Transcripts - Car Alarm
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Transcripts - Car Alarm


Episode Car Alarm
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written Unknown
Author Cloud23465
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 5310


Kim: Gotta meet Ron at Bueno Nacho. It's okay if I borrow the car? Thanks!
Dr. Mrs. Possible: Sorry, Kimmy. I have to drive Jim and Tim to soccer practice.
(Jim and Tim are kicking the ball around and something breaks [glass sounding])
Dr. Mrs. Possible: Unless you want to?
Kim: Ohhhhh no! I'm not gonna be the tweebs' taxi driver! I'll walk first. Bye-bye.
Dr. Mrs. Possible: I'll give you five dollars.
Kim: Not listening!
Dr. Mrs. Possible: Ten.
Kim: Walking away!
Dr. Mrs. Possible: Twenty. Firm.
Kim: Tough love, Mom! Tough love.
(More glass breaking as one of the tweebs chases the soccer ball past the door)
(Car Horn sounds twice as Bonnie drives by in her new car.)
Kim: You? Ahhh? Bonnie has her own car?
Bonnie: Hey, Kim! Don't you just heart my new ride? Oh, you're still walking? How underclass for a senior.
Kim: (gasps) Is that a door ding?
Bonnie: What? Where? I don't see any....
Ron: KP! Check out my rocking new horn!
Bonnie: Oh, now I see the ding, your boyfriend.
Bonnie: (Tires squeal and Bonnie gasses it and drives off) Ha ha! Later, losers!
Ron: Oh and look! It squirts bubbles, too! Hop on, you can ride in style.
Rufus: (chuckles) Bubbles.
Kim: I so need to get my own wheels.

Kim: Two point six vee-eight engine, nine speed sequential transaxle transmission, and most importantly, Bonnie will be Jellin'.
Ron: (gasps and has a hard time breathing) Sticker Shock! Kim have you seen much?
Kim: You're right. To pay for this I'd have to baby-sit like ten thousand Saturdays.
Ron: And sell a kidney.
Dr. Mr. Possible:: Hello, Ronald. So, Kimmy cub! Find anything you like?
Kim: Yeah, but nothing I can afford.
Ron: Hey, it's okay. You don't need a car. We've got my scooter.
Rufus: Uh-huh.
Dr. Mr. Possible:: The bubble horn?
Kim: The bubble horn.
Dr. Mr. Possible:: I think I can help.

Dr. Mr. Possible:: Here it is! Your new car!
Kim: Wow! I don't believe it! You're giving me your car?
Ron: Sweet!
Dr. Mr. Possible:: Yep! She's all yours!........ Oh wait, not this one, that one.
Kim: What a piece of..........
Dr. Mr. Possible:: History!
Kim: What century?
Dr. Mr. Possible:: My old Roth SL coupe.
Ron: You mean a Sloth? I've heard of these.
Dr. Mr. Possible:: Yep! My very first car. Ahhh, they don't make them like this anymore.
Ron: Not after the recall. (side view mirror falls off)
Dr. Mr. Possible:: It means a lot to keep her in the family. I hope you like it.
Kim: It's uh... It's great. Thanks, dad.
Dr. Mr. Possible:: It just needs a little work. Treat her right and you'll be driving this car for years!
(Dr. Mr. Possible taps on the roof of the car and walks away. The car falls off its rims, slamming to the ground)
Kim: Years? (sighs in disappointment)
Ron: Oh, come on. It might not be that bad. You know, let's take a look under the hood.
Ron: (opens the hood and a gang of crows start to attack him) Ahhhhh! Crows! Get em' off me! Get em' off me!
Kim: Ohhhh! Even If I do get this heap running, I couldn't actually be seen in it!
Ron: (The crows are still pecking and squawking) Owww! They're in my hair! Owwww! With the scratching!

