Transcripts - So the Drama
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Transcripts - So the Drama


Episode Kim Possible: So the Drama
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Hazuki
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 8444


% People chattering and laughing.
Guys: Ah!

Nakasumi: ( Gasping )

Shego: Target: Nakasumi-san.

Nakasumi: ( Grunting )

Ninja: It is impossible.

Kim: No, but real close.

Kim: Ron! ...Ron?
Ron: ( grunting ) Working on it.
Ron: Oh. Thanks.

Ron: A Sumo Ninja?

Sumo Ninja: I am strong like the mountain!
Ron: That is sick and wrong!
Sumo Ninja: I am your doom.
Ron: Rufus, help!
Rufus: ( Yawns )

Rufus: ( Straining )
Rufus: ( Grunting )
Sumo Ninja: Ooh!

Ron: Naked mole rat. Weird enough for ya?
Sumo Ninja: You will suffer!
Ron: Kim!

Kim: Just a sec.
Ron: Ah!

Kim: Ron!

Kim: That move won the cheer regionals.
Sumo Ninja: ( Groans )
Ron: Oooh! Better get some ice on that, champ.

% Jet engine hums.
% Beeping.

% Beeps.
Kim: Gotcha!

Ron: Right behind ya, KP.
% Beeps.
Ron: Oh, man! I did not put on my rocket-skates this morning.
% Popping.
% Straining.

Rufus: ( Gasps ) Uh-oh!
Ron: I put on my blaster-briefs! Ah!

% Kimunicator beeps.
Kim: Hey, Wade, what's the sitch?
Wade: Is this a bad time?

Kim: Remember the President of Nakasumi Toys thought he was in
some kind of danger?
Wade: Yeah.
Kim: He was right.
Wade: Hang on.
Wade: Got you on GPS lock.

Wade: Kim! U-turn!

Wade: Kim, Monique wanted me to patch her through. But you seem
kinda busy.
Kim: Kinda.
Wade: It wasn't important. It was something about Bonnie and Brick.
Kim: What? Put her through. Like, now.

Wade: Okay, okay.

Kim: Monique, off or on?
Monique: On, again!
Kim: How many times can two people break up and get back
Monique: She loves the drama.

Kim: She just needs a date for the prom.

Kim: Oh, this is bad.
Monique: Yes. They deserve each other.
Kim: No, I mean this is bad.
Kim: Monique, gotta go.

Ron: Ah!
Ron: Whoa!
Kim: Thanks, Ron.

Ron: Shego!
Shego: Oh, look. The sidekick.
Ron: Whoa. Whoa. Ah!

% Ron grunts.
Ron: Sorry!

Nakasumi: Ah!

Shego: Gotcha, toy man.

Shego: ( Grumbling )

People: ( Cheering )
Ron: Boo-ya!

Shego: You know, one day, we really need to get that hairdryer from

Song: Doesn't matter where
Doesn't matter when
I will always be there
Till the very end

Call me
Call me
Beep me
Beep me

Call me
Beep me
If you wanna reach me
Call me, beep me
If you wanna reach me

% Kimunicator beeps.
Kim: Sitch, Wade?
Wade: I'm digging on the Drakken-Nakasumi but so far nothing.

Kim: I can't figure it.
Wade: Yeah. I get why he'd take Nakasumi's automated toy-making
technology, not why he'd take him.
Kim: Right. I was actually talking about this geometry homework.
Wade: Oh. You want me to take a look?
Kim: Nah. I think super-genius assistance is pretty cheatish.
I'll ask Ron.

Kim: ( to Ron ) Any luck on Number 7?
Man#1: Mmm. Very tricky.
Kim: Ron?
% Typing.
Man#1: Number 7 is very tricky. I plan to come back to that one.
How is that essay going?

Man#2: I believe Stoppable-san will be pleased.
Kim: Where exactly is Stoppable-san?

Kim: Ron?
Kim: ( Giggles )

Nakasumi: ( Speaks Japanese )
Kyoko: Miss Possible, welcome. And thank you once again.
Kim: No big. Thanks for the lift back home. Have you seen

Ron: Rufus, I'm supposed to steer. Come on!

Rufus: ( Chuckling ) Whee!
% Horn beeps.
% Beeps.
Kim: Ron.
Ron: Talk to the naked driver.

Nakasumi: ( Japanese )

Kyoko: Nakasumi-san says not to worry. His business is to
create joy. Your friend is an excellent customer, still
filled with childlike wonder.
Kim: Maybe a little too much.

Ron: No way! Is this what I think it is?! Tiki-Boo rules!
Kim: Do you create these characters yourself, Mr. Nakasumi?
Kyoko: Yes, he does.

Nakasumi: ( Japanese )
Kyoko: It is his personal touch.
Ron: Oh, come on. You just doodle a face on, and boom, every
kid on the planet wants one?
Nakasumi: Do not tell the shareholders it is so easy. They might
take away my jet.

Ron: Ah, I hear you, dude. Wait, you speak English?
Nakasumi: Oh, quite fluently. But enjoy whispering to Miss Kyoko.
Kyoko: Nakasumi-san is a little, would you say, whacky?
Kim: Okay. I guess it goes with the whole toymaker thing?

Man#1: Stoppable-san, on behalf of the Nakasumi Corporation, accept
our gratitude for your efforts in the rescue of Nakasumi-san.

Ron: Who works extremely hard on the whole toy thing, you know, by
the way.
Man#2: Nakasumi-san, we approach Middleton Airport.
Man#1: The pilot should have landing clearance shortly.
Kim: That's okay, just drop us off here.

Ron: It's go time!

Ron: Oh! My homework!
Kim: Serves you right!

Kim's Mom: Good morning, Dr. Possible.
Kim's Dad: And to you, Dr. Possible.
Kim's Mom: Crazy day. Three procedures before lunch. You?
Kim's Dad: Down to the wire on the Hephaestus Project. Three
years, $3 billion. Boy, I hope this works.

Kim's Dad: More coffee?
Computer: Are you sure you wish to delete File Hephaestus?
Kim's Dad: Yes, please.
Computer: Dr. Possible voice print acknowledged. Deleting file
Kim's Dad: No, no, no! Undo! Undo!

Computer: File delete aborted.
Kim's Dad: No worries, I got it all up here.
Kim's Mom: Kids eaten?
Kim's Dad: Jim and Tim are in their room working on some... top-
secret invention.
Kim's Mom: Like father, like sons.
Kim's Dad: Haven't seen Kimmie.

