Transcripts - Team Impossible
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Transcripts - Team Impossible


Episode Team Impossible
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author homersimpson70
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 4417


[Opens outside a movie theater, with a large line. Ron is standing at the end of the line in front of a poster for Bricks of Fury III]

Ron: Oh, man KP, look at this line. We’ll never make it into Bricks of Fury I I I.
Rufus whimpers and points to the sign
Kim: I I I? Ron, that’s the roman numeral 3.
Ron: Un-uh, yea, latin and math are not my strongest subjects. There was a time when… AHH! The line is moving!

Kim: I don’t get the drama. If you’ve seen one movie about a disgruntled security guard who enacts his own brand of street justice using a cinder block, you’ve seen them all.
Ron: Psshha. This ones got 30% more bricks.
Rufus strikes his fist in agreement.
Kim: Pshha. And I’ve got 30% more ‘don’t care’.

[Inside of theater. People sitting. Ron pushing through an aisle.]

Ron: Come-on, catch up KP. I’m going to snag those seats. [Shouts] Coming through! Excuse me! Pardon me! OWW! [Knocks over someone’s popcorn]. Pardon me! Excuse me! Boo-yea! Seats are secured.
[Ron jumps into a seat next to Kim who is already sitting.]
Ron: Kim? How’d you…
Kim: Walked around.

Ron: [Rubbing his hands together] Now to claim what’s rightfully mine.
[Menacing music plays][Girl sitting next to Ron looks at him, sticks out her tongue, both of them glare at each other, both lunge for the arm rest, Ron wins.]
Ron: Ha! That’s right little missy! I got the elbow dibs on the armrest.
Kim: Stress much?
Ron: Welcome to the jungle KP. Be right back.
Kim: You just got here.
Ron: Snackage! Hello! Want anything? Popcorn? Soda? Jellyjumpies?

Rufus jumps up and down in Ron’s pocket and says ‘Jumpies’
Kim: I’m cutting down on the Jumpies.

[Ron walks off]
[Focus on the movie screen ‘Welcome to the show’. Scroll to Kim sitting alone, and the theater starts to shake. Three holes appear in the ceiling and Team Impossible jumps down into the theater.]
Dash: Kim Possible! [Audience gasps] Your teen-hero days are over and out.
[Kim gasps.]


[Opens back in theater, with Team Impossible approaching Kim]
Crash: This film has been terminated.
Burn: Audience leaves now!
[Audience leaves while complaining and groaning]
[Kim tries to leave but is pushed back into her seat]

Kim: Hey!
Crash: You keep it parked.
Nerd: Hey, I paid nine seventy five for this movie.
Crash: Give him the fork.
Nerd: The what?

[Burn pulls out a fork that shoots lightning at the nerd who then runs out.]
Kim: What? No stun-spoon?
Crash and Burn: She knows about the spoon!
Kim: Umm… joking.
Burn: You are a bag of trouble, aren’t you?

[Ron walks back in carrying soda and popcorn.]

Ron: So… did everyone go for popcorn? Hey! Down in front [waving at Team Impossible]. [To Kim] Who are these guys?

[Team Impossible jumps into the air and pounds their fists together shouting ‘Team Impossible’]
[Dash points a remote at the screen and a Team Impossible Logo appears]
[Team Impossible Promo Plays: Team Impossible Logo, Picture of each of the three members appears]

Ron: KP! They have a theme song. Why don’t we have a theme song? You know, it could be like, you know like ‘ba-ba-ba-ba’ or ‘bamp-bamp-bamp’, you know like ‘my pants fall down’, you know like we could put something in.
Burn: The fork?
Crash: The fork.

[Burn pulls out the fork. Kim kicks it out of his hand, it lands on the ground behind him and Burn looks confused.]
Kim: Uhhh… do we know you?
[Team Impossible promo continues playing on screen, displaying pictures as TI explains]
Dash: Dash Deman. Surveillance and recon.
Ron: Wow. Theme song and clips.

[Kim rolls her eyes]

Dash: Extreme wilderness survival specialist. Learned in seven languages and countless dialects.
Crash: Crash Cranston. Transport and tech. Professional dare devil. Also, skilled in emergency medicine.
Burn: Burn Burnmen. Certified public accountant.
Ron: That’s it?
Burn: Numbers are not the only thing I crunch squirt.
Ron: Good to know.

