Transcripts - Stop Team Go
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Transcripts - Stop Team Go


Episode Stop Team Go
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written November 15, 2008
Author Rob
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 5383


(A view of a full moon pans down to an alley, where Shego is looking at a piece of paper; she then enters what appears to be an abandoned warehouse.)
Mego: (from behind a stack of crates): Shego?
Hego: Mego?
Wego 1 & 2: Hego?
Hego and Mego: Wego?
Hego, Mego, and the Wegos: (in unison) What are you doing here?
Mego: Well, I'm here to to accept my Go City's Most Awesome Hero Award!
Wego 1: Then, this isn't the Teen Twins Mixer?
Wego 2: Rats!
Hego: So, I'm gussing I'm not the Quick Service Restaurant Manager of the Year?
Shego: Uhh... which means that my free coconut scrub and herbal wrap is, in fact--
Voice: A trap?
(scene pans up to the balcony, where a woman with a high-tech bodysuit, pale blue-green skin, glasses, and electrified cable-like hair is standing, holding a HenchCo Attitudinator with jumper cables connecting the tubes on either side)
Woman: It's so easy to capture Team Ego!
Hego: Electronique? You broke out of the specially constructed non-conductive plastic prison?
Mego: (sarcastically) No, she's still there. (angrily) Of course she broke out, you big dolt!
Wego 1: Not necessessarily.
Wego 2: She could be out on a, uhh... work, uhh... furlough... thingy.
Shego: Hello? Can we focus on the fact that Miss Sparky's pointing a weapon at us?
Hego: Right! Weapon... what is that, exactly?
Electronique: The Reverse Polarizer.
(Hego looks at Mego, who shrugs, and then Hego looks back at Electronique)
Hego: Which is...? Come on, I'm a hero, not an... electrical... guy!
Electronique: Just a weentsy thing that will completely reverse your wiring! Prepare to be turned from valiant heroes into eeevil little henchpeoples!
Shego: Whoa, whoa! Yeah, yeah, about that-- you've been away a while, there's something you should know about me--
Electronique: (evil laughter)
(a bright red flash envelops Team Go, except for Shego who is enveloped in a blue flash until it covers the screen)

(cut to the front of Middleton High School, daytime, a bell ringing; the sign says “Get Well Soon Ms. Carlson”)
Mr. Barkin: Listen up, people!
(cut again to inside a classroom; Mr. Barkin is in the front of the room)
Mr. Barkin: Ms. Carlson, while catching some big air at the skate park, neglected to check for crosswinds.
Ron: You're taking over this class too?
Mr. Barkin: No, Stoppable. (points to door) She'll be taking over this class!
(pan to the door to see Shego walking in, wearing a conservative suit, a band in her hair, and carrying books; she has an uncharacteristically polite smile)
(cut to closeup of Kim, concerned look on her face)
Kim: (quietly) *gasps*.... Shego?
(Shego writes “Miss Go” on the board, then turns to the class)
Shego: Good morning, class!
(Mr. Barkin slyly smiles at Miss Go, adjusting his tie.)
Class: Good morning, Miss Go!
Kim: (elbowing Ron) Ron, that's Shego!
Ron: Nah, it's not Shego, it's Miss Go! See, it says so on the board!
Kim: Putting something on the board doesn't make it true!
Ron: Oh, sure, y'know, when I said that in 20th Century History, I got sent to the office!
Kim: The moon landing wasn't faked in the Arizona desert, Ron!
Ron: New Mexico , Kim! Besides, what would Shego be doing in Middleton?
Mr. Barkin: If there's, um, anything I can do...
Shego: Gee, thanks, Mr. Barkin!
Mr. Barkin: Please... call me Steven. Steve... whatever rolls off your tongue.
(Mr. Barkin starts to leave, then turns around.)
Mr. Barkin: And don't let them tell you that they're supposed to have class outside! We put a stop to that after the jellyfish episode!
Miss Go: Oh, that's so sweet! You took the class to the beach!
Mr. Barkin: (quietly) No beach. Just jellyfish... don't ask.
Kim and Ron: (confused look to each other) Huh?

