Transcripts - Chasing Rufus
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Transcripts - Chasing Rufus


Episode Chasing Rufus
Language English
Type Closed Captioning
November 4, 2007 Unknown
Author WallaceB, Campy
Author Comments Not Available
Wordcount 1172


(Theme Song)
Camille: Yes, send one in every color and charge my credit card. Nicky Nikolas. (laughs) That's right, the Greek shipping heiress.
Wade: I know it looks like her, Kim, but according to live web cam footage, the real Nicky is in the Bahamas.
Kim: Then it must be Camille Leon.
Wade: Nicky's diamond cell phone was stolen yesterday. It's got personal account numbers in it. The perfect target for Camille.
Kim: I'm on it, as soon as I can separate Ron from the buffet table.
Ron: (munching) You know, KP, Camille is my favorite villain. Tracking her at a swank party in Greece beats a secret lab any day. And you can dip almost every one of their foods in hummus.
Rufus: Mmmmm, hummus!
Wade: Ooo, bring me some spanakopita, and hummus! And Kim you do remember that I'm going on vacation with my folks ...
Kim: To an island where no technology is allowed.
Wade: They think I'm too wired.
Kim: For the fourth time, we can handle.
Camille: And send the handbags overnight.
Kim: The perfect accessory for your prison uniform, Camille Leon.
Camille: Me? Camille? I think someone's had too much hummus.
Ron: Uh no, heh heh heh, that would be me.
Rufus: Oh, me too.
Debutante: Puurrr?
Rufus: Eeeee-ewww
Ron: Camille's cat Debutante, the one crushing on Rufus, look it's her, KP.
Debutante: MEEEOOWW!!!
Camille: Oh boyyyyys.
Kim: Hmmm, too bad you have to protect Camille. I heard they're making protein shakes in the kitchen. (Camille pushes waiter into Kim, waiter spills food on Kim's dress) Hey, this is new!

Debutante: Meow! Purr? Hmmm. Huh?
Rufus: Uh-uh-uh.
Debutante: Meooo...eeee. meow.
Rufus: Ahhhhh.
Debutante: Meow, meow meow meow.

Camille: Sorry, Kim Possible, but this party's become a snore.
Kim: Wade, we need a ride.
Wade: Hi, this is an out-of-the-office auto-reply. Sorry I missed your emergency, but I'm currently vacationing with my family in a remote location.
Kim: He sure didn't waste any time going on vacation. Looks like we're on our own.
Ron: (munches) So, how're we gettin' home then?
Kim: Hi, we need information on flights to the United States.
Ron: (spits) We're going commercial?!

Rufus: Hmm? Ahhhh
Debutante: Meeeoowww.
Rufus: Thbbt, ewww.
Debutante: Meew. Meeoww.
Rufus: heh oooh. Uh oh.
Debutante: Mew. Meeoow.
Rufus: Ohhhhh. Aw, come on.
Debutante: Purrow?
Rufus: Huh?
Debutante: Mmmmm.

(At airport)
Rufus: Hi! Huh?
Fake Ron: Ahhhh, a pink escargot.
Rufus: huh?
Airport Attendant: I'm sorry; this is the people line, that's your line.
Rufus: Nuh-uh.
Debutante: Meow. meeeeoooowww.
Rufus: Na-ah.
Ron: (grunts) It's gotta go back farther than this. Ehhhhh, Ah-ha. Ohhhhh, now we're talking. Not polite to stare.
Kim: I think it's more of a glare.
Flight Attendant: Sir, you can't sit in a broken seat, and it's a full flight. (sigh) we'll have to bump you to first class.
Ron: Boo-ya.

Airplane Announcer: Special delivery, Antarctica.
Rufus: Ahhhhh.
Debutante: Meow? Meoooooww.
(Ice floe breaks off)
Rufus: Hmmm, your fault.
Debutante: Puurrr. Purr, meow.
Kim: Oh, I am so glad to be off that plane. How was first class? Ron?
Ron: Oh, um yeah uh first class, so overrated. You know the one-hour massage was like only fifty minutes, maybe. Right, Rufus? Back me up, buddy. Rufus? Huh, lamb kabob, but I-I thought I ate that already? Wait a minute, I-if I didn't eat the kabob that means, I ATE RUFUS!
Kim: Ron
Ron: O-o-o-ohhhh, my reoccurring nightmare's come true. I'm sorry, buddy.
Kim: Ron, you did not eat Rufus.
Ron: Uh are you sure, KP, cause whatever I ate was pretty tasty.
Kim: Ninety-nine percent. You must have left him behind in Greece. We'll have to go back.

Camille: Come on, Debutante, time for mannies and peddies. Debutante? Where could she be? I've gotta find her. I booked a two-for-one special.

(Inside whale)
Rufus: Hey.

(Fishing boat)
Sea Captain: Ah the sea, she's home to so many mysterious creatures.
Worker: True enough. (Hot air balloon)
Rufus: Uh oh.

Ron: Man, I can't believe they wouldn't give me back my first class seat. Do they know it's a twelve-hour flight back to Greece?
Kim: Pretty sure of it, Ron.
Ron: Well, you know there's always a chance my seat will break again.
Kim: I doubt it, that was just --
Ron: Heh, lest ye forget, KP, the Ron man's specialty is breakin' things. Oh yeah.

Man: They're not on the charts. They must be two new species.
Woman: Oh, I must have them. I want to adopt two animals from every continent.

Camille: Searching for Debutante is like, way intense. I need a vacation.

Woman: Awwww, my little Pondupopo and Zendazahuul.
Man: Come darling, we'll be late for the press junket.
Woman: Be back in a tick.
Rufus: Uh huh pleh, uh huh phooey.
Debutante: Meow.
(Rufus & Debutante board cruise ship)

Ron: Greece, uh huh, yeah, like what they've done with the place. Hey text message ... from Rufus! 'Just arrived in Go City.' Oh, my little buddy's okay.
Kim: That's great.
Ron: And we're gonna be on the next flight back to the US of A.
Kim: Less great.

Debutante: Meeeoww.
Rufus: O-oh, bye.

Kim: Looks like the cargo shipment from Go City was right on time.
Ron: See, I mean, we really can function without Wade. Anybody can arrange for the safe and speedy transport of their hairless pet. Oh, this is bad.
Kim: Not entirely. I think Camille will be much easier to track down now.
Ron: How so?
Camille: Ahhhhhhh!!!
Ron: Ten miles away?
Kim: Twelve, tops.
Ron: We're coming, Rufus.