Transcripts - Trading Faces
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Transcripts - Trading Faces


Episode Trading Faces
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Cloud23465
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 4728


Kim: Mom, you seen my cheer sweater?
Mrs. Dr. Possible: In the dryer, honey.
(Kim gasps as she opens the dryer and her cheerleading outfit is now flying around the room.)
Kim: Huh? Uh! Uh! Unnnhhhhh!
Jim: You didn't open the dryer, did you?
Tim: Our experiment!
Jim: You ruined it!
(Kim grabs Tim and Jim as Mrs. Dr. Possible unplugs the dryer and Kim's cheer outfit falls to the ground.)
Jim and Tim: Mom!
Kim: Grrrrrrrrrr! Tweebs!
Mrs. Dr. Possible: Boys what did I tell you? No modifying the major appliances.
Tim: I wouldn't do that.
Jim: Not without these.
Mr. Dr. Possible: What's wrong with Kimmy cub? She Just raced off like it was the end of the world.
Jim: She must of heard the big news.
Mrs. Dr. Possible: No, Not yet. I.......didn't get the chance to tell her.

(School Bell rings)
Kim: Late! Uhh! Sorry! The tweebs! This morning! My clothes! Total Drama-Rama!
Monique: Whoa, Girl. Chil-lax. Forget the what and the when. Focus on the here and the now.
Ron: Right, KP. We seniors don't sweat the little things.
Kim: Because they're all little things?
Ron: No, because where big things baby! Hey. Hi. Excuse me. Seniors....
(Ron shoos the underclassmen and they clear a path)
(Ron and Monique high five)
Monique: I wonder what the senior table special is today?
Ron: (Snaps his finger and Rufus pops up with a menu)
Rufus: A-ha!
Ron: [French accent]: O Hoo la la! It is bistro day. A soup du jour. Stuff I can't even pronounce and all assorted cheeses!
Rufus: Yey!
Kim: YOu guys are right, seniors? it's alllll good!
Jim: Which way to homeroom?
Kim: Huh? Homeroom? What do you mean homeroom?
Tim: That room you go to before you go to your other classes?
Jim: You'd think a senior would know the basics.
Ron: Try middle school? 'bout four miles that way.
Jim: We're not in middle school anymore.
Tim: We've been skipped ahead.
Jim: We're freshman!
Tim: We're here.
(The M falls off of the sign outside, car alarms goes off and dogs start barking)
(Intro Credits)

Kim: There's no way you two are freshman! Hey Amanda! See you In science! It must be a mistake and I'm going to get to the bottom of it. Eh...Are we being followed?
Miss Guide: Yes, it's okay. I'm with the district. Middleton unified, My card.
Kim: Miss Guide?
Miss Guide: 'Gid-dei', dear.
Kim: Uh, g'day to you.
Miss Guide: Ehhh... let me jot that.
Kim: Jot what? What is the stinking sitch here?
Tim: Miss Guide Is our S.K.I.P counselor
Kim: And S.K.I.P is?
Miss Guide: Superior knowledge and Intelligence placement, a pilot program. Your brothers tested at a high school level so there being enrolled as freshmen. I'll be observing the trasition.
Kim: So this is really happening?
Miss Guide: Exciting, isn't it?
Kim: oh I can't begin to describe my feelings
Miss Guide: mm-huh.....
Kim: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!....
Kim: It's bad enough I have to live with them! Now I have to learn with them too?
Ron: Yeah, Forget my little things advice. Start sweating, KP.
Kim: Gee. Thanks.
(Kim opens her locker and Wade apears on the screen.)
Wade: Hey, Kim, Ron.
Ron: Wade, My lady could use a sitch. What you got?
Wade: Hit on your website from Britina.
Kim: Britina?
Ron: Superstar In need. Booya! so, where do we meet here, huh? Concert? Club? Private yacht?
Wade: Jail.
Ron: Ohh.