Frugal Lucre: So anyway, my mother wanted me to be an orthodontist. But that was her dream, not mine. My dream was to be a super villain and then of course......
Drakken: All the prisons in all the world and I get stuck with the blabbermouth.
Frugal Lucre: You! You're a real super villain with the blue skin and the hot temper and everything. 'Course you got caught too. So now here we are, equals.
Drakken: (groans in frustration)
Motor Ed: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah! Motor Ed is in the big house! Seriously!
(Prison alarm sounds and Motor Ed smashes the fence in his giant humanoid robot )
Drakken: At last! A riot!
(Motor Ed cruises by Drakken's cell window.)
Motor Ed: Yo 'cuz! iI's me! Eddie!
Drakken: Ah, ha, ha! I knew I could count on family! Freedom is at hand. No more lock down! No more prison food! And no more yackity blah from you, Lucre.
(Motor Ed cruises back by Drakken's window with Shego in the passenger seat of his giant robot. ) Motor Ed: Later, Drew, seriously.
Drakken: What?
Shego: Later, losers!
Frugal Lucre: Listen, if it's any consolation on the whole counting on family front, I'm still waiting for my mother to post my bail.

Shego: Well, this has been fun.......Actually, it hasn't. I'm gone.
(Shego jumps down to the ground.)
Motor Ed: Whoa!
Shego: (gasps as a robotic arm blocks her way)
(Motor Ed jumps down to the ground.)
Motor Ed: Hey now, green! I gave you your freedom, and a sweet ride!
Shego: Wh..wh..wh..wh..whoa! So you think I owe you?
Motor Ed: Seriously!
Shego: Ennnnnkh! How shall I put this? Yep! That's not the way I roll.
Motor Ed: Hear me out. Hey, I'm not Cousin Drew. I am Motor Ed. I respect my green lady's appetite for destruction. Seriously, dude, I do.
Shego: Your lady?? (yells in anger as she powers up and hits Motor Ed)
Motor Ed: Woooo! Man! I love that green magic!

( Kim and Ron work on the Sloth in the Possible's garage.)
Ron: Give it more gas......more... more.... give it more... ok, wait. You're outta gas. It's not so good on mileage, is it?
(Kimmunicator Beeps)
Kim: (groans in frustration) Go, Wade.
Wade: Kim I just got word that... are you sitting in a sloth?
Ron: A bon-diggity vintage vehicle, my man!
Rufus: Uh-huh.
Wade: But what about...
Ron: The recall? Yeah, we're not talking so much about that.
Kim: Minding here? So, what up?
Wade: So get this, Motor Ed just busted Shego out of prison!
Ron: Shego and Drakken?
Wade: Nope, just Shego.
Kim: Motor Ed and Shego? Why would they be working together?
Ron: Well, I mean weirder things have happened. Look at us.
Kim: True, but there's a major diff between weird and wrong on all levels.
Wade: Once I get a fix on their location, I'll let you know. In the mean time, you can work on your, ummm...
Kim: Car....... it's called a car, Wade.
Wade: Uhhhhhh, technically I'm not so sure. (Wade signs out)
Jim: Hicka-Bicka-Boo?
Tim: Hoo-sha!
Kim: Out! This is a no tweeb zone.
Jim: Out? Uh!....okay, but...
Tim: Don't you wanna hear our offer first?
Kim: Offer? Ummm, not interested.
Tim: We can get your car running.
Ron: Hmmm, you know, they did build a space craft out of a lawnmower, a toaster and well, you know, rocket parts. But still, I mean it worked, kinda.....
Kim: What's the catch?
Jim: You just have to give us rides.
Kim: So not going to happen! I'll get it running on my own. Now go! Shoo!
Jim, Tim: Mmmhh!.........
(Jim and Tim leave.)
Ron: Uh, are you a hundred percent on this, KP?
Kim: I'm Kim Possible! I can do anything! (door falls off) I think...