Kim: Morning.
Kim's Dad: Got in a little late there, Kimmie cub.
Kim: Yeah, it really slows me down when I pull my shoot as
soon as we bail, but Ron is such a baby about free
Kim's Mom: Where exactly were you last night?

Anchor: ( On TV ) The Tokyo toy magnate was rescued by world-
famous teen hero Kim Possible.

Kim's Dad: That's my girl.
Kim: It was no big, Dad. Other than a Sumo Ninja. He was
pretty big.
Kim's Dad: Sumo Ninja... I never worried about Sumo Ninjas at your
age. Or Sumo anythings, for that matter.

Kim's Dad: Sweet backhand, Kimmie.
Kim: Not yet, Dad.

Kim: Tweebs!
Jim: Mom!
Tim: Dad!
Jim: Did you see our...
Tim: You did this.

Kim: Why can't you tweebs play with video games like normal
Jim: We do.
Tim: We use them for parts.
Kim's Dad: It's true.
Kim's Mom: No missiles in the house, boys.

Tweebs: Fine.
Kim: This is what happens when a rocket scientist and a brain
surgeon reproduce.

Scientist: Brain-tap machine ready for prisoner.
Shego: There is no prisoner. Go tap yourself.

Drakken: ( On speaker ) You have failed me for the last time,

Shego: The Syntho-Drones are improving. They might actually win a
fair fight. Too bad that's not my style.
#842: Syntho-Drone 842 will terminate operations.
Shego: 843.

Drakken: Shego, must you always break my toys?

Shego: Okay, sport. Why are you all, "You have failed me for the
last time!" Are you kidding me with that?
Drakken: No, Shego, the time has come to take our game to the next
level. Oh, I was especially fond of Number 842. He had a
certain spring in his step and a sparkle in his eye.
Shego: No, I think that's syntho-goo. Can we get a mop in here,
Drakken: Shego, walk with me, talk with me.

Drakken: Would you say that I'm evil?
Shego: Oy, not this again.
Drakken: Shego, please, be honest.
Shego: Yes, you're very evil.
Drakken: Ah, Henderson! Crucial to the mutant life form project.

Drakken: Oh, I suppose you're right.
Shego: Dr. D, get a grip. I mean, nobody does super-weapons
like you. Just look at that Annihilation Ray.
Drakken: Evil by design. And energy efficient!
Shego: See? There you go.
% Man screams.

Drakken: And the things I'm doing in the field of torture are
very exciting.
Shego: That's what I'm saying. You have definitely... lost it.
Drakken: My latest research project. Teenage wasteland. I will
get inside her high-school head. I will know Kim
Possible's fatal flaw.
Drakken: Stevens, progress report.
Stevens: What up, Dr. D-Diggity-Dawg?

Drakken: We've lost Stevens.
Scientist: Excuse me, Dr. Drakken.
Drakken: What?!
Scientist: Without a brain to tap, the brain-tap machine is not used
to its fullest extent.
Drakken: Give me that!

Drakken: Wha-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Shego: What are you so happy about?
Drakken: ( Chuckling ) Oh, nothing. Just the first step to world
Shego: Pfft. Whatever. Let me see that!

Drakken: Shego!
Shego: A doodle?! You are so whacked.
Drakken: Fo shizzle, Shegizzle.
Shego: Oh, no. Are you trying to be hip again?
Drakken: Word to your mother!

Shego: Ohh!

Kim: Go, Mad Dogs!
% Ringtone.
Kim: That was so on purpose.
Bonnie: Like, it's always about you. Zero your ego, Kim.
( to cellphone ) Brick, sweetie, I'll come over when you're
done working out. Two hours? Okay. Oh, and don't shower.
I like it when you glisten.

Kim: When you glisten?! Could you be any sicker?
Bonnie: Oh, like you and your BF? Woops! I forgot, you don't have
a BF, do you, Kim? Too busy "saving the world"?
Kim: You still use air quotes, huh? Interesting.
Bonnie: I'm all about Brick Flagg. Quarterback, hottie, top of the
food chain. Tara's with Jason Morgan, the basketball team's
star forward. Jessica's with Steve Foley, the baseball
captain. Soccer, track and field, lacrosse, ice-hockey.
Face facts. All the remotely acceptable guys are taken.
Kim: Is there a deadline I don't know about?

Bonnie: The prom?
Kim: Argh. It's just another dance.
Bonnie: Try the dance. Who you go with is, like, crucial. You're
looking at captain of the chess team.
Ron: Hey, KP!
Bonnie: Or worse.

Ron: Do we have a date with Bueno Nacho or what?

Monique: Girl, that is flawed.
Kim: I know but what if Bonnie has, in her own stupid way, a
Monique: ( Gasping ) Shock!

Kim: I mean, what if there is something wrong with me, Monique?
Monique: 'Cause you're not dating a quarterback?
Kim: I'm weirding guys out! They see me on TV, roundhousing
some goon out of a window. It's a vivid image.
Monique: Kim, you are a strong, independent woman. Anybody afraid
of that is not worth your time.
Kim: Yeah, maybe, but what if she's right? Is there anything
sadder than going to the prom with "just a friend"?

Monique: And his naked mole rat.

Ron: Four nacos, three quesoritos and a tortada salad. Extra
cheese on that.
Rufus: Si.
Ned: That'll be $7.52.
Ron: Check your math, Ned. This is my standard Naco Night order.
Always comes to $4.98.

Ned: I'm sorry, the Naco Night promotion has been canceled.
Ron: Y-You canceled Naco Night?
Ned: I don't have that kinda power. New management.
Ron: What new management?
Ned: Somebody bought the whole enchilada. I can give you the 800
number if you'd like to express a concern.

Ron: Oh, yeah. I got some concerns.

Kim: I mean, a "date" date would be nice, but a stinkin' BF...
Monique: You're letting Bonnie play you.
Kim: Am not!

Monique: What good is saving the world if you don't have someone to
share it with?
Kim: Okay, a little. Just once, I'd like to make her eat her
Monique: They are low-carb.

Ron: KP. Life as we know it has changed forever. Naco Night is no
Ron: And I need three more bucks.

Kim: What up, Wade?
Wade: Drakken's been spotted. The Bermuda Triangle.

