Welcome to the Global Justice Alliance!

The governing members of the Global Justice Alliance have banded together to create a new society and common meeting place for those in the internet community who are fans of Disney Channel shows and particularly those who are fans of Kim Possible. We have done this in the hope that we can establish a base of operations for the ongoing admiration we all have for these endearing television series that are produced on the Disney Channel and their characters whom we have come to love and admire. Our goal is to produce an atmosphere of friendship and safety wherein the members can discuss and converse, to their hearts content, all the aspects of the shows and their characters, free from discourtesy or ridicule and without fear of derogatory refrain. To that end we are dedicated to making this a site that is appropriate even for the primary fans of the Disney Channel which are the children themselves for whom the shows are usually marketed. However, as the older fans know as well, these shows are enjoyable by adults and tweens alike and we wish for all these age groups to be able to visit and enjoy the comradery and features of the forum to their satisfaction.

The governing members are all high ranking members of the Alternate Reality Association which has in the past been a primary Kim Possible forum for two and a half years. We decided to take this action and create a new forum because of circumstances occurring on the ARA which have given us no choice but to leave that forum and create our own. For several months now, the administrator of that forum has taken actions and assumed policies that have been found to be unacceptable to us. Despite our attempts to discuss what we perceived as many arbitrary and unjustified actions, the administrator of that forum has refused to enter any discourse whatsoever concerning this, leaving us with no option but to leave the ARA. In short, the ARA had become a tyranny, leaving the members of that forum in a state of fear of not being able to discuss or exhibit freely upon the forum any words or images that were entirely appropriate but might be disliked by the administrator, even fearing to visit other web sites for fear of retaliation by that administrator as well.

The reason I am detailing this is crucial to the mission statement of the Global Justice Alliance. While we will be a forum very similar to what the ARA was, we governing members have resolved to insure that no such oppressive situation arise again and it is our goal to treat all members fairly and with respect. There will be stated policies and codes by which the future administrators of this forum shall be governed, and which they must follow in conducting operations, and there are instruments in place to enforce that those policies be followed. Administrators are charged with the policing of the forum and are responsible for maintaining the decorum necessary to a general audience that is the primary clientele that is sought for the Global Justice Alliance. To that end, there will be strict procedures in place for handling violations of policy by posters. No member shall suffer a punitive action without going through due course of stated procedure and after being fully informed. Such serious actions taken against offenders will never be decided unilaterally but will ultimately be decided by the ruling governing body of the forum or a panel thereof, the members of which shall be publicly known. At the same time, we will expect members to behave on the forum with proper etiquette and language as is appropriate to the expected audience we serve.

A Policies and Procedures section will soon be coming to detail all of these standards and I highly recommend that you read them closely and understand what you can expect from the Global Justice Alliance. But mostly, we want you to have fun with us. We governing members want to invite you to join us in our quest to create a great Disney Channel shows and Kim Possible web site, one where we can freely enjoy ourselves and communicate in an atmosphere of friendship and respect and without fear of harassment or verbal attack, one that will richly increase your enjoyment of these shows we all dearly love. That is our goal here, and the mission we intend to serve. Thank you for your attention.