Kim: It..... (sighs) It just gets worse.
(Ron wanders up with Rufus, snarled in a bunch of wring.)
Ron: Wah, wait! I wasn't even helping! How did this happen?
Rufus: Uh! Uh! Uh! (gasps) (Kim is blinded by the light as the garage door opens. Jim and Tim are standing there.)
Jim: So, ready to deal?
Kim: Mmmm! Never!
Ron: KP, be reasonable.
Rufus: Uh, uh-huh.
Kim: Fine.
Jim, Tim: Hoo-sha!
(Jim and Tim leave and come bakc wiht a two foot high stack of papers.)
Kim: What's this?
Tim: Contract.
Jim: In exchange for our services, you'll...
Kim: I know! Give you rides..........wherever you what, whenever you want?!
Tim: could not be driving at all.
Kim: (grunts and grabs the pen and signs her name)
Jim, Tim: Woo-hoo! Oh yeah! Hoo-sha!
Kim: Hey, no gloating!
Jim: Page six, subparagraph three. Gloating is to be allowed.
Ron: Whoa! They got you with a neener clause. Oh yeah, they're good.
Kim: (growls in disappointment)

(All kinds of flashing and noise are coming from the garage, then it stops. Kim and Ron are standing outside waiting. Jim and Tim appear)
Kim: Well?
Jim: Congratulations!
Tim: It's a car!
(Tim pushes the garage door remote revealing the new and improved car)
Ron: It's... It's...
Kim: Beautiful! I.......I......I don't know what to say!
Jim: Contractually, you have to say thank you.
Kim: Thank you!
Tim: Now pop the hood.
Ron: Oh, no no no! I remember what happened last time. (from out of no where the pack of crows attacks Ron again) Ahhhh! Oh man! they're all there! Ah-haaaaaa...
(Jim opens up the hood yo show Kim.)
Jim: Dual quad transverse rotary design with gyro stabilization.
Kim: Which is tweeb for?
Tim: This thing kicks!
Jim: Now let's go.
Kim: Go? Go where?
(The tweebs show Kim the contract again.)
Tim: Kimberly Ann Possible, who shall be known as the car monkey.
Ron: Could you not call her that?
Kim: Thank you, Ron.
Ron: Oh no. Not for you. It's for me. Still got some monkey issues. Heh, heh! Go ahead.
Tim: The car monkey shall transport Jim and Tim anywhere they request.
Jim, Tim: Hoo-sha! Let's roll.

Kim: We've been to the mall, the movies, (sighs) the candy cade.....can we just go home? I've got things to do!
Tim: Nope! There's someplace we haven't been yet.
Kim: Oh, please don't say....
Jim, Tim: J.P Bearymore's Pizza Party-torium!
Ron: Boo-ya! Love the bear!
Kim: Not helping!
(Kim and Ron are sitting in the parking lot in the car waiting for Tim and Jim)
Kim: How long does it take to eat burnt pizza?
Ron: You know, uh, yuh, yuh, yuh, if you let us go in, I can show you.
Rufus: Uh-huh! Uh-huh!
Kim: No!
(Ron and Rufus whimper and put on the sad puppy dog look on)
Kim: Oh no! Not the puppy dog pout!
Rufus: (whines and whimpers)
Kim: Oh! Okay. But you go in! You get the tweebs! And you get out!
Ron: Done and done!
Ron, Rufus: Yeahhhhhhhhh! Woo-hoo !(They run inside, the scene changes from day to night. The once full parking lot now sits with only one car, Kim's, as you hear a coyote howling in the background. Kim's patience has finally run out as she bursts in the door)
Kim: That's it! Party's over! Let's go!
Tim: Good timing!
Jim: We just maxed the high score on Space Squids.
Ron:Nohhhhh! Never get to have any fun.
Kim: Oh! Boys! They're all tweebs!
(Kimmunicator beeps)
Kim: Go, Wade.
Wade: Someone jacked into the space center's mainframe and downloaded information on something called the Kepler.
Kim: Kepler...... That's the project my dad's working on!

