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    Quote Originally Posted by David Falkayn View Post
    Will be starting work on the first episode of summer for the Double Entendre universe next week after I get my new system up and running. Yeah, break time's over and it's time to get back to Tara, Hope and all. I'll be working on that and "Kiss of the Raptor"--my STO/Mass Effect crossover.
    Best news I've heard all week!

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    This is both to David Falkayn and Campy, should we move everything to Wattpad (or to a lesser extent AO3) at this point and maybe set up a Proboards forum for us KP FFnet writers? Because FFnet has been broken over the last several days not just for the KP fandom...but for the entire site....
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    I already post my stories on AO3 as well as Because of my recent surgery and recovery, I haven't been up for much writing--although I'm slowly getting back into it again. I'm not familiar with Wattpad. Let me know what people want to do and I'll be happy to help in whatever way I can.

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    Good news on the Double Entendre front. I'm putting the final polish on the first installment of the (brief) summer season and it should be up by late Friday--Saturday at the latest.

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    I have been writing on FF for over 12 years and I doubt that I will get off it. The site has some problems from time to time, but overall it works.

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