The Stupid city I live in!, This Just blows my mind
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Thread: The Stupid city I live in!, This Just blows my mind

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    The Stupid city I live in!, This Just blows my mind

    The continuation of this thread by Cloud23465.

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    Things are starting to kick in with this whole moving deal. The city is giving us pretty good money for our house. $275k + were getting around $52k in government fund putting us in the $330k plus some about 1 grand for hiring movers. We found a house we loved to have on the other side of the lake we live near, but the seller doesn't wanna budge from this offer. The house was listed for $350k and we offered $320k but he only went down to $335k and he said he's taking out area rugs and a security camera system. My Dads said he's not going any higher so this house which even I feel in love with because it was so nice (and i was going to get a much bigger room ) seems to be going outta site. The real estate market is very week right now from what im seeing and hearing so this guy may pay for it later by not taking our offer. He inherited this house from what I understand and wants to get a smaller house, yet he wont take a fair offer to sell it... good luck i guess with that buddy . Were still looking but the clock is ticking and we have to sign the city papers for the money and then we have 90 days after that... finding a house like what were trying to find seems like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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