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Kim Possible Resources

For your enjoyment, we've compiled a few links to other Kim Possible sites while surfing the rapid waves of the web. Have a look around! KP Tome isn't the only Kim Possible website circulating about the internet, and there are many other quality websites worth a peek.

Wikipedia - Kim Possible

Wikipedia, a collaborative, nonprofit user-editable database of information possibly exceeding that of any other web-based information source, has an article set up for Kim Possible. The article tends to be prolific, and can be edited by anyone (even you, the reader!). It's an informative goldmine, and provides for some interesting reading and facts on Kim Possible.

Wikipedia - So the Drama

A subsidiary of the above link, Wikipedia's Kim Possible: So the Drama page is almost equally prolific, centering on the DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) that premiered in the US April 8th. The primary feature at the time of writing is a recapitulation of the film, a feature interesting to anybody who is curious about the plotline.

Disney's Kim Possible

Disney's official site for Kim Possible is a must go-to for any fan of the show. Hosting a wide variety of games, quizzes, downloads, character profiling and more, is a remarkable site with remarkable content. Powered by Flash, it happens to be more intuitive a Kim Possible site than most other plaintext domains.

Internet Movie Database - Kim Possible

The Internet Movie Database, or IMDB for short, is an immensely popular resource for movies and television shows afield. Once again, Kim Possible is tributed with a page of its own, bearing cast and crew listings, reviews and much more. Most information there can jointly be found at KP Tome, but the site still remains a handy resource.

Middleton High Auditorium

Middleton High Auditorium, or often acronymized MHA, is one of the leading though often overlooked Kim Possible forums on the World Wide Web. The discussion held at Middleton High Auditorium is similar to our very own and most of the folks there are a friendly and intelligent bunch.

Kim Possible Episode and Show Guide

The unofficial albeit ambitious Kim Possible Episode and Show Guide began when Smithers, realizing the unlikelihood of a Disney-borne Kim Possible encyclopædia, decided to create one himself. This multifaceted omnibus contains full season 1 documentation, model sheets, and reference lists, amongst other things— check it out!