(at the space center)
Dr. Mr. Possible:: Well, with its prototype boosters, the Kepler will be the fastest man made object ever created. Uh, I guess she'd be worth stealing.
Kim: You don't seem too worried.
Dr. Mr. Possible:: Honey, the Middleton space center uses the best security measures. If there ever was a break in I'd.......
Shego: Know about it?
Dr. Mr. Possible:: Exactly! Oh..............

(Shego powers up and fires a beam at the group. Kim knocks them down and out of harm's way.)
Kim: Shego! Shouldn't you be behind bars?
Shego: I got an early parole. Only here to say ‘Hi'.
(Shego flips the switch and disables the Keppler security switch. Kim goes after her)
Kim: Hiy............!
(Kim is grabbed by Motor Ed's giant robot)
Kim: Huh? yah!
Motor Ed: Hey, Red! How's it shaking?
Kim: You tell me, squirrel head! (turns to Shego I can't believe your actually teamed up with this loser.
Shego: Look, I'm not thrilled about it. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
Motor Ed: I got the goods! Let's roll!
(Shego jumps onto the giant robot, now grasping the Keppler in one of its arms.)
Kim: Put that rocket down!
Motor Ed: Sorry! Time to fly.
Ron: You're not going anywhere!
Motor Ed: Oh, not me! You! Seriously.
(The giant robot flings Kim way up into the sky several thousand feet high.)
Kim: Whooooaaaaaaaaa!!!! Wade! Need a landing solution!
Wade: Do you still have that hair gel I gave you last week?
Kim: Yeah.
Wade: It's actually a special compound that expands when exposed to air.
Kim: Unhhhhhh!
(Kim squeezes the gel out of the tube in front of her and it lands on the ground and firms up into a gelatinous cushion. Kim lands on and sinks inside of it. She struggles to get out of it afterwards. )
Kim: Ughhhhh! (as she pulls her head out of the gel pillow)
(a rabbit peaks out of a hole, sees Kim's hair dew and is scared back into the hole, Kim notices that the rabbit was frightened. She notices her hair...)
Wade: It also adds body.
Kim: Mmmmmmm.
(The car approaches Kim, and Ron jumps out of the driver's seat and Kim gets in)
Kim: No mocking the hair!
Ron: Ha, are you kidding me? You know, I know the basic boyfriend rules, Kim, Your new hair cut is fabulous and those slacks are very flattering.
Kim: Thanks for the sensitivity.
Jim: Sorry, but we're contractually obligated to mock.
Kim: Okay, just get it over with.
Tim: It's no fun if you help.

(Motor Ed starts up a chainsaw and starts to cut up the Keppler)
Shego: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you doing?
Motor Ed: Cutting down on wind resistance, seriously.
Shego: Uh-huh, except the wings are what makes it fly.
Motor Ed: It's all part of my way wicked awesome plan.
Shego: Yeah about that, Ummm...
Motor Ed: Can't talk, working. Here's the blueprints.
Shego: Doh! ( as the plans hit her in the face)
Motor Ed: See if you can find a place for a new cup holder.
Shego: (grunts and growls as she pulls the plans off he rface and looks at them...) Heh? hmmmm....