(Prison Buzzer goes off.)
Britina: I'm so innocent, it's not funny.
Kim: Britina, what are the charges?
Britina: They said I stole cash from a safe at the wrap party for that reality show "Born to Shop".
Ron: Ooh! Born to shop! Starring Camille Leon, heiress to a vast cat food fortune, socialite, quick service restaurant spokesperson.
Kim: You're reading the weekly wonder again, aren't you?
Ron: She's a newsmaker. I'm a news taker.
Kim: She's, like, the most shallow person on earth.
Ron: Kim, Shallow is the new black.
Britina: Like, I need to steal? My CD, "Hail Britina" went double platinum!
Camille: In Uruguay.
Britina: Camille?
Camille: Brit, I came as soon as I heard.
Britina: I called you 3 days ago.
Camille: Silly! My callback list was epic this week. It's so hard to be me.
Ron: Uh! Look, K.P! Camille Leon!
Kim: And freaky purse pal.
(Cat Hisses)
Ron: Uh, that would be her cat 'Debutante'.
Kim: Oh, yeah. She goes everywhere with that hairless thing.
Rufus: Hey! Huh, Huh!
Kim: Oh! Not....not that I'm judging.
(The cat spots rufus meows and does a romantic purr, Rufus is freaked out)
Rufus: Ewwwww..........
(Rufus hides back in his pocket.)
Camille: Oh, this place is so depressing! How do you stand? They wanted me to walk through some gruesome X-ray thingy. I said, "Duh! Don't you know who I am?"
(Photographers start snapping pictures.)
Camille: A Yummy guard guy let me in. Give me his digits, ok?
Britina: Camille, these are BFF's from way back. Kim possible and.....this guy, who's usually with her.
Camille: Kim Possible! I wore your look once.....for, like, 5 minutes.
Kim: Nice to meet you, too, Camille.
Camille: Oh, I know!
(Kimmunicator beeps in.)
Kim: What up, Wade?
Wade: I've uploaded security footage from the crime scene, but it's fuzzy.
Britina: That's not me!
Camille: Though that is what you were wearing.
Kim: Britina says she didn't do it. Good enough for me.
Camille: Me, Too. Of course I have so many friends. They can't all be good. It's just math.
Wade: I'll enhance the footage and get back to you.
Kim: Please and thank you. Whoa!
Camille: Between you and me...
Ron: And this guy!
Camille: With the spotlight on me 24/7, some of our circle might be, you know, attention deficit.
Kim: I'm not sure I know what you mean.
Ron: I'm sure..... I don't
Camille: Uh....suspects? There's Starlet. Her last three movies tanked. Holston twins? They dropped to number 3 on the world's richest kids list. They may be desperate. And MC Honey. Things must be bad. I hear she flew commercial.
Kim: Hey, we know MC Honey!
Camille: Whatevs. I'm just saying they'll all be at the reality awards show tonight. If you want to come and do that.....thing you do.
Britina: I can't believe I'm missing it. They have the best goodie bags.
Ron: Ah, The goodie bag. You know once I scored dinosaur stickers and a ring.....that's also a whistle!
Britina: (starts sobbing)
Camille: Try $30,000 worth of designer bling.
Kim: We'll be there.
Camille: Poppin'!
Debutante: Mrawr!
Rufus: Eeeek!

Anouncer: And now the winner for the craziest moment on a reality show is...'Job Swap'!
(Audience claps as a clip is shown.)
(A doctor is playing as a quaterback at a football game.)
Doctor: 34, 52... clear!
(Doctor shocks the center with hidden CPR paddles)
Center: Owwwww!
(Scene changes to a hospital.)
(A patients is thrown to a quarterback and the quarterback throws the patient like a football. He raises his hands as if he scored.)
Ron: Camille's Circle is in the house.
Kim: I don't see MC Honey. Maybe she's in the green room.
Ron: Excuse me? Is this the green room?
Kim: Hi, MC.
MC Honey:: Kim Possible! Long time, GF.
Ron: (Gasp) A Nacho Cheese Fountain.
Kim: I'm sorry this is more business than pleasure.
Rufus: Hoo! Hoo! Cheese!
Kim: For me at least.
MC Honey:: Britina?
Kim: You heard?
MC Honey:: Mmmm.... First cover shot the poor girl's hooked up in a long, long.
Diggity Zee: Yo! the goodie bags have been jacked!
MC Honey:: uh-uh, Not the goodie bags!
Kim: Come on, Ron.
Ron: unnnnhhhh... I'm busy!
Kim: Diggity Zee, did you see who did it?
Diggity Zee: The World saw it! She ran across the stage. MC Honey! Straight up!
MC Honey:: Say what?
Kim: But I was with her the whole time!