Kim: Yea, hi, can we get to the ‘why you’re here’ part now?
Dash: Team Impossible is the premiere action and rescue team worldwide.
Kim: No offence, but I’ve never heard of you guys.
Dash: Oh, haven’t you? I think I can refresh your memory. [Clicks remote and picture of a fat guy appears on the screen].
Ron: Hey, it’s that guy. What was his name? [Pounding his forehead] No, wait, don’t tell me.

Kim: Paisley. Our first big time rescue.
Ron: [Disappointed] Oh, I was thinking of someone else.
Dash: Mr. Paisley was an avid collector of cuddle buddies.
Kim: [Excited] He had a flamingoat. They only made …
Dash: ten. Yes, we know. To protect his collection, he installed a McHenry laser grid. The best money can buy. But Paisley got himself into a situation. [Flashback to Paisley with McHenry installing the laser grid, and he pushes the button and the remote drops, activating the grid with Paisley and Mchenry stuck there.]

Crash: We get people out of situations.
Kim: Actually, we got him out of that sitch-uation.
Dash: Yes, we know.
Burn: You see we have a website...
Kim: I have a website!
Dash: Yes, we know.

Crash: Paisley needed us, but thanks to careless typing he got you. [Flashback of Paisley typing on a keyboard with his foot, and typing ‘www.kimp’]
Ron: So our first mission was because of a typo?
Kim: But it worked out in the end. See, I used my cheer skills…
Dash: Guess what?
Kim: You know?

[Flashback to a younger Kim, jumping through the laser grid to the remote and turning it off.]

Dash: Yea.
Kim: Ok, so if you know it all, what do you want from us?
Burn: Your little teen adventures have cut into our profit margin. Big time!
Kim: But I don’t charge to help people.
Burn: And that’s the problem.

Dash: You’ve had your kicks, now leave the hero business to the professionals.
Crash: Stay in school.

[Team Impossible leaves by jumping through the roof and the screen returns back to the movie screen.]

Ron: Man, that is a good theme.
Kim: Ron, they want us to just stop.
Ron: I know KP. I don’t have to like them to like their theme.

[New Scene: Kim’s house. Mr. Possible is sitting at a table covered in paper.]

Mrs. Possible: Hon, why don’t you hire a professional?
Mr. Possible: Urgg, I’m a rocket scientist. I should be able to do my own taxes. Uh, let’s see. ‘Last name’. ‘Possible’. ‘First Name’.
Kim: Dad? Mom?
Mr. Possible: Kimmy?
Mrs. Possible: Is something wrong?

Kim: I don’t know. Somebody wants to put me out of business.
Mrs. Possible: What business?
Kim: The world saving business!

Mr. Possible: I thought that was more of a hobby.
Kim: Whatever, to Team Impossible it’s a business. Serious business.
Mrs. Possible: Team Impossible?
Mr. Possible: Who’s that?
Kim: Jerks! They help people, but for money. And they’re so smug about it.

Mr. Possible: Ewww! [breaks a pencil] Smug really pushes my peev button
Mrs. Possible: What are you going to do?
Kim: Sometimes I think it would be way easier if I just lived life like a normal teenager.
Mr. Possible: Now Kimmy, you are not normal. You are a Possible.

[Twins come running in.]

Jim: We’re making anti-matter in the garage.
Tim: Booshaa!

[Twins high-five]

Mrs. Possible: What your father means honey…
Kim: I know what he means mom. And he’s right. Save the world! It’s what I do and nobody’s going to stop me. Thanks guys.

[Kim kisses both of them and leaves]

Mr. Possible: Ewww! ‘First Name’ urgg… You know what, I’m calling an accountant.

[New Scene: Inside the School. Ron is walking reading ‘The Examiner’ Newspaper.]

Ron: Let’s see. ‘Puppy sitter wanted’ That sounds cute and fun.
Rufus shakes his head.
Ron: Oh, right. Forgot about the fetch incidence.
Rufus shivers.
Ron: [Reading newspaper still] ‘Balding men needed for scientific study.’ Hmm… [Ron looks at Rufus]
Rufus looks at Ron, and says ‘No!’
Ron: Ok, ok, ok. But I think you’re passing up an opportunity to give something back. [Rolls up newspaper] Maybe a hobby. OH! I know! I can watch TV until my eyes burn.
Rufus nods in agreement.
Ron: Bam! Problem solved. [High-fives Rufus]

Kim: What’s going Ron?
Ron: Hey KP. Na, I figured since we dropped out of the hero biz I had better find something to do with all my new free time.
Kim: Who said we were dropping out? [Kim opens her locker]
Ron: Uhh… the three big dudes with the super cool theme song. Can’t get it out of my head.

