It appears that there is a new episode of ADJL coming on this Saturday just before the new KP episode. I think that this is the delayed "Hong Kong Longs" finale to the series, although I'll have to check it out to see if that's true.

However, I think it is for two reasons. The promo shows Jake's Dad finding out that Haley is a dragon, so I think that he finally finds out about the whole dragon thing. Secondly, Jake meets Rose again, and is trying to get her to remember him. The last time we saw Rose in "Homecoming", she had no memory of being Huntsgirl or of knowing Jake at all, and she was about to leave with her parents for Hong Kong. So it seems Jake is in Hong Kong for some reason in this episode. The Promo also has a short scene of Rose seemingly back in Huntsgirl-like apparel (it doesn't look the quite the same) and apparently back in action in some way.

If I can confirm which episode this is, I'll post it, unless someone beats me to the punch. But it looks like a good one.