Drakken: I am here to see your boss.
Drakken: Shego. Tip the man.

Kim: Thanks for the lift, Mr. Bailey.

Bailey: Kim, it's the least I can do after you saved me in that
Kim: No big. It wasn't like it was a perfect storm, or anything.
I mean, it was okay.

Ron: Eyes and ears, Rufus. This place is wicked bad. We go in,
dig the down low and get out.
Rufus: Mm-hm.

Singer: I'm searching for someone
I know I can trust...

Drakken: All right, Shego, I'm off to grill this common criminal.
What's his name again?
Shego: Big Daddy Brotherson. But you should know...
Drakken: Please! I am a super-genius. I think I can handle Big

Ron: ( Grunts )

Kim: ( Grunts )

Ron: ( Muffled straining )

Rufus: ( Muffled shriek )

Ron: You think they're trying to keep us out?
Kim: Shh! Hi, undercover.

Ron: What? It was my dad's, he bought it for his prom. Never been

Drakken: Big Daddy? Dr. Drakken. I understand...
Big Daddy: Ah-ah-ah. The password.
Drakken: Password? What password?

Drakken: Aaah!
Shego: Didn't have the password?
Drakken: You might have mentioned the password.
Shego: Thought a genius like you would figure it out.
Drakken: Shego, I am not a particularly patient man.

Shego: Okay, wet blanket. The password is...

Drakken: Nee naa.
Big Daddy: Sit down.
Drakken: Whoa!

Kim: The ladies' room. Good.

Ron: Laser lipstick. Sweet. Hey, how come Wade never makes me
cool toys?
Kim: You practically melted your fingers.
Ron: It looked like regular nail polish.
Kim: Ladies' room, Ron.

% Crawling.
Rufus: ( grunts )

Ron: Hold on.

Guy#1: How do? You, uh, The Kid?
Ron: Yes. Yes, I am.

Drakken: I have the cash. Do you have the information?
Big Daddy: Put the money on the table.

Drakken: Put the information on the table.
Big Daddy: You go first.
Drakken: Look, I don't have time for silly games.

Shego: He likes to play silly games, FYI.
Drakken: ( Grumbles )

Kim: Wade, I'm in. Any sign of Drakken?
Wade: Not that I can see.
Kim: Shego?
Wade: Turn around!

Kim: Wade, where's Ron?

Guy#1: There you go, Kid. Five million fresh cow chips.
Ron: These are mine?
Ron: I mean, yes. Good. Yes, my money. Miss me, boys?

Guy#1: Well, that's a bold move.
Ron: Was it?

Guy#1: You're good for this?
Ron: Am I?
Guy#1: Hey, you know the tells when a man is bluffing? Like when
he won't look you in the eye.
Guy#1: Or maybe he touches his face.
Guy#1: His breathing gets shallow and wheezy.
Ron: ( Breathes wheezily )

Guy#1: Three cowboys.
Ron: Um... Go fish?
Ron: Okay, good game. Let's not wait so long next time...
Guy#1: Whoa! I don't think you should stray till you back up these
chips with your cash money, Kid.
Ron: I'm... going... for... a... I...

Shego: Yah!
Ron: KP!

The Kid: Yo! The Kid is in the house. Let's get this party
Ron: Aaaah! Sorry, can I just... Aaaah!

Big Daddy: ( Gulps )

Drakken: Ah-ha! Now, with this top-secret code, "Milk...
bread... eggs?" What kind of code is that?
Big Daddy: My grocery list. You are quite poor at the trading
Drakken: Shego!
Big Daddy: Very well. I've had my fun.

Drakken: Well. I'm glad you've had your fun. Now, where can
I find the cybertronic technology I need?
Big Daddy: Ah, cybertronics. Some of the most brilliant minds on
the planet struggle with its challenges.
Drakken: Surely someone has cracked it?
Big Daddy: Indeed, one genius has done just that.
Drakken: Hm?

Big Daddy: Dr. James Timothy Possible.
Drakken: Ooh, irony. And it's in my favor this time.

Shego: Aaah!
Ron: Kim!
Kim: Where's Drakken and what's he up to?

Shego: Yeah, as if I can understand his whacked plans. Please!

Drakken: ( o.s. ) Shego. Time to fly.
Shego: Next time, Princess.
% Beep.
Drakken: You think you're all thatbut you're not even close!

Kim: This is so annoying.

Bonnie: Brick, you are gonna look so good in your tux.

Ron: KP!
Kim: Hey, Ron.

Ron: Got great news. Naco Night will be coming back.
Kim: Really? Great.
Ron: Well, you know, nothing's for sure, but when they look at this.
Kim: A piece of paper with your name on it.
Ron: It's a petition. Probably need more signatures.
Kim: Probably.

Ron: When we hit Bueno Nacho, I'll work the room, drum up support.
We'll beat this thing.
Kim: Actually, Ron, I'm, uh...
Ron: What?
Kim: Just gonna head home.
Ron: Oh, uh, okay. Cool.
Kim: See ya.

Ron: KP, um... I think I know what this is about.
Kim: ( Gasps ) You do?
Ron: It's because I messed up and helped Drakken and Shego get away.
Kim: Oh, no. I'm used to that. I mean, you know, we'll get 'em.
Ron: Thanks.

Kim: No big.
Ron: Wrong. Very big. I can always count on you.
Kim: Right.

Kim: Dad, can we talk?
Kim's Dad: Sure, Kimmie cub. Hold on. Okay, shoot. You have my
undivided attention.
Kim: It's about... boys.

Kim's Dad: Ah... Oh... Mmm...
Kim: Boys and dating.
Kim's Dad: Ah-ha. ( to cellphone ) Hi, honey. Got a minute?
Kimmie needs to talk to you. ( to Kim ) It's your mother.
Kim: Mom? Okay, Bonnie's with Brick, so she's all high
horse, all boys, and the stupid prom and the food chain,
and, and... I'm gonna end up with Ron!

Kim's Mom: I don't see the crisis, honey. He's a very nice guy.
Kim: Mom, he's not a guy, he's Ron.
Kim's Mom: So as a friend he's okay?
Kim: Well, yeah. He's my best friend.
Kim's Mom: But he's not boyfriend material?

Kim: Obviously.
Kim's Mom: Because of the food chain.
Kim: No. Yes. Well, kind of. The person you go with, it
makes a statement.
Gooberman: My son doesn't have a date.
Kim's Mom: Really? Kevin doesn't have a date.