Kim: Just because those greedy goons think we’re cutting into their bottom line, that’s no reason to quit.
Ron: No. How about because they have a half a dozen fists.

[Wade appears on Kim’s computer in her locker.]

Kim: Go Wade.
Wade: Red Alert Kim. Drakken is at his alpine lair and he’s going to test his new avalancher on a little Swiss village.
Kim: And the avalancher?
Wade: Uses sub-harmonics to create avalanches.
Kim: Well, that was my guess. We’re a go!

Wade: Ok, I set you up with Bernice to get you to Switzerland, then your old friend Hindrick will meet you at the airport.
Ron: You know Wade, if the super-genius-computer-dude thing ever dries up, you’d make a bond-diggity travel agent.
Wade: Nah, I’d have to leave my room.

[New Scene: Plane flying through the air.]

Kim: Thanks for the lift again Bernice.
Bernice: As long as you help people, people are happy to help you Kim.
Kim: Hmm…and without a theme song.
Ron: Oh, come on. It would be a plus and you know it.

[New Scene: Ron and Kim standing outside the airport]

Ron: K, so where’s our ride?

[Kim Pulls out her communicator]

Kim: Wade, update. Any word from Hindrick?
Wade: What? Hindrick should have been there an half-hour ago. I’ll check. In the meantime, how do you feel about riding on a tour bus full of seniors?
Ron: Seniors? What’s the big? They’re only a year older than us. That’s cool.

[New Scene: A bus of seniors (the 75+ kind)]

Ron: I guess he didn’t mean High School Seniors.
Old Lady: I’m sorry, but since you were last minute additions to our group, we don’t have a boxed lunch for you two.
Kim: Oh, that’s fine.
Ron: Hold on Kim, we had to pay for this ride with our own money, we’re entitled to this lunch.
Kim: [Annoyed] It’s fine Ron!
Ron: It has a cookie in it!
Kim: Ron!

[New Scene: Bus pulling away, Kim and Ron standing outside]

Ron: Kim, I’m just saying fair is fair.
Kim: Focusing now.
Ron: And we paid for a ‘visit to a charming cheese shop, and chocolate tasting’. Chocolate tasting, Kim!
Rufus whimpers
Ron: I know buddy, but sometimes fighting the good fight means no chocolate. I want that boxed lunch!
Kim: Let it go Ron. It’s Drakken time, not snacken’ time.
Ron: NO WAY! They’re going on a coo-coo factory tour.
Kim: So are we. Come on.

[Shoots her rope gun, and starts sliding up the mountain, on the way Crash slides down past her.]

Kim: What?
Ron: Wow! Is this a coincidence or…

[Loud noise and the mountain starts to shake. A secret door opens in the side of the mountain and Drakken backs out of it.]

Drakken: No! You can’t stop Dr…[Runs forward without looking and gets ‘clotheslined’ by Crash and falls to the ground.] Oww!

[Kim jumps down. Burn and Dash jump out of the door with a Swedish man.]

Swedish Man: Team Impossible, thank you for saving our village. I don’t know how we could ever repay you.
Dash: You’ll find a way. Our bill.
Kim: [Grunts in anger]
Swedish Man: Will you take a credit card?
Crash: Check his credit score.

[Burn takes the card and slides it into a laptop. The screen reads: ‘Credit Rating: Good’]

Burn: He’s clean.
Swedish Man: Thank you and please accept this basket of chocolate and cheese as a small token.
Drakken: Kim Possible. You think you’re all that, but they are!
Ron: Told you we needed a theme song.
Kim: [Hangs her head]

[New Scene: Bueno Nacho]

Wade: Sorry Kim. I don’t know what happened.
Kim: Hmm… Maximum strangeness.
Ron: Oh! I got it all figured out.
Kim: Our ride sitch?
Ron: No, better! Kick it Rufus.

Rufus starts humming a beat. Ron jumps up and starts dancing and singing his theme song.

Kim: Ron, NO!
Ron: Don’t decide yet Kim. All I’m saying is if we had a catchy theme, then we could start charging some claude.
Kim: Claude?
Ron: Monnee! Money! Cash!
Kim: Some things are more important than money Ron.
Ron: Ahh! Just shut me down with noble.