Diggity Zee: Yo! the goodie bags have been jacked!
MC Honey:: This is messed up! I did NOT jack the goodie bags. I.....!
Wade: looks kinda bad.
Kim: I know, Wade, but I'm telling you MC Honey was with us. It couldn't have been her.
Wade: Then get ready for this.
Ron: Uhh....does Britina have a good lawyer? You know, like, a really good one?
Kim: This is so not adding, Wade.
Jim: Maybe you've got a shape shifter on your hands!
Tim: Yeah! Just like Magno Mike in Crater Raiders
Jim: Mike fooled everyone by morphing into his half sister, Power Classic Slope.
Kim: So sorry. You must be this tall to ride.
(School bell rings.)
Kim: Now don't you have some freshman class calling you?
Barkin: Possible?
Kim, Jim, Tim: Here!
Kim: Not my class! Ohhhh!
Barkin: Three Possibles in the same statistics class? What's the probability?
(Class laughs.)
Barkin: It's not a joke people! It's a pop quiz!
Kim: I know this. The probability of any event A is.. Um... let me see now... uhhh.
Jim, Tim: Got it Mr. Barkin!
Barkin: Possible squared! Go!
Tim: The probability of event A.....
Jim: Is determined by dividing the numbers the of ways A can occur.....
Tim: By the total number of ways anything can occur.
Barkin: Correct. Now, give me an example.
Jim: The probability of our sister taking less then 40 minutes in the bathroom every morning...
Tim: Zero! She sings in the shower.
Kim: Tim!
Jim: And finishes her homework on the...
Kim: Jim!
Miss Guide: They're very bright......Aren't they!?
Kim: A couple of little... geniuses!.....Grrrrrr!

Monique: So the tweebs showed you up in class. what's the big?
Ron: Yeah, I get shown up on every mission we ever go on. You don't hear me whinning.
(Kim and Monique share a look.)
Ron: I could whine more, a lot more.
Kim: Can we forget about the tweebs? Let's just enjoy lunch at the senior table.
Ron: Ahhh, the senior table.
(Ron has a vision of the senior table. Ron's getting a bib tied around his neck by a waitress. Monique tears into a chicken leg and Kims drinks down some cola and gets gets another glass poured. Then back to Ron... drooling)
Kim:... Mmmmm. I think I'll have tuna tar-tar today.
Monique: Rotisserie chicken for me.
Ron: I'm going to try this Maitre 'D'thing. Um, sounds de'lush'ishly French.
(Kim, Ron & Monique Gasp when the enter the lunchroom.)
Kim: The senior table! it's gone!
Ron: Why?? Ohhhh.....
Barkin: Suck it up people! The senior lunch budget has been reassigned to the S.K.I.P program.
Kim: The S.K.I.P program!?
Miss Guide: I don't work for free.
Monique: We are SO not friends with this.
Ron: Yeah... it's not fair!
Barkin: And is it fair that the polar ice caps are melting? You take life's little ups and downs, Stoppable!
Ron: Ohhhhh... Rufus got fitted today!
Rufus: Awww....
Monique: But if there's no senior table....
Kim: That means it back to...
Ron: Mystery meat! NOOOOOOO.......!
Barkin: Listen up cafeterians!In compliance with district guidelines, we have been ordered to divulge the contents of mystery meat.
(Barkin pulls down a projector screen and plays a video)
Video Narrator: Mystery meat, from the slaughter house to your house.
(Students drop trays, hold their hands to their mouths and run out of the school screaming in terror.)
Ron: I knew there were snouts!
Monique: I have never seen anything more horrible!
(Bonnie laughs in the background.)
Kim: I have! The tweebs! With Bonnie!
Bonnie: You guys tell the funniest stories.
Jim: And then when we were on a trip to Yosemite...
Kim: Ahhhhh! No! Not the poison oak story!
(Kim runs and flips over a table as she's trying to stop her brothers before they tell the story. She runs into Miss Guide.)
Miss Guide: Isn't it wonderful that they are making friends so quickly?
(Bonnie laughs)
Bonnie: That is so mortifying! You two should write a book.
Jim: We would never do that.
Tim: Nah... too old school.
Jim: We'll put it on our blog!
(Kim makes a very angry face and Miss Guide starts to write.)
Miss Guide: Pretend I'm not even here.
Kim: How about I pretend that I'm not here instead?

