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  1. Kim Possible officially online again as well as some other older shows
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    I know times change and Disney is trying to...

    I know times change and Disney is trying to follow what is most popular today, but first Back to the Future the Ride is taken out to make way for the Simpsons Ride and now Kim Possible will go to...
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    Podcast about KP Attraction

    There is a podcast that is about 40 some minutes long, the first 2/3 of which is all about the Kim Possible World Showcase Attraction interview. It gives a lot of details about the attraction and...
  4. Epcot Offers New Kim Possible Attraction near Buena Vista Hotel

    Here is a bit of news about the Kim Possible attraction's nearby accomodations according to 24-7Press Release.
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    Songs that remind you of Kim Possible

    This song I heard recently on the radio reminds me of Kim Possible and might just make a good start if someone wants to make a music video out of it.
  6. And yet more interesting news, interesting title view

    And this one seems even more recent than the last 2 pages.
  7. More recent news on KP game

    More info on the interactive game from

    Mission: Possible?

    8/12/08 The Walt Disney World resort has confirmed that the "interactive...
  8. Interesting info about Interactive Disney Maps

    I was searching for any current info on the Kim Possible Attraction and came across this at

    9 January 2008: Disney looking at using Nintendo DS systems as an...
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    The Memo Pad from real life

    I guess the real movie version of the Memo Pad in "Stop Team Go" is coming to ABC Family soon.

    Hmmm wonder if Ron...
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    Good example of simple 3D Kim

    video of dance dance disney channel with Kim
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    Name at hardware store

    Was in the insect repellent section of Lowes Hardware store and one of the brand names of bug killer was "Brick Flag", hmmm?
  12. When mainstream spoofed the title

    I remembered when The Daily Show used the "KiM Possible" logo to explain news on Kim Jong-Il in May 2005 and from the audiences laughter I guess Season 2 did mark a milestone in it's popularity.
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