(Kim turns the key and starts the car, checks the rear view mirror and sees the tweebs...)
Kim: (sighs) Okay, here's the deal. I may have to drive you to school, but that doesn't mean I have to be seen with you. So duck, or walk!
Jim, Tim: Awwwww....
Kim: Now!.................Ron, not you!
(Ron pops up with a really goofy look on his face. Later on, Kim spots Bonnie's car sitting at a red light)
Kim: (gasps) Okay! It's Bonnie! So stay down! Showtime!
(Kim pulls up beside Bonnie and sticks her head out the window.)
Kim: What's hot, ‘B'?
Bonnie: Oh, you have a car, ‘K'? Begged, borrowed or stolen?
Kim: You wish! This is all mine.
Bonnie: Oh, taking it in for the recall?
Tim: Nun-uh!
Jim: We customized it ourselves and it can blow the doors off of any car anywhere, anytime!
Tim: And Kim had to drive us anywhere we want!
Bonnie: So! It's a babysitter car!... Ah ha ha ha ha ha! (She drives away)
Kim: The only ride you're going to need will be to the hospital!
(Car Kimmunicator beeps)
Wade: Kim.
Jim: Phew... saved by the Wade.
Wade: I got the specs on the Keppler from your dad. If it reaches it's top speed within the earth's atmosphere, the shockwave will flatten everything in it's path!
Jim, Tim: Nice!
Ron: Yeah!..........Ummmmm, I mean who'd be dumb enough to try that?
Kim: Motor Ed.

Shego: Huh... the Keppler specs are pretty impressive, ‘course it's all how you use it.
Motor Ed: It's so gonna rock! Seriously!
Shego: I think maybe I can get onboard with this I........It looks like a race car! You tricked it out?
Motor Ed: You say tricked out like it's a bad thing. Yeah, your chassis could use a little tricking out too, heh heh....
Shego: Excuse me! What's wrong with my chassis? (She powers up again and blasts Motor Ed into a stack of tires)
Motor Ed: Whoa!Whoa! Shego! I'm talking about your disguise!
Shego: Disguise?
Motor Ed: It's part of the plan.
Shego: (Sighs) Okay......but no flames!

(Kim, Ron, and the tweebs are in a car as the pull up to a red light)
Ron: (sighs) We've been driving around for an hour now and haven't seen anything. Naco Stop?
Rufus: Uh-huh Uh-huh. Uh-huh!(as he rubs his belly)
Kim: No time! We've gotta find Mullet Head before he puts the pedal to the metal.
Rufus: Ohhhh...
Rufus, Ron: (gasp as they see Motor Ed in their rear view mirror.)
Ron: Uh, Kim. It's the...
Kim: Ron! I said no!
Ron: Yeah, but KP....
Kim: I don't care how hungry you are!
Ron: It's... it's the...
(The Keppler passes them.)
Kim: The Keppler? Why didn't you say something?
Ron: I forgot what it was called.
(Kim mashes the gas to try to catch up with the Keppler. She does but Motor Ed ignites the rockets and takes off leaving her in the dust.)
Jim: Did you see that?!
Ron: It's as fast as a rocket!
Tim: Hicka-Bicka-duh!
Rufus: Ohhhh,,, (as he smacks his head)
Jim: Take us home!
Kim: That is it! I may have signed that silly contract, but first I'm stopping Motor Ed!
Tim: Not in this you're not.
Kim: What?
Jim: We have to supercharge the Engines.
Tim: Nobody blows our doors off.
(Kim smiles)
Jim: This is personal.