Kim: Wade. Keep me posted on Hindrick. Probably nothing, but just in case.
Wade: You got it Kim. Hang on, we got another hit.
Kim: What’s the sitch?
Wade: Professor Dementor stole a computer disc containing top secret hyper-technology.

Ron: Hmm… that’s a bad sitch.
Wade: Looks like he set up a stronghold on a remote island in the south Pacific.
Kim: We’re there.
Ron: No, we need a ride.
Kim: No big ron. We always get a ride. Wade, who do we have?

Wade: Ok, this is unusual. We have three different likely and reliable rides in that region and… and they’re all missing. And now I can’t even reach Bernice.
Kim: So we’ve got two problems. Dementor and the missing rides.
Ron: Well, three problems if you count ‘how do we get a ride to the south pacific to stop Dementor’

Rufus shakes his fist.

Ron: True, four problems if you count ‘how do we get a ride to search for the missing rides’
Kim: [looks worried]

[New Scene: A large cruise ship in the ocean]

Cruiseship lady: It’s time for shuffleboard on the Lido deck. Who came to play?
Ron: Who came to lose?
Old lady from bus: Bring it!
Ron: Hey, it’s you!
Old lady: That’s right!

Kim: Let it go Ron. [Pulling Ron away]
Ron: I want that boxed lunch!
Wade: Sorry you had to actually buy tickets for a cruise, but at least I got you in the vicinity of Professor Dementor’s lair. Your jetpacks should have enough range to get you the rest of the way.

Kim: This no ride thing, I don’t like it.
Ron: Well, me neither. These two missions have officially tapped me out. Somebody still owes me a boxed lunch!
Kim: I was referring to our friends that have vanished.
Ron: Yes, ok, that’s bad too.

Kim: Wade, while we foil Dementor, keep searching for our missing rides.
Wade: I’m on it.

[Kim and Ron fly off the boat with their jetpacks]

[New Scene: Dementor’s lair]

Ron: How do you like (random singing).
Kim: RON! We do not need a theme song.
Ron: Did it occur to you that it gives Team Impossible an edge?
Kim: If they had an edge, which they do not.

[Door to the lair explodes open and Burn flies through ii, followed by Crash, and Dash who is carrying Dementor.]

Dementor: You three are positively amazing. What gives you your edge?
Kim: [To Ron] Don’t even! [To Team Impossible] This was our mission.
Dash: Key word ‘was’. The rightful owners of this disk were getting antsy, so they decided to pay us.
Crash: And in addition to our base fee, we get a completion bonus and a premium for rush service. We’re talking serious claude. [Shows Ron a calculator]

Ron: That’s a big number.
Kim: How big?
Ron: Nacho Royalty big.
Dementor: Could we get on with this? My legs are cramping up.
Dash: Team Impossible does not take orders from villains.
Burn: Rush service premium.
Dash: Team Impossible move out!

[Team Impossible runs off] [Kim grunts in anger]

[New Scene: A phone book with a ton of names crossed off, except for the last one ‘Zell Zzysszic’]

Mr. Possible: Hello, is this Zzyssic Accounting? I was wondering if I could get some help with my taxes. Yes, I know it’s tax season, that’s why… Look, I’m no rocket scientist, I mean, actually, I am, but… [sound of phone being disconnected] hello?
Kim: You ok dad?
Mr. Possible: Too many numbers. How’s your crisis going Kimmy?
Kim: Urgg… just as bad dad. Just as bad.
Mr. Possible: Well, you know where to find me if you need me. I’m not going anywhere. ANYWHERE! Curse you tax-man!

[Ron gives him the thumbs up]

[New Scene: Kim’s room]

Kim: I’m getting worried.
Wade: It looks like everyone who has ever given you a ride is now missing.
Kim: everyone?
Wade: Even some before I started running your site. Like some lady with a cat named Tabby.
Kim: Mrs. Mahoney.

Wade: That’s her. Who is she?
Kim: She gave Ron and I a ride to our first mission. The first time we got the call instead of Team Impossible.
Ron: Because of a typo.

Rufus shows disgust.

Wade: You think Team Impossible is behind the missing persons?
Kim: They tell me to get out of the business. I say no. Suddenly my rides disappear, and I can’t get around the world anymore.
Wade: And by the time you get to a mission, they’re already there.
Ron: Getting paid.

Rufus shows disgust.