Wade: These thefts get weirder Kim. Looks like Britina was in two places at the same time.
Kim: Twin sisters?
Wade: Nope, I checked. Only child. And get this...
Kim: Hmmmmm... both of them... two places at once. Freaky for sure.
Jim: Wade, did you run background on Camille?
Tim: Since she's the common denominator.
Kim: You have your own...
Jim: Jim and...
Tim: Tim-municators.
(Ron snatches one and looks at it.)
Jim: Hey, make your own!
Ron: Wow! Lighter! Sleeker! And it plays tunes!
Rufus: Cool!
Kim: Whatever! So, did you dig up any dirt on Camille?
Wade: Well... it hasn't hit the check out lines yet. But the 'Weekly Wonder' is about to run a story on Camille....being disinherited.
Ron: Really? No more daddy's fundage.
Jim: So Camille is the one who needs money.
Kim: Shhhh! Height limit!
Wade: Camille's signing her autobiography at the world's richest mall in Beverly Hills today. Sounds like a recon op.
Tim: We're on it!
Kim: So not! There is no way you two are going to the mall with us.
Mr. Dr. Possible: Actually honey, taking Jim and Tim with you sounds like a swell idea.
Mrs. Dr. Possible: Sure beats babysitting at home while your father and I are out.
Kim: Babysitting? They're old enough to be in high school, but not old enough to stay home by themselves?
Mr. Dr. Possible: Not without vaporizing the garage.

Kim: Uhhh, Wade, ETA on that ride to Beverly Hills?
Wade: A Typhoon grounded your ride and I am having trouble making other arrangements. It's a bank holiday.
Kim: Ohhh! great!
Jim, Tim: Hick-a-bick-a-boo?

Jim: Thanks for the ride, Mr. Sinclair.
Mr. Sinclair: Oh it's the least I could do after you tutored my Kenny in calculus.
Tim: Derivatives of inverse functions.
Jim: So not the drama.
Kim: (gasp) Can you not?!
Jim: You can use Hick-a-bic-a-boo.
Kim: Yecch! Why would I?
Tim: To be cool.
Kim: I am cool!

