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Did anyone else think that Charlotte sounded a lot like the girl in Ron's health class? The one who first drew the face on Sacky in "Big Bother"?
Finally got to see this one, right after the finale. If memory serves, she kind of looks like the flour sack girl, as well.
Larry certainly functions in his own frame of reference, kind of reminds me of the two guys who were in one of my physics classes. They ended up failing the class because they spent the labs working on space ships for some Star Wars role playing game rather than the experiments. As Mr. Miyagi might put it, one must have balance. This made the whole bit with Larry being deluded that Demontor's scheme was some sort of special birthday surprise that Kim had set up for him even funnier.
That's OK; we've all had our moments "in another frame of reference" at one time or another. My first year of college was in the fall of '77, right after the first "Star Wars" film came out. I got to discussing the movie with one of my classmates so much in our afternoon art class that the instructor frequently had to ask us to be quiet. :P