Kim: Ron! This is not about the money.
Ron: It is for Team Impossible.
Kim: Yea. Wade if we made a connection with Team Impossible’s website.
Wade: Could I trace it? Shhyea!
Ron: I don’t think they’re going to take a call from us.
Kim: Not us, a rich guy in trouble.

[New Scene: Ron in a disguise with a top hat and a monocle being filmed]

Ron: Umm, yes, Richie Richardson here and dash it all if I’m not wealthy. I’m in big dangerous expensive trouble and dash it all again if I don’t need overpriced help, mmm rather.
Kim: Ok, that ought to do it.
Wade: We’ll know soon if… Bam! Incoming transmission.

Team Impossible’s Message on Kim’s Communicator: Team Impossible is responding to your call, please stay on the line for the next adventure and rescue representative, and have your credit card ready.

[Wade Logins]

Wade: Gotcha!

[A red light flashes and a siren saying ‘Warning: an unwanted cyber trace. Warning: an unwanted cyber trace.]

Dash: Set and… [presses a red button]

[Wade’s computer flashes]

Wade: Spike.

[Wade’s room goes black and there is an explosion. Wade turns on a flashlight and the phone rings]

Wade: Yea…
Kim: We lost you. Everything ok?
Wade: They spiked me. My whole system is fried.
Kim: Everything? Don’t you have firewall thingies?
Wade: Not anymore. Fried! FRIED! Like popcorn chicken!
Kim: Wade, I know this is a difficult time for you…

Wade: FRIED!!!
Kim: but did you get a location?
Wade: [whimpers] yea…I’ll….mail it to you…
Ron: Snail mail?!?
Kim: Wade, just…uhhh…just read it to us.
Ron: When you have the strength.

[New Scene: A golf course. Kim and Ron are riding in a golf course with the old lady from the bus and the cruise ship].

Kim: Thanks for the lift Mrs. Silver.
Mrs. Silver: Well, it’s the least I could do after I shorted you on the boxed lunch, and wiped the board with you at shuffle board.
Kim: Oh, that’s more than a fair trade. Right, Ron?
Ron: I guess.

[Golf cart pulls up in front of a huge wall with a door surrounded by statues of Team Impossible].

Kim: That’s it.
Ron: Wow. Greed pays.
Mrs. Silver: The three nicest boys live there. Do you want me to introduce you?
Kim: Oh, no thanks, we’ll surprise them.
Kim: Ready to hop the wall?

Ron: Any idea what’s on the other side?
Kim: I’m going with guard dogs.
Ron: Yea, see, to me they don’t seem like dog people. I’m going to say robotic sentries.
Kim: Only one way to find out.

[Shoots her grappling hook and flies to the top of the wall]

Ron: Is that Hindrick and Captain Louise in the hot tub?!?
Captain Louise: Hey, there she goes. Ahoey Miss Possible.
Hindrick: Kim, small world.

[Various shots of all the missing people enjoying themselves in what appears to be a nice resort]

Ron: If this is what happens when Team Impossible captures you, I’m ready! Capture me!
Bernice: Captured? This is an all expense paid vacation. Grab a fruit cup.
Someone else: And no television. No papers. No phones. It is as if the outside world does not exist.

Kim: This doesn’t make sense.
Dash [over a speaker system]: Of course it does.

[A trap door opens up beneath Kim and Ron and they fall down it. They land in Team Impossible’s control centre.]

Dash: If it keeps you stuck in Middleton, it’s worth it.
Burn: Ha, even if the all you can eat buffet, we’re still making a mint.
Dash: As long as we get the missions.
Crash: And you don’t.
Dash: Were we too subtle? The cheerleader saves the world thing has gotten tedious. Its over. FOREVER!

[Team Impossible theme song plays and they all do a karate kick]

Dash: Bring
Crash: It
Burn: On!
Kim: Oh, we’re ready. Right Ron?
Ron: uhh, yea, uhh, umm, define ready.
Kim: You’re prepared to not get in the way.
Ron: Oh, yea, ready.

[Ron and Rufus both salute Kim]
[Burn charges at Kim with the Fork, Kim dodges him and kicks the fork away, Burn does a jump kick at Kim, Kim catches his leg and throws him against the wall. Crash attacks Kim, she grabs his arm and throws him on top of Burn. Dash lunges at Kim.]

Ron: These guys are weak.

Rufus agrees and says ‘oh yea’

[Kim kicks Dash away.]

Dash: [looking at Ron] Excuse me?
Ron: [backing away] Good work. You rule old school.
Dash: I thought you were supposed to be some master of monkey kung-fu.
Ron: You know, its funny. It comes and goes.
Kim: Hey Dash. I’m waiting.