Kim: Mom, you don't have me on speaker again, do you?
All: Hi, Kim!
Kim: Mom!
Kim's Mom: Honey, hands free is really the only way to go.
Gooberman: Seriously, Kim. Kevin's a super kid. The other fellas
on the chess team look up to him.

Kim: Oh, yes, Dr. Gooberman. Kevin's got game.
% Flat beeping.
Kim's Mom: Ooh. Better hop off. We'll talk about it later, Kimmie.
Gooberman: I can have Kev call...
Kim: ( Sighs )

Kim: Monique, you were totally right.
Monique: I know... What was I right about?
Kim: The Bonnie problem. Non issue. Who cares about the food
chain? Ron and I are cool.
Monique: Stand by your Ron.
Kim: I mean he's...

Kim: ...full of childlike wonder.
Ron: When it's just me and my machine scorching across the
blacktop, I kinda lose myself.
Rufus: Hey!
Kim: See you at school.
Monique: Later, Ron.

Ron: Keep it real, ladies.

Ron: Huh? Do you mind?
Ron: Dude! Do you mind?!
Erik: What?
Ron: Spot! Mine. You in it.

Erik: Oh! Dude. Man, I'm sorry. I didn't even see you. You
know, this might sound weird but sometimes when it's just me
and my machine...
Ron: And the blacktop. Yes! I know exactly what you're talking
about. I'm Ron. Ron Stoppable.
Erik: Hey, I'm Erik.
Rufus: ( squeals )

Erik: Wow. Is that a naked mole rat?
Ron: Yeah! You know, most people don't get that. They think
Rufus is a bald hamster.
Erik: I always wanted a naked mole rat.
Ron: Me too, which is good, because I, you know, have one.
What's your name again?

Ron: Erik, my compadre, you don't know how lucky you are you ran
into Ron Stoppable. I know everything about everything round

Erik: Great. Where do I pick up my class assignments?
Ron: Yeah. I'm not a nuts-and-bolts guy, I'm more big picture.

Ron: The cafeteria, where I'm told you can find a nutritious meal.
I haven't yet, but your mileage may vary.
Erik: Who's that?
Ron: Cafeteria lady. Trust me,you cannot get her fired.

Erik: No, the girl.
Ron: Oh, that's Kim. Kim Possible.
Erik: Weird name.
Ron: You've never heard of Kim Possible? She frequently saves the
world. And I help. Almost as frequently.
Erik: So you know her?

Ron: Yeah, we're tight.
Erik: Hooked up?
Ron: Ew. Kim and me? No, no, no. We've been best friends since
forever. But not like that. You know, she's...
Erik: Extreme steam.
Ron: Okay. Hey, you know what? Let's not talk about her that way
ever again. Okay? Okay.

Erik: Whatever's clever.

Ron: I'll have the wild mushroom risotto with cracked pepper and
parmesan. And please don't skimp on the truffle oil.

Kim: Hey, Ron.
Kim: Hi.
Ron: Hey, pull up a chair, why don't you...

Ron: Isn't that interesting? Actually, that's my chair. Not
that my name's on it, but...
Erik: Hey, Erik. How you doing?
Monique: Girl, I just went from so to whoa!
Erik: Huh?
Kim: It takes a while to learn Monique speak. ( Chuckles )

Erik: How about you?
Kim: What about me?

Ron: Ha, ha! Yeah... Kim is such a kidder. Did I mention we'd
known each other since pre-k? Good times. Good times!
Ron: I feel as though a loop has just been formed and I'm not in it.

Song: We're the best of friends
And we share our secrets
She knows everything
That is on my mind
Why don't you kiss her
Why don't you tell her
Why don't you let her see
the feelings that you hide
She'll never know
If you never show
The way you feel inside

Tim: Attention please!
Jim: We detect cooties in the area.
Tim: Repeat. Cooties in the area.
Jim: This can only mean one thing.
Tim: ( Chants ) Kim's got a boyfriend!

Erik: Pigtails. Nice!
Kim: Shut up! ( Chuckles )
Erik: Thanks for having me over for diner.
Kim: No big.

Erik: But so sweet.

Rufus: ( Retches )
Ron: Euch. Got that right.
Kim's Mom: Who wants what on the pizza?

Kim+Erik: Pepperoni.
Erik: Jinx. You owe me a soda.
Kim's Mom: Very cute.
Ron: Get in line. You know, she owes me a soda from before
she even met you. No soda for you.

Kim's Dad: Hmmm.
% Phone rings.
Kim's Dad: Yeah?
Kim's Mom: Hi, honey. Pizza night. Bacon?
Kim's Dad: Roger on that, hon. Okay, I'll try not to be too late.
Love you.

Kim's Dad: Come on. Daddy needs to see some cybertronic
Kim's Dad: Oh! Outstanding! The Hephaestus Project is a go!
Who's the man?
Drakken: I'm the man. The man who wants the Hephaestus Project!

Kim's Mom: Ron?
Ron: Actually, Dr. P, I've got the... uh... belly-flips.

Kim's Mom: Got my endoscope in the car.
Kim's Mom: I'm kidding! Why don't you stay?
Ron: Well...

Erik+Kim: Later, Ron!
Kim: Jinx.

Erik: Again? Man!
Ron: Cootie alert!
Kim's Mom: He's always been prone to drama, I guess.
Kim: He's fine.
Jim: Dad's pizza's getting cold.

Tim: Cool! Can we heat it up?
Kim's Mom: No. The fire department said no more fusion experiments.
Kim's Mom: Where is your father?

Kim's Dad: My teenage daughter is not afraid of you. Why should
I be, Drew?
Drakken: I hate it when you call me that! I am not the man you
knew in college, Possible.

Kim's Dad: Still can't get a date, though, I bet.
Drakken: Why is it every Possible I capture feels the need to
give me lip? Doesn't anyone respect the traditional
captive-captor relationship any more? Has society just
gone completely to seed?!
Kim's Dad: If I could interrupt your rant to point out that I'm not
telling you anything about the project.
Drakken: Oh, I anticipated that. You know what they say. If you
want to make an omelet, you've gotta break a few eggheads.

% Bones crack.
Kim's Dad: Okay, hold the phone, here.

