hey don't be annoyed by me....
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Thread: hey don't be annoyed by me....

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    hey don't be annoyed by me....

    Well, I thought I post this just as a concern I have.

    I have been banned from other sites because "I posted too much." And as everyone can see, I just broke 100 posts and I've been here for a week... I love to talk and add to threads my opinions, ideas, and questions. Now I hope I haven't annoyed too many people with my constant posting, but I try not to spam... And I don't think I ever have spam'd on other threads...(Except my thread Kim Possible: The best friend pairing, A copying idea? which has now turned into a Add a random thought thread...lol)

    EDIT: I am also apoligizing publicly for any complete randomness I may have posted... Thats not who I want to become, a spam-er. I am sincerley sorry for being so off topic at times, I will be backing off a little. Thanks for the undertanding...

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    If you're going to post a lot, just make sure you post something that either contributes to the current discussions or is funny (but not too off-topic). That's just a general rule on internet forums, but some admins and mods are stricter than others. I can't be too much help for your case, though, because I don't keep track of who posts what around here.

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