(Drakken's island lair; Drakken is fixing a sandwich and humming to himself; he attempts to open a jar of pickles, with no success.)
Drakken: Shego, can you get this open? Shego? Shego?

(Shego is walking alongside a fence, carrying bags; Kim and Ron are following.)
Mego: (through a gap in the fence) There you are! (grabs Shego, who drops her bag.)
Shego: (nervously) Uhh... h-hey, guys!
Hego: You shouldn't have run off like that, sister!
(The Wegos duplicate themselves)
Shego: Listen, guys, I-I-I don't want any trouble...
Kim: (skeptically) Since when?
(Hego lifts up a nearby pickup truck)
Shego: Hey, that's private property! How would you feel if somebody did that to your truck?
Hego: VENGEFUL! (throws truck at Shego, who dodges it.)
Mego: He doesn't even have a truck!
(a fight between Shego and Team Go ensues; Kim intervenes.)
Kim: Aren't you guys being a little rough? Even if it is Shego.
Wegos: (in unison) Hey! Kim Possible!
Mego: I remember her. She's bossy!
(Ron falls over in a pile of boards; Kim continues fighting Team Go while Shego helps Ron up.)
Shego: Oh, here, Ronald, let me help!
Ron: You wanna help? HAH! Y’know, I told Kim you weren't Shego!
Shego: Except I am Shego!
Ron: For reals?
(Mego and the Wegos dogpile on Kim.)
Hego: Feel the wrath of this very large sack of what seems to be concrete!
(Shego blasts the bag of concrete while Hego’s holding it over his head, then scatters the rest of Team Go)
Shego: (to Kim) You okay, sweetie?
Kim: Sweetie? Um, yeah, but--
Ron: Look out!
(Mego grows to normal size behind Shego, who elbows him.)
Shego: Ooh! Sorry... he always does that move. It never works!
(Hego grabs more concrete bags.)
Shego: Uh, we should probably get out of here. All this roughhousing – (disapprovingly) ooh!
(Shego fires at Team Go, shooting the concrete bags again, creating a dust cloud around Team Go.)
Hego: Regroup!
Wego: We’re trying!
Wego: Watch where you’re going, Hego!
Hego: Maybe if there weren’t so darn many of you!
Mego: Feet! Watch the feet!
Wego: Funny time to be shrinking, Mego!
(Hego and Mego look over the fence)
Hego: It appears that they got away.
Mego: Well, duh!

(Interior of a cafe; Kim, Shego and Ron are at a table.)
Shego: Ooooh , that’s good cocoa moo! How’s yours?
Kim: Cocoa moo?
Ron: Mmm... it’s good. Good... um, y’know, cocoa moo.
Shego: Ooh, something wrong, Ronnie?
Ron: Y’know, it’s just that I’ve never been this close to you without sudden impact.
Shego: *half-giggles* You’re silly! I’m silly! This whole sitch is silly!
Ron: Heh, heh, heh... ehh... and how... huh.
Kim: So, one of Team Go’s old enemies--
Shego: Yeah, yeah, Electronique! Funny story – we put her away back in the day – oh, that rhymes! Did you notice?
Kim: Put her away? Oh, back before you signed on with Drakken.
Shego: Mm-hmm. She still thought I was part of the team.
(Rufus tries to bite into a biscotti; mumbles frustratingly.)
Shego: Told you! Silly!
Ron: Electronique? Hmm, electrical villain? Mmm, I guess we've been due for one of those!
Shego: Well, she's an electronics whiz! I mean, if it's got wires, she can make it a weapon! And if it's already a weapon, she can make it a better weapon!
(Shego dips Rufus's biscotti into her cocoa moo and gives it to him.)
Kim: And the weapon she made better...?
Shego: Jack Hench’s Attitudinator, yeah! (to Ron) Oh, you remember!
(flashback to “Bad Boy”: Ron dressed as Zorpox with blue skin in Drakken’s lair.)
Ron: (as Zorpox): NACOS! Booyah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah!
Ron: (back in the present): Yeah... heh-heh... good times. (dips biscotti into his cocoa moo.)
Rufus: (eating a biscotti) Mmm... cocoa-moo!
Kim: So, she used it to turn all of Team Go from good guys to bad.
Shego: Yeah.
Ron: But you were already bad.
Shego: Have you met Electronique? You cannot tell her anything!
Kim: She turned you good... by accident.
Shego: Luckily, I have my degree in Child Development to fall back on.
Ron: Then the teaching thing...?
Shego: Yeah, I’m fully credentialed.
Kim: Well, this is great. Weird, but great! If it weren’t for all your brothers being evil, I mean.
Shego: Well, I figured that this was the last place they would look, but... (begins sobbing) now that they found me, I – I don’t know what I’m gonna do!
Kim: Umm...
Ron: KP, she’s giving you–
Kim: Not the Puppy Dog Pout! Oh, all right... maybe I have an idea.