Computer: Do you wish to delete File Hephaestus?
Drakken: No!
Kim's Dad: Yes.
Computer: Dr. Possible voice print acknowledged.
Drakken: You deleted it. Are you mad?

Kim's Dad: No worries. Got it all up here.
Drakken: Well, good news then, because I have a brain-tap machine
and I've been just dying to use it.

% Pager beeps.
Ron: Dude, your clip-on tie.
Ned: Clipped off.

Ron: But you're assistant manager.
Ned: Not any more. Lars is in charge.
Ron: Lars?
Ned: Home office sent him. Change is in the air. Serious change.
Kiddy meals.
Ron: With toys in them?

Ned: Affirmative.
Ron: Wait, wait a second, I don't get... What's wrong with that?
Ned: Imagine the brat factor. Next they'll add a playground. And
then what? A spokesclown?
Ron: Really? What is that suppose to pay?
% Beeps and buzzes.

Rufus: ( squeaks )
Ron: Kim? 911!

Kim: Drakken has my dad.

Kim: I don't like this. It feels too...
Ron: Trappish?

Kim: Not a word, but yes.

Drakken: Kim Possible and her sidekick, whose name escapes me.
Ron: Kay, After all the time you battled him, how can he not
know my name?
Kim: Miss Possible, you would do well to save your energy.
Your father is in quite a pickle.
Kim: Dad!

Drakken: I must warn you, my latest death ray is killer.
Ron: Isn't that redundant?
Ron: KP!
Drakken: I wish I could be there but I'm busy settling into my new
lair, the lair from which I shall take over the world.
Farewell, Kim Possible. Farewell... What's his name again?
Whatever, you know who you are.
Ron: I mean, come on, it's really not a hard name to remember.

Kim: Ron...
Ron: Yes, thank you.

Kim's Dad: Hey!

Kim: Syntho-Drones. Gross!

Ron: I'll have you out of there in no time, Dr. P.

Kim's Dad: Ronald!
Ron: What?
Kim's Dad: Look out.
Ron: Oww! Oww! Oww!
Rufus: ( Groans )

Kim: Ron, quit fooling around.
Ron: Oww! Oww! Oww!
% Mutant life form groans.
Ron: Thanks, Rufus.

Kim's Dad: ( Muffled yell )

Ron: Kim!
% Punches.
Kim: Dad, are you okay?
Kim's Dad: Yep. Least, I think so.
Kim: What exactly did Drakken do to you?

Kim's Dad: I... I have no idea.
Kim: He captured you in your lab, right?
Kim's Dad: Did he? I don't remember. I remember wanting bacon on
my pizza. Then nothing.
Kim: Come on, Dad, better get you home.
Kim's Dad: Which is where?

Monique: You saved your dad?!
Kim: So not the drama, Monique.
Monique: You know what this means. You got it goin' on.
Kim: I do?
Monique: Yeah! You can never be grounded, girl. Why did evil dude
pull the dad-napping anyway?

Kim: To play me, I guess. Something's off the road, here,
though. Usually, I can crack Drakken's sicko plots no prob.
This time, it's all so random.
Monique: I want something that says, "This girl is too fine for you,
baby boy."
Kim: You think I can pull this off?
Monique: Pull it off and throw it away! Euch!
Kim: Maybe I should just raid my closet.

Monique: Not for the prom. You're gonna be Kimderella.
Erik: Kim, hey.
Kim: Hey.
Erik: You should buy that dress.
Kim: ( Stammers ) I should?

Erik: Yeah. And I know I've only gone to Middleton for five
minutes, but, about this prom...
Bonnie: Have you met Ron Stoppable? Kim and Ron are, like,
Monique: Is that Brick out there, hitting on the girl in Earring
Bonnie: He's hypnotized by her big hoops!
% Alarm rings.

Ron: What's the sitch?
Ron: What? What?
Erik: Dude...
Ron: XYZ?

Erik: Wanna go get a bite?

Erik: Hey, it's pretty weird to just run into you here, isn't it,

Shego: What is he up to? A toy design, top secret cybertronic
technology, Syntho-Drone personality and performance
upgrades, and teen-zine junk? What is he gonna do? Throw
the world's weirdest pajama party?
Drakken: You really haven't figured it out, have you?
Shego: There is no plan here, no way.
Drakken: ( Melodic ) Oh, but there is!

Shego: Spill!
Drakken: No.
Shego: Why not?!
Drakken: Kim Possible is not smarter than you.
Shego: True.

Drakken: If you can't figure it out, she can't figure it out. And
that means...
Shego: You just might win.
Drakken: Oh, I'm quite confident. If you'll excuse me, I'm due at
a board of directors meeting.
Shego: You? At what company?
Drakken: The one I recently acquired in a hostile takeover.

Nakasumi: That is my character.
% Excited shouts.
% Excited shouts.
Nakasumi: That is my character!

% French accordion music.

% Didgeridoo.

% Pipe music.

% Crying.
Anchor: I'm here at Bueno Nacho, the home of Little Diablo. This
tiny toy, this mini must-have, this cute little devil, is
the latest craze for kids all over the world. Just one look
around tells you that Little Diablo...
Ron: I can't even get to the counter to order! This used to be
my place, mine! I'm losing everything I ever cared about!

Tim: Ron's on TV.
Jim: And he's freaking out.
Kim's Mom: Honey, I think the boys are right.
Kim's Dad: Hmm. Ronald? Freaking? Oh, so he is.
Jim: Mom, can we go to Bueno Nacho?

Tim: Please?

Ron: I'm losing everything I ever cared about!
Kim: I'd better talk to him.

Wade: He's in the old tree house.

% Rustling.
Ron: I have a lethal weapon!
Kim: Put the slingshot down, Huck Finn. It's me.
Ron: Oh, I always wanted to use this on somebody.

Kim: You did once, don't you remember?
Ron: Arnie Custer?
Kim: Arnie Custer.
Ron: I was trying to stop him from hurting you.
Kim: I pulled him off you because you beaned him with the

Ron: We were six, okay? The details are sketchy.
Kim: I never noticed that sign before.
Ron: Really? It's been up there forever.
Kim: Oh, it was fun! When we were kids, I mean.
Ron: Yeah, just the two of us.

