Transcripts - Homecoming Upset
Global Justice Alliance

Transcripts - Homecoming Upset


Episode Homecoming Upset
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
Date Written June 18, 2011
Author Ninja Naco
Author Comments None
Wordcount 4835


(Kim parachutes toward Duff Killigan's island. She unbuckle her chute/backpack and does a diving roll toward the ground. She emerges on her feet.)
Kim: Wade, I made it, but I lost visual contact with Ron.
Wade: You should be hearing from him just about…
(Ron smacks into the cliff)
Wade: … now.
Ron: OW!
Kim: (Smiling) There he is.
(Ron briefly scales the cliff before reaching level ground.)
Ron: OK, round one goes to the cliff.
Kim: What's the deal on this guy Killigan captured?
Wade: Kim! This isn't just "some guy." (Wade makes air quotes) It's Ricky Rotiffle!
Ron: The snack blogger?!
Kim: The who?
Ron: He photographs, catelogues and critiques ever single snack he eats. It's a must-bookmark!
Kim: (Skeptical) Mmm - missed it.
Ron: Oh, you can catch up on archive. Oh, (looks wistfully up) his piece on Pop-Pop Porter's Pork Puffs was poetry!
(Rufus emerges from Ron's pocket.)
Rufus: M-hm!
(Kim looks at her Kimmunicator.)
Kim: Why would Killigan care about a snack blogger?
Wade: Well, in addition to his snack obsession, Ricky happens to be one (Wade presses a button on the keyboard, bringing up Rotiffle's profile) of the world's top computer programmers. He's been working on some super-secret breakthrough program.
Kim: So, we're looking at a highest-bidder situation?
(A golf ball enters the foreground, followed by Duff Killigan's legs.)
Killigan: No, Lassie, you're looking at your doom!
(Killigan hits the golf ball toward Kim and Ron. Kim shoves Ron away from the ball while jumping away herself. The ball explodes without hurting anyone. She then cartwheels past another one of Duff's exploding golf balls.)
Killigan: Ya cannot dodge me forever! (Killigan's golf club is suddenly thrust from his hands) What?
(The camera switches to Kim, now revealing that the ball is now stuck to her wrist Kimmunicator. Ron then takes the club from her.)
Ron: Nine-iron. Not the way to play this hole.
Kim: Not when I've got my super-magnet loaded into my new Kimmunicator.
(Duff looks down. One of his golf balls is at his feet, blinking red.)
Killigan: Oh no.
(The golf ball explodes.)
Kim: Poor Duff.
Ron: Nyah, y'know, I looked worse when I hit the cliff.

(Cut to intro credits)

(Killigan's Isle. A handcuffed Duff is being escorted by two Global Justice agents into a helicopter while two other choppers hover overhead.)
Killigan: Ah, should've gone with a wood.
(Killigan and the agents enter the chopper, which promptly takes off. The camera shifts to Rickly Rotiffle meeting Kim and Ron.)
Ron: To meet my snack-master in person, awesomeness!
Ricky: Thanks for the rescue.
Kim: No big.
Ricky: It was kinda big - I had no idea my work would make me a target!
Ron: When you put you snackage opinions out there like that, enemies are made!
Kim: I think he meant the stuff he does with computers.
Ron: Really? Well, who cares about that?
Ricky: Dude, my newest creation, the MDD -
Ron: Wait, wait wai- wait! Don't tell me - the Mini-Donut Diet?
Ricky: No - the Math and Data Digester.
Ron: Sounds techie, not snacky.
Ricky: The MDD processes information at a rate that blows away all existing technology.
Ron: Yeah. Can't eat it? Not interested.
Kim: Just so we can be prepared, does the MDD have evil applications?
Ricky: Information is power.
Ron: And the evil dudes do like themselves some power.
Kim: If you have any more trouble, you know how to reach us.
(Rufus tugs at Ron's leg)
Ron: Awww, the Homecoming game! KP, we gotta go! I'm on the team, remember?

