(This is the post as was listed in the ARA)

This post is for listing the current broadcast schedule in the U.S. for Kim Possible.

Info taken from tv.excite.com

All times Eastern.

ARA now also lists the schedule for American Dragon.

Disney Channel

DISN Tuesday, July 10 12:30 AM Dimension Twist
DISN Wednesday, July 11 12:30 AM And the Molerat Will Be CGI
DISN Thursday, July 12 12:30 AM Ill-Suited
DISN Friday, July 13 12:30 AM Mad Dogs and Aliens
DISN Saturday, July 14 12:30 AM Trading Faces
DISN Saturday, July 14 12:00 PM Mathter and Fervent
DISN Saturday, July 14 1:00 PM Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama
DISN Sunday, July 15 12:30 AM Car Alarm
DISN Sunday, July 15 12:00 PM Oh No! Yono!
DISN Sunday, July 15 2:35 PM Gorilla Fist
DISN Monday, July 16 12:30 AM Stop Team Go
DISN Tuesday, July 17 12:30 AM Cap'n Drakken
DISN Wednesday, July 18 12:30 AM Ron Millionaire
DISN Thursday, July 19 12:30 AM The Twin Factor
DISN Friday, July 20 12:30 AM Royal Pain
DISN Saturday, July 21 12:30 AM Odds Man In
DISN Saturday, July 21 12:00 PM Clothes Minded
DISN Sunday, July 22 12:30 AM Mathter and Fervent
DISN Sunday, July 22 12:00 PM Grande Size Me
DISN Sunday, July 22 2:30 PM And the Molerat Will Be CGI

Toon Disney

TOOND Monday, July 9 4:00 PM The Mentor of our Discontent
TOOND Tuesday, July 10 4:00 PM Ron Millionaire
TOOND Wednesday, July 11 4:00 PM Showdown at the Crooked D
TOOND Thursday, July 12 4:00 PM Rewriting History
TOOND Friday, July 13 4:00 PM The Mentor of our Discontent
TOOND Monday, July 16 2:00 PM Job Unfair
TOOND Monday, July 16 2:30 PM The Cupid Effect
TOOND Monday, July 16 3:00 PM Fashion Victim
TOOND Monday, July 16 3:30 PM The Full Monkey
TOOND Monday, July 16 4:00 PM And the Molerat Will Be CGI
TOOND Monday, July 16 4:30 PM Big Bother
TOOND Monday, July 16 5:00 PM The Big Job
TOOND Monday, July 16 5:30 PM Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time
TOOND Tuesday, July 17 4:00 PM Sick Day / The Truth Hurts
TOOND Wednesday, July 18 4:00 PM Steal Wheels
TOOND Wednesday, July 18 6:45 PM The Truth Hurts
TOOND Thursday, July 19 4:00 PM Emotion Sickness
TOOND Friday, July 20 4:00 PM Big Bother
TOOND Sunday, July 22 2:00 PM Monkey Fist Strikes
TOOND Sunday, July 22 2:30 PM The Full Monkey
TOOND Sunday, July 22 3:00 PM Gorilla Fist