Kim: Hey, I remember this. Ron the happy camper.
Ron: Camp Wannaweep. The worst summer of my life.
Kim: I know, I know. The ticks, the poison ivy, the toxic lake,
your mom stopped accepting your phone calls.
Ron: Yeah, you know, all that stuff was bad, KP, but you know what
was worse? Spending a whole summer away from you.
Ron: You want any? I only do "to go" now. Little Diablo's ruined

Kim: Maybe something more than Bueno Nacho sitch is bothering you.
Ron: Talking about Erik, why... No! Why would I have a problem
with Erik? No! I'm down with Erik. ( Wheezes )
Kim: Ron, Erik's not going to change what we're all about. We'll
always be tight.
Ron: Yeah. Pretty words, Kim.

Kim: We're not in pre-k anymore. Time to grow up.
Ron: Maybe I don't wanna grow up. You know, if that means...
Erik: ( o.s. ) Kim?

Ron: He can't come up here.

Kim: Ron!
Ron: No, I mean, like he really can't come up here. This tree
house has a weight limit. And while I'm holding the slingshot
we're already pushing it.
Kim: We'll talk tomorrow.
Ron: I'm not jealous.

Erik: You think Ron's okay with us?

Kim: Us what?
Erik: You know. Us.
Kim: Oh, that us. I think he's okay.
Erik: Can I ask you something?
Kim: Sure.

Erik: This thing you do, the missions. How... What... It's
just... It's kind of...
Kim: Weird?
Erik: No, cool.
Kim: Oh. Yeah!
Erik: You wanna know what my mission is?

Kim: Okay, what?
Erik: To take you to the prom.
Kim: O...kay...

Ron: I don't know, Rufus. It's not like Kim hasn't dated other
guys before.
Rufus: True.

Ron: I mean, hey, I was the one she called when she and Walter
locked braces. I got my mom to drive them to the
orthodontist. I'm like... Rufus!
Ron: And the whole Josh Mankey thing. You know, I was never in
favor of that. But I was there for Kim.
Rufus: Ta-da!
Ron: Uh-huh. Yeah, very funny.
Rufus: Okay, okay.

Ron: Something's different now. There's something between us.
Who am I kidding? That's not different. Something's been
there a long time. I think there's something there. Does
Ron: Ah, thanks, buddy. I think I'm ready. Not just for the
dance, either. But to do what no man should ever have to do.
Talk about his feelings.
Rufus: ( Tisking )
Ron: I know. It's humiliating. But Kim's worth it.

Rufus: Mm-hmm.
Ron: What if she really, really likes this Erik guy and, you know,
I show up yapping about my feelings and she wants Erik, not
me... and we're talking total flame-out!
Ron: Oh, man, not to mention what it would do to our friendship.
( Groans )
Rufus: Oh...

Rufus: Help!

Kim's Mom: Kimmie! There's a very handsome young man here for you.
Kim's Dad: Let's get a few things clear right up front.
Erik: Oh, you read my mind, sir. Now, Kim explained that her
normal curfew is 10 o'clock but on special occasions and
rescue missions, you extend that to 11. I'd feel better
if we stick with 10.
Kim's Dad: Really? This young man has got it goin' on!
Kim's Mom: Why don't you get the camera, hon?

Kim's Dad: Okie-doke.

Erik: ( Gasps )

Tweebs: Comin' through!
Kim: You tweebs!

Kim's Dad: Good reflexes.
Erik: Thank you, sir.
Kim: Is it just me, or is he perfect?
Kim's Mom: He seems very nice.
Kim's Dad: Aren't your folks gonna stop by, you know, get a few

Erik: It's just my dad and he's always at work, like right
now, he's in the middle of some big-time project.
Kim's Dad: Oh, I know that story. Hey, I know, I'll get double
Erik: Cool.

% BGM: Jesse McCartney: Get Your Shine On
BGM: Everybody here's feelin' your vibe
Eyes glued, hands up
You're doin' it right
Everybody gets their chance to shine
So don't be shy now
Don't you know everyone's a star
Big time, it don't matter who you are
Flip the beat and we're switchin' it up
It's your time to...

Brick: Possible and the new guy got the funk.

Bonnie: Oh, shut up!
Brick: Okay.

Ned: Welcome to Bueno Nacho. May I take your order?
Ned: ( Wispers ) Ron, something's very wrong!

Ron: Got that right. Let's see. Two chimiritos, grande sized.
Three orders of nacos and a grande-sized soda to go.
Rufus: ( Whimpering )
Ron: Make it for here. Rufus can't wait.
Ned: Si. ( Wispers ) Ron, snap out of it. Something weird's
going on here.

Lars: Ned, you worthless slug. Did you ask our favorite customer
if he would like Diablo sauce with that?
Ned: I did not, sir. Diablo?
Ron: Huh? Yeah, sure. Whatever.
Lars: And here it is, nice and hot.
Lars: Gracias.

Ned: And have a muy bueno day.

Rufus: ( Screams and gibbers )
Ron: No, it can't be! No!
Ron: This is the last straw!

Lars: I beg your pardon?
Ron: This is the last straw!
Lars: No, we have more in the back.
Ron: You took away the bendy straws.
Rufus: ( Groaning )

Lars: You, sir, have lost it.
Ron: Just because I care?
Lars: About bendy straws. Ha ha ha...
Ron: I'm telling on you.
Lars: Telling who?

Ron: Your boss.

Wade: Hello?
Ron: Wade, it's me. I'm at Bueno Nacho and I've got comments and
Wade: Okay, want me to patch you through to their 800 number?
Ron: No way, I want to go right to the top. Gonna have words with
the head honcho.

Wade: I don't know, Ron. Getting through to a CEO is not easy.
This guy's private line is probably super top secret. Got it.
You're in.

% Phone rings.
Drakken: Hola, Bueno Nacho. El Presidente speaking.
Ron: Dr. Drakken?!
Drakken: If this is about switching my...

Lars: Dr. Drakken is a very busy man, Mr. Stoppable. There is no
need to bother him.

% Ned and Rufus scream.
Ron: Huh?
% Ned screams.

Lars: Diablos, attack!
Ron: ( whimpers )

Ron: Hey, cut it out!

% Throttle squeaks.
Ron: Come on, come on!
% Engine roars.
% Chugs weakly.
Ron: This thing is junk! Am I the only one to notice this?

% Dance music.
% Kimunicator beeps.
Kim: What?

Monique: Maybe you oughta let it go to voice mail?
Kim: What if it's important?
Monique: More important than... ( Gasps ) Erik, hi!
Erik: Hey, Monique.