(Possible house – night; cut to the guest room)
Kim: You can stay here.
Shego: Thanks, Kimmy! I knew I could count on you! (hugs Kim)
Kim: No big! (scans Shego's head with the Kimmunicature while being hugged) At least, not until I have to explain it to my parents.
(leaves the room)
Kim: Wade, did you get it?
Wade: Yep! Brain wave scan complete. But it’ll take a while to analyze it.
Kim: The sooner, the better! This is all majorly disorienting!

(Drakken is still struggling with the pickle jar.)
Drakken: Shego, this was funny a couple of hours ago, but not anymore! SHEGO!

(Morning at the Possible house; cut to the breakfast nook with Jim, Tim, and Mr. Dr. P.)
Kim: Morning!
Jim: Um, isn’t that the lady who’s always punching and kicking you?
Shego: Uhh, guilty.
Mr. Dr. P: Hold the phone. Hon, why is your nemesis in our breakfast nook?
Kim: (quickly) Shego needs a place to stay for a few days because one of Team Go’s old enemies blasted her with a personality reversal ray so that now she’s good and her brothers are evil. Whew!
Dr. Possible: Oh! Well... Jim, Tim, scoot over and make some room for your sister’s arch-foe.
Tim: My eggs are cold. I’m gonna go microwave ‘em.
Shego: Oh, I’ll save you a trip!
(Shego uses a low-power blast on Tim’s eggs, which reflects off the plate and burns a hole in Mr. Dr. P’s paper.)
Kim: *gasp*
Shego: Oops... sorry!

(Front of Middleton High; the Sloth 2.0 pulls up and Kim and Shego get out.)
Shego: Thanks for the lift, KP! Thanks for – everything! You’re the best! (hugs Kim)
Kim: Uh, sure! Don’t mention it! (to Wade via Kimmunicator, panicking) Wade! Brain scan! Anything?
Wade: It’s the signature of the Attitudinator all right, Kim! Not an evil thought in her head! You won’t meet a nicer person!
Kim: Okay, new reality. I’ll adjust.
(Mr. Barkin is talking to Shego in the background; they turn to enter the school, Barkin’s arm around Shego.)
Kim: *shudder* Uhh… eventually!

(inside the classroom)
Shego: How sweet! An apple for the teacher! Now which one of you is Stevie?
Ron (to Kim): There’s no Stevie in this class!
(Mr. Barkin peers into the room, smiling at Shego; she smiles back)
Kim and Ron: (in unison) Ewwwww!