(MHS Stadium. The two teams assemble near one of the end zones.)
MHS Football Player: Hut, hut, huuut!
(Another player passes him the ball, but Ron catches it.)
Announcer: It's a fake! A free-flicker! Stoppable's on the go!
Steve Barkin: Stoppable! (Barkin looks in Ron's direction while pointing the opposite way. Ron get the message and reverses course.)
Announcer: There he goes! (Ron races toward the goal line, dodging and jumping over players of the opposing team before coming to a stop at the goal line.)
Announcer: He's in. Touchdown, Mad Dogs!
(The Middletonians in the audience on the sidelines, including Kim, cheer.)
Announcer: Halftime score, Middleton Mad Dogs 9, Easterton Eagles 9.
(Barkin approaches Ron on the field.)
Steve Barkin: My grandmother, runs father than that, Stoppable. Adequate result, though.
Announcer: Now, your Middleton Marching Band!
(As the band enters the field, Bonnie approaches Kim, who is packing her tote bag.)
Bonnie: Kim, will you still be able to cheer the second half after losing Homecoming Queen to me, or will you be way humiliated?
Kim: I'll take my chances.
Monqiue: Back off, Bonnie! In case you didn't notice, now Kim is the one dating the star of the football team.
Kim: That's not important to me, Monique - although Ron has broken more school records than Brick ever did.
Bonnie: Brick! If he had just flunked senior year one more time, he'd be here to rule at my side, instead of off at college.
(Cut to the playing field. Kim and Bonnie are now clad in formal dress, as is the rest of the homecoming court.)
Steve Barkin: OK, folks, we're in a battle for our football lives here today, so I won't dally. As you know, this year we replaced our old-fashioned paper ballots with out own state-of-the-art electronic voting system, which snagged second place for Ron Reeger in the Tri-City Science Fair. Reeger assures me that his system is 100% incorruptible.
(Bonnie makes a "call me" seeing to Reeger. He types on the keyboard and presses enter, printing a piece of paper.)
Steve Barkin: And here we go. (Takes the paper from the printer.) The results…
Kim: (To Ron) I voted for you.
Steve Barkin: … this year's Homecoming King…
Ron: I voted for me, too.
Steve Barkin: … is Ron Stoppable!
Ron: Computer voting rocks!
(Ron takes the crown from Barkin's hands.)
Steve Barkin: Congratulations, Stoppable. And this year's Middleton Homecoming Queen…
Bonnie: Buckle up, sister!
Steve Barkin: (Laughs) Well, why even read on? We all know that it's Ki- (He looks again at the paper) - Miss Bonnie Rockwaller?!
(Everyone gasps.)
Bonnie: Me, me, me! It had to be me!
(Kim parent's gasp. The crown is placed on Bonnie's head.)
Bonnie: It had to be ME! (She hugs Ron and put her arms around him in a sultry manner. Both Kim and Ron look forlorn.)

(Cut to the studio of "Mid Day Middleton," a local TV show. Ron and Bonnie are seated next to Sturgis, the host.)
Director: Back in 3..2…1…
Sturgis: Welcome back, Middleton! Glad you could join us, and in case you missed our last segment, our producer, Skellman, is officially the worst jump-roper - in the world! Guess who beat him? That's right: me, Mr. Big-Shot! OK, I have here with me the town's newest royal couple, the Homecoming Queen and King of Middleton High. Welcome, Bonnie Rockwaller and Ron Stompable.
Ron: Uh, yeah, it's "Stoppable." Two "p"s.
Sturgis: In a pod! (Winks.) Ha ha! Look at you kids!
Bonnie: You know, Sturgis, I think I was destined to be queen. (Cut to a television image of Bonnie.) Plus, there was no real competition.

(Zoom out to reveal Kim and Monique watching the TV in Kim's locker.)
Kim: Can you believe her? Destined. Ugh! She totally cheated her way into that crown!
Monique: Don't go there, girl.
Kim: I mean, who does she think she is, Miss "My Life is So Perfect?"
Monique: Kim, you know she wants you jealin'. Don't give he the satisfaction.
Kim: (Sighs) You're right, she probably knows I'm watching.
Bonnie: Yes, Sturgis, everyone at school is so excited for me - right, Kim?
Kim: Grrr…

(Cut back to the studio.)
Sturgis: Hey, you'd think I'd look good in a crown, Skellman? Don't answer. (He reaches for Ron's crown.)
Ron: OK, paws off, Sturgis! They don't hand these things out to nobody.
Monique: Does he know he's not a real king?