Ron: Ah, the world's ritziest mall. 35 floors of poppin' shoppin'. And did you know there is a diamond elevator sporting a 500 karat light bulb? I blew some cash here when I was a millionaire. Good times......good times. Hey! Where are the tweebs?
Kim: I gave them twenty bucks and dropped them off at the arcade.
Ron: Kim, twenty bucks at this arcade gives you 5 minutes at some busted old pinball machine.
Kim: Ummmm, well... where else would they go?
Jim: Page 172....this summer Camille visited a Dr. Beaufox. Hick-a-bic-a-boo?
Tim: Beaufox.....plastic surgeon....unlicensed… rogue!
Jim, Tim: Hoo-sha!
Kim: Keep an eye out for Camille. There's still a few more minutes before the book signing. Country Club Banana! The flagship store!
Ron: Hey! Go drop some bills, KP! I'll start the Leon hunt.
Kim: Are you kidding? You have to pass a credit check just to get in the door. I don't even have credit.
Door checker: Welcome to Country Club Banana.
(Camille Leon comes by the store and into view.)
Kim: Game on. Camille?
Camille: Kim Possible! And…
Ron: This guy!
Kim: Hey! I wonder if you could do me a favor?
Camille: Oh, I don't do makeovers and I am kind of in a rush.
Kim: Well, you see? That's funny. There's this pair of socks at CCB that I've saved up for, and since I'm not a zillionairess like you, they won't even let me in. But you, I'm sure, can pass the credit check.
Camille: Uh...yeah! Duh! But I can't be seen buying socks! Ewwww! Socks are gross!
Ron: Socks are gross?
Kim: Ron! She can't go in! Disinherited?
Ron: I mean my socks are gross, but what does that even mean?
(A whistle sounds.)
Security Guard: The elevator's been robbed!
Ron: That is an empty diamond light bulb socket.
Ron: It's Starlet!
Kim: Another friend of Camille's?
Ron: That girl is running with a bad crowd. But you have to admit the camera loves them.
Kim: I think you're on to something.
Ron: Oh, I know I am!.......what?
Kim: There's a camera at every theft.
Ron: Rookie mistake! I mean a smart thief wouldn't get caught on tape..
Kim: But a really smart thief would see to it that somebody else gets caught. Britina, MC Honey, and now Starlet.
Ron: All hanging in the hip new hot spot.......prison.
Kim: What about Camille, Wade?
Wade: Weird, Kim! Camille is pretty much photographed every waking minute. But during these three crimes, it's like she disappeared.
Kim: What's her next public appearance?
Wade: A fashion show the afternoon.
Kim: Something tells me there's going to be another theft.
Tim: Try someone.
Jim: Or some two.
Wade: Oh yeah, meant to tell you. Your brothers have a theory.
Kim: Gah! Tweebs! You don't belong at my school or on my mission!
Jim: But don't you want to know what we uncovered reading Camille's book?
Kim: No! I've cracked it!......almost.
Tim: So how is she doing it?
Kim: Height limit!
Bonnie: A bit harsh, big sis! Don't you think?
Kim: You don't want to know what I really think, Bonnie!
Bonnie: Come on, Jim and Tim. Tell me again about Yosemite......and the rash.
Kim: I'm so gonna.... uh!
(Kim turns and sees Ms. Guide)
Kim: We're cool! I mean....I'm cool! I mean......Hick-a-bic-a-boo?

Kim: Any luck on a possible target, Wade?
Wade: Do you have any idea what these designers charge for a dress?
Kim: I know I can't afford. You think she'll steal clothes?
Ron: We can rule out socks.
Wade: How about a rare blue diamond necklace that's being worn with the dress?
Ron: Booya.
Kim: That's the target!

Kim: I'll check the dressing room.
Ron: Ok, got your back KP.
Kim: Dressing room, Ron!
Ron: Uh, yeah. I'll just wait here then.
Kim: Wade, any idea where to find this necklace?
Wade: Just look for a lot of security.
Model: I forgot my powder......may I?
Kim: Ummmm, sure.
Wade: I wouldn't do that! That compact sprays a tracking powder.
Kim: You don't need it! You're perfect.!
Model: You're right.
Kim: Target in sight.

Tim: Are you sure this is a good idea? You heard Kim. She doesn't want us involved.
Jim: Reason enough to do it.
Tim: Yeah! I call bad cop.
Jim: No way! I call bad cop!
(Jim and Tim enter the office.)
Jim: Good day Dr. Beaufox.
Dr. Beaufox: Are you my 2:30 tummy tuck?
Tim: We'll ask the questions, doctor.
Jim: Camille Leon........ring a bell?
Dr. Beaufox: I fully warned her of the dangers! All experimental surgeries carry risk! That's on my business card.
Jim: This guy's all talk.
Tim: Radical techniques? As if?!
Dr. Beaufox: Oh really? Nano-morphing hmm...? Radical enough for you?
Jim: Nano-morphing?
Jim, Tim: Shape shifting!