% Kimunicator beeps.
Erik: I think Wade would understand.
Kim: Yeah.

Ron: Oh, man!

% Dance music playing.
Ron: The Diablo toys are evil!

% Music stops.
Ron: See? They're... Where... What?! Where are they?

Erik: Are you okay, dude?
Ron: Okay, I know that tone. That's the "Ron's making up the
whole thing" tone. Hey, you know what? It doesn't matter what
you think or anybody else thinks. Because my best friend Kim
will believe me, right, Kim?
Kim: Oh, I, uh... Totally believe you. The toys were here.

Ron: And they were evil.
Kim: Um, right. Sure.
Ron: Buckle up, Kim, 'couse it gets weirder.
Kim: I'll bet.
Ron: Drakken is behind the whole thing.

Erik: The take-over-the-world mad scientist guy?
Ron: Yes! It's all so obvious. Look, use the more than 30,000
Bueno Nacho locations worldwide to give out his evil prizes.
Kim: I'm going to check this out.
Erik: What?
Kim: Ron might be onto something.

Erik: His whole story is ridiculous.
Kim: Erik...
Ron: Hey, back up, pretty boy.

Kim: So it was definitely Drakken?
Wade: Voice print match confirms it.

Kim: Got anything on Ron's evil toy theory?
Wade: Yeah, looks bad.
Kim: How bad?
Wade: All bad. I scanned the one I got in my lil' nin~os meal. The
circuitry is way beyond anything I've ever seen. It's like a
real robot, only tiny.
Kim: Better show it to an expert.

Ron: Who?
Kim: My dad. Be back as fast as I can.
Erik: But...
Kim: It's a save-the-world thing.

Kim's Dad: I do not believe it!
Kim: What?
Ron: They're totally evil, right?
Kim's Dad: The cybertronic technology. It's the Hephaestus
Project. He used my invention to build these things.

Ron: For an evil genius, Drakken is pretty stupid.
Ron: Oh, come on, he steals a $3 billion super-secret
technology and just gives it away with a burrito? And
yet he ditches the bendy straws? This man does not know
how to run a fast-food business.

% Squeak.
Drakken: ( Whistles ) Shego! Status report.
Shego: It's a mixed bag.

Drakken: What?!
Shego: On the positive side, global saturation has reached
optimum level. We can strike at midnight.
Drakken: But...?
Shego: Well, there's a snag.
Drakken: Kim Possible!

Shego: How'd you guess?
Drakken: No, not this time. We strike at the rest of the world
midnight as planned. But I want Middleton online now. Oh,
and Shego, I need you to run out and pick up something for

Kim's Mom: How'd it go down there?
Kim's Dad: That Drakken fellow stole my technology to make those
little Diablos.
Jim: We're playing with stolen technology.

Tim: Cool!
Kim: The craze is off the chain.
Ron: Every kid on the planet must have one.
Kim: Dad, you said the Hephaestus Project, it was some kind
of living metal?
Kim's Dad: That's how we sold it to the board of directors. The
cybertronic circuitry can repair itself, modify itself.
It can actually grow. Don't worry. It can't do anything
without a command signal.

% Sound waves radiate.
Kim's Dad: Move!
Kim: Move it!

Kim: Get Mom and the boys out. We'll distract the Diablos.

Ron: Rufus, we're on.
Rufus: Ah!

Kim's Dad: Head for the garage!
Kim: You know how much baby-sitting I had to do to pay for
this dress?

Ron: That would be so cool if it wasn't the last thing we were ever
gonna see.

Ron: Ah!

Kim's Dad: Kimmie needs help.
Kim's Mom: Okay, we're talking about giant robots here.
Kim's Dad: Giant cybertronic robots.
Jim: Giant cybertronic robots armed with state-of-the-art
Tim: Kim doesn't stand a chance.

Kim's Dad: Boys, how many times have I told you? Anything's
possible for a Possible.
Kim's Mom: Jim, Tim, we need to borrow your rockets.

Kim's Dad: Hey, this is the J-200 rocket fuel I developed.
I wondered what happened to this. Boys?!

Ron: Where's that help?
Kim: Wade, we've got a big problem.

Wade: Anything to do with a giant robot? I think I can relate.

Kim: Dad says they need a command signal.
Wade: Make sense. You take out the signal, you shut down the
robots. But I'm not really in a position to track the signal
for you.
Ron: It must be coming from the source of all things evil.
Kim: Pardon?
Ron: Bueno Nacho.

Kim's Dad: Kimmie! Think fast!
Tweebs: Blast off!

Ron: How do we get the rockets to go faster?

Ron: Look, he even changed the giant taco sign.
Kim: Ron, that's where the command signal's coming from.
Ron: How are we gonna take that out?

Kim: Maybe we won't have to.

Lars: Hey!

Ron: Lookin' the wrong way, dude!
Lars: ( Screams )

% Kimunicator beeps.

Kim: Wade, you're okay?
Wade: Yeah. The Diablo has shut down and shrunk down. Thanks to
you, I'm guessing.
Kim: I think we took out the command signal.
Ron: Which sounds a lot like a good thing, right?
Wade: That's weird. Just got a hit on the site.

Drakken: Congratulations, Miss Possible. You've already discovered
how to foil my evil scheme. In record time, I might add.
It is most unfortunate, however, that this time you will
not stop me. You will surrender.
Kim: As if.
Ron: As if if!
Drakken: Shego popped by your school dance and met the nicest boy.
Well, I don't have to tell you how nice he is! And cute.
Erik: Kim, what's going on?

Kim: Erik!
Drakken: The choice is yours, Kimberley Ann. If you care about
your dear Erik's safety, surrender is your only option.

Wade: Kim, the battle suit is still just experimental.
Kim: It's about to get a road test. How far is Bueno Nacho
Wade: About 100 miles west of here.

Ron: I think I'd feel better about this if I had a super suit too.
Ron: I'm just saying!

Shego: She's coming.
Drakken: Of course she is.

Kim: Okay, Wade. We're going in.

Wade: Check your backpack.
Ron: Knockout gas that looks like lip gloss, or lip gloss that
looks like lip gloss?
Ron: Oh.
Ron: Knockout gas.
Kim: Thanks for checking on that.

Ron: Is this some sort of coded message?
Kim: History homework.
Ron: KP, since when are you packing?
Kim: It looks like a, uh... toy?
Wade: Oh, this is no toy. Well, not since I modified it.
Electromagnetic scrambler.

