Here are listed the Modiifications to the vBulletin Software that I have downloaded in order to improve the way the GJA board functions:

1. There is now the ability to quote with nested quotes (I know you've been looking for this one, 'Chutes). The limit is set now at 8 nested quotes.

2. I have installed a Modification to allow me to view a log of all posters over any period of time.

3. I have installed restrict post count modification. This is intended to encourage people to respond with more thoughtful posts instead of two or thee word answers. What it does is that as long as you get your ten character limit, your post will be displayed. But in order for it to count towards your post count, you must have a minimum of fourteen words. The governing members can discuss this in ED if this limit needs to be changed,

4. I have also installed an informational page that will pop up on any banned user that you click on. This info page is available to anyone who sees it and it will give information as to why a particular user was banned from the site. This will let us explain our actions and let people understand why we had to ban a certain user.

5. There is a modification that can add a different banner for each forum

6. There is a modification that will automatically close each thread after 500 replies.

7. There is a modification that adds forum statistics to the bottom of the main page.

8. There is a modification that adds lower breadcrumbs to each thread page so that you don't have to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page to click back to the forum pages.

9. There is a No Spam modification on the registration page which requires new registrations to answer a simple KP question in order to join the forum. This keeps the spam bots from being able to register.

10, There is a modification that puts a speration bar between sticky and normal threads

11. There is a modification thats adds a top posters feature to the NavBar.

Other modifications are available. If you have ideas on improving the site, just drop me a PM.