve got style!
Scorn: Looove the crop top!
Larson: And the cargo pants!
Kim: So not the big! the rack.

(Several scenes pass through where the Evil Eye Trio work with Drakken to paint his lair, clean out his closet, have him taste a new soup which he likes a great deal, apparently to help him learn about better cooking, undergoing some Swedish massage and manipulation by Guy, getting a new hairdo by Scorn, and trying on a new costume by Larsen. The scene shifts back to the lair, now completely made over with Shego, Kim, and Ron sitting at a table with Drakken, in his new costume and hairdo is serving them food.)
Drakken: Ah-ha! Welcome my friends to my villianous feast!
Guy: (popping on camera) He’s so bad!
Scorn: (also popping on camera.) Thanks to the Evil Eye!
Drakken: Evil paté?
Shego: Okay! Need to focus here. Fancy food and frilly frocks don’t help our situation.
(Shego picks up and slams the radio down until it breaks and the technopop music that was playing stops.)
Drakken: Wha? Ahh! Quite right, Shego. Time for us to escape and seal the pathways leaving Kim Possible and company trapped forever!
Ron: Wha..? Aw, man! Come on! I’m not done with my soup!
(The Kimmunicator beeps.)
Wade: Kim! I’m picking up the compiler’s power signature. Drakken’s using the wrong protocol! That thing will…
(The ceiling of the lair dissolves away as the vortex appears trying to suck everything into the room into its nothingness.)
Kim: ......unravel the very fabric of reality?....

(The vortex continues to grow threatening all existence in the dimension where Kim and Ron are, along with Shego and Drakken.)
Kim: Snack time’s over, Ron!
Ron: Oh, Come on! Look at all the noodles on the bottom! Aw.......
Wade: Kim! You can still get to the machine and reset the switch.
Drakken: Ahhh!......this wasn’t supposed to happen! Reality’s collapsing, I must have done something wrong!
Shego: Yeah, seventh times the charm.....*snickers*.....Gah! Why am I talking like this?
(The vortex sucks the dimensional compiler up out of Kim’s and Drakken’s reach.)
Kim: Got a plan ‘B’, Wade?
Wade: Working on it! Other dimensions are going to be pulled through yours, towards the vortex.
Kim: You mean instead of us going to the dimensions, the dimensions will come…
(Drakken’s lair starts to disso;ve away and a hospital setting appears behind Kim, a gurney with a patient on it rolls past Kim.)
Kim: Oh!....
Wade: To you!
(A dimensional portal opens up into a Bueno Nacho commercial.)
Ron: *Gasps*.... Put me in a pinata and call me candy. I’m in heaven. A Bueno Nacho commercial!
Ad Announcer: New, at Bueno Nacho! The Mucho Guacamaco!
(Ron runs into the commercial to the order counter.)
Employee: Hola! May I help you?
Ron: Yes! Si! Two orders of nacos! Extra cheese! Por ‘fáy-vor’!
Rufus: *squeals with delight.*
Kim: (running up to Ron) not the time....
(Drakken is rummaging through some mechanical junk from his lair that has fallen into the Bueno Nacho commercial.)
Drakken:! A quantum reverser! This will make everything right.
Ron: (receiving his order,) The perfect Naco, This will make everything right.
Rufus: Uh-huh.
Ad Announcer: Bueno Nacho! Where every bite is a fiesta on your tongue! Cha-cha-cha!
(Another dimensional tear opens in the ceiling of the Bueno Nacho restaurant and the vortex re-appears. The nacos are sucked out of Ron’s and Rufus’ hands)
Ron and Rufus: Huh?
Ron: Ahh! Naco! Come back!
Rufus: *sobs*
(Drakken’s quantum reverser and his other equipment parts are sucked into the vortex as well.)
Drakken: Ahhh! Stop! Well, nuts!
Shego: Just not your day… or dimension.

(The scene suddenly changes. The whole group now appears in a Puritan cabin form the 1670's. This is a parody of “That 70's show”)
Kim: Okay....Don’t know this show.
Ron: Hey, forgot about the cable guide.....
(Ron pulls out the cable guide book he still has with him. He starts to look through it.)
Ron: ......that 1670’s show.
Young Man 1: My friends, I am in dire need of courting match.
Young Man 2: Thou art dreaming! No one would ever court thee.
Girl: Why not ask that cow thou tipped a fortnight ago.
(An off-screen audience laughs and applauds.The group looks around trying to figure out from where the audience sounds are coming.)
Young Man 3: (Talking to Shego.) Well, doest thou journey here with great frequency, young maid?
Shego: (powering up her hands) Back off, barn boy!
(All the characters of the show are alarmed, and grab farm implements for weapons.)
All show characters: A witch!
Shego: A what?...
Young Man 3: Get her!
(Shego gasps and start running....)