Electronique: Go Tower. (inside the main hall) It is fabulous! Of course, we will need to rename… (to Hego) Gather the henchpeople! Where are the henchpeople?
Hego: Out looking for Shego.
Mego: We lost her.
Hego: Apparently, unsuccessfully.
Electronique: Uh, who told you to look for Shego?
Wego 1: It just seemed… *gulp*
Wego 2: … like a good idea.
Electronique: Rule one........It is not a good idea unless it comes from me!
Hego: But you wanted all of Team Go to be your evil henchpeople. Was that the plan or not?
Electronique: That was only part of my revenge for putting me in that miserable prison! For keeping there, I twist the power of Team Go to bring Go City to its knees!
Mego: All right!
(Mego and the Wegos high-five)
Wego 1: Good plan!
Wego 2: Good one!
Wego 1: Nice!
Hego: Umm… but cities don’t have knees!
Mego: That was a, whaddayacallit, a similie!
Wego 1: It’s not a similie!
Wego 2: It’s a metaphor!
Hego: The topic here is geography, not English! Or is it anatomy?
(Electronique fires electricity at Team Go.)
Electronique: *grrrrrr*.....It… is… an ORDER!
Hego, Mego, and the Wegos: (in unison) Yes, Electronique.
Electronique: Good unison talking. Very important in the henchpeople!

(Middleton mall – Kim and Shego are shopping.)
Shego: N-n-no, those shoes were totally you! I mean I’m serious, you should so buy them!
Kim: Y’think? We could go back…
Ron: Oh! I’ve been looking all over for you! Bricks of Fury: The Final Brickening starts today! Look, if we run and push people out of our way, we can just make the matinee!
Kim: Tempting, but I already promised Shego we were gonna get our eyebrows waxed.
Ron: Okay, but we’re gonna ha– (pauses, confused) You – wax – your – eyebrows, huh? What’s that about?
Kim: Forget I mentioned it!
Ron: Done. Hey, y’kn– she can come, too!
Shego: That’s sweet, Ron, but Bricks of Fury: The Musical was so contrived, I gave up on the whole series. What about The Memo Pad ?
Ron: Chick flick! How did we get from bricks to chicks?
Kim: Oh, I’ve been wanting to see that! I’m kind of over the whole Bricks of Fury saga too. (to Ron) Hey, we’ll catch up later at Bueno Nacho, okay?
Ron: Si. Well, it looks like it’s you and me, Rufus.
Rufus: *moans*
Ron: Oh, oh, come on, don’t tell me you’d rather see The Memo Pad too?
Rufus: (sheepishly) Uh-huh… uh, yeah.
Ron: Fine.....
(Rufus runs off after Kim and Shego.)

(Team Go is committing robberies throughout Go City; Hego at Go Bank, Mego at Go Jewelers, the Wegos at Go Eat restaurant.)
Wego 1: Hi, Stacy! We’re robbing you!
Wego 2: We’re evil now!
(The Wegos multiply and steal the food from the all-you-can-eat buffet.)
Stacy: This is terrible! Can’t anybody stop Team Go?
(Explosions rock the city.)

(Ron and Rufus pick up their order at Bueno Nacho and go to sit down; Kim and Shego are smiling.)
Shego: Oh, h-hi, Ronster. We were just talking about you!
(Shego and Kim both giggle.)
Ron: Talking about me how? Did it have something to do with pants?
(Shego and Kim laugh out loud.)
Kim: No-nooo–*ppht!*
Shego: Okay, okay, okay… refill time! (Shego leaves.)
Ron: KP, Shego is not our friend! She’s older, and criminal-er! And what about her brothers?
Kim: We’ll help them. But Shego’s having a good time! And the fiercely freaky thing? I am too!
Ron: With Shego? I c-uh… do you hear what you’re saying? This have anything to do with all that eyebrow-waxing business?
Kim: Ron, sometimes, when you really get to know somebody – and after their brain waves are flipped – you’ll find that you have more in common than you think! She’s like a big sister!
Ron: Yes, a big sister who used to punch and kick you! And mean it!
(Shego returns.)
Shego: Kim! Two-for-one coupon! Upperton Museum of Modern Art!
Kim: Wow!
Ron: Ahh! You like art now too?
Kim: Yeah! Wanna come along?
Ron: Pass! You and Shego in a museum and not fighting is jus-just too weird!
(Kim and Shego leave; Rufus waves a chip at Ron.)
Ron: I suppose you wanna go to the museum, too?
Rufus: *gags* Mmm-mm, no way!
Ron: Well, that’s somethin’, anyway.