(Cut to the cafeteria, where Kim and Monique are having lunch.)
Monique: So what are you and the "king" doing tonight?
Kim: Oh, the royals have been summoned to the Charity League Bowl-A-Thon.
Monique: You're handling it suspiciously well.
Kim: Well, just because Bonnie's obnoxious doesn't mean Ron should suffer. He's serious about this stuff.
(On opposite sides of a doorway, two members of the MHS marching band play fanfare on trumpets.)
Band members: All hail the Middleton Queen and her King!
(Bonnie and Ron enter the cafeteria on a litter carried by football players.)
Monique: Oh yeah, it's serious, mm-hmm. They do own the wave.
Kim: You know, in her own way, she's more evil than any supervillain.
Bonnie: I thought the commoners would be cleared out by now. Ronnie, where's my throne?
Monique: Oh, someone needs to be "throned" down!
Bonnie: Right here. This will do, boys. (Bonnie dismounts the litter, which as already been lowered.) Does the wannabe want to say something?
Kim: Want to, won't - might not be able to stop at words! (Kim and Bonnie briefly assume fighting poses before Ron intervenes.)
Ron: Kim - did you hear? We got a ginormous donation for the senior center!
Kim: That's great! You should be proud.
(Bonnie shows a copy of the Middleton high paper to Kim.)
Bonnie: Have you seen the school newspaper? I think Ronnie looks super-cute!
(Cut to the front page of the Middleton High Times, with a picture of Ron and Bonnie below the title "Newly Crowned ROYAL COUPLE!")
Kim: Ha! For your scrapbook, Ronnie! (Shoves the paper to Ron.)

Cut to the Middleton Fire House. The chief fireman rings a bell.)
Fire Chief: Come and get it! Flapjacks are hot! (To Bonnie, who's standing next to him) Heh, heh, heh, you kids have done a great job. We're way ahead of last year's sales!
Bonnie: Well, yeah.
Fire Chief: I think King Flapjacks there is pretty serious about all this.
(Ron enters the middle of a circle of kids, all but one of whom are wearing balloon crowns.)
Ron: Welcome, citizens, (Places a balloon crown on the uncrowned kid's head) welcome to all!
Kids: Thank you, sire!
Ron: It is our pleasure. (Kim enters.) O welcome, Miss Possible! Care for a crown?
Fireman: My liege, excuse me, but we need your expertise again. The new batch of batter doesn't taste right!
Ron: I'm on my way! (To Kim) Duty calls.
(Cut to a large stack of pancakes. Rufus emerges from the butter, satisfied at having eaten his way to the top.)
Rufus: M-hm.
(Cut to Bonnie pouring some orange juice. Kim walks over to her.)
Kim: Morning, Bonnie. Nice job here on the firehouse fundraiser.
Bonnie: So it doesn't bother you at all?
Kim: Hey, I have to be honest - you doing a great job as queen, and … I'm sorry if I seemed jealous before.
Bonnie: Oh, well, that's alright.
Fire Chief: Hey, picture time! Everyone in!
(The fireman, chief, and others gather to have their picture taken, including Ron, who comes in carrying a water hose.)
Old Lady: That king and queen sure make a cute couple!
Bonnie: (To Ron) We do, don't we?
Ron: Oh-whoaaa-whoa-wwwwhoa, ha ha ha ha ha-o … oh… (Cut to Kim drenched in water) Sorry, KP.
Bonnie: Ronnie, kings never apologize. It shows weakness!
(The Kimmunicator beeps. Kim answers it.)
Kim: What's the sitch, Wade?
Wade: Kim, I just - have you been swimming?
Kim: Nope. Just a little hose-down.
Wade: Uh, OK. Well … just got an emergency hit on your site. Rotiffle's missing - again! And the people at his computer company are freaking!
Kim: Duff Killigan?
Wade: Still in custody.
Kim: His Ronness is tied up with the Royal Tour. Feel like sidekicking?
Wade: All in!

(Cut to the Rotiffle Computer Workstation. Kim and Wade are watching a video on Rotiffle's office computer.)
Ricky: (On screen) Ricky here! Today on the blogcast, a new meaty-sweet treat-
Kim: This must've been his last blog entry.
Ricky: Bored by bland burger buns? Stuff that patty into a cinnamon roll! Mmm-mmm, that's good!
Kim: Gr-oss.
Wade: According to the time stamp, this is the last thing Ricky did at his workstation before he disappeared.
Kim: He gets rescued by us, comes back to update his blog, then gets captured again?