Tim: And check it, the Roth SL Coupe.......
Jim, Tim: 2.0!
Rufus: Woo hoo! (gives a thumbs up)
(The scene changes to Motor Ed and Shego cruising down the road at a fairly slow speed)
Shego: Ugh, could you possibly drive any slower?
Motor Ed: The faster the ride, the slower the glide, babe.
Shego: Oh, please.
Motor Ed: Hey! You're supposed to be chewing gum.
Shego: Gum?
Motor Ed: Seriously! It pulls together your whole, you know, disguise.
Shego: (pops a piece of gum in her mouth and starts chewing) There! Fine! Now can you tell us the rest of this awesome plan?
Motor Ed: Ahhh! No spoilers! Whoa, what's that? Seriously?
Kim: You sure we can catch them?
Tim: With our new modifications...
Jim: Just watch.
(Motor Ed ignites his rockets again, but this time Kim keeps up.)
Shego: Great! Kimmy gets a car and now she's everywhere! Like bacteria!
(Motor Ed hits the gas again to try and outrun Kim)
Shego: Whoa!
Motor Ed: Woo-hoooooo!
(Jim flips a switch and the supercharger rises through an opening.)
Kim: Huh? (as she sees it pop up out of the hood, The supercharger starts sucking in the air)
Kim: Okay, one for the tweebs!
(Car Kimmunicator beeps)
Wade: Guys! Remember, you can't let the Keppler break it's threshold speed!
Ron: What's the threshold speed?
Wade: Oh, you'll know it when you see it!
Shego: See now why are these dice fuzzy? It makes no sense, I.......Watch it! She's gaining!
Motor Ed: Shotgun babes don't to get to criticize a dude or his dice, seriously!
(Shego ignites her green plasma in anger)
Shego: Shotgun babe???
(Motor Ed pushes a button and the booster rocket ignites)
Shego: Ahhhh!...........
(Music playing in Dr. Mr. Possible's car as the Keppler rockets past him)
Dr. Mr. Possible:: The Keppler! Oh, looking good! Nice speed! Sweet paint job!
(Kim's car also rockets past Mr. Possbile)
Dr. Mr. Possible:: Slow down, Kimmy cub! And uh, pick up some milk on your way home!
Rufus: (points and squeaks at the fact the Keppler is getting away)
Ron: Are we slowing down?
Kim: No! They're speeding up and we're topped out!
Jim: Uh-uh! That was just first gear.
(Tim pushes a button and rockets come out of the back of the car, ignite and they speed up massively. Kim grips the wheel tensely, somewhat apprehensively about the speed she's attained)
Kim: Okay! That's two for the tweebs!
(Kim's car blows past Motor Ed's Keppler. Motor Ed's eyes go wide with surprise)
Motor Ed: Whoa!
Shego: Don't worry about them! Get on with the plan! I'm tired of waiting!
Motor Ed: Whoa!The dude decides what to do! You don't get to boss me around!
Shego: (Fires up her green plasma again, raising her fist to hit Motor Ed) Grrrrrrr!........
Motor Ed: Ooh, you got on your lipstick on your teeth, right there.
Shego: (powers down) Oh! I hate that! Thanks.
Ron, Kim: Ahhhhhhhhhhh (as their car takes off the ground and launches into the air. They go into outer space about 500 miles in space before the rockets get shut down. The earth is far in the background)
Ron: Finally! A chance to test my theories on Zero-G Naco eating!
(Rufus is launched towards the Naco spinning in perfect sequence with it, and scarfs it down.)
Rufus: Mmm...
Ron: Ah! still good! Food of the future!
(The car is turned around and the rockets are fired again. They head back to Earth and manage to land right behind the Keppler, resuming the chase.)
Kim: Okay! Even if I do catch them, how am I going to stop the Keppler?
Wade: If you cut the power from the feed, it will disengage the quantum drive.
Jim: That'll cause...
Tim: A cascade one power drop!
Jim, Tim: Brilliant!
Wade: Thanks, guys. Appreciate the peer review positive feedback.
Kim: *Ahem* Sorry to interrupt your little geek fest, but how do I do this?
Wade: There a panel on the outside of the Keppler. Remove it to get to the cut off line.
Kim: So I.......I just have to jump on to a speeding rocket?
Wade: Pretty much.
Kim: Ron! Take the wheel!
Ron: Ehhhh, ehhhh!....
Wade: Wait! Before you go!
(A door pops open revealing two rings)
Rufus: (Hums the Lohengrin's Wedding March..)
Ron: Uh!...Uh!... I had nothing to do with this!