Electronique: Not bad. Go City isn’t destroyed yet, but this is a start!
Hego: Uhh, what’s with the chicken?
Wego 2: Who doesn’t like chicken?
Electronique: *I* don’t like chicken!
Mego: I told you she doesn’t like chicken!
Wego 2: You didn’t say squat about chicken!
Hego: Guys! No fighting! We’re evil henchpeople now! Let’s be professional about it.
Mego: Way to kiss up, Hego!
Hego: I’m not kissing up! It’s a simple statement of fact!
Wego 2: Uh, guys? Eletronique’s warmin’ up the hurt!
Electronique: How did the four of you ever manage to get anything done?
Hego, Mego, and the Wegos: (in unison) Shego.
Hego: She had a way of keeping things focused. When she left, the team sorta fell apart.
Electronique: Okay, new plan. Bring me Shego. If I turn her evil again, maybe between the two of us, we can bring Go City to its knees!
Hego: Um, about the knees thing –
Electronique: DON’T start with me! Just get Shego!
Hego: Okay, okay! (Leaves, but comes back)
Hego: So… you’re not gonna eat that chicken, right?
Electronique: GO!

(Inside Drakken’s lair; several henchmen have failed to open the pickle jar.)
Large Henchman: *grunt* Ow ow ow…
Drakken: Next!
(a long line of henchmen moves up.)

(Ext. Middleton High: sign reads “Employee Of The Month… Miss Go”)
(Shego approaches Kim at her locker.)
Shego: Guess what? Steve Barkin just asked me out! What do I do? I’m weak on the whole dating thing.”
Kim: Say what?
Shego: Seriously, that whole Drakken business didn’t leave a lot of time for socializing!
Kim: Ohh… well… the thing is… you-you just sort of… um… I can’t believe this is happening!
Shego: Why don’t you come with? We’ll make it a double date!
Kim: Me and Ron? With you and Mr. Barkin?
Shego: Sure! *squeal* It’ll be a blast!
Kim: I don’t know…
(insert split screen of Ron and Mr. Barkin.)
Ron and Mr. Barkin: (in unison, shocked) WHAT? Uhh… (both of them head-slap themselves and fall over)

(Kim, Ron, Shego and Barkin are at Chez Couteaux.)
Mr. Barkin: Well......Stoppable. .....Possible. So glad you could join us.
Ron: You don’t sound so glad.
(awkward silence)
Mr. Barkin: So, I guess you two, uhh, know each other, huh?
Shego: Oh, uh, Kimmie and I? Like, uh, forever!
Mr. Barkin: Do tell.
Kim: (leaning over) Uhh, don’t tell!
Shego: What do you mean?
Kim: Let’s just say, bad idea to bring up world domination on a first date!
Ron: (leaning over) Or marriage!
Mr. Barkin: *clears throat* Uh, I’m still here.
Shego: Hi!
(Kim and Ron return to their side of the table.)
Shego: So-so, how do you know Kim?
Mr. Barkin: Detention. It’s a great way to get to know the students without having to actually talk to them.
(more awkward silence; Mr. Barkin covertly reaches for his car alarm remote and clicks the panic button.)
Mr. Barkin: Possible, that sounds like your car alarm, better check; Stoppable, go ask why nobody’s brought us breadsticks yet!
(Kim and Ron get up and leave.)
Ron: That’s not your car alarm.
Kim: And they don’t even have breadsticks here.
Ron: Bueno Nacho?
Kim: You know it!