(Cut to J.P. Bearymore's Pizza Party-Torium. Ron and Bonnie are getting their pictures taken onstage with J.P. Bearymore and animatronic animals at the restaurant's grand re-opening.)
Ron: One more for the yearbook! (To J.P.) Aw, J.P., thanks for inviting us for the Grand Re-Opening.
J.P.: We appreciate your loyalty - 15 years as a preferred customer. Easy to see how you got elected king! Let's get this party-torium started!
(The animatronic animals start dancing and the kids in the audience cheer.)
Ron: Burnt pizza - my favorite odor!
(Cut to Ron and Bonnie at a table. Bonnie hands Ron a slice of pizza.)
Bonnie: Try the supreme, Your Supreme Highness.
Ron: (Eats some of the slice.) Mmm - don't mind if I do! (Swallows) Y'know, I never pictured you as the Pizza Party-Torium type, Bonnie.
Bonnie: Oh, Ronnie, there's so much you don't know about me.
Ron: Well, y'know, I guess you can't jude a book by its cover, or by the fact that said book called me cruel names from K through 12.
Bonnie: That;s all behind us, my king.
Ron: Huh huh, huh, sounds great, but, y'know, even though you are officially my queen, Kim is much more than that. She's the only girl for me, I kn-
(Bonnie kisses him, just as Kim and Wade enter the Party-Torium, and suddenly see Ron and Bonnie kissing. Kim gasps. With a shocked look on Kim's face, cut to commercial)

(Cut back to the Ron/Bonnie smooch.)
Ron: I was the kissee here, not the kisser!
Kim: NO KIDDING! It took you twelve stinkin' years to kiss me!
Ron: Ah, phew- hey! Wait a minute!
Kim: I don't know what you're up to, but this a new low - even for you!
Bonnie: Oh yeah? Well speaking of low-
Kim: Which I am!
Bonnie: You, you're-
Kim: Well?
Bonnie: Well, well, I- (Bonnie starts crying, then drops to her knees.)
Kim: OK, um, nyeh-
(Bonnie grasps Kim legs.)
Kim: Uh-
Bonnie: Bri, Bri-
Ron: Uh, I don't speak hysteric.
Bonnie: Bri, Briiiiii- bro, uh, wi, eeeeeee!
Kim: Brick broke up with you?
Ron: How do you know what she's saying?
Kim: It's a girl thing.
Ron: So I'm the rebound guy? Cool! I've never been the rebound guy! (Kim scowls at him) Uuuhhh, but, y'know it's not as wonder as, nyum, being your guy!
(Bonnie resumes crying.)
Kim: Bonnie, um, I wish I could help-
Bonnie: Me? Needing help from you? (Sigh) I should be horrified, but I don't even have my pride anymore. Fine, I accept.
Kim: Accept what?
Bonnie: Your offer to find me a new hottie.
Kim: Ooo-kay… there's plenty of seniors out there (that aren't Ron).
Wade: Uh, what about Rotiffle.
Bonnie: Never heard of him. Does he even go to Middleton High?
Ron: No! He's the idol of serious snackers everywhere! Do not tell me he's missing again!
Bonnie: Who cares? I have a real problem here.
Kim: (Deadpan) Which is much more important than my mission.
Bonnie: Finally, you're getting it.
Kim: Okay, we'll split into teams.

(Cut to Middleton High. School Sign: "Meet the Queen at 3pm")
Bonnie: I want somebody else on my team.
Ron: Trust me, this will work.
Bonnie: (Disinterested, rolling her eyes) Thank you for coming, go Mad Dogs. (Autographs a student's book.) Mark him down as a "never."
Ron: A-ha! Very popular category today - Next! (A large football player walks up to Bonnie's table.) Hey, Tiny!
Tiny: Yo!
Bonnie: He's a big "no."
Ron: "Big" was not a shot about your size, by the way. I-it's about how hugely she's not into you, so no hard feelings?
(Larry walks up)
Larry: Hey, Ron. (Looks at Bonnie.) Wow, you didn't say she was this fascinating! You know, you bear a strong resemblance to my favorite queen, Eudalia of the planet Groknos.
Bonnie: This is not happening to me!
Ron: OK, Lar', harsher, so I'll see you at next week's Netherworld Battle Strategies meeting?
Bonnie: Abandoning hope now.