(The scene changes again and Kim is dropped into a discoteque in full swing. The dancers suddenly stop to look down at her. Kim looks up to see a woman with pink hair holding a potted plant in her hand. The pink haired woman attacks Kim with it. This is a parody of “Alias”.)
Pink haired woman: Tell me what I wanna know.
Kim: Are you for real? (*barks a short laugh*) Nice wig, miss ‘tries too hard’.
(Kim and the pink haird woman begin to fight.)
Pink haired woman: Where is the device?
Kim: Wild guess! You think maybe he’s guarding it? (points to a body guard type next to her, guarding an entrance.)
Pink haired woman: Good point. My bad.
Drakken: (Now appearing on scene with Shego and talking to the body guard.) Ahh.....hello...... Uh, this device wouldn’t happen to be for traveling through dimensions, would it?
(The body guard grabs Drakken by the neck and pulls him up off the ground to look him in the face.)
Drakken: No then? Okay........just asking.....(laughs nervously)

(The scene changes and finds Ron is standing in front of his house. A man pulls up in a van and steps out.)
Guy: Stand back! Emergency Pet Groomer....(The words “Emergency Pet Groomer” appear onscreen over a yellow cross then disappear.) Oh, no! (He grabs Rufus from Ron’s pocket) Overgroom victim! Have you no mercy??
Ron: (irritated) Naked mole rat! Hello? Naked!
(The guy turns away from camera and works on Rufus. He brings Rufus back into view and the mole rat has red hair on his head. The man hands Rufus back to Ron.)
Ron: Rufus! You’ve got a comb-over!
(Rufus is upset and makes some noise as the comb-over keeps falling in his face.)

(The scene changes to Kim and Shego in a wresting ring.)
Kim: Where are we this time?
Shego: I’m gonna say, pro wrestling
(Steel Toe heads towards the two.)
Kim: Hmmm… Good call.
(Pain king is heading towards them now.)
Shego: Could this be any easier?
Kim: Huh! I don’t think so.
(The two stand ready to battle.)

(The scene changes to Ron and Drakken standing in a kitchen with a host. This is a parody of Rachel Ray or a similar cooking show)
Woman: We are going to cook a fantabulous meal today using our secret ingredient, naked mole rat!
(She opens the pot and Rufus is inside. He screams and jumps out of the pot into Ron’s hands.)
Woman: So, is this a family recipe?
Drakken: Yes! Ehh, back home we like to fry ‘em up good!

(The scene changes again where Kim and Shego are on the edge of the top of a very tall building along with a show host. This is a parody of ‘Fear Factor”.)
Host: You are ninety stories above a busy city street! Does that scare you?
Shego: No.....
Kim: Not really.....
Shego: Should it?
Host: Well, yeah! Because we are talking about a bungee jump!
(Kim and Shego look at each other with a look of disdain for the host.)
Host: Aren’t you scared?
Kim: No.
Shego: Are you?
Host: Why would I be?.........
(Shego suddenly grabs the guy and jumps off the building.)
Shego: Here we go, pretty boy!
Host: Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!.....
Kim: Oh! Eh!... Shego!
(Kim jumps off the building after Shego and the host.)

(The scene changes to a talk show stage where Ron is the host and Drakken is the guest. There is an audience present. This is a parody of any talk show.)
Ron: (not sure exactly how to proceed) .....and.....we are.....back. I’m Ron, and we are.......talking to......Dr. Drakken!......who is....
Drakken: (also not sure what to do or say. He has a book in his lap.) talk about.......uhhh............this book!
Ron: Your book?
Drakken: Apparently.
Ron: Ooooooh.......great! What is it about?
Drakken:’s about me.........
Ron: Hmmm.....yeah, you’ve been threatening to write a book for awhile. Can you tell me more?
Drakken: Well........I...............I rather like me...........