(Mr. Barkin drops Shego off at the Possible house.)
Shego: Thanks for everything! I had a wonderful time!
(Shego enters the house.)
Shego: *sigh* Have you ever notice how Stevie’s eyes sparkle when he smiles?
Ron: He smiles? Weird.
Kim: Uh, Shego, something’s come up.
TV Reporter: Team Go – once our proud protectors, now our evil enemies. And this is the scene tonight, as the city reels from the unexplained onslaught.
(As explosions go off in the background, the Wegos run in, and one of them takes the reporter’s microphone.)
(Mego grows to normal size and scares the reporter.)
TV Reporter: Oh – AAAH! (runs off)
(Hego bounds into view, punches the ground and disrupts the TV feed.)
Shego: Oh, no, those poor boys?
Ron: Poor boys? What about Go City?
Shego: The best way to help Go City is to help my brothers! Tomorrow –
Shego and Kim: (in unison) We have to go to Go Tower!
Shego: Jinx! You owe me a soda! *laugh* Oh, by the way, we’ll need to be back by six. Stevie’s taking me roller skating!
Kim: I love roller skating, but we never go, because Ron always falls.
(Kim and Shego leave the living room.)
Ron: Rufus, tell no one, but I’m missing the old Shego.
(Rufus makes a “zip your lips” motion.)

(The Sloth approaches Go Tower from underwater, and arrives on the island; Kim, Ron, and Shego – back in her uniform – exit the car.)

Drakken: Now… you will learn… the price… of defying me!
(Drakken uses a gigantic device to try to blast the pickle jar open; it fails, leaving a crater – and an intact jar.)

(The Go Jet lands in the hangar of Go Tower, with Kim, Ron, and Shego waiting.)
Ron: (coughing)
Electronique: What is going on here?
(Electronique is on the balcony of the hangar, holding the Reverse Polarizer and a soft drink.)
Hego: We were just about to brawl with Shego and Kim Possible!
Ron: Uh, and Ron Stoppable! You must be the electro-villain! Hello, we haven’t met!
Electronique: Huh. Sidekicks. Well, don’t let me stop you!
Kim: (to Ron) We’ll take care of Team Go. You get that personality reverser!
Wego: Where do you think you’re going? (multiplies around Ron; Rufus gets loose and heads toward Electronique.)
(While Electronique is distracted, Rufus bites her hand, forcing her to drop the Reverse Polarizer; he lands on it and zaps Hego with a blue bolt.)
Electronique: I don’t know what you are, but I do know my shoe is bigger than you!
(Rufus begins rolling around on the Reverse Polarizer, which shoots out random bolts.)
Electronique: Foolish pink thing, you know not what you do!
(Ron, surrounded, is hit by a red bolt.)
Ron: Owwwieowww
Wego: Get him!
(Ron stops Wego with his hand.)
Ron: (evilly) I think not! Boo-yah-hah! (laughs manaically)
Rufus: Uh-oh.
Kim: Not again!
Shego: (to Hego) You okay?
Hego: Yes, now… what happened to him? (indicating Ron)
Shego: I think he’s evil now.
Hego: Oh. How bad can that be?
Shego: You’d… be surprised.
(Ron fends off the Wego duplicates.)
Ron: You want evil? I’ll show you evil! A-boo-yah-hah-hah-hah-hah!
Electronique: (grabbing the Reverse Polarizer) Give me that! Evil up, Hego! (blasts him again.)
Shego: Uh-oh! (ducks)
Ron: Oh, you’re going about this all wrong! You’re acting like an evil poser!
Electronique: You want to see my power? (shoots electrical bolts at Ron, who avoids them easily.)
Ron: Ooh, someone’s a little touchy! (kicks Electronique and grabs the Polarizer)
(Kim and Shego continue to fight Team Go.)
Ron: You couldn’t even figure out that the first person you should have used this on was Kim Possible! (points the Polarizer at Kim)
(Electronique kicks Ron and tries to get the Polarizer back from him.)
Electronique: Oh, no you don’t! This is my evil revenge!
(As Electronique and Ron struggle, random bolts from the Polarizer hit various members of Team Go, resulting in frequent side changes.)
(Kim kicks Electronique aside)
Ron: Kimberly Ann Possible! We meet again!
(Kim takes the Polarizer from Ron.)
Ron: Hey!
Kim: Knock it off, Ron! We carpooled? Keep Electronique busy.
Ron: Why should I help you?
(Ron is knocked off the balcony by Electronique.)
Kim: That’s why.
(Hego, Mego, and two Wegos approach Shego and several Wegos.)
Hego: Now we end this!
(Kim zaps Hego, Mego and the two Wegos, turning them good again.)
(Ron avoids several shots from the Polarizer, and a shot from Electronique, before finally being hit, just as Electronique approaches him.)
Ron: Aahhhh… where… uh-oh!
Electronique: Let me show you how I deal with interlopers!
Ron: Um, actually, I think I can guess, if you wanna save yourself some time.
(Ron backs into Hego.)
Ron: *gasp*
Hego: Step aside, son! Team Go is back!
(All of Team Go stands united.)
Electronique: Eep!