(Cut to Kim and Wade at a gate in Upperton.)
Kim: This is Upperton's most exclusive gated community. Rotiffle lives here?
Wade: Oh yeah. The geek thing pays.
Kim: How are you at gate-jumping?
Wade: Terrible. (Pulls out a remote control with a button.) But, I don't usually find it necessary. (He presses the button, opening the gate.) After you.
Kim: But I like jumping over stuff.
(Cut to Rotiffle's mansion. Kim and Wade drill open a door.)
Wade: No problem. Hm - no alarm? That's weird.
(Kim walks into the middle of a trashed-out room and picks up a book.)
Kim: (Reading book cover.) "Compatibility and Statistics." (To Wade) Genius light reading, anyone?
Wade: Look out!
(Kim turns around to see a henchman, who she fights before he climbs a latter into a helicopter, escaping. While the henchman is on the ladder, Wade notices a circuit-board device tucked around his shoulder.)
Wade: That must be the MDD!
(The henchman, now fully in the helicopter, fires a ray gun at Kim and Wade, but they dodge it. Rotiffle's house, however, is destroyed by it, but Kim and Wade manage to jump into an outdoor pool before Rotiffle's house crumbles into pieces.)
Wade: I think we can safely call this foul play.
Kim: Wow, those super-genius analytical skills really come in hand in the field.

(Cut to Ron and Bonnie walking through a music store.)
Bonnie: This is a waste.
Ron: Aw, c'mon, you haven't even gotten to the World Rap/Cuban/Techno/Blues/Jazz section.
Bonnie: I just want a regular, normal, shallow hottie, preferably not too bright.
Ron: (Sighs, then answers phone.) Hello. Wow! Oh, sounds bad. OK, uh, yeah, I'll meet you at Bueno Nacho in five.

(Cut to Bueno Nacho.)
(Bueno Nacho interior. Bonnie (sitting next to Ron) is crying while Wade (sitting next to Kim) is typing on a laptop.)
Kim: Didn't crack the code yet, huh?
Wade: It might take some time, but I'll decrypt Ricky's computer.
Kim: That I'm not worried about. It's the "Bonnie boyfriend" code.
Ron: Yeah, which frankly cannot be cracked!
(Bonnie cries quite loudly.)
Kim: Be a little sensitive!
Ron: Well, it's not easy!
(Wade's laptop makes a digital sound.)
Wade: Got it! Last websearch Ricky made was for Venice, Italy.
Kim: So we've gotta move fast.
Ron: Alright, you got it, KP. (Bonnie grabs Ron's hand.)
Bonnie: What about me?
Ron: Well, I mean, you could "come along" (makes semi-air quotes), I guess.
(Kim makes a big "NO" gestures with her hands.)
Kim: Not sure that's a great idea…
Bonnie: So you would ditch me in my darkest hour?
Kim: Bonnie, it's just that, uh…
Bonnie: When it comes to heartless cruelty, anything is possible for a Possible.

(Cut to Coco Banana's jet.)
Kim: Really appreciate the lift, Mr. Banana. (Looks back) I said, thanks for the lift, Coco!
(Coco is seated next to Bonnie.)
Bonnie: And he promised he'd be back for Homecoming.
Coco: Snap! Oh no he didn't!
Bonnie: I thought he was the one - so simple, so pliable.
Coco: (Wiping away a tear) Coco says he does not deserve you!
(Kim, looking backs, sighs in exasperation.)
Wade: Ron, this is bad. There's gotta be a guy out there for Bonnie.
Ron: There is, my friend! (He dials his cell phone.) Heh-hey! Brick, ol' buddy, how's college life treatin' ya? It's Ron. Ron Stoppable, Middleton High. Dude, OK, work with me here. Yeah, OK, y'know what? Brick! Brick! No, yep, it doesn't matter if you remember me, (Wade rolls his eyes) 'cause you know something, I know you remember a special lady: your precious Bon-Bon! Heh-eh. Bonnie? Bonnie Rockwaller? Your high school girlfriend. What? I-OK, I think it's a little harsh to call her "the mean girl," she's got- OK, yeah, that's true, she is, she's pretty bossy, and she can be cruel, but, I mean, c'mon, isn't that part of what we love about her?! Hey! Heh-eh. Uh-huh? Oh-kay! Heh-eh, alright, buh-bye. (Hangs up phone.)
Wade: So?
Ron: You know. College has actually made him smarter. He's completely moved on.