Wade: Ron! They're Magno-rings! They'll help you hang onto the side of the Keppler!
Ron: Ha, ha, ha, haaa....! Right! That's what I thought......they were.....for.....heh....
(The Roth SL2.0 pulls up beside the Keppler, Kim looks at the rings as they start to glow. She jumps and lands on the side of the Kepler.)
Motor Ed: Whoa! Red's hitched a ride! Time to show her what this baby can do! Seriously!
Shego: Finally!
Motor Ed: I'm going to hit the big red button!
Shego: This is what I've been waiting for! Let's go hypersonic!
Motor Ed: Ah, ha, ha! You know it!
Shego: The shock wave will cause massive damage dooming the world to chaos! You are the man with the plan.
Motor Ed: Wait?
Shego: The... the hypersonic blast. Your... your plan.
Motor Ed: (chuckles) That's not it.
Shego: It's not? What is?
Motor Ed: To cruise cross country at hypersonic speed, with a hot babe at my side. It's on my list of things to do before I croak. Next up? Alaskan cruise, man.
Shego: Wait,! You mean I'm here because I'm an ornament???
Motor Ed: Not! The fuzzy dice are an ornament! You.......are an accessory.....
(Shego screams at him and knocks Motor Ed out of the Keppler and they both fall out into a river.)
Motor Ed: Ahhhhhhh, seriously! (splash)
Kim: Wade! I've found the panel!
Wade: Good! because the quantum drive has been engaged! And no one's driving!
Kim: Why is this never easy?
(Kim then opens the panel, but the Keppler swerves and Kim loses her footing)
Kim: Whoa! (As she starts to slide to the end of the Kepler)
Ron: Um, guys....tell me you put a grappler beam into this thing.
Jim: We're waiting on parts to come in.
Ron: (pushes all kinds of buttons, one of them makes the center glove box open, and the crows come outagain) Ahhhh! Not now! This is just so random!
(The Keppler is starting to reach hypersonic speed. They pass light poles that bend in its wake as the Keppler passes. Down the road, Bonnie is sitting at a stop sign. She pulls out her compact and powders her face. The Keppler passes by and as it does, it tears Bonnie's car away, leaving nothing but Bonnie in her seat in the middle of the street.)
Bonnie: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Kim: (smiling) Oops......
(Continuing on, the Keppler speeds past J.P Bearymore's Pizza Party-torium which is destroyed)
Ron, Rufus, Jim, Tim: NOOOOOOOO!!!
(Kim is still hanging onto the Kepler and as she looks inside, the Kepler hits a bump causing her to lose her footing again. She still has a hand in the panel, as she struggles to get back to where she was.)
Kim: This had better work!
(She cuts the wire, the Keppler starts to slow down, then comes to a stop. Shego and Motor Ed emerge from the lake)
Shego: Ugh......
Motor Ed: Bummer, but you've got to respect Red's road skills. She knows how to cruse.
Shego: (blows her nose)
Motor Ed: Whoa, She-babe! You've gotta do something with your looks! Seriously!
Shego: Shut it up! (She fires a beam at Motor Ed)
Motor Ed: Owww! Hey!

Kim: I got to admit, the sloth may not be perfect, but it came through in the end. Sort of like you guys.
(The trunk lid falls off the car and a tail light pops out)
Tim: Not to worry.
Jim: We can fix it and add more modifications.
Kim: And a new contract?
Tim: Not this time. We've got another client for that.

Bonnie: So.....what's a car monkey?
Jim:'ll see.....

(End Credits)

Kim: What's hot, ‘B'? Got your car fixed, huh?
Bonnie: I am so done with your brothers.
Jim: Quiet, car monkey!
Tim: Take us to Mr. Fudgie's Ice Cream-o-Rama.
Bonnie: No!
Jim: Sorry, it's in the contract.
Tim: That you signed.
Bonnie: Don't care! (she rips up the contract)
Tim: But...
Bonnie: Out! Later!
(As Bonnie's driving away, Tim pulls out a ray gun and fires it at Bonnie's car, causing it to peel apart, leaving Bonnie in the middle of the road once again with only Bonnie, her seat and the steering wheel.)
Bonnie: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Kim: Grappling beam?
Jim: Yeah, the parts came in this morning.
Kim: Cool! Hop in. I'll drive you guys to Mr. Fudgie's.