(Cut to exterior of Go Tower, glow energy discharging; cut again to Electronique being led into a police van.)
Electronique: You win this round, but you haven’t seen the last of Electronique! No prison can hold me! I’ll be back!
(Electronique is “accidentially” zapped by the Polarizer.)
Ron: My bad, hehe!
Electronique: Just as soon as I serve out my full sentence, with possible time off for good behavior!
(Hego and Mego close the van doors; the van drives off.)
Hego: Good riddance, electro-foe! (to Kim) Thanks for your help, Miss Possible! (to Shego, hugging her) Sis, it’s good to see you on the side of justice, and all things right and good again!
Mego: Yeah, what he said.
Wegos: Ditto!
(Team Go walks away, leaving Shego with Kim and Ron, who’s fiddling with the Polarizer.)
Kim: Hego’s right. It was good to be on the same side.
Shego: Yeah, Kimmie, I couldn’t tell you this while I was evil, but—
(Ron drops the Polarizer, hitting Shego with a blast.)
Ron: Mistake! Sorry!
Shego: *GRRR*
Ron: Hang on, hang on, I can fix this!
(Drakken’s aircar knocks over a lamppost, breaking the Polarizer.)
Drakken: Shego! I need you!
Shego: Hmm. He needs me! (grabs the hovercar’s rope ladder) Next time, Kimmie!
(Shego boards the hovercar.)
Drakken: While you were gone, I started a new project! Um, Operation Gherkin!
(The hovercar flies away.)
Kim: You know, I liked her as a good guy. But I guess some people never really change.
Ron: Yeah, but bright side? No more double-dating with Stevie! Eww!
(Kim and Ron laugh.)

(Interior: Drakken’s lair; Shego is looking wistfully at a photostrip of her and Kim.)
Drakken: Shego!
(Shego ignites the photostrip and tosses it aside as Drakken approaches.)
Drakken: Now we complete Operation Gherkin!
(Drakken hands Shego the pickle jar.)
Shego: Operation Gherkin?
Drakken: Seriously, I’ve tried everything.
(Shego opens the jar and walks away.)
Drakken: Oh, sure, after I loosened it!
(Shego walks by the burning filmstrip, with one picture of Kim and Shego together remaining.)

(Drakken is finally enjoying his pickles; Shego is filing her claws when an alarm goes off.)
Shego: Stevie? What’s he doing here?
(Mr. Barkin appears on the monitor, carrying a bouquet.)
Drakken: Oh, “Stevie”, is it? Well, he’s intruding , that’s what he’s doing!
(Shego stops Drakken from activating security measures.)
Shego: No, no, wai-wait.....
(Mr. Barkin pulls out a ukelele.)
Mr. Barkin: Quit playing games with my head/I’m a sport but I’m not a toy…
Shego: Ugh. On second thought…
(Shego presses a button; dogs and electric shocks are heard, with Barkin screaming in pain.)