(Cut to Venice.)
Kim: Where to begin?
(Cut to a restaurant.)
Head Waiter Guy: Four for lunch. Do you have reservations?
Kim: Actually, no-
Head Waiter Guy: Then I cannot help you-
Kim: Well if you could just look at the picture, I'd-
Head Waiter Guy: Oooh, so you need my assistance in an investigation?
Kim: Yes.
Head Waiter Guy: That too requires a reservation. (Kim looks confused.)
(Cut to Bonnie sitting along at a table. Suddenly, a guy starts running toward her, arms outstretched. Bonnie prepares to meet him, only to see him pass her by and embrace another woman. A big lady carrying flowers walks up to Bonnie's table.)
Flower Lady: Can I help you, Senorita?
Bonnie: I need a boyfriend!
Flower Lady: Then no.
Bonnie: And, there's looking for some missing computer geek.
Flower Lady: Hmmm… I saw such a geek earlier; he was with another younger man with nice hair. They went that-a-way.

(Cut to Kim, Wade, Ron and Bonnie entering an art museum.)
Wade: (To Kim) You sure she meant this museum?
Kim: Absolutely.
Bonnie: I shouldn't have come here. Ah, it's all too beautiful.
Ron: I brought you a surprise, might make you (Reveals the Homecoming tiara he was hiding behind his back) feel better!
Bonnie: My tiara! (Takes the tiara from Ron.) The symbol of my superiority! It helps. A little!
Kim: (Walking up to a security officer with a photo of Ricky.) Excuse me, have you seen this man?
Officer: I'm-a sorry, miss. (Notices Bonnie wearing a tiara and bows.) Ah! Your Highness!
Kim: Huh? (Notices the officer and Bonnie's tiara) Oh, she's not really, y'know-
(Bonnies dashes up the the officer.)
Bonnie: -that formal? Please. You may cast your gaze upon me.
Officer: Oh, thank you, your highness.
Bonnie: That's long enough.
Officer: (Activates his radio) Visiting dignitaries in the main galleries. Send the governor!
(The Governor bursts through some doors into the room.)
Governor: Oh ve! Where? Where is she? (The officer points to Bonnie.)
Bonnie: I'm hungry! I wanna eat - Now!
Governor: Ahhh - definite royalty! My dear friends, you must join me for this afternoon's Regatta!
Ron: Hey, that sounds great, but I'd rather look at boats instead.

(Cut to Venice's Grand Canal. Various watercraft (including two gondolas) run through the canal while crowds cheer from the sides and Kim, Ron, Bonnie, Wade, and the museum governor sail in their own motorboat. Ron is seasick.)
Kim: (To governor) Your Excellency, I wonder if you might help us find someone.
Governor: Venice is my home. If I can help…
Wade: (Looking at the boats through binoculars) Can you believe all these yachts? (Sees something, then gasps.) Kim, I know who captured Ricky. (Wade, looking through his binoculars, sees Ricky Rotiffle on a boat with Señor Senior, Junior. Cut to commercial.)
(Cut back to the Grand Canal, and the team on the governor's boat.)
Wade: It's Junior! He's threatening Ricky right now! (Hand the binoculars to Kim.) There! See?
Kim: Pardon me, sir, we gotta catch the criminal now!
Governor: Is it a go-ta?
Kim: Exactly. Look out, Junior! (Takes control of the boat. They then start racing down the canal toward the villain.)
Wade: He hasn't seen us yet. (Ron steps up with a megaphone in hand.)
Ron: Junior! Pull your boat over!
Junior: Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable?! Oh! I do not have time for this!
(Junior starts up his yacht, and the chase resumes. While Kim speeds up her boat, Ron tumbles and winds up hanging on the back of the team's water craft.)
Ron: Woah-oh-woooow, woah - (Get splashed by water) Ah-heh-heh-heh-ha!
Junior: Why are they chasing me? I have no desire to speak to them!
Governor: Please-a don't crash my boat!
Ron: No worry! (Raises his head above water.) She can do anything!
Wade: He's headed for the marina!
(The race on, going around a corner and to a formation of gondolas.)
Junior: I must warn you, in my way is a bad place to be!
(He sinks a gondola, but the gondoliers survive. Kim maneuvers through the gondolas, steering the boat up some steps and into the air.)
Bonnie: AAAAAAH!
(The chase continues, Kim's boat momentarily getting in front, but Junior gets ahead, crashes into some barrels and this shoots them, causing the barrels to explode. Kim turns around and stops, discontinuing the chase.)
Wade: They got away. Now what?
Kim: I think we know where to find him.