Dash: I wish there was another way.
Ron: Really? [Rolls eyes]
Dash: No. I’m told we should always say that for legal reasons.
Burn: [grunting from underneath Crash] It shields us from liability.

Kim: I think you need to worry about shielding yourself from me.
Dash: So be it.
Ron: Dude, you are so over.
Dash: I can take her.
Ron: No.

Rufus says ‘sorry’

Dash: Do you know what I’m capable of?
Ron: I’ve got a general idea.
Dash: And?
Ron: Dude, you are so over.
Dash: Let’s just see about that.

[A hole explodes in the wall and Wade walks through.]

Wade: Nobody. Nobody spikes my system.
Kim: Wade?!
Ron: Wade!? In person? [To Dash] Dude, now you are so over. I don’t even want to stand near you. Wow. You have really perfected the holo-Wade.

Wade: It’s really me Ron.
Ron: Yea right. If it were really you, I couldn’t do this.

[Ron tries to poke Wade, but Wade hits his hand away]

Ron: [speechless]
Dash: Team Impossible is the world’s greatest team of high danger operatives. We will not be intimated by children.
Ron: You’re not helping yourself.
Dash: I’m so not afraid.
Ron: You should be.

Wade: Remember Kim’s first mission?
Kim: Ron, get over here. Quickly.
Dash: It was supposed to be our mission. What else do I need to know?

Wade: Does the McHenry laser grid ring a bell?
Crash: Yea, it cost Paisley a fortune.
Burn: So we had to have one too.
Dash: Nothing but the best for Team Impossible.
Wade: Opps…

[Wade clicks a button on a remote and the McHenry laser grid appears.]
Wade: Look familiar?

Kim: You rock even more in person wade.
Ron: Somehow I thought you’d be shorter.
Crash: Danger has been our closest friend [see him backwards on all fours with lasers all around him] but I’m not liking this.

Burn: Nah, it’s easy enough to disable.
Dash: Just hit that red button.
Wade: One bad touch and you’ll know what my fried system feels like.

[Wade throws the remote away from everyone surrounded by laser beams]

Ron: Ok, maybe he shouldn’t have left his room.
Crash: What are you doing?
Burn: Nobody could get that.
Dash: It’s impossible.
Kim: Nah, for you maybe. For me, well, we’ll see.

[Kim jumps and uses her cheerleading skills to get to the remote and she turns off the laser system]

Dash: It was actually possible that Team Impossible
Crash: Could have been fried
Burn: That would have impacted our earning potential.

Kim: Cheerleader saves the world thing doesn’t look so bad now, does it?
Wade: Guys, you need to get wise.
Ron: I think I know how to work this out.

[New Scene: Bueno Nacho]

Ron: Gentlemen, this is the Naco.
Dash: It looks like a taco in some nachos.
Crash: All smashed together.
Burn: [takes a bite] Mmmm…

Kim: So, do we have an understanding?
Dash: Well, if by that you mean are we going to quit charging money to help people and join global justice as you suggested. Hard to say.
Wade: Uhh, guys. [Shows them the McHenry laser system remote]
Crash: Uhoh.
Burn: You don’t have this place wired.

Ron: Trust me on this, Wade has the world wired.

Rufus nods in agreement.

Dash: Team Impossible is now non-profit. [Crash and Dash nod in agreement]
Burn: Which actually has some tax advantages.
Kim: I’m proud of you guys.

Ron: So with Team Impossible out of the picture.
Kim: No, we will not start charging money for our missions.
Ron: Ok, but just let me…
Kim: Ohh… go ahead.
Ron: [Sings his theme song]

[New Scene: Kim’s house. Mr. Possible is sleeping on the table with all the tax papers still on it.]

Kim: Dad.
Mr. Possible: Kimmy? [Lifts his head, but a piece of paper is stuck to his face] Are you there? I can’t see anything but numbers!

[Kim removes the paper]

Mr. Possible: Oh…
Kim: Help has arrived, Dad.

[Burn sits down and swirls his calculator à la gun swirling and starts entering numbers into it]

Mr. Possible: Umm… Who’s the big guy?
Kim: Burn Burnmen. Certified Public Accountant.

[Camera zooms in on Burn, and he grins, and his teeth sparkle]

Mr. Possible: And my hero.
Kim: Well, it’s a start.

[End Credits]