(The scene changes again to a game show pyramid. The group is now located in the pyramids where celebrities normally are placed. This is a parody of ‘Hollywood Squares’.)
Host: Okay now, pick a triangle.
Contestant 1: Uhhh.........can I pick Kim twice?
Drakken: Why doesn’t anybody pick me?
Contestant 1: Cause you’re the creepy blue guy.
Guy: Blue is so last season .
Larson: This year is evil umber.
Doctor: Blue skin? That means he’s not breathing! Somebody get the jaws of life!
Kim: (pulling out the Kimmunicator.) Wade, things are getting seriously moopy here.
Wade: I know! With every passing dimension, reality gets weaker. Only a few more shows and it’ll all be obliterated.
Kim: What can we do?
Wade: I think I know a way to zap you back but, there’s too much interference from the vortex! If only there was a way to plug it up.
Ron: (looking at the cable guide) Wait a minute! The shows are following the schedule! Wade, can you change the channel order? Make Ape Island next?
Wade: Yeah.....but why?
Ron: This began with monkeys. It’s going to end with monkeys!
(Wade manages to open up a dimensional portal)
Ron: Okay, Wade. Now!
(Inside the dimnesional portal, the channels change regularly, and when Ape Island appears, Ron jumps into the vortex.)

(Ron is now hanging from a tree on Ape Island. The other three are there as well. The vortex is still there hanging in mid-air.)
Ron: Rufus!Banana me!
(Rufus pops out of Ron’s pocket with a banana.)
Ron: Hold on. This is going to get hairy.
Kim: (Seeing the monkeys coming) Here they come.
Drakken: (confused) What comes where?
Shego: I blame you for this.
(The huge pack of monkeys come running toward the banana and the vortex.)
Ron: Steady.......
(As they get closer, Ron throws the banana into the vortex and the herd of monkeys go charging in after it. But then the branch Ron hanging off of begins to give way. It breaks and ron falls into the stampede of monkeys)
Ron: Ahhhhh!....Ahhhh!
Kim: Ron!
(Kim pull out her hair dryer grappler and fires it into a nearby building. She swings up and over the stampede and grabs Ron, pulling him to safety from the monkeys.)
Ron: Thanks, KP.
Kim: So not the drama................(points to the vortex now plugged up with monkey bodies.)......but, that is.
Ron: Ewwww! Gross! Monkey plug.
(Shego and Drakken have been overrun by the stampede and are just now getting back up and recovering. )
Drakken: Ohhhh...Uhhhhh
Shego: Okay…(grumbles)
Drakken: Oohhhh.........Oooshhhh....(grumbles)
Shego: Owwww.....
Kim: How’re we doing?
Wade: Everything appears stable.
(Drakken gets up and has the dimensional compiler back in his hands.)
Drakken: Come, Shego! I made some repairs to the compiler. It’s time to leave this travesty!
(Drakken turns the machine on and a dimensional portal appears.)
Shego: Ummm.............That doesn’t look very........
Drakken: Stop being ‘Panic Nancy’!
(Drakken grabs Shego by the hand and they disappear into the portal, which then disappears itself.)
Kim: Go, Wade!
(Kim and Ron suddenly disappear and are transported back to Drakken’s lair.)
Kim: I never thought I’d be glad to back in Drakken’s place.
Ron: (looking around) Cool! They’ve got cable!
(Kim gives Ron the meanest unapproving look she’s ever given him.)
Ron: Ummm…actually, on second thought, I think I’ll stick to video games for a while.....
(Kim goes to Drakken’s particle cannon and pulls out the pan-dimensional vortex inducer from inside it.)
Kim: Let’s get this back and hope they lock it up better this time. (She talks to the Kimmunicator.) You’re the man, Wade!
Wade: Everything’s back to normal............mostly.
Kim: So what happened to Drakken?
Wade: Looks like he took a detour.
(Wade switches the screen on the Kimmunicator to the TV show with the colorful teletubby characters. They’ve gathered around Shego and Drakken and are singing and dancing.)
Shego: This is so worse than moopy.
Red Teletubby: Today’s color is green! Do you see anything green?
Shego: Yeah, I’ve got your green, felt face! (She lights up her hands.)
Drakken: Shego! You’re going to anger Mr. Sit-Down!
Shego: What?
(Mr. Sit-Down appears and sits down on the both of them)
Shego: Ohhhhhhhh…