(Cut to the Seniors' island. Kim, Wade, Ron and Bonnie are climbing a rope.)
Kim: Everyone OK? (Wade and Ron give "thumbs up.")
Bonnie: Even in Italy, nobody wanted me!
Ron: Ulgh, there she goes.
Bonnie: I don't do pathetic.
Ron: (Quietly) Well, you coulda' fooled meee…
Bonnie: What was that?
Ron: Uh, you can count on meee ... heh, heh, just as soon as we wrap things up here, huh-uh.
(The team walks toward a green energy grid.)
Wade: Looks like the Seniors have upgraded their security (Puts on a visor.)
Kim: Just another laser grid.
Wade: This one rolls through a variety of frequencies on a random basis.
Kim: Oh-kay, a very special laser grid.
Bonnie: This is a disaster! First, no boyfriend. Then what? Where does the downward spiral take me? Oh no! What if I end up … outlet shopping?!
Ron: Uh, Bonnie, this is the part of sneaking in that we like to call "quiet time."
Bonnie: Fine.
Kim: (To Wade) Can you shut it down?
Wade: No, but you can. See the control box way over there?
Kim: Supermagnet?
Wade: Go for it.
(Kim's magnet detaches the control box from the system, shutting the laser grid down.)
Kim: You should come along more often.
Wade: It is nice to get out.
(The interior of the Senior's hideout. The team is sneaking through a hallway.)
Bonnie: Can't we sneak any faster? (Ron puts a hand over Bonnie's mouth.)
(The team reaches a doorway. Kim, Ron, and Wade peek inside. It is a computer room, where Junior is with Ricky.)
Junior: I want results, and I want them now!
Ricky: Okay, hold on, amigo, I'm trying.
(Kim sneaks up on Junior and shoots out a net from her Kimmunicator, ensnaring him.)
Junior: Ow! What is the meaning of this? How dare you interrupt my quest?!
Ricky: (Turning around from the computer) O-o-o-oh, oh hey, guys what's up-
Ron: Worry not, snack-man, you're safe now! Again.
Wade: So what's Junior forcing you to do?
Ricky: Uh, you see, um, uh, well, he's not "forcing" as much as paying.
Wade: What?
Ricky: He hired me to use the MDD as a global data crunch.
Wade: Objective?
Ricky: To find his perfect love match.
Ron: Wait - OK, what? Junior captured you to search the personals?
Junior: I will not be ridiculed on matters of the heart! My plan is to search the entire world until I find the girl of my dreams (sees Bonnie) … no matter … how long … it takes.
(Bonnie sees Junior. She gasps.)
(They look into each others' eyes. Junior starts walking toward her.)
Ricky: Yeahhh … so it wasn't so much that he captured me as-
Wade: He hired you?
Ricky: Señor Senior Junior pays extremely well.
Ron: He's a bad guy!
Ricky: Who pays extremely well. At first I thought I could whip up a new program, but was too much data. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find the right combo of shallow, selfish, and insensitive, but still hot enough for this guy?
Ron: Yeah…
Wade: Actually-
Kim: We've got a pretty good idea.

(Cut to Homecoming. Bonnie dances with Junior, and sighs. Kim is dancing with Ron.)
Ron: Well, I guess our trip to Venice really was a success.
Kim: M-hm. We got to see a beautiful city, have a semi-romantic boat ride, and (Put her arms around Ron's neck) it put and end to the Queen kissing.
Ron: Now, wai-, you know that I didn't-
Kim: It's OK. I get it. (Kim and Ron are about to kiss, when-)
Bonnie: Oh, Junior.
Ron: So, happy ending.
Kim: Yep, weird happy ending.

(End Credits. Kim and Ron are about to leave when Bonnie interrupts them.)

Bonnie: Don't go anywhere, Stoppable! That dweeb from the yearbook committee insists that we pose for a royal portrait. I cannot believe there is going to be a picture of ME with YOU in the YEARBOOK! That's, like, photographic evidence that we associated.
Ron: You know, some of us learn and grow from our little adventures.
Bonnie: Whatever, loser.
(Bonnie goes back to dancing with Junior. Kim and Ron give each other semi-humorous looks.)
Bonnie: (Clears throat) So you're definitely not going to college?