Ron: Let's pretend I have no idea what that means.
Kim: It'll shut down Drakken's whole system.

Ron: The original Bueno Nacho, where it all started.

Kim: Ron, keep your head in the game.
Ron: Worry not, I'm ready for anything.
% Rumbling.
Ron: ( Gasps )

Sumo Ninja: ( High squeaky voice ) I shall be avenged!
Kim+Ron: ( Giggling )
Sumo Ninja: What?
Ron: Dude, don't talk. The funny voice kinda ruins your

Sumo Ninja: I am strong like the mountain. I am swift like the
wind. I am vengeance!
Sumo Ninja: Vengeance... will... be... ay...

Shego: You know what I really hate?
Kim: When somebody kidnaps your boyfriend?
Shego: When somebody doesn't know when to give up.

Shego: Ooh! Kimmie got an upgrade.

Kim: Not bad, huh?
Shego: Yeah, but still not in my league.
Kim: ( Grunts )

Shego: Like I said... What?!

Kim: You were saying?

Ron: Go super suit, Kim girl! Come on, KP, all right!
Ron: Oh, yeah! Yeah...! Oh! Oh?
Ron: Oops, sorry, dude, I... Wow! The Ron-dog came to play!
Rufus: Boo-ya!

Ron: Oh.

Shego: Hey, Erik's cute. Once you're out of the picture, maybe
I'll date him.

Erik: Wow. Didn't know you cared that much.
Kim: Erik! You're okay!
Erik: Kim.

Kim: Erik.
Erik: Actually, here, I'm known as Syntho-Drone 901.
Kim: ( Groaning )

Ron: Ah!

Shego: ( laughing )

Ron: ( Groans ) Is this heaven?
Kim: ( Groans )

Ron: KP! I thought you were down for the count.
Kim: Why couldn't I see that he was a fake?
Ron: You don't get much faker than a Syntho-Drone... Oh, you
kissed a Syntho-Drone!
Kim: I never kissed him. But I wanted to.
Ron: Okay, too much info. So, what's the plan?

Kim: Ron, I... I got nothing.
Ron: That's my line. And what's worse, that's quitter talk!
Kim: Drakken finally won. I should have stuck to baby-sitting.
Ron: Okay, KP, this pity fiesta is over. Drakken has not won.
He played you. Now it's payback time. And, you know...
There are guys out there that are better for you than Erik.
Guys that are real, for one thing.
Kim: You think there's a guy out there for me?

Ron: Out there... In here.
Kim: Oh, really?
Ron: Sure. You know, guys like...
Rufus: Hi!
Ron: Rufus?

Kim: Rufus? ( Gasps ) Rufus! You can save us!
Rufus: Uh-oh.
Kim: My backpack!
Ron: Use the lipstick, Rufus!

Kim: The other lipstick.
Ron: Badical!
Kim: Let's go.

Drakken: Nakasumi's toy design. And dear Daddy Possible's
cybertronic breakthrough. And to really stick a pin in it,
one made-to-order syntho-hottie.
Shego: Wait, so you weren't just making it up as you went along?
Drakken: And you questioned my research.
Shego: The slumber parties?!
Drakken: Ah! But I discovered Kim Possible's weakness. Boys,
boys, boys! "Who should I go to the dance with?" "Who's
the perfect boy?"

Kim: You're right, Drakken. Boys, dating, it's hard. But this
is easy!
Drakken: Shego!

Ron: Syntho-dude, you are going down!
% Cracking.
Rufus: Eew!

Shego: What's this?

Ron: I'm open!
Erik: Nice try, loser. And by the way, a naked mole rat is not
cool, it's gross.
Ron: Don't be dissin' the Rufus.
Rufus: ( Growling )

Rufus: ( Straining )

Shego: You don't know when to quit.
Kim: Neither do you.
Shego: Got that right.

Ron: Oww! Kim!

Kim: Got it!

Drakken: No!

Erik: So sorry.
Drakken: ( Sighs )
Kim: You know, Rufus did not appreciate that crack.

Ron: The little dude holds a grudge.
Erik: Huh? Oh, no! Noooo!

Drakken: Okay, maybe she is all that.
Drakken: Huh?
Ron: Taking over the world is one thing, but you ruined Bueno
Nacho. You're gonna pay.

Drakken: You can't be serious.
Ron: Note serious face.
Drakken: Please... the name escapes me. Oh, I beg of you!
Ron: Say my name. Say it!
Drakken: Uh... It's... oh... uh... Stoppable.

Ron: Boo-ya.

Kim: You know what I really hate?
Shego: That your date melted?
Kim: Nah. You.
Shego: Ah!

Drakken: This is not over! Oh, this can't be over!
Ron: Deal with it, dude. It's over.
Kim: You know, Ron, we'd better hurry.
Ron: Hurry where?
Kim: You'll see.

TV: And so, thanks to teen hero Kim Possible, the worldwide
Diablo destruction is itself disabled.
Brick: Possible shoots, she scores!
Monique: Straight up!
Bonnie: Excuse me.
Brick: Oh, you're excused. While you're gone, I'll hang with

Bonnie: Me like.

Bonnie: It finally happened. She's dating that loser. Kim
Possible and Ron Stoppable are dating?! ( laughs )
% Cheering.

Rufus: ( Straining )

BGM: I know we've been friends forever
But now I think I'm feeling something totally new
And after all this time
I've opened up my eyes
Now I see you were always with me

Could it be you and I
Never imagined
Could it be, suddenly
I'm falling for you

Could it be you were right here beside me
And I never knew
Could it be that it's true that it's you
And it's you

It's kind of funny you were always near
But who would ever have thought that we would end up here
And every time I've needed you
You've been there to pull me through
Now it's clear
I've been waiting for you

Could it be you and I never imagined
Could it be, suddenly I'm falling for you
Could it be you were right here beside me
And I never knew
Could it be that it's true that it's you
It's you

Today is the start of the rest of our lives
I can see it in your eyes
That it's real and it's true
And it's just me and you
Could it be that it's true
That it's you

Could it be you and I never imagined
Could it be, suddenly I'm falling for you
Could it be you were right here beside me
And I never knew
Could it be that it's true that it's you
That it's you
Could it be that it's true that it's you
That it's you
Oh, it's you