If you are visiting the forum for the first time, you will see that we have modeled the GJA almost exactly like the old ARA. The purpose of this was to keep the site familiar so that there wouldn't have to be a great deal of adjustment. For those ARA members who come over to GJA, we want the transition to be as smooth and untroubled as possible. There are slight differences between the two boards, mainly due to the different software being used. But these should be minor adjustments and there should be no major problems changing over to this forum.

All of the most recent threads of the ARA are continued here to maintain that continuity, and the old threads of the ARA for the last several months are archived for reference to continue the conversations and communications. We are taking out the logo of the old ARA and replacing it with the logo of the GJA and all the old ARA links are being removed. The information in the KPTome has been transferred over to the Main Page of the forum, which you likely just came from. But if not, this is the address:


You will find that we have almost completely recreated all of the content of the old KPTome. You will find that it is still under some construction, but we have now done quite a bit of work on it and taken it even further along than the old KPTome. The secondary links are now available, and the screencaps have been fully been installed for all of the episodes. There is still work to be done, and I wold welcome all and any volunteers who would wish to help complete all the information still missing that needs to be put in.

Everything that was on KPTome is now on our Main Page, and there is much more to now than them.

One of the new advantages of this page over the old KPTome is the use of thumbnails for the screenshots. We are planning other improvements as we go along as well.

Other projects include reorganizing the fanfiction section and the fanart section as well to make both easier to use.

We are open to suggestions and hope you enjoy the site. Thanks for coming on board with us.