Kim: This time I'm not letting the target out of my sight 'til we catch a thief.
Woman: Anastasia's been dropped by her agency! She's not coming!
Fashion designer: (gasp) We don't have a model to wear the gown and the necklace?
Ron: Yes you do! Right here!
Kim: Oh! Ron! I'm not a model.
Ron: Well, why not? You're beautiful.
Kim: Well, I guess it would a spankin' way to keep tabs on the necklace.
Fashion designer: Hmmm....Uh-huh....hmmmm....Uh-huh...hmmmmm... Ah, you will do.
Kim: Whh...Wow! Well, I guess if everyone thinks I am a model. (chuckles)
Fashion designer: Make-up! Hair! Wardrobe! Green eyes! Bring them out! Hair bigger! Big is a-back! Oh, we are going super glam!
Kim: (groans)Ummmm... it's kinda.....snug!
Fashion designer: Sew her in.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the highlight of tonights show, from Sperlucci!
Ron: Whoa!
Rufus: (Wistles and waves and laughs)
Jim: Kim!
Kim: I told you two to stay away........MC Honey?
Tim: It's not MC Honey, Kim! It's Camille!
Jim: She's a plastic surgery experiment!
Tim: She's a shape shifter!
Audience: (Gasps)
Camille: Oh! Like, you're a model!
(Camille grabs the necklace)
Kim: (gasps)
Kim: Huh!.....Ummmhhhhhhh! This dress is not working for me.
Ron: Dude, the leisure suit... hot or not?
Kim: Ron, find Britina. it's really Camille! She's a shape shifter.
Ron: You mean like the tweebs said?
Kim: Okay! they were right! Let's move on!
(Kim walks along and she runs into Ron again.)
Kim: I thought you went the other way.
Fake Ron: What other way?
Ron: She's not in wardrobe. Hey, I'm already here!
Fake Ron: Kim, it's Camille!
Ron: I'm not Camille! She is! Uh.....he is!
Kim: Two Rons? But only one... Rufus!
(Rufus pops up and waves.)
Ron: Kim, grab me! I mean her! Grab her!
(Kim and the fake Ron wrestle on the ground.)
Fashion designer: My gown!
(The fake Ron pushes Kim back causing a rip down the side.)
Fashion designer: I love it!
Kim: Me too!
(Kim chases down and tackles the fake Ron to the floor then the real Ron tries to hit the fake Ron with a rack of clothes.)
Ron: I got me!
(He misses and pops up out of a pile of clothes.)
Ron: You know, I'm surprisingly nimble for an heiress.
(Kim grabs her compact and sprays the fake Ron causing a face change.)
Kim: Tracking powder?....
(Camille grabs makeup powder and throws it in Kim's face. As she coughs and gasps for air, Camille escapes. Ron's looking in the mirror. He has a dress and wig on .)
Ron: Too much?
(Kim gives him a look and turns to look at the Kimmunicator.)
Kim: Got a lock on the tracking powder!
(Rufus whistles at Ron from a vent.)
Ron: Here, buddy!
(Debutante appears at the vent opening.)
Ron: Freaky Cat! Incoming!
(Rufus jumps into Ron's pocket and at the same time Camille's cat falls from the vent onto the table with the tracking power. It's knocked into the air and is sucked into a vent that filters out into the Audience. Now there are dozens of signals.)
Kim: Oh no!
Ron: Ahhhhhh! Camille could be anyone!
(Debutante comes running out and jumps right into Camille's lap)
Camille: Uhh! Do you know who I am?
Ron: Lady, the question is do you know who you are?
Jim, Tim: Huhhhh?

Kim: You wanted to see me, Miss Guide?
Miss Guide: Uh... Miss Possible. I was just sharing my observations of the past week with your parents.
Kim: Ummm......super.
Miss Guide: It is my recommendation that Jim and Tim be enrolled as another school.
Kim: What?
Mrs. Dr. Possible: Honey, clearly this is having a negative effect on you.
Mr. Dr. Possible: It's not all about the boys, Kimmie. It's about your best interests, too.
Kim: If the tweebs switch schools, then so do I. They had my back. Now, I have theirs.
Jim, Tim: Hick-a-bic-a-boo?
Kim: Hoo-sha.
Miss Guide: do you spell Hoo-sha?