Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama: The Top Secret Extended Edition
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Kim Possible Movie:
So the Drama: The Top Secret Extended Edition

  Episode Information
Episode Number n/a
First Released May 10, 2005

DVD featuring an extended version of the movie "So the Drama". Also included: a never-before-seen episode, "Gorilla Fist".
  • IMDb's webpage on this DVD.
  • Includes music videos for "Get Your Shine On", performed by Jessie McCartney and "Could it Be" performed by Christy Carlson Romano (Kim).
  • A deleted scene on the DVD has Ron asking Kim why she doesn't just beat up Bonnie to get her to leave her alone, like she does Shego. Kim responds by saying beating her up wouldn't be right because where Shego is hardcore evil, Bonnie is just high school evil.
  • The DVD version of the films ends with a close up of 'The End' sign of the school and then pans up to the stars where it fades to black and regular credits come on leaving out the still images shown during the television showing. The film fades out right before the second verse of 'Could It Be' begins to play.
  • In a deleted scene in the movie, it's revealed that Ron's scooter in the movie is new.
  • I found 7 differences between broadcast version and DVD/VHS. The DVD/VHS has these extra and/or different scenes:
    1) Kim mentions she helped boat owner Mr. Bailey through an "okay storm" (it wasn't a perfect storm).
    2) Drakken receives his bow tie.
    3) Kim & Ron run into robo-Portuguese Man-o-War and clam lasers underwater.
    4) Ron makes a comment on the beach of the club.
    Broadcast: "Think there'll be a long line?"
    DVD/VHS: "Think they're trying to keep us out?"
    5) Kim has an extended fight with Shego. Involves a chandelier.
    6) Kim in 2nd extended fight with Shego. Involves 2 serving carts, with Ron ramming the 2nd one into Shego.
    7) Extended song at end - Could It Be.



    Extended Version Shoutout?

    In the extended scene on the DVD, the person who takes Kim and Ron to the Bermuda Triangle is named Mr. Bailey. This may be a shoutout to Season 1 Executive Producer and Director Chris Bailey.