I read an interesting article at bbc.co.uk. I thought it might be an interesting topic to stimulate discussion, and posts. :P The author explores whether using someone's unsecured wireless is wrong. In most countries/states/cities I'm aware of it's illegal, but is it immoral?

From the comments it looks like there are a lot of people on both sides of the debate.

In the article and comments there were some good and not so good analogies. I thought the “open door” analogy was kind of dumb. Just because someone leaves their door unlocked doesn’t mean it’s okay for me go in for a sit. The “light” or “heat” analogies make it a little murkier. Is it wrong to read a book using light coming from someone’s window? Is it wrong to stand outside a bakery to warm your hands?

For myself, I tend to think of it as being wrong. Hypothetically, if I was to use my neighbor’s t.v. cable connection without his knowledge, and even though he didn’t notice any change in his service, I’d still feel guilty.

Does anyone else have any thoughts, opinions?

Oh yeah, as an aside, maybe I’m just paranoid about identify theft, but the thought of not securing a home wireless network gives me shivers.