Kim Possible - Fashion Victim & Grande Size Me
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Thread: Kim Possible - Fashion Victim & Grande Size Me

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    Kim Possible - Fashion Victim & Grande Size Me

    thanks again for posting all my work here.
    Fashion Victim:
    Kims Job at Club Banana turns out to be another adventure with this Paris Hilton Clone. But the best scenes belong to Mr Barkin and Ron together in a box captured. (Mr Barkin: I've to shave 15times a day!")
    Not bad but "Grande Size Me" was better, i think. Ron as a junkfood-Junkie. And he turned out into some "Ronzilla"-thing.
    OK, enjoy!

    Next weeks eps will be: "Clothes Minded"

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    Wow, good timing with the megathon on this release!

    Nice work on "Fashion Victim," but where's the character who really stole the show—the cow?

    "Grande Size Me" doesn't get a lot of props, but it's got Jack Hench in it, who's so deliciously oily. I think I met some of his peeps last month when I was car shopping.

    The Monkey Fist/Ron moment on panel 2 is a highlight.

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    Thanks, STARBASE,

    I'll be posting these soon on the Screencap page.
    "Say the Word"

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